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can somebody with more political knowledge help me out?

Bernie says Biden will win but he’s staying in the ballot to “be able to exert significant influence over the party platform and other functions.” How does that work exactly? We get past this stage Bernie has a bunch of delegates that presumably can’t vote for him cause he’s out? So then they owe to their own choice for Bernie to push for his narrative in order to vote for Biden?

I am at a loss 😔

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Sorry if you’re offended by my 1 in every 5000 politics post

It matters

This is an RP blog

But I live in fucking reality.

If you dont like the 3 or 5 political posts I’ve made in the last 5 to 6 years

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I’m not pledging shit besides to vote against Trump

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Listen. Joe Biden being the presumptive nominee for president fucking sucks. I would much rather have Bernie, and I think a lot of other people would, too. But here’s the thing: if/when Biden likely becomes the official nominee, DO NOT write in for Bernie. There are not enough supporters for it to work, and if you are not voting for the Democratic nominee, you are taking away votes from the nominee and making it easier for Trump to win. Biden is awful, but he’s much better than Trump. Please, please, please make the right choice. We have to stop Trump before it’s too late.

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Today’s news wasn’t good, but at least it got me drawing again… Biden is better than Trump, but that’s a low bar, and I really wanted Sanders to win.

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The Democratic primary is over. Like many of you, I find that my preferred candidate is not on the ballot. And like many of you, I am frustrated as we continue into a crisis that I know my candidate would handle better than the current President.

The question has been asked: how do I cope with voting for a person I consider simply “the lesser of two evils?”

You cope with the knowledge that it’s not about the person, it’s about the results. Politics isn’t always (or even often) getting your most preferred candidate or legislation. It’s about taking every inch and then continuing to push for those results. It’s about the lives that are at stake.

And if you want to save the most lives, you steer this ship left. And you keep steering it left. Because we’ve gone so far right we’re halfway through the iceberg already. As a person who supports the majority of policies proposed by people like Bernie, Warren, or Yang, my next step forward and your next step forward is to ask how do I accomplish implementing those policies?

Do you support Medicare for All? You need a Liberal Supreme Court. Do you support a woman’s right to choose? Liberal Supreme Court. Do you believe in protections for workers? Liberal Supreme Court. LGBT rights? Liberal Supreme Court. The list goes on.

How do you cope? You cope with the knowledge that the work isn’t always joyous, but the results absolutely are if we work for them.

I firmly believe many of the things Bernie and Warren and the left side of the party are advocating for are *essential,* so I’m advocating for treating these policies like they actually are essential. I hope the rest of their supporters will join me in that.

Let’s do the work. Keep pushing.

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Hoping right now that anyone who wanted Biden over Bernie better have the worst fucking time going forward.  Fuck y’all privileged fucks.  Bernie was as far right as I’m willing to go. Bernie is the lefts compromise.  Hopefully we drop compromise in the future and just start guillotining folks

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i hate to get political, but: not so friendly reminder that if it comes down to it, PLEASE vote. the sooner trump is out of office the better. i love bernie as much as the next guy but realize what’s at stake here. biden is worlds better than trump because he’s not a fucking mobster. voting is like public transportation, if a route isn’t perfect you go and you walk the rest of the way, you don’t give up. please vote. this likely won’t change anybody’s mind but this shit matters. biden may suck but it’s gonna be better than letting this jackass stay in power.

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can we PLEASE for the love of god start the revolution and upheave everything??? I’m sick and tired of living in country that cares more about power and money instead of people’s lives. I’m tired of the broken and outdated voting system. America is broken and the only way to fix it is to revolutionize. it’s the only way to get our voices heard and besides they cant stop all of us.

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Catch me dead in a ditch before I vote for Biden. If Biden wins, Trump runs for re-election after Biden. And the cycle repeats. And nothing is done for 8 years rather than another 4.

Can you imagine Biden winning 2020, trump winning 2024, and then Biden trying for 2028.

There will be more term elections to keep the house and potentially turn the senate. That’s what matters. Turn the senate. Keep the house. Stop the oval.

If Biden wins this election he will not win the next presidential election in 2024 and we will have another republican.

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