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#emerald sustrai

This is one of my random headcanons, but I think Emerald is really good at playing card games and doing card tricks. She probably picked these talents up, during her time living on the streets.

No one in Salem’s faction really cared about this talent of hers. Cinder would probably outright call it a total waste of Emerald’s skills.

However, imagine if she went through a redemption arc and joined up with RWBY & the others. Maybe her playing card games with some of the others/showing off her card tricks is a way that helps her bond with them and gets her to open up more.

(maybe I’ll add more onto this, who knows)

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Glynda Goodwitch x Willow Schnee is

Winter Witches


Witch of the South

(… I ship it.)


Emerald Sustrai x Neon Katt is

Rainbow Connection



(Anon, I gotta say, this is pretty cute. Like INSANELY cute. Cannot stress how cute I think this is.)

Thanks for the suggestion! Remember ask box is OPEN for Ship Summaries, Ship Trials, Headcannon Requests and Headcannon Chibis!

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1) Penny Polendina is the T-800 (so we get evil!Penny for the first movie and normal Penny in the second) 

2) Summer Rose is Sarah Connor (for Ruby to be John)

3) Qrow Branwen is Kyle Reese (going for the fan theory that Qrow is Ruby’s biological father. Don’t care if it’s not true, I like it) 

4) James Ironwood and Winter Schnee are the two detectives from the first movie who tried to help Sarah (authority figures) 

5) Kali and Ghira Belladonna are Sarah’s friends, Matt and Ginger (since this movie is focused on the adult characters, I wanted to use another parent duo for Sarah’s friends) 

6) Bart Oobleck is Dr. Silberman (it’s mainly because he’s a scientist) 

7) Ruby Rose is John Connor (main character of the series) 

8) Jaune Arc is the T-1000 (this is to put a twist on his ‘good guy’ persona in the actual series. The T-1000 gained trust because he was dressed as a cop, Jaune-1000 gains trust because…he’s Jaune)

9) Pietro Polendina is Miles Dyson (Penny’s father)

10) Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai are John’s foster parents who get axed off by the T-1000 (they’re assholes, so I chose asshole characters for the part) 

11) Skynet is renamed Salem 

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you just know Emerald and Mercury can’t fucking stay out of trouble for 30 seconds and this means shenanigans at the duck pond like Emerald being chased by homicidal swans so Mercury unwraps and hurls her burger at the birds to lure them away. Makes her pay for the replacement too as payback for abusing his generosity, he had given her enough money for two vanilla cones with chocolate flakes… she came back with an ice cream sundae and one spoon so there was no way to share.

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