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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Hi! Yes, I’m planning to include this hair in my default project. I’m actually thinking about adding some gender conversions (repo’d to the defaults + extras), but I haven’t decided on this yet, so in the meantime, I can do the mtf one as a custom for you if you want?

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🥺 that can be daunting huh, u want a lil corpse concept?


let’s say, u don’t often get really unwell. when u are sick, it’s usually minor and u battle through it on ur own. but every now and again, it’s more than u can handle on ur own. corpse would notice the change in u, too. 

he’d want u to make an appointment, he wants the best for u and seeing u going through something really hurts his heart. he’s sitting on the couch and ur head is resting in his lap, his fingers pushed through your hair so his fingertips could scratch soothingly along your scalp. 

“please ring, baby.” he’d ask so softly, no pressure in his tone at all. he knows this part gives u anxiety. “it’ll be okay, i’m right here.” he’d be really supportive, he’s so accustomed to this process, “just want you to feel better.”

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Hello!! Gosh sorry I’m so late in responding to this, I kind of forgot that there with things in my ask box.

Aah this is such a great idea and prompt!! I will be totally honest in that I find Swearengen super hard to write? To the extent that I kind of avoid scenes with him unless I feel it’s absolutely necessary. So while I freakin’ love this prompt, and would read the hell out of it, it’s… probably not going to be something that I end up writing. Maybe someone who follows me and writes UnDeadwood stuff would be interested? 

Thanks anyways, and sorry that I’m not going to be filling this on!!

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anna!! you are so cute!!! thank you for sending this in! 

i’m gonna ship you with luke! i feel like he’s a soft boi who can definitely give you the reassurance you need, and would do the little things to remind you he loves you! he’d bring you an ice coffee on your busier days to keep you going, and he’d absolutely serenade you with harry styles while you fall asleep. you’d be able to teach him how to bake lots of goodies, and every holiday you’d be found standing at the counter, covered in flour and giggling wildly as you worked together to create yummy desserts for your friends 🥰

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Ow my feewings, I’m so sowwy :(

Okay but lmaoo what? Very original dude. First, this blog is for me, and if you think it’s boring, then why bother sending an ask?

Second, I hope you realise this made my day. I laughed my head off at the fact that some rando thinks calling me a bitch is gonna upset me. Jog on mate 💕

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If this is about that fucking “don’t tag my horror posts as anxiety attack” post that I made… you still shouldn’t? I don’t care if it’s “controlled” and that you “don’t mean it as an insult,” saying that I gave you an anxiety attack when I have stated before that I check tags on my posts for feedback is so shitty and guilt-tripping. Do you think an anxiety attack is just “being a little anxious?” It’s fucking not! I have anxiety attacks about trauma, not about a fucking spooky text post! When someone tells me that they had an anxiety attack reading something I wrote, I feel like a bad person because anxiety attacks are fucking terrible! 

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Sorry but I don’t know what you’re talking about lmao. Thanks for the compliment!

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