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ugh i love the 50s episode sm that i really want to draw myself if i were in the 50s

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During my childhood, the state of Ohio required merchants to buy packets of preprinted tax receipts. As the merchants charged the necessary sales tax to their customers, they issued these receipts, which served as proof that the shoppers had paid the required tax. It was probably also a method of the state’s being able to assure that the merchants were not just pocketing the extra three cents on the dollar.

My Girl Scout troop was delighted with these stamps. The law was written so that customers could donate their stamps to charity. We were planning a trip to Nassau and needed to raise all the funds we could. We placed cigar boxes at the ends of checkout lanes in supermarkets labeled with the number of our troop and people very generously dropped their sales tax stamps into our boxes.

Every now and then, we’d drop into the stores and scoop out our stamps, then we’d have marathon counting sessions. We’d bundle 100 of the stamps together (divided into 1 cent, 3 cent etc denominations) and send them off to the state office which paid a nominal amount of 3 percent of the value printed on the stamps. It may not sound like much, but we spent hours counting hundreds and hundreds of these tax receipts and made a tidy profit thanks to the generous donors and the tax law of the state of Ohio!

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From the archives: c.2018

I forgot about this piece from my archive! I know this post will be unpopular, but I don’t care, because I love Peggy Lee and would choose her over any other jazz vocalists anytime. I’m not particularly fond of ‘Sugar’N’Spice’, I prefer her earlier work, but the concept of the cover art was too good to pass by and not do my own rendition of it. 

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Two farmers populating a small Dutch island near Hensbroek / Alkmaar, the Netherlands, November 1951

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