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sjweminem · 18 days ago
owen wilson broke up with his ex girlfriend cause she wasn't into the idea of him having casual sex with his male and female friends that man is up for anything
not even gonna fact check this im choosing to automatically believe anything anybody tells me about owen winston
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suyins · 18 days ago
wasnt azula being fatphobic when she called iroh uncle fatso??
you’re right…. let me add fatphobe to the list of Why Azula is Problematic right underneath her multiple war crimes
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big-innit-hotel · 8 days ago
Check Hank Green’s tiktok, I think that might count as pov outsider 👀
oh my goodness thank you
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lokihiddleston · 9 days ago
The body comparison I'm referring to is Tom in the shirtless Robert Lang character in parallel with the shirtless Loki scene, I can see that Tom is stronger, but I only noticed the difference when I saw the comparison, I think it was in the twitter.
Now you say it... 🤤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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floq · 20 days ago
Any chance you could draw lumity? I just loved luz in your style!
Tumblr media
quick lumity drawing for you
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xiaoguiwang · 9 days ago
I hope you stay in debt and can't pay your bills and get evicted
i already got evicted actually </3 anyway pay me to support a broke nonbinary lesbian of color, ignore if ur racist n homophobic n transphobic xoxo
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that-twink-over-there · 8 days ago
just found out you're english. shocked and disappointed. on the verge of unfollowing.
That's understandable 😔
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servicetopkaradanvers · 23 days ago
Want to put Supergirl’s whole bicep in my mouth
Tumblr media
will that be all, miss luthor?
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lokihiddleston · 17 days ago
After the kiss, right before she sends him away, it looks like he’s reaching out to hold her, did you see it?
Tumblr media
Loki is clearly close to kissing her again, you want to say?
And yes, he was ready to wrap his arms around her.
Tumblr media
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Dobson would definitely have uh, opinions about I am Not Starfire, the YA graphic novel making news lately, and how men are all "sexist" for not being interested in it. Even though he won't read it himself, as he never reads comics he has "opinions" about, and it looks genuinely BAD.
You know what’s a WAY better idea that’s got popular just off a couple images? Edgar Allen Logan, the wholesome jock son of Raven.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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vexmoth · 20 days ago
oh my god your michael in all red is amazing he looks like he’d ask to see the manager then stab them
thank u!! and lmaoo ur right 😂
Tumblr media
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probablybadrpgideas · 2 days ago
Argue that halflings follow the pattern of half-elves or half-orcs, namely that they're half human and half ling, and then insist on playing a full ling character.
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rozugold · 14 days ago
Ur current fave but they r bby. Smol. Tiny
Tumblr media
Baby bench trio!!
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milfjaster · 6 days ago
Hi, I sent the ‘stupit looking clone with a mohawk’ thing and now realize I never put the word “concept:” in front of it
It was supposed to be “concept: stupit looking clone with a Mohawk several feet high” sorry for the confusion
lmao its okay,,, i got kinda obsessed with the idea last night tho
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ex0skeletal-undead · 17 days ago
Face reveal ?
Tumblr media
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searidings · 8 days ago
do you think lena would love calling kara her wife and hearing kara call her that? because i feel like she'd love that. i think they both would.
i just think lena would be buying her organic kale and overpriced merlot at the rich people grocery store, chatting with the cashier about all the snacks she has to buy for her wife and how her wife usually comes shopping with her but got called into work today because her wife is a super important journalist who's always shooting off somewhere new but how she and her wife make sure to have dinner together at the end of each day so that they can always get some quality wife time
and then she'll pull out her fancy personalised leather card holder embossed with the words doctor & mrs luthor-danvers and oh no, a picture of her wife just happens to flutter out and so of course she has to show off her wife to the cashier and the three people in line behind her, pointing out her wife's dimples and her kind eyes and her gorgeous smile
and then it finally seems like she's winding down her chit-chat and actually getting around to paying, and the cashier and the eighteen people now queueing behind her breathe a collective sigh of relief as she pulls out her black amex with a flourish and she's inches from finally finally paying when her phone starts ringing
and lena steps back away from the till as a collective groan rises from the waiting hoards, holding up one finger apologetically as she roots through her purse for her phone. "so sorry," she murmurs to the cashier, face splitting into an adoring smile. "i just have to take this. you see, it's my wife"
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floq · 17 days ago
Could you do Paulina if she was the "Red" Huntress instead of Valarie?
Please and Thank You!!!!
Tumblr media
hope you don’t mind I added a half-dead sam :]
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incorrectnwsl · 9 days ago
Okay but why does Krisite Mewis not simply kiss Sam Kerr on the pitch on Tuesday. Neutralize the player involved in most of Australia's goals thus far.
Tumblr media
But truly, it wouldn't be a terrible game plan would it? I'm still chuckling.
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ask-a-vetblr · a day ago
Do vets care if we call it the cone of shame instead of an e-collar?
gettingvetted here.
Nope! We often call it that to clients so they know exactly what we mean, because some people don't know what an e-collar is, or associate it with electric shock collars.
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