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hadesisqueer · 2 days ago
Ren, somewhere between volumes 3 and 4: Yesterday, I overheard Ruby saying, “Are you sure this is a good idea?” and Nora replying, “Trust me,” and I have never moved from one room to another so quickly in my life.
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thecraftyninjacat · 11 hours ago
Can we see Nora’s who is in Weiss’ body threaten to breaks Jacques’ legs
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
nora usually stops at threats
for jacques she can make an exception
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juanarcthethird · a day ago
The Team RWBY is waiting for the team JNR to return from a special mission.
Weiss: *Worry* Do you think they are okay?
Ruby: *Tries to cheer her up* They're fine, I traveled with them in the past. They know what they are doing.
Blake: *To Weiss* I'm still surprised that you come up with the plan to blackmail your father, so we can get money for our adventure.
Yang: Yeah, I know your family is complicated, but I never thought YOU would do that.
Weiss: Well, I'm not his daughter to him anymore, so he deserved it.
In the distance they see a van approaching. In the driver's seat, they can see Ren and Nora next to him in the other front seat.
Nora: *Sticks his head out the window* We're back! Girls, did you miss us?
They stop the car and only Ren and Nora come out.
Ruby: So, how did it go? Did you get the money?
Nora: *Nervous* About that, we…. We didn’t get any money
Weiss: What!? That's what the mission was for! What happened?!
Nora: It's not our fault! He is a horrible person. *Looking at Weiss* No wonder you want to blackmail him.
Yang: Ok, but what happen?
Nora: I mean, I can't understand how someone can be so ruthless. What he did to people and to his own family. so scary You know, they're the people you stay away from.
Blake: *Worry* Nora! Just answer the question. What happen?
Nora: OK ok *takes a deep breath* We only ask for a fair payment in exchange for sensitive information. It sounds fair. But then he kinda got a little angry. So, I admit. I kinda got a little angry.
Weiss: *Worry* Did.. Did you break his legs?
Nora: *Ofended* What kind of violent woman do you take me for? No, I didn't break his legs.
Weiss: *relieved* Thank Oum.
Nora: But we did kidnap his wife!
Nora opens the backseat door showing Weiss mom making out with Jaune while sitting on his lap. It's getting a bit hot
Weiss: *In shock* MOTHER!?
Yang: OH SHIT!
Blake: Oh~
Ruby: *Feeling envy* She so lucky.
Willow: *Stop kissing Jaune to see who call her* Oh Weiss! I didn’t see you there.
Weiss: Why are you making out with Jaune?
Willow: So he is the boy you speak of in your letters. He doesn't look like a scraggly boy to me. More like a thick man, a thick sexy man. *Tries to kiss Jaune again but*
Weiss: MOM! Stop that!
Willow: Relax, it's not like you're dating him.
Weiss: He is my friend!
Ren: Okay, I don't want to be that person, but we have to move before they find us.
Willow: Ok just give us 5min. *She moves her hips a little bit and feels something thick* Oh~ make it 10.
Weiss: What?!
Ruby: 15 I’m joining
Willow: Oh my~
Ruby gets into the van and closes the door behind her.
Weiss: Why is this happening to me?!
Yang: I could be worst.
Weiss: *Angry* How?
Yang: Your sister also slept with Jaune.
Nora: *Giggles* How do you think we got the van?
Yang: No way!
Willow: YES!~
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templeofdepravitymk2 · a day ago
Quick Nora’s Arc Smut.
Warning, Thirsty Nora.
“FUCK! SHIT! OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!  I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!”
Loud smacks of flesh echoed through the room, two bodies grinding, slamming, pounding into one another drowned out the cries of pleasure.  The sight of bodily fluids, broken beds, sheets scattered about, clothes carelessly discarded to the side, only matched the thick powerful scent which permeated from the corner of the room.  A powerful odor, various fluids mixed together, a sour and tangy scent tailing, with a slight tinge of infidelity following.  
