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Glynda Goodwitch x Willow Schnee is

Winter Witches


Witch of the South

(… I ship it.)


Emerald Sustrai x Neon Katt is

Rainbow Connection



(Anon, I gotta say, this is pretty cute. Like INSANELY cute. Cannot stress how cute I think this is.)

Thanks for the suggestion! Remember ask box is OPEN for Ship Summaries, Ship Trials, Headcannon Requests and Headcannon Chibis!

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Finally got a request for Whitley so now my dysfunctional Schnee collection is complete!

Requests are still open but if I get more Schnees i might have to keep it as a sketch. this style is very dependent on color theory and practice. I really need to plan out the background color to make up for the Schnee’s limited color pallet.

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I would like to see him, but V8 takes places over a short span of time so I don’t think we are going to see much (though you never know) so I think Whitely’s big moment is going to be in V9, hopefully when things have calmed down. What I would like to see is Whitely’s perspective of his family; how he really feels about Weiss and his parents. I think he’s been covering up his feelings so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some sort of mental breakdown. Also I would love to see him visit Winter in hospital because we haven’t seen them interact yet, I want to know their dynamic.

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RWBY Ship Headcannons #60: Iron Will

  • Okay so after Whitley was born, Willow booked it away from Jacques. She managed to get Winter, Weiss and Whitley out with her and she went straight to James, who wasn’t gonna abandon her when she’s so distraught and also holding a baby, a toddler, and a very stern little girl. He helps Willow get the SDC and full custody of the kids in the divorce, and over that time they fall in love. Simple.
  • They started picking up the future Ace-Ops along the years of raising the Schnee siblings. Marrow was first and they found him as a Mantle orphan while Willow was going through the divorce case. Harriet and Vine were found as a pair trying to escape from a sketchy orphanage, and Elm was tossed out of the same orphanage two months later and found by James. Clover was actually found last and came into the picture as a teenager trying to sign up for the military by lying about his age just to get a roof over his head. Safe to say that Willow wasn’t allowing that and took him in instead.
  • With so many kids, it’s a big and busy household. Except for Whitley, all of them want to be Huntsmen and Huntresses, so it’s a lot of training and calling in favours from friends and Academy applications over the years.
  • Winter and Clover, as the oldest siblings, are basically the second parents. Clover takes responsibility for a lot of the others’ mishaps because he “was supposed to be watching them and had a lapse in judgement”, whereas Winter will have none of it and is least liked by Elm and Harriet.
  • Harriet is blatantly James’ favourite, actually. He times her running even before she gets her Semblance, he’s the one who picks her up after school a lot, etc. (He’s also the one who bailed her out of her first hundred fights.)
  • Willow, on the other hand, is the favourite parent. As well as being the one to find and take in most of these kids or being their bio mom, she’s very lenient and understanding on a lot of things. When Winter ends up coming out as gay, she’s the first one to make sure she’s as comfortable as possible by doing all she can for her baby girl. She’s also a pretty good influence, seeing as she manages to talk a little sense into Marrow to stop grabbing his tail to stop it wagging.
  • They’re good parents is what I’m trying to say.

Thanks for the suggestion! Remember ask box is OPEN for Ship Summaries, Ship Trials and Headcannon Requests!

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Can we talk about the sdc for a sec… I find it interesting bc there are 2 general ways this could go.

1. The sdc fails (perhaps due to atlas falling, the ceo being arresting and the heir being a 14-16 year old boy) and smaller dust businesses are allowed to flourish, free from the monopoly.

This one kinda makes me sad?? Yes, the sdc in the present times is an unethical monopolistic company that relies on borderline slave labor but it was created by nicholas schnee I think with good intentions. This option doesn’t really allow the satisfaction of watching the sdc to return to what it was, it’s more of a burn it all down and start of scratch sort of option. However, as I said, smaller businesses will flourish and that’s also a great thing so it’s not necessarily a bad direction to take it.

2. The sdc survives and is reformed to line up with the original honor of the schnee name.

Now this one I find to be much more interesting. Obviously jacques is not going to get redeemed- his abuse of his family already crosses the line and that doesn’t even count everything else about him. Jacques will not be the one who “sees the light” changes the direction of the sdc. Winter has already shown that she is not only uninterested in the sdc but she actively avoids taking any part of it. Weiss has expressed many times that she wants to make right what her father has done with the company- and no doubt she’ll be the main player on this scenario of reforming the sdc since it’s such a huge part of her character motivation. Whitley, I think, will also be a major part of this since he’s the heir and probably the most business-inclined. However, that would involve a lot of character development and depth that his character just doesn’t have at the moment- and I don’t know how I feel about a kid with the issues he has being put in such a high stress position of the literal ceo of a huge company and also a reformer of said company. The same also would go for Willow, too. Neither of them are in a emotional/mental state for that job at the moment imo. They would need a lot of support and healing before they could undertake something so huge. Or nicholas schnee crawls out of his grave and runs the company himself.

