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hyperfixation-hideout · 51 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nora looking at May me too Nora me too
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kajuda1 · an hour ago
The New War
Vale Aftermath
Two Hours After The Attack
Teams JNPR, RWBY and a man that went by the name Qrow where sitting in a onsite medical treatment center. The military had set a bunch of these up in Vale to help all citizens. The miasma had dissipated and dispersed in most areas, but some areas are still burning from the explosions. Fire Fighters and EMS are doing what they can but this attack, rocked the kingdom and the only thing on most people's minds is why those soldiers where wearing Atlas military patches. General Ironwood had came to Vale after the conflict and spoke with Ozpin alone.
Jaune and Ren where laying down in medical cots. With there teams comforting them as they recover. Jaune's new moves and over usage of his semblance caused him to have heart pains but he should recover. Ren was going through what could only be considered a flu. But the medic there said he was just experiencing the symptoms and couldn't place it. It was then that Jaune realized that he knows what's happening transferring Ren that energy to him was the main reason. He had never used it before so he'll just extract the kinetic energy and bear the pain for him.
As Jaune took away the pain Ren felt Jaune had his hand gripped as he extracted the energy from him. Ren looked towards Jaune and locked eyes with him.
Jaune: I'm sorry Ren for putting you through that, don't worry about me I've dealt with the pain before.
Ren: Do you go through that all the time?
Jaune: More or less
It was quiet for a second between the two and something made Ren's heart skip a beat. He couldn't place it but it felt good. Then a perfect timing of Ozpin speaking up with Ironwood at his side caused everyone to look at them so no one saw Ren's blush but except one ginger bomber.
Ozpin: Mr.Arc what you did today was reckless and you could of gotten your teammate Lie Ren killed.
Everyone was silent and Ren was about to speak up.
Ironwood: You fought with great valour and honor kid. When people's lives where in danger you showed no hesitation to rush in and save them.
Ironwood: For that you have my respect. You would make a fine solider one day
Jaune: Thank you, but um professor wasn't those men wearing Atlas Military patches?
Ironwood: They where but I can tell you none of my men wear those kevlar uniforms anymore. They had hit one of our old production bases here in Sanus.
Ironwood: There are bigger matters at hand, I believe you should inform your students on what's about to happen in our world today.
Ozpin had sighed and looked to Ironwood but knew he was right. As he began to speak he had informed Teams RWBY and JNPR that starting tomorrow they will no longer be studying to be huntsman. No that they will be apart of a task force to help combat the unknown threats that have thrown the world into discord. It turns out Vale wasn't the only kingdom to go up in flames today. The attacks there had also taken place in all of the kingdoms. Mistral being hit the hardest because word has it they not only where attacked by Solider's with Vale military gear and White Fang. They suffered heavy lose so a few of they're high-grade students will be coming here to join the task force.
While everyone one was listening and not asking questions Jaune had to speak up he just couldn't sit there and not speak
Jaune: I'm sorry for cutting you off Professor Ozpin, but we are not soldiers we are Huntsman in training!
Jaune: Are you saying that we should stop working towards our dreams as Huntsman and Huntresses to fight a war that we aren't even sure has started.
Jaune: I understand these terrorist attacks are serious but that's not gonna stop the Grimm they are gonna keep coming even more now, since there is so much disorder and distress in the people.
Ironwood: I hate to be the one to say this, but your dreams will need to be put on hold. The world is changing there is people in the dark who wish to destroy our very way of life.
Ironwood: Look with all of your skills we can find out who is behind all this and put a stop to them.
Ruby: I think we all know what we have to do.
Jaune: Ruby you serious!? This isn't our fight, we aren't ready for this.
Ruby: If we truly weren't ready for this then you wouldn't have gotten involved earlier would you?
Jaune was sitting up now even with the pain in him.
Jaune: There where innocent people dying I had to do something.
Ruby: That's the point Jaune. Huntsman or soldiers we have to protect those who can't. Remember what you said back when both became team leaders.
Ruby: You said now that we both have our own teams that you would trust my judgement and be our sister team.
Ruby: So I'll ask you again do you really trust my judgement.