Nora wasn’t sure, she couldn’t be, how she’d gotten here.  How she was on her back, being pushed into their team’s floor, by no one but one of her best friends.  How she’d offered no resistance as he pushed himself upon her, giving herself up in a twinge of lust, letting herself be dominated in a way that just felt RIGHT.  The two mated, rutted, fucked in nothing but what they were born in, save for a pair of white socks that Nora herself wore.
“Oh god!  Oh god Jaune, please!  Slow down!  I… I can’t.. Ren!”  
All this proved to do was insight him, her answer coming in a loud grunt as he pushed further into her, the tip of his cock pounding into her cervix, having long pierced into her womb.  Every powerful stroke grinded against her insides, his heavily curved cock scratching places her own beloved could never hit.  Her eyes rolled backwards as her tongue hung out.  They’d been at this for hours, their bodies ravishing one another, her pink skin reddening from the rousing actions, savoring each other's touch. .
But as he pulled back, grabbing her pliable rear, fingers sinking into her fleshy round bottom as he held her tight.  She knew this wasn’t all his fault!  She’d be lying to herself, saying she’d never thought about her friend, her all but blood brother, taking her, doing things to her that she’d found unspeakable.  She would be lying to say that this wasn’t something she’d always desired deep down, that the sense of infidelity that they were both going through, wasn’t something she’d CRAVED.  
“No!  No no!  Nora, you’re not his!  He’s not yours!  You’re mine.”  
She felt a shiver run up her spine, Jaune’s tone was low, earthy, a furious growl escaping his lips as he whispered into her ears.  Her brain reacted as any would in this situation, succumbing further into the temptations of flesh.  
“He’s not your boyfriend Nora.”  
This time there was no growl, his pumping motions came to a slow as he simply held her close.  His head nuzzling into her matted hair as he did so.  “He’ll never see you that way, he’ll never love you the way you want.  So… so I’m making you mine.”  
She wanted to argue with him, wanted to say that her and Ren had always been close!  They’d even had sex often enough times on the road, but she knew, deep down that it was nothing more than physical attention.  Something they no longer did, something that Ren had only done for her… but but-
The coard of her thoughts were severed, his motions moving once more as he rammed himself back into her.  Her body heaving heavily as he pushed against her womb again, knocking into the back wall and piercing through her body.  Her insides shifted everytime he gave her a powerful thrust, every strike was enough to send her tummy flipping.  She felt fear, fear that he may strike through her if he wasn’t careful.  
Yet even as he rutted into her, pulled her closer as he walked, still grinding against and into her moist cavity, she felt the love and warmth that she’d never gotten till now.  
“But… bu… oh goooooodsssss…. P…Py…Pyrrrha….!”  
“She wanted this, she’s the one that told me to!”  He hissed through grit teeth.
She couldn’t give him a response, couldn’t even really fathom the idea that her friend had pushed her own boyfriend to do this.  All she could do was bite on his shoulder as another wave of pleasure coursed itself through her.  Her insides grow softer, hotter, needier with each passing moment.  
“Going to cum, I’m going to fill you up, I’m going to make you mine.”  
“But, no… pregnant I do…” 
His actions proved to silence her, knowing that her pleas fell upon deaf ears. his body only grew faster as he pinned her onto Ren’s bed.  He was all but crushing her, using the entirety of his body to keep her down so he could maximize the amount of semen that poured into her womb.  The thought alone forced her to shudder, her body nowhere near as adverse to her ‘complaints’ as she made it out to be.  If anything, the build up of anticipation only made the coming orgasms sweater.
He pulled back her legs, forcing them to tower over her, ramming without any warrant for her wants, he continued to savage her, to plunder her like he was her own.  And at this point she may as well have been.  Her eyes had hazed over, and despite her cries, her pupils had turned into pink hearts.  
