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A vote for Biden is a vote for Trump. There’s no difference. Accepting the lesser of two evils is what produced figures like Trump. You can’t fix a problem with more of what caused it.

Why choose from two snakes with the vote that you have? That’s like being asked if you wanna be shot or stabbed. Run! Run for your lives.

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ok but why are ppl only now cancelling joe biden and 6ix9ine . ok saying theyve been cancelled is fucking hilarious but . as if they werent racist sexual predators this entire time…………. the melted skittle bitch literally admitted to csa and with biden…….. theres so much wrong with him oh my god

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And boy has he done a lot of truly horrid shit. ⁣

✖️ Lied about civil rights involvement.⁣
✖️ Lied about being arrested in SA.⁣
✖️ Opposed Bussing, wrote anti-bussing legislation ⁣
✖️ Voted against legal weed.⁣
✖️ Voted against gay marriage ⁣
✖️ Said Affirmative action was a “Planned Society” he abhors.⁣
✖️ Doesn’t buy the concept of “Black Pride."⁣
✖️ Doesn’t believe in paying reparations ⁣
✖️ Lied About Grades in College⁣
✖️ Plagerized Speeches⁣
✖️ Anita Hill⁣
✖️ 94 Crime Bill⁣
✖️ Iraq War⁣
✖️ Opposes #Medicare4All⁣
✖️ R*ped Tara Reade⁣
✖️ Gropes Women & Girls⁣
✖️ Brags about being the most Conservative Dem⁣
✖️ Often sides and votes with republicans⁣

#prettynobody 🏷 ⁣
#biden #creepyjoebiden #creepyunclejoe #notsorry #replacebiden #replacejoebiden #republican #democrat #vote #metoounlessitsbiden #bluetrump #bluemaga #votegreen #nomorerapistsinthewhitehouse #bernie2020 #bernieorbust #comebackbernie #anyotherdemocrat (at Los Angeles, California)

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