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chiyohkills · 22 hours ago
I CANNOT scream loudly enough that you Hannibal people are disgusting! There’s no way that your kind can possibly by kind or nice or anything like that because you LITERALLY glorify toxic relationships, cannibalism, and hyperviolence! You may have fooled other people but all of your souls are black and TAINTED! It’s disgusting! No morals! Stop acting all high and mighty, what you watch isn’t art, it’s FILTH. Fuck you and your little cannibal friends, you’re all DISGUSTING
reblog if your soul is black and tainted, you have no morals, and are disgusting
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deadpanwalking · 4 hours ago
predictions for the next episode of succession? do you think roman is going to try and ruin his mom's wedding lmao (or kendall or shiv, honestly i could even see logan doing something wild)
This is how I think it's gonna happen: Roman will shoot Kendall, then Kendall will shoot Shiv, and Connor will enter and get shot by Shiv. Greg'll come in and get shot by Roman, Shiv, and Kendall multiple times.
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holyshit · 9 hours ago
can you rec some blogs please
sure! i’m gonna make you a really big list so i can reference it anytime someone asks for recs in the next few months, so enjoy this massive ass list 😭. you can also check my blog recs tag because there’s most definitely some great people i missed. and speaking of, as always, i’ve probably accidentally missed a bunch of people i love, so i’m sorry if i missed you! my mind sucks! but i’ll get you next time, and if we’re mutuals, i love you!
a-b: @abitofintellect, @adoreinbloom, @adorelou, @aestheticlarrie, @agape-28, @aliensyndrome, @allmylouv, @aloniall, @alwaysadorelou, @amorengotas, @anapologethicc, @anxiouslarrie, @apricotsgirl, @askyfullof-dreams, @avocadolouis28, @bellybuttonpiercedharry, @betterstllbemywindingwheel, @blue-eyes-tattoos, @bluebirdorothy, @bluewinnerangel, @blulouisboi, @bolitodequeso, @bravelylarrie, @braverytattoos, @brightgolden, @bymadhatter, @bythemelody
c-d: @casualmoth, @cherrygarden, @cheshirelourry, @chrysopon, @cnedirecticn, @cockytommo, @coffeehotcoffee, @counttoinfinityy, @cowboylarries, @cuddlerlouis, @curlyhairedprince, @curlyharru, @daisiesonafield-blog, @ddeerr, @deludedandlostcause, @deosluxmea, @dependsonwhospitching, @dorothyharry, @dryourtearsaway, @dylanatsaralee
e-g: @eeveelou, @evilovesyou, @exzouis, @eyupdaisy, @faithinrainbows, @farawaytattoo, @femrry, @finelinelarents, @finexbright, @fishandfrog, @fivescrews, @floralotp, @fondlinson, @foreverfanficaddict, @gayscantslicetomatoes, @genuineconspiracy, @girlalmightys, @godgavemelou, @goingacrosstheway, @goldenxsunshine, @grimmpitch
h-i: @halo-the-brave, @halohamilton, @handgf, @harryharryharold, @harrylouis, @harrylovesunflower, @harrysuits, @haztobegood, @heartshaped-lou, @hearyouhowling, @heaventouch, @herefortommo, @hershelsue, @heyangels, @himboniall, @himynameiszayn, @hisfearlesshaz, @hlkings, @hlsugar, @honeyhl, @honeymilkgf
i-k: @ialwaysknewyouwerepunk, @imbellarosa, @imclowning, @inapolaroidpicture, @independentlouis, @itsjustaboathome, @itsnotreal, @itsonedirection-28, @jaanlouis, @jalboyhenthusiast, @jostengf, @justascrollingghost, @justmehernthemoon, @just-onemorequeer, @justalarryblog, @karrotkate, @killerqueenlux, @kinqzaddy, @kisseslikecream, @kiwikiwiandkiwi
l: @ladychlo, @larentyouglad2, @larryinfinitylt, @larrysballetslippers, @laurelier, @laurelsmybeloved, @lets-laughagain, @lhhmybeloved, @liamloveslarry, @lightssup, @likeiwould, @littlegenderbean, @littleroverlouis, @littlespoongf, @lost-my-sanity1, @louisankles, @louisbowie, @louisforeverything, @louisleakdhome, @louismyantidote, @louisxgolden, @loulovehome, @louspeckledsocks, @louzhan, @louzier, @lovingstheantidote, @lovinhalo, @lt2comingsoon, @lt2soon
m-q: @marrltt, @mentalaboutyoutoo, @merrrrrrrrry, @mischievouslads, @momrryrights, @monpetithl, @moonchildlarrie, @moonelust, @moony-meeks, @mostardently, @nauticalhazza, @nouisgf, @ok-ak, @oksfranta, @oldbay-on-apples, @onlythefools, @oopsandhi, @orlasgartland, @otbharrys, @otblou, @otb-sweetcreature, @peace-rings, @peachbootylouis, @perksofbeingasunflowerblog, @person-personified, @phoenix-dust, @popcornlarry, @princelyharry, @punklouie, @quickpauseinconversations, @quiffandcurly