The entrance to her womb convulsed as her toes curled, a powerful craving formed throughout her body when she felt the first onset of semen entering inside of her.  
It was a tiny drop, a small modicum amount of cum, but it was enough.  Enough that her form became enchanted with him, an electrifying zap flowed through her as each hair on her body stood on end.  He must have noticed a change, his hands left her thighs allowing her the freedom to move her legs.  Whether of her own will or a will of their own, they moved around his waist, wrapping tightly.  
Their bodies fused, conjoined at the hip.  She felt her chest heave, her back arching as he pressed his lips into hers.  Thoughts of her leader became perverse, she could only immerse herself in the lingering taste of his lips.
She no longer thought about Ren, no longer thought about how this would harm her friendship with Pyrrha if at all.  Instead she allowed herself to crave what she needed.  Their fingers met halfway, intertwining together as they held hands.  
She could feel his words rather than hear them, “Love you, love you.”  He whispered into her.  
She found herself overcome with an intoxicating sense of delight, and as she pulled him tighter, she felt it.  Felt what she’d needed for so long, a powerful stream of hot white liquid painted her insides.  Her own body gave in, her orgasm skyrocketed, her legs no longer finding the strength to hold onto him instead extending past him as her toes curled and her muscles stiffened.  The raw pleasure seeing through her brain as her head fell back, the only sound coming from her strained pants.
Never had she’d gone at it raw, not even Ren had filled her to the brim like this.  The new sensation of fresh cum flowing inside of her womb, filling and ballooning her oven with it’s thick, virile batter, was something she knew she could no longer live without.  And, as he pulled away, she found her heart swooning as he gazed upon her lovingly.  
His lips opened, “Nora-”  He called her name, “Nora-” again, “Nora wake up!”  
With a quick flash, her turquoise eyes snapped open as she nearly fell off her bed.  “Huh wha?!”  
“Nora, you gotta get up, or we’ll be late for class.”  
She blinked, not once, not twice, but three times.  Her hazed vision finally falling upon her lovable goof of a team-leader, dressed in his Beacon uniform.  
For a moment she simply stared, causing him to give her a quizzical look, “Are you okay?”  
A hot flash, and a red flush told a different story.  Everything had been a dream, her and Ren weren’t together-together after all!  It had all been a silly wet dream… speaking of, she hoped he didn’t look too deeply between her legs.  
“Okaaaaay… well get up… I made you breakfast, Pancakes, I know you love-em.  And I set your clothes up, except your underwear.”  He made sure to look away, hiding his blush as he sat the last part.  
“Anyways uhm, yeah, shower, and then we can head off.”
Her head tilted to the side, “Did you stay and wait for me?”  
The look he gave her told her everything she needed to know, “Yeah, why wouldn’t I?  I’d never leave you behind.”  He spoke, with a sense of sincerity that told more than what he said.  
It was then that Nora Valkyrie realized something: she'd fallen in love with her fearless leader…  “Oh shit…”
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rwbybutincorrect · 23 hours ago
Nora: why do soap smell so good but taste so bad?
Ren: The smell is from delicious perfumes that have been added to the soap
Ren: The taste comes from a myriad of chemicals and ingredients that are probably not the best things to eat!
Nora: you are so smart wanna go out
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idrownfishes0 · 2 days ago
Personal Headcanon 2
The rest of team JNPR never learned to function properly in real life without Jaune.
Jaune: "You flushed our internet bill!?"
Nora: "I flushed ALL of the bills, they're too expensive!"
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Rich Arc AU: After delivering the Lawsuit but before the case goes to court, the world reacting to all this. Special attention to Jaunes friends (some of them will be miffed that he didn’t pay for stuff) and White Fang and Beacon and Atlas (specifically Ironwood and Wonter).
In Mistral with Pyrrha, Nora, and Ren:
"WHHHHAT!? Jaune- Jaune's suing Weissy's family?!"