Jaune had turned his head to avoid Ruby's eyes trying to think of a way to counter her argument but it only took Jaune a moment to realize all eyes where on him. Like his decision makes the difference for everyone right now.
Jaune: I trust you Ruby, even though I don't like the idea of this. Your right people will continue to die if we don't do anything.
Jaune: As long as the rest of my team is okay with it I'm in.
Nora: Let me be the first to say it we always have your back Jaune.
Pyrrha: Absolutely
Ren: you didn't think we would leave you did you.
Ironwood smiled and he saw his way out but gave Ozpin a nod of respect before he left. Everyone was now sitting and waiting for what's next till Qrow reminded Ozpin he was here.
Qrow: Now you know I'm completely against this and Summer will be too. Where not even going to talk about how Raven will react.
Qrow: But I trust your judgement, so what's my goal in all of this?
Ozpin: you'll be leading this little Task force of ours and training them all in cover operations. I'll be sending two other's to help you Thundra will be there military combat trainer. While Raven when she arrives will be there survivalist trainer.
Qrow: Oh she already knows?
Ozpin: Not all of it no.
Four Days Later
Jaune is finally done with his healing period and can't wait to see what he's missed out on. Ren had finished up on day one so he has been alone for four whole days. The New FOB they have been staying at is high-tech Ariel base that travels around Remnant.
Jaune: Dame it's storming outside and Jaune was making his way around looking for everyone now that he's got feeling back in his arm he can't wait to spar someone again. Until he saw everyone down in a push up position and Red eyes peering into his soul. Jaune knew from that moment on he was going to regret trusting Ruby's judgment.
End of part 5
Yes I know not really eventful but don't worry the next chapter will be they're first mission.
Character Analysis:
Ruby Branwen Rose: Age 18,
Huntsman Classification: High-grade
Classification: Sniper/Attacker
Semblance: Petal Burst
After losing her father on a mission Ruby has relied on her sister and her mother's Summer and Raven, and a childhood friend Jaune.
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templeofdepravity · 8 hours ago
Knowing what Ilia's weapon does and how lighting effects Nora, has the smoll Chameleon ever gotten to Dom the electrically charged bombshell?
Poor Ilia thought she could. But she terribly underestimated just what kind of effect that would have on Nora. No, she ended up face down, ass up with Nora wielding a specially made lightning dust strapon.
It wasn't all bad! She was fucked silly and incredibly happy by the end either way. But well, Nora is insatiable and sometimes comes back for more.
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templeofdepravity · 13 hours ago
So a few things that I could think of from the start.
Somethings to start Summer is alive.  Her, Tai and Qrow are in a three poly relationship, with Raven who Summer forced back into their lives as a pet.
Ren, and Nora happened to pass by and meet a young Emerald.  The three of them remained friends until they parted as Ren and Nora wanted to enter Beacon and Emerald wanted to enter Vacuo.  Emerald will be replacing May in BRNZ which I have no idea what to call that.
As said before, Emerald, Ren and Nora are close, they enter a relationship pretty early on. 
May still has issues with NDGO, they went to primary hunter’s academy together.
Sun will be more prominent and is overally really fun to have around.
May and Pyrrha have no interest in having sex with anyone else except a few girls.  And they like to Dom Ren sometimes, well Pyrrha does.  May is pretty much stuck on Jaune.  
Jaune doesn't really want to, but well May and Pyr find it really hot.
Since Emerald won’t be part of Semen, and I don’t really want to include Merc, Eve using the model based on Sturm from Granblu will be taking that place.  She’s the older sister of Adam in this one, and is disgrunted about Blake just like her brother.  She has less of a bloodlust for humans but is pretty bitchy.  I’m debating on moving Ilia into this, or another OC based on Poppy from League, the Reindeer skin.
There will be way more smutty situations.
I’m debating on if CRDL gets a chance to improve themselves.
Expect bad things to happen to NDGO who will enter a relationship with CRDL.  
May use @naughtyweiss sisters for Jaune, so ya know, kinky.
This will be more episodic and be more of a saturday morning cartoon style.  So everything happens together, but it’s not in the same order.
It’ll have fluffy chapters, and smutty chapters, darker chatpers, and both! 
Bad people don’t get good things... maybe?  