r-s: @rainblou, @rainbowbeanstyles, @rainbowparadisebht, @rainbowparadiselouis, @randomlylurking, @readdreamwrite28, @rethesun, @ryomennsukuna, @saintqueer, @sapphichalo, @sarcastic-sue, @shadeofcolor, @she-fearlesss, @shelovessunflowers, @skepticalarrie, @smellofrainn, @sockgate, @softlouve, @solvetheminourdreams, @sryluvidrc, @stargazinglouis, @stylespaynesme, @stylesrainbows, @sunflower-vol14, @sunshineindark, @sunsmile-lou, @sweatersandlovesongs, @swimmingleo
t-v: @tanktop-lou, @tearview, @teenytinytomlinson, @the-h-on-his-shirt, @thebirdtatts, @thedevilinmybrain, @thelarrielouie, @thepersistanceof-louis, @thestylinsons, @thetriangletattoo, @thewhitecitrus, @thosefookinavacados, @throughthedarklive, @thunderlouis, @tiredtiredlouis, @titanicforthefirsttime, @tokyolou, @tomlinbuns, @tommokat, @tootiredtostudy, @usignedupforthis
w-#: @walkinginsunflowers, @wallsong, @weareonejazzhand, @whaleharry, @whatagreatproblemtohave, @whatevercarriesstuff, @whatevertearsyou, @wlouisw, @wotermelonshuga, @xiaojaan, @yourgoldenview, @zouis-exes-to-lovers, @1dwoodchuck, @17greys, @1800louis, @2011louis
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incorrectbatfam · 7 hours ago
How do the Batfamily add their own personal touches to their outfit when they have to dress up in evening wear?
Dick: has a single diamond earring
Jason: fake bloodstain dyes the white streak different colors
Tim: has an Impulse cufflink on one sleeve, a Wonder Girl one on the other, and a Superboy lapel pin on his jacket
Damian: wears a salwar kameez and matches his accessories with his pets
Duke: uses a different Pokémon phone case each time
Cullen: wears a band t-shirt under a blazer with headphones around his neck
Stephanie: coordinates shades of purple
Cassandra: wears the friendship bracelet Steph gave her
Barbara: decorates her wheelchair to match the occasion
Harper: has a spiky belt with chains hanging off
Carrie: wears a fancy dress with funky mismatching socks and light-up Sketchers
Kate: has a signature charm bracelet with a unique charm for each family member
Alfred: carries a pocket watch with his initials
Bruce: lets Damian draw on his ties
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greatcomets · 22 hours ago
Hey so I’ve only seen one ep of succ so I’m curious if you knew what the context was for the tomgreg “would you kiss me?” convo?
awesome news! you have all of the context already! that is quite literally the first conversation they ever have!
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bdoubleowo · an hour ago
Grian's head infamously resembles a cod head. Does this fact make Scarian a fish fucker ship or merely fish fucking-adjacent?
TLDR: No, actually. Grian came first. Cod look like Grian. Not the other way around. Cod attracted Fishfuckers are actually Grianfuckers.
For a longer answer, I actually opened up this debate on discord and.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In summary, no. Scar isn’t a fishfucker.
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dreamyygeorgenap · 4 hours ago
dream liked this im crying
Tumblr media
(X) cuteeee
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fluent-in-lesbianism · 2 hours ago
your job sounds crazy hard, how do you stick with it?
For every 1 adult treating me like shit, there are at least 3 kids with heavy southern accents accidentally calling me Ms Boobie instead of Ms Brodie which leads to us both laughing really hard then them purposefully calling me Ms Boobie a few minutes later and me getting fake offended and saying “Lord Jesus above” in my heavy southern accent, making them laugh even harder, so. The positives seem to outweigh the negatives 💁🏻‍♀️
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tmmyhug · 5 hours ago
Mangoball is mcytblr's multiplayer hyperfixation
obsessed w the implication that when one person is really into something they’re in single player hyperfixation
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incorrectx-menquotes · 14 hours ago
Wade Wilson: [returning a book called 'Ducks and How to Make them Pay' to the library]
Wade Wilson: Let me tell you I was bitterly disappointed to learn this book is, in fact, an instructional guide to the profitable husbandry of ducks as a craft.
Wade Wilson: There was not one sliver of insight about holding ducks accountable for their crimes against humanity, earth or god.