Ren uncovered his ears, now feeling a bit safer from Nora's shout. "Well... I believe it'd be more accurate to say that Jaune's family is doing the su-"
Ren got the full blast from that shout and leaned away from the louder girl, trying to get some distance for his already ringing ears before any more damage was done.
Pyrrha caught her male teammate before he fell all the way backwards. "I-It would appear so Nora. But I wonder why..."
"Well why wouldn't he tell us this stuff!?! Ever since he left us over break with Weissy, he barely talks to us!"
"Maybe he just doesn't feel comfortable talking about his family's wealth? And it is a break to be with Weiss and his family, I can understand if he's busy or preoccupied."
"But still! He can talk about anything with us! We're a team!"
Pyrrha sighed. Nora really had missed talking to Jaune daily like she used to, but it'd only been three days since they last talked. It wasn't that long really. "I'm sure he'll explain himself when we speak with him again. In the meantime though, my mother was wondering if you two would like to go out to eat tonight."
At the mention of dinner, Nora's eyes lit up brightly. "Oooh! Yes please!"
Ren raised a hand with a thumbs up in agreement with his childhood friend.
On Patch with Ruby and Yang:
The two sisters stared at the TV in their living room in absolute silence. Or at least until Yang finally spoke up a full two minutes after the breaking new report ended. "Ummmm Rubes?"
"Yeah Yang..."
"Did you know that... ummm..."
"That my first friend at Beacon was super, ultra, mega rich?"
"Yeah... that."
"No. I didn't."
"Okay... Cause if you hadn't shared that with your big sis, your single, big si-"
Belladonna household in Menagerie:
Blake stared at the TV with total interest, which was somewhat out of place with the introverted cat faunus. Her book was closed and forgotten on the tea table in front of her. She hadn't even marked the page before she slammed it shut so she could watch the news.
"Oh well I'll be. I never would have expected this to come about. Well, I had been wondering how Nicholas and Juniper had been doing. I suppose they're still doing well though if they're doing something like this."
Blake's mind came to a halt and her eyes snapped over to look at her Dad. 'Wait... what?'
Blake's mom rolled her eyes and took a sip from her tea. Kali set the cup down on the table and looked over straight at Ghira. "Well if we hadn't lost their contact information, we'd have been able to check in with them sometime during the last 15 years."
The mountain of a man groaned under her gaze and rubbed his forehead with his fingers. "How many times mu-"
Blake interrupted her parents right there. "Wait... you both know members of Jaune's family? The Arc's?"
Kali looked over to her daughter. "Why yes, or at least we did. Their family were some of the biggest supporters of the original White Fang. And very old friends of ours before that."
White Fang Hideout:
Sienna stared at the newspaper in her hands, feeling conflicted as a range of emotions ran through her head. Joy at seeing the Schnee's being taken on by a giant even bigger than them, curious at what made the Arc's act out like this after so long of being silent, and a mix of both shame and regret for what she had accused them of all those years ago and losing their support.
"Leader Khan?"
The tiger faunus looked up from the paper and down the stairs in front of her throne. The same messenger that had brought the newspaper in was standing there, nervously petting his own tail. "What is it?"
"W-will you be needing anything else from m-me ma'am?"
Sienna glanced down at the paper's headline once again. "Actually... yes. Send out word to all our members to stop all raids and missions unless they are utterly necessary. I believe we should get some old supporters back."
Headmaster's office in Beacon:
Ozpin sipped his coffee, not the least fazed by the reveal. After all, he had been around when most of the Arc's started their first businesses.
"It's safe to say that things will surely become a lot more interesting for Mr. Arc."
General Ironwood's office in Atlas:
"Specialist Schnee..."
Winter saluted her superior. "Yes, General Ironwood?"
Ironwood lowered his scroll, the latest news headline still on the screen. "...I suppose you had some knowledge of this prior to the news reporting it? Is that why you seemed a bit off a few weeks ago? And seemingly aren't very surprised by this?"
