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I acknowledge that America has done bad things, and does bad things, but I believe everyone has the right to be proud of their country and wish good to it. This goes for all countries. This is not me saying that America does not need improvement, because it does, and we should work for those improvements.

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Extremele meteorologice prognozate în #România și #USA (#weather extremes)

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Extremele meteorologice prognozate pentru urmatoarele 6 zile in #Romania si #USA (Romania and USA #weather extremes).

Extremele meteorologice. Temperaturi scazute si ridicate. Rafale vant. Localitatile cele mai afectate.

Low and high temperature. Wind gusts. The most affected cities. USA weather extremes.

Find Weather Extremes from all around the World here [maxbutton id=”10″ ]


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Alps snow forecast #snow #ski (Ninsori prognozate în Alpi)

Alps snow forecast #snow #ski (Ninsori prognozate în Alpi)

Wonder where will be more snow next days?  Snow forecast European Alps.

Care sunt zonele din Alpi cele mai bogate in precipitatii in zilele urmatoare?

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External image

Bonus: SE Europe snow forecast

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Europe snow

Static 3 and 5 days snowfall maps for Alps

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Static 3 and 5 days…

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Results of the Orion IV international drug busting naval campaign, one of the most successful ever undertaken in the Americas.

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Unpopular opinion (may cause controversy but I don’t give a fuck):

  1. Murder is murder. Self defense, hate crime, ect. Murder is the same no matter what.
  2. Abortion is a fucking right. That isn’t murder however, it’s fucking healthcare. Some people are just built different.
  3. Homophobia is stupid. All life forms have homosexuals. It is literally just the way nature is either you like it or not.
  4. Imagine Dragons isn’t a horrible band, their songs are just heavily over played to the point of annoyance.
  5. 80s and 90s cartoons are the best NGL. Especially anime.
  6. Everyone has different beliefs, morals, and lifestyles. It’s only where people disrespect those things is where bad things happen.
  7. Everyone’s created equal.
  8. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.
  9. The American school system is brainwashing people.
  10. The “American Dream” doesn’t exist.
  11. The criminal system and the police system is corrupted.
  12. The Inspector Gadget theme song is a banger and no body could tell me other wise.
  13. Black Lives Matter too.
  14. Equity, not equality. America nor the world isn’t ready for equality.
  15. White Privilege is a thing and it shouldn’t exist.
  16. Children are most likely to not open up about their problems due to fear that adults might not believe them.
  17. Mental health is real. Science is real. Vaccines actually work. Video games don’t cause violence.
  18. DiMA did the wrong thing for the right reason.
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