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Set myself a new challenge for my runs this week. Usually I just focus on hitting half an hour of jogging but I’ve been pushing myself a tiny but more to keep going to reach 5k which seems to very slowly be improving!

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I know you said not BBC but I found this radio host au you might like anyways:

The missing part. (ao3) - cobblestyles

Summary: Phil Lester is a radio host and he has a boyfriend. But he’s always felt like something was missing in his life. Maybe the new comic book store around the corner will help him find what it is.

AKA the comic book store AU no one’s asked for.

but if anyone knows any that aren’t bbc, please send them in!

- Tori

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namjoon mixtape: i read poetry and go stargazing. what is time? what is existence? the moon is very pretty. i hope she’s having a good day. time to drink tea by the fire and think my thoughts.

hoseok’s mixtape: my ass is fat 🍑😜 but my heart? ❤️🤔 it’s fatter 🥰✨🌈

yoongi’s mixtape: i will personally Kill God

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