Ironwood sighed. The tone in her voice was a dead give away. "No matter, I suppose. I guess no matter what I do, the people of Remnant will always have something up their sleeves to catch me off guard. But tell me this Winter..."
Winter looked at Ironwood with total attention. "Yes sir?"
"... Is Jacques going to be an even bigger headache in the near future?"
"... I believe so sir."
Ironwood pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. Of course he would be.
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thebunnyremix · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
RWBY Volume 7
Chapter 2: A New Approach
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tucksonsbitchtrade · a day ago
Tumblr media
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melonishus · a day ago
Nora - Hey Pyrrha, can you get me my nail polish from Ren's room
Pyrrha - Sure thing [enters room to find a small array of pink nail polishes on Ren's counter]
[Pyrrha sweats]
Pyrrha - Which one ?
Nora - Isn't it obvious ? You see me wearing it every day
Pyrrha - Both of you wear pink !
Nora- Different shades
Pyrrha - They're the same
[Jaune walks in and plucks a bottle off the counter without even looking and walks it to Nora]
Nora - Thanks Jaune [kisses Jaune on the cheek]
[Pyrrha collapses on the bed]
Ren - You know, they have labels on the bottle right ? ------------ Writing Requests are OPEN
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gorillageek27 · a day ago
What did Nora say that made Jaune and Ren say
“…. Shut the fuck up Nora… Just please Shut the fuck up…..”
Nora: singing the knuckles rap
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lokiarc64 · 2 days ago
Jaune Arc comedian headcannon
Beacon began to host a talent show over the weekend as a fun event to show off more than just fighting skills and learning, tonight Jaune’s team and Team RWBY along with the whole school come to see many acts both amazing, jaw dropping and breathe taking. That is when Jaune came on to do his own act of being a comedian, sadly he didn’t know many jokes but he always remembered some one liner jokes that managed to even make Grimm laugh to death.
“Beacon’s Talent Show”
Glynda: Next up to the stand we have, Jaune Arc.
Nora: Whooo, go Fearless Leader.
Ruby: I’m excited.
Weiss: For what, that Moron making a fool of himself.
Yang: Come on Ice Queen I’m sure whatever Jaune has in store for us will make us all laugh well, not like I make everyone laugh when I tell a pun.
Ruby: Yang, your covered in tomatoes.
Yang: So?
Blake: “Sigh”
Jaune: “Enters Stage”
Jaune: “Adjusts Microphone“
Jaune: Before I rock the microphone, I want to dedicate my performance to my father who was a roofer so dad if your up there.
Yang: “Laughs”
Weiss: That was terrible.
Jaune: “Deeply breathes in and out”
Jaune: I was standing in the park one day wondering why does a frisbee appear larger the closer it gets.
Jaune: Then it hit me.
Yang: “Laughing”
Weiss: Yang, I’m pretty sure your the only one who finds this funny.
Ruby: “Giggling”
Jaune: My Grandma who is addicted to tea hates the way I say things-
Jaune: -Sssssssssss
Ren: ”Chuckles”
Jaune: She doesn’t enjoy my visits-
Jaune: -Ssssssssss
Yang: Whatcha think of that one Weiss?
Weiss: That was more annoying than anything.
Jaune: My dad has a weird hobby, collects empty bottles now that sounds better than alcohol doesn’t it.
Jaune: Growing up I was under the impression my dad didn’t like me very much cause he hardly did anything with me, he only took me fishing once and I remember swimming back to shore thinking, my dad doesn’t like me much.
Jaune: I went golfing once and I remember swimming back to shore thinking, balls a lot like fishing.
Nora: “Laughing on the floor”
Blake: “Chuckles”
Weiss: “Smiles”
Yang: Ohh is that a smile?
Weiss: “Instantly Frowns”
Weiss: I have no idea what your talking about.
Yang: Sure.
Jaune: I like what mechanics wear, overall.
