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What if Yang took a selfie of her with Oscar, Jaune, Ren and Emerald and sent it to the Ace Ops saying “We lived, bitch”.

Marrow, Elm and Winter are happy or relieved, Harriet is still pissed and Vine just has his poker face wondering who the fuck the new girl is.

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Right, here is why the writing right now is ableist. It’s not because Ironwood is the only disabled person on the show, but because of how the other characters are also treated.

All the other disabled prominent characters are Mercury, Tyrian, Cinder, and Yang. All but one are villains, and Yang has no problems with her disability anymore. She has a new arm and it’s magically as good as her old one, but better because it’s got a gun in it! PTSD? Pffffffff, what’s that? Let’s just take away any symptoms now because she held hands with Blake, no more shakes, no more insomnia, and having your already angry character have short temper as a symptom is not a good thing when we can’t even tell whether that’s her PTSD or just how Yang is. 

Let’s not forget, this is the same girl that started screaming and beating the shit out of Grimm because they messed her hair. She wrecked a club because… reasons. I actually don’t know why Yang did that, they just wanted a cool fight for her trailer and failed to realise it made her look like an illogical temper tantrum throwing brat. 

James is being villainised because he’s not showing pretty symptoms like Yang. His prosthetics are being treated like more and more of his humanity is being lost, which are the words taken straight from CRWBY’s mouth, and his new prosthetic is dark and evil looking while constantly on display when Ironwood has always worn clothing and gloves that completely hidden his prosthetics. His mental illnesses are written illogically and make no sense in the aspect of what they should be, and the fact that he’s now jumping into “Crazy, violent soldier” is a vicious stereotype that military men have to constantly fight with on top of their own issues. 

He is also the only other disabled prominent character who is not a villain. The ableism isn’t just stuck with Ironwood, it affects everyone, and it isn’t just CRWBY doing it. The FNDM are just as guilty of this shit when they make disgusting headcanons about Yang using some of the metal from her prosthetic to mend Blake’s sword, or how Emerald taking Mercury’s legs would be funny, or how Qrow should destroy Ironwood’s prosthetics.

Please, stop. It’s disgusting and you don’t get to get away with this behaviour because it’s towards someone you don’t like.

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(A continuation from this post)

Emerald sighed and took Cinder’s arm, stopping her from opening the pill bottle. “Please, if you wont let Ruby help you, then let me. All you’ve been doing is pushing me, pushing everyone you know away. You need help and we are all trying to give it to you.” Her voice remained calm, albeit shaky while she watched Cinder. 

Cinder pulled away from Emerald and turned away from her. “That’s because none of you can help me. You and Ruby just… dont understand. Everything hurts now.” She looked at her prosthetic, wincing as she moved those fingers. “Neither of you have any idea how much this all hurts. I need these. I need to take them to feel… human again.” 

“But you arent you when you take so many. Just look at yourself!” 

Cinder faced the mirror on the door, looking at herself a bit more. She was thinner than she had been a month ago when Ruby kicked her out. Her right arm shook, scars lined her arm from other sources to dull the pain. Even her skin seemed paler than it used to. “Ruby doesnt care anyway. She kicked me out of our place…” 

“Because you kept refusing to get treatment!” Emerald frowned and pulled Cinder to her. “She wants you to be you again! She took you to the doctor. They lowered your prescription dose. She took you to therapy, which you kept ditching! She dealt with this for three months! She hates seeing you like this!” 

Cinder winced at each word.”If she cared she’d let me-” 

“She does care about you, you dumbass!” Emerald smacked the pill bottle out of Cinder’s hands and started walking out of the room. “She calls me every night to ask how you’re doing. She wants to let you back into her life again, but not like this! Do you even remember the last time you were awake long enough to hold a conversation with her? The last time you even tried to show her that you care about her? She can only do so much for you when you’re like this. She spent the last six months dropping gigs so she could take care of you! The only thing she refused to do with you was put you into the hospital for your own safety because she felt that would be a betrayal to you!” 

Cinder went quiet as she listened to Emerald, sitting down on her bed. The last few months all seemed like a blur to her. She remembered overdosing on pills and using dust to take the pain away, passing out shortly after only to wake up a day or two later. But she never noticed the pain that Ruby felt. Or the rest of her friends when they saw her…

Emerald sighed and leaned against the doorway. “You have an appointment with a new therapist tomorrow. They’re a counselor for the local rehab facility and they’ll determine if that’s where you need to go. I cant keep doing this. How Ruby kept this up for so long, I’ll never understand. But… after tomorrow, if you cant commit to starting to make a change, I’m checking you into the psych ward where it’ll be someone’s job to keep an eye on you. I know you’re in pain, but there are other ways to fix this. Maybe someone there can help you.” 

