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4bworld · 2 days ago
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Thoughts on Rep. Omar’s demand for amnesty for immigrants? Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough ruled that Biden’s $3.5 trillion bill cannot be used towards immigration amnesty expenses. Join the conversation at @4bnewsworld
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vlemx · a day ago
Biden's regime #disgustingpeople #disgusting #border #pervertedicecream #biden #disgustinghuman
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claytonjones · 4 hours ago
Stab Back Better
President Joe Biden’s agenda is ambitious. In fact, his Build Back Better Act is historic. It doesn’t just take the country into a more liberal direction. He’s trying to take the nation into a progressive one. And I don’t mean progressive as in liberal, I mean progressive as in progress. He’s trying to move the nation forward. Actually, improving this nation and looking toward the future is…
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howieabel · a day ago
That’s right everyone, America is back 🙄
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scaredenglishmajor · 10 months ago
If anyone deserves a raise it’s the employee from four seasons total landscaping who answered the phone and went “yup, we can set up a podium and everything” and just acted like nothing was out of the ordinary.
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decolonize-the-left · 2 months ago
Members of the Red Lake Nation sent out to perform a ceremony on their treaty lands, but were assaulted & arrested. They chose treaty lands at the mouth of a pipeline Enbridge is has been trying to lay (With pushback and even sabotage from water protectors). Treaty rights surpass all federal and state laws, but Enbridge and their badge wearing guard dogs don't care.
This is Alex Golden Wolf explaining (they've since been arrested, their venmo & the bailout account are below).
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Update from Red Lake Treaty Camp now:
Alex Golden Wolf, Two spirit Indigenous leader of the white Earth Nation was violently arrested out of ceremony before the completion of the ceremony. Alex is a staff carrier, and a care taker of Indigenous Children, she helps with language and art skills at Camp Migizi.
Today at Red Lake Treaty Camp indigenous leaders gathered at sunrise to do ceremony in front of the gates of the construction site where Enbridge is drilling under the Red Lake River in order to lay an oil pipeline on land protected by treaty rights. This sacred ceremony was interrupted by police with no regard for indigenous traditions. Along with Alex Golden Wolf, around 20 indigenous leaders and allies who formed a peaceful blockade around those in ceremony where arrested.
Red Lake Treaty Camp is currently under blockade by the police, with no one allowed in or out. A water protector who locked down to the drill this morning was extracted and work has begun again.
Water protectors are being threatened. Treaty rights are being trampled on. Indigenous two spirit folks are being assaulted. Stop Line 3.
Venmo: @Alex-golden-wolf
Red Lake Treaty Camp Bail Fund: @Stars_On_Stone
Photo: Chris Trinh [ig @christhaotrinh]
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They need you!!! We all need you!! The best way you could help right now is to SHOW UP. I can't stress that enough! PLEASE GO IF YOU CAN. Short of that PLEASE spread awareness, share this post, follow The Lakota People's Law Project, Red Lake Treaty Camp, donate to the bail funds and call, email the people below!
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Demand Biden Stop Line 3
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mysharona1987 · a day ago
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But Biden wasn’t president in 2020, Kayleigh. Trump was.
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fromtheoldtimes · 10 months ago
if they end up having to physically drag trump out of the white house, I want that shit livestreamed. 
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starlightomatic · 8 months ago
The executive orders Biden signed on his first day in office: 1. Requiring masks and physical distancing on federal property
2. Halting the US's withdrawal from WHO
3. Creating position of Covid-19 Response Coordinator to manage vaccine distribution
4. Extending eviction/foreclosure moratorium till March 31
5. Extending the student loan payment pause till September 30
6. Rejoining Paris Climate Accord
7. Cancelling KeystoneXL and directing agencies to review Trump environmental actions
8. Rescinding Trump's 1776 Commission which was the thing telling government agencies not to incorporate racial justice into their training
9. Preventing workplace discrimination of LGBTQ+ people
10. Requiring non-citizens to be counted in census and taken into account for congressional rep
11. Fortifying DACA
12. Undoing Trump's expansion of immigration enforcement
13. Removing Muslim ban
14. Stopping border wall construction
15. Extending deferrals of deportation and work authorizations for Liberians with a safe haven in the US
16. Requiring exec branch employees to sign an ethics pledge
17. Undoing Trump's regulatory approval process 
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streaksofmoonlight · 8 months ago
The whiplash of feeling excited and hopeful about Blue Georgia to the horror and anger over witnessing an actual live fascist coup. January 6th sure is a day.
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New York City when it became official
[video description: a video taken from a high up balcony in New York of the rest of the city, it is only really possible to make out buildings, however, the cheers and other general celebratory noises, such as clapping and ringing bells, can be heard over the ambient noise of the city \End description]
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decolonize-the-left · 2 months ago
"I just wanna remind all my chronically online leftists if youre sitting around debating theory and asking questions like 'When is the revolution gonna happen?' um... but you are not at places like this, you're not donating....
Umm, you are missing the fact the revolution is happening right now. Water protectors, Indigenous, non-indigenous allies are coming together to protest against a multi-national oil corporation going through sovereign treaty land. So if you're asking yourself 'when is the revolution happening?' I'd say it's happening right now and you're just not part of it."
What can you do? Watch part 2 where they explain. I've linked their Linktree as well since it contains sources on how to get involved & where to donate (as well as the Google doc they mention in the video). (spoiler tho: get involved or donate)
Other useful things:
Red Lake Bail Venmo: Stars_On_Stone
Red Lake PayPal:
Learn More & donate: Stop line 3
Stay Updated:
Giniw Collective
Camp Migizi
Honor The Earth
Lakota People's Law Project
OP's links & Google doc:
src: x
edit: updated to fix the links and added some more
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