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gaaandaaaalf · 16 hours ago
hi! i love ur blog so so much it’s literally the most aesthetic thing ever! i was just wondering if you could please recommend some books to help me get out of a reading slump? any genre i don’t mind! thank you so much and have a blessed day 🤍
hi! thank you so much <33
when i'm in a slump, i generally read fantasy, or essays, or short stories, and here are a few of my favourites that have gotten me out of slumps —
pop song by larissa pham: semi-memoir, essays on art, intimacy, love; i'm halfway through this, and it has been lovely. i can't wait to finish it and go back and look at all the parts i highlighted
the end of the end of the earth by jonathan franzen: about the end of times, climate change, how we deal with it, how we can deal with it, also a dash of personal essays, they're all excellent; my favourites include the one on 9/11, 'why birds matter', 'missing', the eponymous one, and 'xing ped'
intimations by zadie smith: six essays, short ones, on living in early pandemic 2020; they feel very warm and comforting because they're full of all the anxieties that marked the beginnings of last year
the anthropocene reviewed by john green: essays on the human planet; very wholesome; a relatively quick read, they're short ones
the book of indian journeys by dom moraes (editor): it's an anthology of writings on traveling in india, i like for the collection of authors it brings together, you should look it up
if you feel like fantasy/urban fantasy/scifi:
the licanius trilogy by james islington: i read this early last year, and i was obsessed; starts as a chosen one story about this boy who has augur abilities, but it becomes so much more; very sleek time-travel/loop situations; also looks at free will, choice, destiny
good omens by neil gaiman, sir terry pratchett: this is one of the funniest and the most wholesome-est books i've read; follows an angel and a demon working together to stop the apocalypse; they both share one brain cell between them, and i love them for that; also check gaiman's coraline (be warned, it is creepy); and pratchett's small gods
the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy by douglas adams: this is the first part, and i would totally recommend them all; it starts with the earth being demolished to make space for an intergalactic highway, only one human escapes, he hitches a ride on a spaceship nearby; utter chaos of a book (affectionate), also very funny
the immortalists by chloe benjamin: follows four siblings who discover the exact dates of their death, and then takes a look at their lives one by one; has interesting things to say about destiny and choice
an absolutely remarkable thing by hank green: about april, who becomes famous overnight after "discovering" an alien installation in new york; it's science fiction, and a really fun read; about human cooperation (or lack thereof), the internet, and the nature of our communication; also the sequel, a beautifully foolish endeavour, is amazing pandemic reading
more than this by patrick ness: a boy drowns to death and finds himself in what he thinks is obviously hell, but things get complicated as time passes; YA scifi, pretty fast-paced
and a few assorted ones:
the lonely city by olivia laing: has there been a time i haven't recommended this? absolutely not. it's about artists who explored art as a means of negotiating isolation and loneliness; blends memoir and art appreciation; very poetic
the dublin murder squad series by tana french also got me out of a slump this year; they're very addictive crime fiction; six books and i thoroughly enjoyed them all; my favourites are the likeness and broken harbour
a man called ove by fredrik backman: follows an old man who has a very meticulously planned schedule, and who is generally grumpy; you're slowly introduced to his past, and it's just a very wholesome story; great if you want light reading
the uncommon reader by alan bennett: it speculates on what would happen if the queen (of england) made a hobby out of reading; it's a day's read, only 50-odd pages, and it's pure fun
the blue umbrella by ruskin bond: another short one, under 200 pages; about a girl who stumbles across a japanese umbrella, and about how her village receives the exoticism of the umbrella; a very fine story
round ireland with a fridge by tony hawks: it's a travelogue, where hawks takes a trip around the perimeter of ireland with a small fridge after losing a bet; it's absurd and engaging, and wild that this really happened
i hope you find something you like!
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royalwilmon · 8 hours ago
Hi friend! I just finished young royals last night and I’m already itching for content ☠️ do you have any fic reccs? I have no triggers, so any kind of content and eating is fine
oh boy DO I
okay well first im going to link to the @willeochsimon's excellent fic rec post and @ungaroyals's fic rec post part one and part two because theirs contain some excellent ones as well as some that i havent read yet that are definitely incredible
of course there can't be a fic rec post without i don't feel like our love is brand new by the incredible @prince-simon. prince simon is a gift to humanity and i am eternally grateful
another gift to humanity of which i am eternally grateful is princess wille introduced to us by @toffeelemon in princess charming & the rebel (and be sure to check out all of the amazing princess wille content that tiff has lovingly curated)
next up is anything posted by @ungaroyals ever. her missing moment series is incredible - chantel has such a good understanding of canon and im constantly in awe. im also SO excited for an unfortunate romance. im obsessed with the first three chapters and cant wait to see where she takes it
OH speaking of being excited to see where people take things, i am beyond excited for the continuation of @malinthebodyguard's autobiography, aka Oversight. it's such a different perspective of canon events and the way such a minor character is explored so fully is just *chefs kiss* masterful
and then of course there is anything @omar-rudeberg does ever. all of her fics are so, like... artful? putting words to it is tricky but somehow lili manages to make even the filthiest filth read like its a poetry. lili is so talented in so many different areas and i'm just in awe all of the time tbh
and then there is Tomorrow Comes by @the-amber-fox. "Five times Simon toppled the monarchy, and one time he didn’t need to." Each of the different stories are so well thought out and fully realized and make me so excited to see which direction lisa is going to point us toward, especially since so many of the Tomorrow Comes outcomes seem entirely plausible. also i would die for agent simon and i mean that.