Weiss: “Laughs”
Yang: “Smiles”
Weiss: You didn’t see that.
Yang: Oh yes we did, got it Ruby?
Ruby: “Holding up scroll, recording”
Ruby: “Holds thumb up”
Ruby: Got It.
Jaune: People call me a hypochondriac which hurts.
Pyrrha: She we be concerned with that one?
Ruby: Na, I wouldn’t put to much thought into it.
Jaune: That’s the thing my friends, I’m a one-liner comedian, I’m not a storyteller.
Jaune: Interesting how the started.
Glynda: “Barley holding herself together in the corner”
Jaune: Irony, that’s one thing I truly do respect about you people in … Beacon.
Jaune: You get irony and it’s everywhere today I slapped my crush so hard my charm bracelet fell off.
Weiss: “Has tears in her eyes“
Jaune: Irony, Ozpin judges talent.
Ozpin: “Spits out coffee”
Ozpin: “Laughing”
Pyrrha: Now I’m getting worried for his self esteem.
Jaune: Back to my father, he was a man of very few words I remember he used to say to me son-
Nora: “Wheezing for air”
Jaune: -Get your trunks were going to the library.
Jaune: I eventually got a swimming scholarship.
Grimm: “Laughing”
Grimm: “Runs out of oxygen“
Grimm: “Falls onto the ground smiling”
Jaune: I was going to join a debating team back in middle school but someone talked me out of it.
Yang: I…I can’t breath.
Jaune: I want to make a mystery novel or do I?
Jaune: I have actually written a book or have I?
Jaune: I won’t do it again or will he?
Blake: “Holding her stomach”
Jaune: Hard to tell with this renegade.
Jaune: My therapist says I have a preoccupation with vengeance, we’ll see about that.
Ruby: “Lying on the floor dying”
Jaune: When I was a child my uncle would always tell me ooooohhhhhhh.
Jaune: He died two years later, he was crushed by a piano, his funeral was very low-key, B-flat.
”Laughter all around the stage”
Jaune: I can’t leave you on that note.
Jaune: But as fantastic as you are I sadly have to leave, I’m a member of over actors anonymous and we have an over actors anonymous meeting that starts in-
Jaune: “Looks at wrist”
Jaune: “Exaggerated Look”
Jaune: “Slaps Wrist”
Jaune: An Hour.
Jaune: Goodnight everyone, you’ve been fantastic.
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ghostpegasus · 2 days ago
RWBY Volume 9 Because I’m Bad at Patience
Episode 1:
-Ruby reunites with Yang who gives Ruby her scythe to fight off a plant monster someone by some person hidden in the trees
-Ruby and Yang hug
-Cinder and Salem call Tyrian and Mercury to exposition what happened in V8
-Neo follows them
-Suddenly they across a camp, and are surprised by a woman carrying a tea set that gets broken by Yang by accident
(Basis: Yang and Ruby got some time in the finale so a bit more in the beginning makes sense)
Tumblr media
Episode 2:
-Ruby and Yang meet up with a random stranger on the island with Ruby and Yang asking if they can help find Blake
-The stranger agrees and shows them her camp, their Neo weapon can be seen
-Neo appears disguised as Ruby to take her weapon but Ruby appears foling her plan
-Yang goes after Neo with Ruby following but Ruby bumps into Jaune
-Ruby an Jaune gets lost only to find corpses near the beach, including Penny's
-Yang fights Neo but Neo gets the upper hand, suddenly Blake appears and Neo escapes
-The two kiss under the tree
-Ruby and Jaune find corpses including Penny's with Ruby being mixed up in emotions being in denial that Penny is dead, thinking Jaune can heal her, but slowly realizes that is not the case
(Basis: Trying to predict that scene involving the Tidus Laugh Reference in one of the V9 interviews)
Episode 3:
-Ruby and Jaune lay the bodies to trees so that they are not caught in the tide
-Ruby states they should go rather than burying them now when Jaune tells her that Weiss is also missing along with Blake
-Weiss sees Ruby and Jaune and tells Ruby Winter is the new maiden
-Yang, Blake, and the stranger meet near the tree and the stranger shows a portal they can use to get to Vacuo, saying it was a favor to her family by the king of Vale after the Great War for their service as retainers of the Vacuo King, the stranger goes looking for Ruby
-Ruby puts two and two together on how WInter couldn't have been there maiden if Cinder killed Penny thus Jaune ends up confessing the truth
-Ruby runs away
