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if you think biden is a “fascist” and thats why you wont vote i just know now that i never have to take you or your political opinions seriously because you dont even know the definition of words or anything about what words mean politically. biden is no where near perfect, hes quite literally bougie lib who probably wont get a lot of shit we want done (nobody whos president gets to do everything they want to do anyways), but trump is quite literally going to put us in camps. so idk. i personally think i have more longevity in my life and more of a chance of convincing biden to move over (which, by the way, biden has made so many concessions in our favor, because of bernie)


then hoping and praying for a revolution to happen. as if all the libs wouldn’t swing right, as if the only revolution to spring out of something like this would be a leftist one. how fucking dense. 

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this is why i can’t stand to see or hear lefties on here/twitter say you shouldn’t vote for biden. clearly theres a direct effort on the part of trump supporters to get people NOT to vote for biden, i can imagine lefties saying “dont vote at all” is music to their ears. how am i supposed to trust that all these lefties on twitter/tumblr with popular non-voter sentiment-type of posts aren’t actual secret right wingers trying to get trump to win? how do i tell the difference when functionally and consequentially, they are the same? 

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JW.ORG #peace #peaceful #peaceandlove #humanity #humanrace #jworg #love #election2020 #election #trump #biden #joebiden #donaldtrump #mikepence #harris #electionday #presidentialelection #usa #usa🇺🇸 #china #china🇨🇳 #japan #africa #dubai #ibiza (at East Hyde Park, Chicago)

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Well I guess healthworkers know who for and where to cast their votes…
And everyone else who knows where the kidney is?
You might not like your vote or who you are voting for but just play your part in history.

But wetin be my own, make I go find my PVC cos worst can be said by the ones who rule up here in Naija.


#CharacterIsOnTheBallot #CharacterOnTheBallot
#Biden #JoeBiden #KamalaHarris (at Nigeria)

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The guy I voted for has the personality of Grandpa Simpson.
At least it’s not Trump’s personality, ha.

We’re supposed to moving away from a strong, charismatic daddy with passionate rhetoric who will sweep all of life’s problems off the table for us.  I’m fine standing on my own two legs… I don’t need Donald’s.

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So can we please stop with the huge (and little) obnoxious signs for political candidates??

Oh, you have a big sign in your yard that says Trump 2020? Guess I better go vote for him. Maybe actually spend your money on something that’s going to help people bc I don’t think your political signs are doing very much good.

And the Trump parades. Ugh. If anything, that would make me not vote for him. Because who wants to part of something loud and annoying?? Not saying it’s only Trump supporters, it’s just mostly what I’ve seen.

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