Romany may or may not break Cinder at some point, him and Neo are possibly an exception.
Perry may get a bigger role!  
Oz lives for trolling people.
Oscar gets adopted by JNPRZ at some point.
Ciel, Reese, Arslan will also get more love.
Ciel Reese, May, and Blake have their own little writing group.
Penny gets good things, she deserves good things.
She also doesn’t understand the concept of conception, or relationships.  She may try to ‘sell’ Ciel to teh Combined Arm’s pairing which confuses them.
The dance may break down into lots of different points of sex.
Ilia will definitely show up.
Elm and Fiona will also show up I feel, I want to do more with them.
And other things!  These are just kind of points I want to use.
Oh and also Weiss may be thirsty for Arc d after a while.
Expect Sun to be involved in some fun times with Blake and Yang.  Maybe even Neon at some point.  Or I may straight up put him in a relationship with Arslan!  
Also should I make Arslan a lion?
OH!  I was definitely thinking of adding two sisters for Pyrrha.  Cassie from Paladins and Kasumi from DOA.
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rwbybutincorrect · 14 hours ago
Nora: How are you today?
Oscar: Please don’t make me think about my life.
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ironpines · 15 hours ago
Something that makes me a bit uncomfortable to this day was how Monty made sure not to have panty shots and such and then they use his character for an upskirt joke in V4 .
everything about this show’s insistence on Not Panty Shots But Void Instead makes me uncomfortable wheeze. but i do see where you’re coming from, especially when the scene was in the middle of them facing off against a massive part of their trauma like?
tone, mk. learn it please, for the love of god.
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realizashuns · 16 hours ago
In rewatching rwby and oh my god I need fanart of Nora and nobara from jujutsu kiasen with THEIR HAMMERS 🗣📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢
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xbox-cwtie · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m Bi, I like Nora, and I like Renora, so I made some Bi pride Ren, Nora, and Renora icons for fun! Feel free to use!
Absolutely NO discourse please, these are supposed to be for fun.
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xbox-cwtie · 20 hours ago
Everything is the same
Except Nora now speaks in a thick Minnesotan accent.
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rachetmath · 22 hours ago
Reason why White knight may not be canon
1. Weiss is already has a harem with her team and Nora.
Weiss: So many girls to choose from.
2. Jaune is shipped with too many other girls better than her.
Jaune: Hello.
Woman: Let me have your babies.
Jaune: The hell...
3. Jaune needed Oscar to bring Weiss to the movies.
Jaune: How is the movie Oscar?
Oscar: Awesome.
Weiss: Good.
4. Jaune saves her more than Weiss saves him.
Jaune: *healing Weiss* Stay with us Weiss. You can't die.
Weiss: Where Jaune?
Nora: He's fighting Cinder alone.
Weiss: Okay he'll be fine.
Ren: Weiss, are you fucking serious?!
5. Jaune bothering remembering Beacon.
Weiss: Hi Jaune.
Jaune: Hello Weiss.
Weiss: Jaune, I was wondering would you like to have the great honor in accompanying me tomorrow for a picnic.
Jaune: Nope.
Weiss: I kne- wait what?
Jaune: Yeah. No.
Weiss: I don't under-
Jaune: Weiss? Back at Beacon, did I not try asking you out? Several times?
Weiss: Yes.
Jaune: And what was the answer?
Weiss: No.
Jaune: No. Then at the dance, I had to tell Neptune to get over himself and spend time with you. Something your red hooded partner didn't bother doing. But she’s young.
Ruby: Hey, leave me out of this!
Jaune: Basically, me obsessing over you caused me Pyrrha. And now, she is gone and she will never be seen again. I also dealt with having no skills to protect her so….
Weiss: Then why did you save me if you didn't love me?
Jaune: Because you're Ruby's partner. I don't want her to go through what I was going through at the time. Plus, of course I wouldn't let you die, you're one of my friends.
Weiss: *Jaune's words*Friends. Friends. FRIENDS.
RBY and JNRO are hiding from Weiss, while she is destroying the city, searching for Jaune.
Yang: Seriously, Jaune?!
Jaune: Girl, don't blame me for this. It's not my fault she can't take an L.
