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Medicaid is a program of the federal govt as well as the various state govt to help marginalized people and those with limited income to cover the cost of medical expenses. It covers the cost of emergency medical transportation for eligible members. An emergency is when your medical needs are immediate for example when you suffer a heart attack or come across an accident. If you are a Medicaid member you will not require a pre-approval for emergency medical transportation. This transportation can either be by road i.e. Ambulance or by air i.e. medical flight. However if its a non-emergency situation like visiting a doctor’s appointment. Medicaid may still offer the ride. In other words, Medicaid Transportation includes both emergency as well as non-emergency medical transportation.

The Department of Health contracts with several companies to offer emergency medical transportation and non emergency transportation for its members. If you are a company that contracts with Medicaid to offer Medicaid Transportation to members and is in search of vehicles that can provide state of the art transportation to your patients. Then you have come to the right place. Major Vehicle Exchange offers Medicaid Transportation solutions to companies just like yours. We have on hand more than 45 premium quality used wheelchair buses for sale. We say premium quality because these wheelchair buses are unlike any other in the market today. We have reconditioned every used bus from bumper to bumper to give them a flawless like new appearance. These preowned buses for sale have less than 100,000 miles and are less than 10 years of age. If maintained on regular schedules of every 6 months these buses will serve your business and provide Medicaid transportation for up to a million miles. Our minibusses usually last a lifetime with our customers. Every wheelchair bus for sale is equipped with an electronic wheelchair lift. They can accommodate up to 2 wheelchair positions and up to 15 passengers including the driver. Apart from wheelchair minibusses for sale we also offer mid-sized and full-sized buses for sale that are equipped with similar lifts. Our refurbished buses are fairly priced and can be afforded by most transportation businesses out there. But if you still need financing then we have a huge list of third party financiers who are ready to finance your bus at attractive interest rates.

The seats in these wheelchair buses can either be completely removed to offer emergency medical transportation like stretchers. Or they can be flipped and locked by the periphery of the bus to accommodate more wheelchairs thus offering non emergency medical transportation. The used buses that we sell are of high quality, they don’t have any known defects, and can easily be used to offer Medicaid transportation. Major Vehicle Exchange has been in business for more than 3 decades and has a big list of satisfied customers across North America including the USA and Canada.

When you buy a bus from us. You can have the peace of mind that the bus will not break down every now and then. Our used buses are meant to serve businesses and transport groups of people efficiently. They are not meant to sit idle at the repair shop.

Major Vehicle Exchange is here to help you throughout the bus buying process. When you are done with your bus and no longer need it. You can always sell them back to us at a reasonable price. In other words, we give you good quality used buses at affordable prices. You ride the bus and run a maintenance check every 6 months. You can use the bus as long as you want 2 years, 3 years or even 5 years. Finally, when you are done and no longer need the bus. You can sell it back to us. That’s how easy the bus buying and ownership process is. We have made it easier for all our customers.

If you have any questions, issues or concerns then visit us today. Click on the link above or give us a call at 516-333-7483 and speak with the owner Charlie today!!!

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A mobile office is a workspace on wheels. These offices on wheels can move from one site or location to another. Mobile offices are in motorhomes, trucks, shipping containers or trailers. But you can also change a used minibus for sale into a mobile office. These offices stand on the axled steel frame of the bus body. Mobile offices appear on construction sites. Or where ever there is a need for temporary offices. Advancements in communication, creativity, and technology have encouraged the manufacturing of mobile offices. Like entrepreneurship has led to the creation of modern equipment. For example mobile phones, computers, printers, and many other office equipment. Its entrepreneurship that has led to the development of mobile offices. They are portable as well as effective. Especially in places far away from bustling city centers and human settlements. Wireless communication and internet services have made it possible to work from any location. Provided you have the right equipment.

Some businesses depend upon mobility than do others. For example, the regular office of a manufacturing company can have all the office equipment that is available in a mobile office. Like, wireless communication devices, printers, scanners, desktops, laptops, etc. But these offices cannot become mobile offices. However, their sales and marketing divisions can become mobile offices and reach out to potential customers in distant locations.

In a mobile office people, equipment, as well as data, are mobile. They have become an important tool for salespeople, business executives and busy entrepreneurs. There are several advantages of having a mobile office, a few of which are. You don’t have to pay for operational costs like rent, utilities, furniture, etc and several other overhead costs. Moreover, mobile businesses have reduced rates of employee thefts and insurance premiums. These businesses can immediately establish their interest in satisfying customer needs. They even create an environment where the salesperson and the customer can focus on each other and not get distracted by their surrounding, for example, other customers. But, there is some caution too. Owners of mobile office have to adhere to high standards of professionalism so their legitimacy and quality are not questioned.

Used short buses for sale are the ideal vehicles to convert or change into a mobile office. These small buses can accommodate up to 15 passengers and do not need a commercial license to operate them. They can operate across North America on a regular license. After removing the seats you can get a floor space of roughly 250 square feet. This is ideal for most small shops and businesses. Once the seats are gone, you can move in your furniture, chairs and electronic equipments to get your office running in less than a day. These used small buses for sale have diesel or gasoline engines. If you have the budget you can even install solar panels on the rooftop to save on fuel consumption.

For more information on how used buses for sale can be easily converted into mobile offices visit Major Vehicle Exchange by clicking on the link given above or call their owner directly at 516-333-7483 today!!!

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The Boston Lemur is a lemur-like creature found in Boston Massachusetts in the U.S. The Boston Lemur is described as a lemur-like creature the size of a fox with short ears, a long face, and stripes on its tail which was bald except a ball of fluff of fur on the tip and on its back. The Boston Lemur was first seen by a man named Andrew Mudge when he saw it emerge from an abandoned barn. The Lemur let Andrew follow it but kept  its distance until it retreated back into the woods. The Lemur was also seen by the senior adviser of the Boston Red Sox. Skeptics believe however that the Boston Lemur is an escaped lemur from the local zoo however no reports of an escaped lemur were reported around the time of the sightings of the Boston Lemur.

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An amazing capture 📷 of two wild Canadian Lynx in the Alberta wilderness.

📷 Photo by @nickparaykoimages

🐾 Caption by @bigcatswildlife

The Canadian lynx is a lynx species native to North America. There range runs from Alaska, through out Canada extending into the Northern United States.

The Canada lynx is predominantly a nocturnal animal, although it may be active at any time of day as this photo demonstrates.

Conservation status Least Concerned.

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