Cinder watched as Emerald walked off. She laid down and curled up on the bed, shaking as pain ran through her shoulder. She knew Ruby and Emerald were right. She couldnt keep living like this. She stared at the pill bottle laying on the ground and slowly reached to it. Just one more time wouldnt hurt…

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[after joining the team]

Oscar: I know you’re scared, but don’t lose hope

Emerald: Thank–

Yang: Cause it gets worse so lose hope later


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Ruby: hi..

Velvet: hello

May: hey. Hows it going

Fiona: is that sword or are you just happy to see me?

Emerald: i didnt know you trimmed

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Weiss: I wonder how the boys are doing in their boat trip?

Blake: Weiss they’re fine

Yang: they probably never leave the port

Emerald: I’m surprise Neptune came long with them to boating trip.

Nora: kinda wondering what they’re doing now?

[ somewhere in the ocean]

Adam: *beating on a drum* There once was a ship that put to sea and the name of that ship was the Billy o’ Tea the winds blew hard, her bow dipped down blow, me bully boys, blow

Mercury: Huh!

S/N/R: Soon may the Wellerman come to bring us sugar and tea and rum one day, when the tonguin’ is done we’ll take our leave and go

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That is also an option, and perhaps even the smarter one. 

Honestly, Emerald opens up a lot of possibilities. Depending on the amount of people they take into the Vault, she can make it look like they’ve opened the Vault and retrieved the Staff, when they haven’t even touched the thing. The illusion would hold up until the moment Ironwood asked to hold the Staff. 

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Emerald: *disguises herself as Penny to distract Ironwood*

Ironwood: Let’s get to the vault!

Emerald: *makes him see the vault being opened but when it does, he hears music start to play and sees Rick Astley’s dancing figure*

Ironwood: Wtf?!

Emerald: You’ve been Rick rolled, sucker! *disappears*

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It’s just wierd. As well as the whole Ironwood vs Hazel and Emerald in how they’re treated, Oscar says in this latest episode that Emerald is on the same trust level as Ozpin, when the others rightfully refused to trust or forgive her. The guy who both saved Oscar’s life on multiple occassions, did nothing but help the group, and was truly repentant on having to lie to them about serious matters. 

Yet they still don’t trust him. Ironwood welcomed RWBYJNR into his team when he found out it was them, entrusted them with so many secrets, gave them lodging, weapons, licenses, and even took the truth that they lied to him so well that he only asked that they don’t lie to him again, which they did because Yang and Blake told Robyn about Amity.

And they still didn’t trust him. If this writing was fair, RWBY would be shown to be the villains, because they don’t care. They lie, they cheat, they steal, they act morally superior to everyone around them while doing either nothing to help the situation they caused, or react worse to situations than the people who’re villainised.

Qrow is fine despite punching Oscar and never apologising, but Ironwood is a villain who shooting Oscar. Neither apologised, both hurt Oscar, but one is a villain while the other is a “hero”. 

Yang is allowed to yell at her friends, call Ozpin a bastard and demand that he come back so she can yell at him some more despite ripping his abusive past in front of everyone to see in 4K HD, but Harriet is a bitch who deserves to be punched by so many people in this FNDM because she hates RWBY and Qrow for getting her leader and friend killed, and betraying their trust. 

Ruby is perfectly valid for keeping secrets from allies even after they showed unrestrained trust in her, behave like an arrogant brat who changes her tone as soon as she gets her ass kicked, and later does nothing to help the situation she cause while crying about how hard being a leader is even though she shoved herself into this war, no one else. Yet Ozpin has to repeatedly bend the knee to the group, apologising repeatedly even though he had valid reasons not to trust college drop outs with war secrets, and is still mistrusted after saving their asses multiple times. 

It’s hypocrisy. These characters ain’t heroes.

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Oscar: It’s not about forgiveness. It’s about the chance to move forward and change. I’d like to give her that chance.

Jaune: I think she’s run out of chances.

Yang: You weren’t there. You didn’t have to watch them die because of her.

Oscar: Yes, I did. I’ve seen what she can do. The scale of her powers have been used to aid Salem in mass casualties and widespread destruction. Imagine if she chose to dedicate herself to good.