Nora: Facts.
Fun Fact
Jaune also saved Weiss’s sister. Winter, who became a maiden because Jaune killed Penny. It’s too bad she didn’t know nor could return the favor.
Winter: Hold on Ratchet, what could I have done?
Me: Used a summon.
Winter: Oh my gosh, what have I done?
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templeofdepravity · 22 hours ago
And here it is Sexual Therapy Chapter 2 thanks to @dam1994s for the prompt that lead to this chapter!
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jokerfan99 · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Renora | RWBY by MorevoDraws
Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren Love is in the air <3 Find me on: Checkout my commission info:
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rwbybutincorrect · 23 hours ago
Blake: I can’t look at Yang again.
Nora: Why?
Blake: She told me that she liked me, and I told her “That sounds like a you problem.”
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gorillageek27 · a day ago
Nora: whats to understand? You get a boner, slap her titties around some, and then stick it inside her and pee.
Jaune: stick it inside her, and pee?
Bora: well okay fine unless you dont wanna get her pregnant, then you pull it out and pee on her leg
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greenteaandtattoos · a day ago
I came up with a theory that the reason that most characters' aura color match their eye color is because a common philosophy is that the eyes are windows to the soul.
There are exceptions to this, of course: Ruby, Yang, Blake, Tyrian, Jaune, Oscar, Nora, etc.
The second part of my theory in regards to these exceptions is that when you're young, your aura, and most times, eyes actually change color.
Remember Ren's comments about semblances in V5: "A common philosophy is that a warrior's Semblance is a part of who they are. Some say your personality and character can define your Semblance while some claim that it is the other way around."
What if the same is true about aura? That your aura color changes as you change, and finally settles on a color once you have 'found' yourself, essentially.
Your environment and personality affects the color of your aura when you're young and as you grow and become more emotionally and physically mature, it shifts to the color that truly defines you.
It could explain why so many semblances involves eyes glowing or changing colors.
For example, Tyrian's aura color is purple, and he is defined by his murderous tendencies, and his eyes turn purple when he goes to poison someone with his tail.
Another example is Yang. One of Yang's most defining features is her hair, something we know she considers incredibly important to her. Her hair is yellow, and so her aura is yellow.
The last example I'll use is Nora. For most of her life, the most important thing to her was Ren, who also has a pink aura. It would make sense for her aura to shift match his.
Another interesting note is that her eyes have consistently changed colors, from green to teal to aqua. Her eyes might have been changing colors as she grew, but Ren remained the most important thing in her life.
Ruby and Maria and probably Summer are the outliers to this, because their eyes contain magic.
Oscar is another outlier, since Ozpin's aura was green, and since he merged with Oscar's soul, it makes sense that his aura would shift to match Oz's.
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wholelottaxeno · a day ago
Tumblr media
Here’s a design I made for Nora. It was pretty hard working on her hammer, but I was able to manage lol
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templeofdepravity · a day ago
Sexual Therapy chapter 2
Holy crap it’s done.  I’ll be posting it in the morning after looking it through.
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thatringboy · a day ago
Favorite quotes from RWBY and JNPR?
Ruby: “You were [the best huntsmen in Atlas]… but then you trained us.”
Weiss: “I’m not perfect! … not yet… but I’m still leagues better than you.”
Blake: “I’m here for Haven, not you.”
Yang: “They’re not called ‘sure things’, they’re called ‘risks’.”
Jaune: “What’s wrong with you? How can you be so broken inside? To take so many lives… and then come here to rub it in our face like it’s something to be proud of… All with that damn smile on your face!”
Nora: “We’ll break his legs!” Alternatively: “I’m queen of the castle!”
Phyrra: “When someone puts you up on a pedestal for so long, you become separated from those who placed you there.”
Ren: “Phyrra, it’s not that hard. It’s kick-step, kick-step, body roll. Kick-step, kick-step, body roll!”
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howlingday · a day ago
Ren: She's not... the most intelligent person, but she can read, so I'm certain nothing too terrible will happen.
Emerald: (Looks at Nora) I'm supposed to trust my life with an idiot?
Ren: No. (Jaune walks in carrying a stack of crayons and blank paper) Two idiots.
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