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So Bernie gives free fireside chats for the general public. Bernie does this every week holding important conversations about the crisis and what he is doing as senator and candidate to help. Yet Joe Biden charges people $2,800 for a fireside chat? Why are people voting for him again? Really why? In this financial crisis? That’s just so disgusting. Charging people that much to see a live chat. Thats just ridiculous. Yet again an example of Biden being for the rich and establishment rather than the normal people of America. Clearly he means to exclude the general public.

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Joe Biden is out here saying that it should be fine for the Wisconsin primary to go on as scheduled during a fucking pandemic I-

Is this really your king, liberals? Are you fucking for real?

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The Damage Report
Apr 2, 2020

Whoopi’s OUTRAGEOUS Interview With Bernie Sanders

Whoopi’s outrageous interview with Bernie Sanders. John Iadarola and Ben Dixon break it down on The Damage Report.

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“It wasn’t easy getting Bernie Sanders to appear on The View on Wednesday morning. Technical difficulties with his live feed from Burlington, Vermont caused the show to cut him off and then try again later. By the end of the interview, he may have wished he had bailed altogether. Once they got him back online, the hosts spent the first segment asking the senator how he would handle the coronavirus pandemic if he were president. At one point, Sunny Hostin wondered aloud if he was “using” the crisis to push his Medicare for All plan. But things got even spicier during the second segment when Whoopi Goldberg, who has been a fairly clear Joe Biden supporter from the beginning of the 2020 primary, asked Sanders to explain why he hasn’t dropped out yet.”

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