-Neo sees this
(Basis: Imagine the Jaune killing Penny will happen soon but not too soon)
Episode 4:
-Weiss and Jaune fly to search for Ruby not sure how logn Weiss can keep this up, meeting up with Yang and Blake, worried they all go look for her together
-The stranger talks to a panicking Ruby who unintentionally found herself in an aread with sword and other weapons plunged to the ground, the stranger then asks Ruby if she would like to end her journey and die a hero's death, Ruby says she still has things to do, however, the stranger states this is foolish as her quest has led her here because she in unworthy of protecting Vacuo
-Neo appears and fights Ruby, the stranger comes in and kills Neo with his semblance and sword, saying Ruby lacks resolve and tells her she will make this easy for her, pointing her weapon at her
-The gang appears and they all fight the giant carnivorous plant summoned by the seeds of the stranger
-The stranger badly injures Jaune by blasting her into a tree so Ruby decides to take them all to escape
-The portal is sealed with Weiss’s dust
-The gang sends a distress call and get a pickup to the next town
(Basis: Ruby being afraid of losing another friend and an enemy that scares the hell out of her as a challenge while also having connections to a character that teams meets in V10 so the island isn’t a 1 time thing)
Episode 5:
-The gang reunites with Oscar, Nora Ren and Emerald in a small town near a plateu, holding the children and elderly of Atlas while Qrow, Winter and everybody else go nomadic, in hopes of finding a permanent residence
-Mercury and Tyrian arrive at their destination, a prison, Tyrian stating there someone of interest to Salem in there
-The stranger appears outside the town RWBY is staying in
(Basis: Dealing with exposition but overshadowed by emotional reunion)
Episode 6:
-Its been a week since the events of the island and Ruby and Jaune have yet to truly talk to one another
-Oscar worries about this but Ren and Emerald states it better to let them settle it in time, Nora has a different idea and takes up on a mission that they can truly enjoy here in town
-Meanwhile, Ren, Emerald, Yang and Blake take a mission to take on two specific Grimm terrorizing towns nearby and travelers nearby working alongside a Vacuo huntsman who is a family man
-Meanwhile Yang has been acting weird ever since her kiss with Blake, annoying Emerald and Ren notices Yang's behavior
-The mission Nora sets up for Oscar, Jaune, Weiss and herself involves meeting with their client, a musician, and helping her with a concert, Jaune is perplexed but the musician states its important as a way to lessen the negativity for the everyone in the town unable to have anything to look forward to
-Yang's group finds the two grimm but fail to kill them as they escape and Yang's avoidance become more apparent
(Basis: Main arcs of the seconds half)
Episode 7:
-Ruby, Jaune, Oscar, Weiss and Nora work together to keep the town safe while setting up for the small concert
-Weiss trying to improve her summoning size and speed
(Basis: Mostly since probably an episode to give a break to the characters specifically Ruby and Jaune, also Nora gets to bond with Jaune which Ren got to do mainly in V8 while also adding some jokes before things get serious)
Episode 8:
-Emerald sick and tired of Blake being worried about Yang's behavior talks to her but slowly realizes she and Blake have something in common regarding Adam and Cinder
-Tyrian and Mercury got into the prison and Tyrian are Mercury as the two finally see who they are busting out
-Yang gets advice from the hunstman shes with and freaks out when she realizes she left Blake alone with Emerald of all people but the suddenly get a distress signal
-Ruby's group is waiting to hear the muscian practice but suddenly plant monsters appear like the ones from the island someone by the stranger
-As Ruby and Jaune to go save someone, the stranger uses his semblance to induce more fear as they remember Penny's corpse from the island, luckily they are noticed/saved by Weiss, Nora and Oscar
(Basis: Similar to A Night Off from Volume 8 where things go really bad )
Episode 9:
