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Just rewatched RWBY Volume 4, it honestly still holds up as my favorite season!!! I love the character development we got, also it has some of my favorite fights!!

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Yang: Aw, Raven, you look so motherly!

Raven: Say that again and I steal your tongue.

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“If you get a new lease on life, does that mean you have to return it at some point?” Tai asked as STRQ relaxed in their room.
“You have to buy the next self-help book,” Qrow drawled, smirking. Raven snorted.
Summer frowned for a moment. “That… actually makes sense.”

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Teacher: Your daughter Yang got into a fight.

Tai: What?! Is she okay???

Summer: What happened???

Raven: Did she win?

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Love my angsty wives 🥺 I’m honestly hoping that they were close because I believe Summer’s death was the reason Raven refuses to come back and is stuck in a cycle of grief

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[Raven wakes up , hearing the vague sound of music out of her room. She walks to the window and opens it, the sound of the music coming in clearer as she spots Summer Rose standing in the courtyard, holding up her scroll]

Summer’s Scroll - Boom boom boom boom

I wanna go boom boom

Let’s spend the night together

Together in my room

Raven - [frowns and closes her hand into a fist to summon her maiden powers, freezing the scroll] No

Summer - [calling out] You owe me a new scroll Raven

[Raven closes the window]


Writing Requests are open

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One Shot Collection - Chapter 36 - Jakobre_the_Writer - RWBY [Archive of Our Own]
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“Now that you can turn into birds, is it cannibalism if you eat chicken?” Tai asked. The rest of STRQ rolled their eyes.
“I thought we managed to end the bird jokes in first year,” Qrow groaned.
“We can make it stop again,” Raven assured him in an ominous tone.

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Ahhhhhhh writing, writing, writing! I haven’t posted it in a while so here’s a preview of a request from @leaderofallgays


I am so so sorry that this is taking so long I’ve just had a bunch of other writing WIPs and college taking up my schedule so I just wanna post this to show I haven’t forgotten

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And now for something completely different.

Self-Created Beacon Era STRQ designs. c:

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rwby characters as cursed images in my phone:













Yang building on Blake:


Summer and Ruby:


Raven (and Qrow again):


(some images might be messed up, the tumblr app sucks)

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Me, a dumbass, looking at the RWBY vol5 poster: Hmmmmmm




Me, pointing at Raven and Cinder in the background:

Big Sister

Me, pointing at Qrow and Oscar in the middle:

Little Brother


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Jaune: wow look at that massive whore

Vernal: your pointing at Raven

Jaune: exactly

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