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RWBY plays Among Us (part 2):
Blake Belladonna: -Whoa, whoa, whoa, Ruby are you gonna let me talk-
Blake Belladonna: Weiss, if you believe that nonsense, you're gonna throw the whole game for us!
Weiss Schnee: Will you dolts slow down, I can't think straight-
Ruby Rose: IT WAS BLAKE!
Blake Belladonna: NO, IT'S NOT ME. IT WAS RUBY!
Ruby Rose: (incoherent screams of joy, followed up by loud clapping noises)
Blake Belladonna: WEISS. WOW! Just...WOW!
Yang Xiao Long: Weiss, I'm calling you Eiss from now on. Because Ruby stole that W from us!
Scarlet David: (sounds of disappointed groaning)
Sun Wukong: Nep...bro, I've never felt this betrayed in a long while. Why you gotta self-report my body, man? Also, WHY WAS I THE FIRST TO DIE?
Jaune Arc: Damn it...I say that Ruby was sus ONE TIME! And then all of RWBY declares me as the impostor and votes me out! Look what happened! LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED!
Lie Ren: Honestly, I can't even be that mad. I'm just happy we at least got Neptune.
Weiss Schnee: (steps away from her laptop and starts pacing her room, fuming with anger)
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Right, the choices she made, it was right, right?  She was popular, she had everyone at her beck and call, and she was happy.  She was happy… at least she thought she was.  Lime green eyes glanced to the trio in the distance, a boy whose head was blacker than knight, a streak of pink and yellow swirled down a long strand of hair.  A girl, shorter than the boy, her hair bright orange, much like the morning sun, a grin upon her face and energy that could conquer the world.  these two were a new addition to the society in their quiet little town.

These two had been, immune, to her allure.  She had tried to approach them once, though never again.  The girl, she nearly launched herself at her, she was vicious, nearly tearing at her lustrous rust colored hair.  The boy did nothing to stop her, no it was the third member of their party.  The second boy hadn’t even looked her in the eyes, he paid her no attention, a small scrunch of pain.  This bothered her, she couldn’t have that, though a small part of her understood why.  An even smaller part of her felt pain, she remembered his eyes, his soft sapphire orbs.

They used to look at her lovingly, like she was the only one that mattered.  She supposed, she used to be the only one that mattered to him.  He had been friendless, though kind, she had needed help one day and he offered it, chasing off a dog, being her hero for a time.  He had been her best friend once upon a time, and if she was being honest, which she rarely ever was, her first crush.  But, as they got older, she realized that it just wouldn’t do, he wasn’t one of the crowd.  She couldn’t make other friends because of him, people avoided her because of him, so she had to cut him loose.  

So cut him loose she did, it had been messy, his sisters had gotten involved and he stopped coming to school.  She had sent him an invitation, a confessional letter if you will.  When he arrived though, he was jumped, the boys, all bigger than he; pushed him around and tormented him.  They laughed, and told him what had happened, it was all a prank.  At first he didn’t believe it, how could he?  His best friend would never turn on him like that, but it was all true.  She showed herself, and gave a small peck to the largest of his bullies, it was mean and a part of her own heart broke that day.  The way he looked at her, it was like he broke a little.  

He stopped responding to the bullying and just got quiet, she hated herself, for a few days at least.  Soon it wore off, and she was popular now, it seemed that the prank had been a huge hit, captured on scrolls and passed around the school.  Though there was one problem, his sisters, they were always over protective, and soon the rabble found themselves hushing about.  She herself had managed to avoid any beating, instead all she received was a few ‘I’m just disappointed’ or ‘I’ll get you one day.’  These, these terrified her, and made her feel worse.  

But her decisions had already been made, and she had let the die fall where they must.  It was her fate after all, the boy would go nowhere, and she’d go everywhere.  At least that’s what she thought, so why did it bother her so much to see him again.  A few months later, and he seemed completely over her, playing with his new friends, friends that were far more loyal than any she had now.  Decisions had been made and it was then that she realized that decisions would have to stand.

It didn’t matter, she was going to be someone, and that was her decision.  She gave up a future that, maybe she would have enjoyed, but surely she’d find a man or woman better than he, and he would never find anyone.  She made the right decision, she was sure of it.  Her green orbs glanced back to her current boyfriend, he was droll, and for some reason afraid of the boy.  She hadn’t heard the details, but that didn’t matter, she would have fun for now, she had plenty of time to grow up and so did he she thought.


In Mistral, a lone girl sat, her shimmering emerald eyes glistened in the silver light of the moon.  Her hair of crimson flames flittered in the wind, she looked at the broken moon above and prayed, prayed that one day she would meet friends.  One day she would meet someone who would love her, for her, she didn’t want to be alone anymore.  She hoped that, that would change, only two more years, two more years and she’d go to Sanctum.  Maybe someone there wouldn’t be afraid of her.

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(Danganronpa OST “Discussion - HEAT UP” playing in the background)

Blake Belladonna: In order to solve Coco Adel’s murder, we need to figure out who she was going to see last night.

Jaune Arc: And whoever met her ended up killing her…so what’s everyone’s alibis? 

Velvet Scarlatina: Well, I was fast asleep so it can’t be me.

Neptune Vasilias: And Weiss accidentally knocked me out….so there’s no way I could’ve met her!

Nora Valkyrie: Not that this needs repeating…but…I was spending the night in Renny’s room, so we’re both clear.

Yang Xiao Long: Argh, this is going nowhere…will someone please just confess to meeting Coco in the library!

Lie Ren: No one wants to take the fall…that means we’re all gonna die if we can’t figure it out. 

Weiss Schnee: …regardless of what Sun says about me, I swear that I was in my room the whole day!   

Ruby Rose: (thinking) Hmm…I feel like I heard something in that exchange that can point out who Coco was going to meet! I just need to confront that person’s statements!

(scene repeats, Ruby fast forwards the discussion) 

Yang Xiao Long: Argh, this is going nowhere…will someone please just confess to meeting Coco in the library!

Ruby Rose: (shoots truth bullet that reads ‘HIDDEN LIBRARY BOOKS’ at Yang’s statement) NO THAT’S WRONG! 

(scene shatters, back to normal cutscene mode)

Ruby Rose: Yang, how did you know that Coco was going to the library? We found her body in the bathroom. 

Yang Xiao Long: Gah! I mean… my tongue just slipped, okay! I guess I’ve been hanging out with Blake a little too much, hehe.

Ruby Rose: But…Yang, I haven’t mentioned this yet but I found library books in Coco’s backpack.

Yang Xiao Long: That’s…uh…um…

Blake Belladonna: What are you not telling us Yang?

Nora Valkyrie: OMG…don’t tell me you were the one who met Coco!


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