-Yang's group run into into villains being attacked by the two boss grimm and some others, luckily Qrow and the ace ops come
-Heart to heart with Ruby and some other character
-Mercury and Tyrian team up with the prisoner as they help him escape, beating various guards
-Qrow hugs Yang
(Basis: Qrow and Yang get to interact since Qrow was worried about her as well in V8, Ruby dealing with her issues with Penny of course, set up for the new villain similar to how Adam got setup before Volume 3 except we get to see this character fight)
Episode 10:
-Qrow reunites with Ruby's group, Ruby hugs Qrow,  Emerald watches Yang dragging Blake away to something fun with Blake smiling and Ren comments how it looks like something pretty good
-Ace ops state how they will take over things despite the people being wary of them after what they did under Ironwood
-Jaune and Weiss heart to heart with Nora eavesdropping
-Ruby and Jaune finally talk about Penny, and Ruby is reminded of her heart to heart talk with someone else in episode 9, 
-Epiphany possibly indirectly making Ruby realize her feelings for someone if they are going down the romance route, though not explicitly stated 
-Weiss and Nora are nowhere to be found and the concert is about to start with the musician playing the first key to her opening performance
(Basis: settling the last reunion, probably wont have much time with ACe Ops but most likely have something to settle them with, Ruby and Jaune getting the talk they need)
Episode 11:
-The prisoner escapes with Mercury and Tyrian
-To keep their client and the townsfolk safe, Weiss goes to fight the stranger 1 on 1 , however Nora appears in front of them both secretly!
-The two fight the stranger while defeating one of her plant monster, with Weiss defeating the monster and Nora being getting a powerboost to delay the stranger when the stranger disrespects the concert
-Ruby, Oscar and Jaune appear, just as Nora and Weiss are tired the stranger compliments the two before unsheathing her blade as grimm surround all of them
Episode 12:
-The stranger goes after Jaune first, knowing of his semblance
-Ruby, Jaune and Oscar fight the stranger and win, earning his respect with Ruby acknowledging her weaknesses in the end
-After that, the two get a view of Vacuo in the middle of the night
-When getting back to the concert during the final performance Qrow, Yang, Blake, Emerald and Ren with character having a final dances and Emerald thinking about Mercury and Cinder as the episode ends with them setting their next move
-Random character appears in the post credits stating they found Qrow Branwen, alerting their boss, the headmaster of Vacuo
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strawberrypincushion · 10 months ago
I am not immune to the trope of "character overextends themselves in a bout of god-like power and immediately passes out afterwards".
Bonus points if they do a superhero landing and / or crack a one liner before collapsing.
Double bonus points if right before they collapse into a puddle the last thing they see is their friends / love interest sprinting towards them at high velocity.
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rwbybutincorrect · 2 days ago
Ren: Women love me for my eye bags and dead eyed stare
Nora: And hands
Ren: Women hate my hands. make your own post
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cosmokyrin · 6 months ago
Penny, her friends, then there‘s Ruby-
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
RIP Miss Rose
also partially inspired by this old gold post
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thecraftyninjacat · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
RWBY bodyswap...but it’s not the pairings that usually get swapped
AU Tag
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thebunnyremix · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
RWBY Volume 3
Chapter 1: Round One
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blueinkjpeg · 2 months ago
The feminine urge to rant about the RWBY color symbolism iceberg
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birbyarts · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rwby vacuo designs, old and new (sorry jaune)
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