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Joanna: Amy best friend is probably Rowan, we get along with each other pretty easy and we have a lot in common, despite him being a year younger than me and a bit shorter, he’s great to be around. Plus our families are really close so we get to hang out with each other during the holidays!

Klein: Yes, Master Rowan is growing up to be a fine young man.

Joanna: …Yeah I guess he is huh.

Both Weiss and Klein exchanges knowing looks.

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Klein: I wouldn’t know in the slightest, I raised the young mistress to be a proper la- guh-ah-ah… ACHOO!

Klein: Of course I spoiled her, how I not? She was so adorable as a child that I couldn’t say no to her! Oh and she would sometimes refer to me as “Poppy.” Ah-ACHOO!

Klein: *sniff* Oh pardon me, it appears allergies are acting up lately. Did I say anything?

Joanna: *slighty blushing* Not anything that was embarrassing or anything Poppy.

Klein: Oh good, I would hate to embarrass you in front of the whole Dust Net.

Joanna: Thanks….

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Weiss: It’s been exhausting lately. The majority of the work is spent debating if a bill is to be passed or not and what’s left is spent looking upon reports of the well-being of the citizens. It’s especially taxing when having dealing with those who used to live like royalty in the days of before Atlas and Mantle reunited. With the Kingdom having been socially divided for so long, it naturally fell upon the Council to reconstruct the relationship between both groups of people. There’s also the issue of protecting the rights and privileges of the Faunus in New Mantle.

Neptune: Atlas and the Faunus have some bad history so keeping both groups happy is a whole different challenge to add on. But Weiss has been working hard to make sure that the Faunus are no longer exploited by the prejudice of humans.

Klein: You have made great progress in these last few years than any preceding council member.

Joanna: Yeah Mom you’re doing a good job, and a lot of Faunus I know, who are now able to enter into Combat School much more easily, respect you a lot.

Weiss: *smiles* I’m happy to hear that. But enough about me, how has your latest project been going dear.

Neptune: Oh it’s been… hard. Like really hard. Who knew trying to make a satellite go into space was so hard.

Weiss: Well seeing as how it’s never been successfully accomplished before, I think you have quite a challenge ahead of you.

Atlan: *baby coos*

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Joanna: I talk to Rowan, Sum and Liena pretty often. Just recently they all came to us during the summer, when it’s less cold here in Solitas, and I showed them some of my latest projects. I even helped Summer and Liena come up with what they wanted to make as their first weapons.

Neptune: Yep, when all three told Joan here that they were going to be training as huntsmen and huntresses, she immediately adopted the role as their weapon’s smith. Well everyone except Rowan that it is.

Weiss: Yes, he certainly has his mother’s eye when it comes to crafting weapons and such.

Joanna: Yeah I was a bit bummed when he said he was fine with making his weapon, buuut I did gain a new gear buddy in arms while he was here. We benefited a lot from each other’s knowledge, he was skilled with blacksmithing and bladesmithing while I was skilled in gunsmithing and tech crafting.

Klein: Yes, you were very delighted when you could finally converse with someone would could keep pace with your jargon.

Neptune: I understand it just fine.

Weiss: That’s because she learned it from you dear.

Neptune: Oh right…

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Joanna: Thank you Mr. Laser, my family and I are happy to meet you as well. We have been pretty good so far, just been pretty busy with our own things for a bit and Combat School has been pretty good so far.

Weiss: From work to family life, it’s been a bit busy as of late. Not to mention being a council woman has been very… tasking.

Neptune: Yeah being adults is a never ending job and has its good and bad moments. But one the bright side, my team and I managed to modify the heating grid to run on Solar power more efficiently by thirty percent this week!

Klein: Terrific news that is to hear Neptune.

Atlan: *claps his hands and cheers*

Klein: And young Atlan seems to agree.

Neptune/Weiss/Joanna: ☺️

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In a world where semblances can be as varied as every individual, Klein’s got a rather odd case of a semblance that is purely performative. Parlour Trick allows Klein to perfectly customise his speech patterns, accent, and habits to suit a ‘role’ he created, up to and including changing the colour of his eyes. Like any good professional actor, Klein is able to swap in and out of each role seamlessly without any change to who he is at his core, something that definitely makes bedtime stories more exciting then they could otherwise be.

Perhaps such a semblance is indicative of the many duties he has to take on as butler to Jacques Schnee and nanny-in-all-but-name to Jacques’ children, with Klein neatly able to switch from task to task on a moment’s notice.

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Jacques Schnee philosophy on a longer life

Reporter: Jacque Schnee how do you stay looking so young?

Jacque: (laughs) well it’s simple, you see each person has a fixed amount of life energy and doing stuff like exercising will decrease it so the answer is simple; don’t exercise … and be rich it’s that simple. (Laugh)

Reporter: good one mister Schnee.

Whitley: that’s the man I idolizes!?

Klein: I have been trying to tell you for years.

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