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Sometimes, it easy to become so jaded that we just wanna shrug our shoulders and say: “Yeah, yeah… Donald Trump is being an asshole… again… as usual… What else is new?”

We mustn’t lose sight of the fact that, if Donald Trump is elected another term, it can spell great disaster for the United States! Now, I’m not a big fan of Joe Biden - but, all things considered, he’s still better than Donald Trump!

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I disagree with damn near everything this dude has ever said, but here, I have to give him credit.  

Democrats don’t want to solve your problems. They want to exploit them to get into office and stay there. Open your eyes. For God’s sake, stop voting democrat

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Best Smug Lindsay Graham and crying Liberal Meme includes Biden kissing crying liberal. Encapsulates the current political situation perfectly. Capital Hill Security police adds to the general sense of humorous mayhem by adding that look of solemnity.

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It’s a running joke that Biden supporters can’t tell you even one of his policy proposals that’s inspiring to them. It’s as if he’s always been empty platitudes with a useless, centrist platform that will not inspire people. Biden is so lucky the orange monster has made a complete fool of himself with current events. Biden actually has a shot at winning but certainly not because he did anything, himself.

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