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Mia Healey i am so sorry for whatever the fuck i’m doing to your hair 😭 someone please help if a beginner 🥺😭

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H A P P I N E S S :)

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oh god Martha better not be dead >:(  oh god oh shit oh fuck please there was no interview with her..and nora too…>:,( oh man

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It’s around the time that Helka is getting ready to have the last set of twins that Hector takes to going around the house shirtless for her amusement.  Of course housekeeper Nora is NOT amused (same goes for butler Stevenson), and tried to get him to put a shirt on for crying out loud.  Hector compromised with a robe but it’s still not enough 🙃

Helka © @bladegunsniper

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Nora won her first duel against Reese and she’s so proud of her. 🥺

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Nora & Mailin

Nora: (screenshot of a youtube video) What can I do against racism and discrimination?

And a book: Reni Eddo-Lodge - Why Im No Longer Talking To White People About Race

(picture with text) Emotional labor - When privileged people (white, men, etc.) demand education, proof, etc. from marginalized people (for example through sea-lioning) or the acceptance of their ignorance, which they hide behind *that’s just my opinion*. Not considered are the work and mentally generated energy of the marginalized people. When the affected person doesn’t want to do that, it often gets answered with *Ha, you see, now you don’t have any arguments left*, *You know that I’m right!* to force/pressure the marginalized person into more emotional labor via an answer, also called gaslighting.

The part with “demand education” maybe fits to your’s and Ava’s situation?

- today -

Mailin: Hey

What you sent me somehow really hit me

I have to think about it the whole time

Nora: We can always talk if you want

It’ll be alright ☺️

Mailin: Don’t know I’m too agitated I think

16. Januar 2021

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A fun Noragami/Pokemon AU collab I did with my dear friend @mao-na !! They did the line art and I colored it.

Thanks so much for doing this with me, it was a lot of fun! Let’s do it again soon. ♡

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They went on their first official date!

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The girls are back in Glimmerbrook and Reese has been spending a lot of time at Nora’s place! The two are inseparable.

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This queen, whose videos i apparently cannot download (WHY???) and post directly here, talking about everyone’s favorite tubercular, laudanum-addicted artist and pre-raphaelite superstar model (think the edie sedwick to the pre-raphaelites’ factory) on tiktok

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I highly recommend you to watch the Wilds. It’s such a brilliant show! It’s on Amazon prime.

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Fatou: Hey, damn, there are people registered in here..from before I was born. 1991.

Mailin: Woah, what?

Nora: Show us.

Mailin: Maybe we will find some teachers in there.

Fatou: Friedrich Schippmayer.

Nora: Kiki said, that Mrs. Wiesel did her Abitur here. Maybe she’s in there.

Fatou: Imagine her and Friedel wrote love letters to each other.

Nora: Huh, Friedel is much younger than her.

Fatou: “Your alpha radiation arouses my level of electrons.”

Ava: Speaking of physics. Have you thought about, what you want to do about the presentation?

Fatou: No idea. I’m just so fed up with her/not in the mood for her.

Mailin: Don’t you want to try it with her? And leave everything personal out? I mean she wanted to work with you, right? Then it would be okay, if you’d use her too.

Fatou: And how is that supposed to work?

Mailin: You just talk only about jupiter and saturn and whatelse and leave out everything private.

Nora: It‘s best if you don’t look her into the eyes and don’t give her any attention. And apparently she get’s hangry very fast. If she doesn’t get something to eat she goes crazy.

Fatou: But how does that help me?

Mailin: That means, you have to starve her.

Ava: Oh come on, leave her alone.

Mailin: What do you mean?

Ava: She doesn’t want it right now.

Mailin: Huh? Where is that coming from again now?

Ava: Let’s just continue?

Nora: Here.

Ava: Thanks.

Mailin: No Ava, I want to sort this out now. Because of Oury Jalloh, right? Is it still about the vigil?

Fatou: Ey folks, please don’t argue.

Mailin: I thought we were cool and then you’re suddenly gone, you’re not coming back and I ask myself the whole time, what is going on.

Ava: I’m sorry, I don’t want this right now.

Mailin: Why? Why can’t you explain this to me shortly?

Nora: Mailin.

Ava: Man, why do you corner me like this? Why don’t you understand by yourself that it’s not cool when you scream “I can’t breathe” too?

Mailin: I just don’t get it, okay? I don’t know, maybe I’m too stupid for that. But I don’t understand why you couldn’t explain that to me. I really don’t know, what else I can do. Seriously, Ava.

Nora: Mailin, wait for a moment.

Fatou: Poor baby. It will be okay.

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