Also in this scenario jacques is dead or in jail so that’s an upside :D

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We know Willow is a low functioning alcoholic but we’ve seen Jacques drinking a lot also? I mean that doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is an alcoholic, of course. I believe in v4 he was drinking with Ironwood when he was arguing with him in his office (correct me if I’m wrong). We see Jacques drinking in v7 also after his encounter with Weiss and her friends (heavily implied that he came home in a very bad mood and whitley seemed very on edge bc of this). And let’s on forget his huge glass of wine at the v7 dinner.

I mean, Jacques being a high functioning alcoholic or not, alcohol seems to be everywhere in the schnee household. If it’s not Jacques shown drinking, then the bottle is shown in Willow’s hand.

I don’t know if drinking contributes to Jacques’ temper or if it calms his nerves but it seems that nobody in that household is happy, not really. No doubt all the schneeblings probably have major issues with alcohol

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Yeah there’s about a million possibilities for him. My hope is that he goes on a self-exploring journey, because he hasn’t had a chance to really do anything. With his father gone, hopefully Willow steps up and supports him so he can become more independent as well. Ultimately, I want him to find himself. That’s what Weiss and Winter did, and he deserves a chance to do that, too.

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This one’s not a one that I’m sure I will ever pick up, but essentially Blake turns Adam in to Sienna after the train heist and Sienna exiles him from the White Fang. He goes to Atlas in order to settle his scores with Jacques Schnee and the SDC, but is shipwrecked off the coast. He washes up on the beach below and is found and nursed back to health by…Willow Schnee. They eventually agree to join forces to destroy Jacques.

The plot is pretty vague beyond that, but it’s a dual narrative of past and present, featuring snippets from Adam’s childhood as a ‘youth worker’ in the SDC mines, his escape and early years in the White Fang. The present will feature a revamped Happy Hunters with a Robyn Hill who is an actual Robin Hood expy, recovering alcoholic Willow training Whitley and Ironwood struggling to figure out exactly wtf is going on.

Here’s a snippet.


‘What is this?’ Adam hissed. He held up the sketch book.

‘It’s a gift,’ Willow said calmly. She found his temper tantrum strangely familiar, like dealing with Weiss or Winter whenever they didn’t get their way. ‘The polite response is to say thank you.’

‘I stopped drawing years ago. Bring me more books.’

‘Then now might be a good time to restart, perhaps?’ Willow replied. ‘I’m afraid you’ve quite exhausted my father’s collection on military tactics and political strategy. You have a choice between Classical Mistralian Poetry or whatever romance novels my daughters have left lying around.’

He dropped the sketchbook and turned away from her with an audible huff. Willow pressed her thumbs to her temples and yet again regretted forgoing a cocktail with lunch. She wondered how it was, across a lengthy career of robbery and bloodshed, that no one had taught this twenty year old man how to act his age and not his boot size.

Without aforementioned cocktail in her system she lacked the required liquid courage to ask him the question directly. Instead, she played the Jacques Strategy.

‘How is your hand?’


‘Can you wield a sword yet?’

A blue eye glared at her. ‘Of course I can.’

‘Really?’ Winter eyed the sabre leaning against the wall. ‘Because it does not look like you practiced at all today.’

This time he favoured her with the full glare of both eyes. ‘My throat hurts when I move too fast.’

‘Or maybe you’re afraid that you’ll drop it again and look like a fool?’ Willow drew the sabre herself and gave it an experimental flick. ‘I have another practice sabre stowed away somewhere. Shall we have a spar?’

‘Get to the point.’

‘The point is that your body is so frail that I do believe Jacques could bludgeon you to death with a balance sheet. You might not be able to train properly for another week, perhaps two. You need something to help you develop the co-ordination in your left hand. So I suggest that you pick up that pencil if you ever want to pick up a sword again.’

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Oh my goodness I stan the RWBY mothers

Slow burn - Willow Schnee

Willow Schnee is such an interesting character and I just really want to see her develop in the series even if she’s likely to die. That would become a huge wake-up call for the Schneeblings and it would spark that intense character development in each of them. A slow burn to understand her and eventually turns good that it redeems her character somehow in preparation for her end.

Fake date - Summer Rose

I feel like Summer would be that person that could help me get out of an invite I don’t want to go to by saying we have a set date already and drags me away to escape. She’d definitely be a go-to person who’d help me out.

Enemies to lovers - Kali Belladonna

I don’t really see Kali as an enemy so idk how to explain this. There’s practically nothing to hate on her at this point and I wouldn’t say lovers, but maybe if hostile to loving daughter, then I could agree. Being rebellious towards her then eventually learning that she was just looking out for me this whole time.

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