Emerald: I’m not dedicating myself to anything. I just want to get out of here.

Ren: We all do. That’s why we need your help.

Oscar: It’s your choice to make, Emerald. But we could really use someone like you on our side.

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Literally Emerald is making these halfhearted jabs and efforts to push JOYR away because she feels so guilty over the role she’s played in all of this, she cringes when Yang lays into her but she fully agrees with what Yang’s saying, on some level she’s pushing them away because she feels like she doesn’t DESERVE to work with them, she doesn’t DESERVE to get adopted into whatever weird dynamic they have, she doesn’t deserve any of the things she wanted she should just disappear and be alone forever because look at what she’s done to get what she wanted so far—

But she can’t, because even as she’s wallowing in her own guilt she knows she wants to help, she knows that the one and only part of the Fall of Beacon that gave her any real satisfaction the way Cinder said it would was when she helped repel that initial false Grimm attack and people smiled at her and thanked her—

And to have Oscar just gently say hey, I know how you must feel, but…don’t you want to do something about it? That they don’t trust her but they’d be happy to let her prove them wrong?

Is everything.

297 notes

I noticed something kind of small that could be nothing but I’ve learned not to push aside the tiny things I notice because it inevitably bites me in the ass.

Ozpin’s thing about giving people second chances (even if they don’t necessarily deserve forgiveness) has come up multiple times throughout the series. He did this with Headmaster Leo and continued to do this with Emerald and Hazel, up till the end in the latter case. And I realized the framing of this scene is strange…

Oscar says “we could really use someone like you” and it’s framed in such a way that Emerald is in the middle, and James moves to stand over her fading image as the scene changes. If you bear in mind that James is the white queen of the reoccurring chess board symbolism…that’s an incredibly important piece. It’s obviously not impossible to win without a queen, but it’s not a piece you want to be without if you can avoid it.

I’m not sure what that means in terms of James’s survival, but in V3 at least, once Qrow acknowledges that he knows James didn’t cause the Beacon fall on purpose, he and Glynda immediately defer to James when they start planning their next move, because as he then demonstrated, James is a skilled strategist when he’s not being pigheaded. A skilled strategist against Salem has a use. Possibly, James’s (final?) huzzah is a plan for when Salem pieces herself back together, presumably within the next few hours if Hazel is to be believed.

@aparrotandaqrow also pointed out to me that a powerful chess move is to take a pawn to the end of the board and turn it into a queen, and Team JOYR just walked out of Salem’s whale with a pawn in tow. Layering one queen over another certainly has some implications, and I think both of these characters will have big roles to play when it comes to defeating Salem.

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you know what? emerald is actually so lucky that cinder gave no fucks about her because hoooo boy if she’d had an attack of conscience and walked out on a villain like adam who at least wanted blake. uh. we saw how that worked out

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Attention RWBY friends and shippers:


This is not a blush! 😂 it is a darkening of her skin, not a lightening. It doesn’t turn pink or red. It is crwby’s attempt to show a dramatic change in emotion, from super happy to super angry/fearful.

To all my Gemstones and RoseGarden shippers, calm down. This was purely Ruby’s emotions acting on their own.

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Chibi Mercury: Emerald’s like boohoo I don’t know if I’m really evil or just evil-curious!

Me, now: she’s not even evil-curious bud

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RWBY Vol 8 Ep 10

so… Emerald!!! AAAHHHHH I’m happy she’s not with Salem now.

but wait, what did happen to Salem? Did she destroy that whale? When is she coming back?

why does it look like crwby wants us to pity Cinder? sure, she had a rough childhood and she’s full of anger. but i can never forget how she killed pyrrha so i won’t pity her.

and AHHH what have they done to Ironwood? it’s weird. ironwood has become really desperate (he has good motives tho, he really wants to save atlas)

let’s not forget this whole thing started because RWBY made a lot of poor decisions last volume. ironwood is just reacting and making choices in a really bad situation.

side note: neo is cute as ever <3

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Emerald, no one could or should give you what you wanted out of Cinder. 

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Now I don’t know if I’ve just ostrisized myself from the whole “Anti-Cinder/villain” side of the fandom.

And this may be just asking for it

But I have not seen much stuff in the fndm talking about how crwby is now making a villain seem more soft or relatable as being a bad thing.

This is from the camp of being firmly invested in villain reform though so my interpretation of that whole scene is very biased.

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