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~~ car thoughts ~~

yep u guessed it, just got done playing the haunted carousel after shamefully putting off my 2020 replay so here are my general thoughts and feelings abt the characters, plot and really anything else i find interesting but is rly not that interesting. also spoilers so pls do not read if u haven’t played the game to completion!!! 

  • general
    • ok so it took me a lil longer to play this game bc i have not played it in a real long time
      • mac problems am i right
    • the point being that it mayyyyybeeee took me 3 hours on senior detective to finish it
    • puzzle wise the game is not that difficult. actually i think it’s on the weaker end puzzle-wise bc we don’t get a lot of them n the ones we do are not… hard
      • i typically don’t use cheats like walkthroughs during my game so take that with a game of salt 
      • most of the puzzles are actually like riddles and minigames and not actually puzzles. gr8 if u like riddles. not gr8 if u don’t and are more puzzle-based
        • me, playing the fucking squid game for the eightieth fucking time,
          • i hate it here
    • plot was ok. i mean kinda like lukewarm bathwater. it was like a mediocre mystery. 
      • not my sorta thing but learning about the history of the park was cool
      • it’s another classic they-should’ve-gone-balls-to-the-walls-and-they-just-didn’t scenario which is my beef with about half of the games in general
    • not a whole lot of snooping so like. idk. -100
    • music was a moment. i mean super creepy and unexpected at times which made me a lil nervy so that was a pro 
    • the scenery actually was?? good?? i mean despite the absolute lack of rooms/space to see, i thought most of the buildings made sense and the carousel was beautiful
  • characters
    • joy trent
      • nervous ball of energy
      • i used to rly not understand her like when i would play this game as a kid but now that i am older with ~mental illness~ i def feel for her 
      • sounds like nails on a chalkboard but like. somehow worse
    • harlan bishop
      • protect him he’s a baby
      • literally a softie 
      • did NOTHING wrong (literally)
        • nancy is an a**hole for this and iykyk
      • iconic over the loudspeaker
        • nancy come the fuck to the office right fucking now
        • ok not really but that was the energy
    • ingrid corey
      • vibey
      • hella good speaking voice
        • kinda made me feel like i just took a benadryl or something bc she makes u wanna take a nap
      • made me take my vitamins this morning
      • definitely the most sus out of everyone
      • bougie 
    • elliot chen
      • kinda liked him ngl
      • i mean. he sucks but. kinda in a good way
        • at the beginning i mean
      • i know there is like. the ongoing joke of him at the end looking scary as fuck but//?? one of our more realistic villains to be honest with u
      • tryna grab that coin
        • get that bread
        • wrestle that pretzel
        • finagle the bagel
    • miles the magnificent memory machine
      • literally zero (0) idea how he works but still cool
      • eats spoons
      • absolutely grooves to harmonica music even though it makes my ears bleed
      • calls nancy out on her shit constantly 
      • overall a funky little dude
    • too many phone friends but here’s a summary in no particular order or in any way that makes sense
      • really hoping tink caught that gargantuan fish in canada
      • yeah that’s about it bc everyone else was forgettable to the point where i care little about recalling their names
        • oh paula is a bitch 
  • ratings
    • so the hardy boys are phone friends so +1
    • no problematic or otherwise just destructive plot points (unless u count the blatant ignorance nancy has for felons but what is new) so again +1
    • and yep that’s about it. i mean the game is not great but it’s not…. bad…. there are vibes there…. just……. ~subtle~ vibes
      • so overall probably 2/5 just bc i was bored 
      • don’t forget niacin 

thanks for reading if u even did and catch me next time in a kayak talking to whales!!!! bye

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