oh jesus this is so long and i'm sure i forgot so many so i will likely follow this up later with more but AHHHHH i just love this fandom SO MUCH it's incredible how much TALENT exists in such a small little community <333
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deltaruneconfessions · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
oh look, a completely normal moment of blue playing the piano :)
__ OOOH this is so cute!!! thank you!
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sweatermuppet · 14 hours ago
do you still id as poly?
since i stopped dating all together, i don't rlly think abt it. i guess in theory im still polyam, but since im ah, retired? it doesn't cross my mind much
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tmmyhug · 10 hours ago
i adore happiness. i...i guess you could say i-
Tumblr media
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Its so funny to me that in Orym’s backstory there was an assassination attempt on Keyleth. Like as if she isn’t a level 20 arch druid and could destroy anyone, and besides, we all know the only person able to kill Keyleth is Keyleth.
Lol this is true. The idea of fighting a level 20 Circle of the Moon druid is terrifying. I just like the idea that Keyleth has two reputations and everyone is too dumb to realize that they're the same person so maybe these people didn't realize WHO they were trying to assassinate.
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alkalinefrog · 4 hours ago
your drawing of actor au light covering L with his jacket bcuz of the paparazzi made me cry actual tears. it is such a simple thing but it is very nice how in love they are
Awww I'm happy to hear it affected you that much! I live for the small tender moments! The best part of Actor AUs is giving all the characters healthy interactions with each other! It's probably one of the only places where L and Light have a non-toxic relationship 😂
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ataleofcrowns · 12 hours ago
have u thought about star signs for the LIs? (sorry if this was asked already!) bc i'm tentatively thinking R is a capricorn rising, im thinking virgo or libra sun?, and cancer/pisces moon. X libra rising, leo sun annnd gemini moon?maybe sag?. D aries? rising, sag sun, taurus or gemini moon. A is leo rising, gem sun, aries or scorpio moon? all very much first thoughts after one play thru, would love to know urs<3
I've answered this before here but only for their sun signs. I have no idea what rising or moon means - I've had it explained to me before but I keep forgetting - so I just put the LIs birthdays through a natal chart calculator (using 2021 as equivalent to the current year in the story) and this is what came out:
A Sun - Aquarius Rising - Pisces Moon - Libra
R Sun - Virgo Rising - Cancer Moon - Gemini
X Sun - Aries Rising - Leo Moon - Aquarius
D Sun - Taurus Rising - Sagittarius Moon - Leo
Make of that what you will!
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laowen · 8 hours ago
Tis I, Watch Anon, back on my bs
OK so in this episode I think there are 3 (kind of 4) moments where the watch is Important (beyond its overall importance)
1. the beginning when they're taking pictures in front of the bus stop and Pran is covering his wrist through his shirt with his hand
2. the beach when they are finally talking to each other again he is not wearing it
3. when Pran walks past Pat on the beach in pt 4 Pat grabs the watch and covers it with his hand
and kind of 4. Pran covers the watch with his hand again while they're making the bet
I think in terms of subtextual meaning 2 and 3 are very special because 2 makes me think that Pran in that moment is letting go of the past and just embracing the future, he's not think so much about his long time unrequited love so much as he is enjoying this peaceful and fun moment with Pat which is really rare for them and 3 because it shows Pat covering Pran's alleged heart, that Pat is consuming his affection and his love and taking control(?) of those unrequited feelings literally grabbing them and making Pran talk to him about his feelings (though they don't really get anywhere I think the sentiment is still there and important)
hello watch anon!!! glad you’re back because DAMN you’re right!! pat literally covers the watch when he grabs pran here and they emphasize it by slowly descending from pran’s view to their arms
Tumblr media
if we think of it as pran’s heart, pat is figuratively wrapping his whole hand over pran’s heart which is INSANE lakdkskdks
because pran has been running away from pat the entire episode and when pat physically reaches for him he grabs his metaphorical heart!!!! therefore convincing pran to at least sit beside him and decide to go somewhere with this? anywhere at all!!!! i can see it tbh.
and well, they didn’t go anywhere concrete with the bet but as i’ve mentioned before (somewhere idek what and where i’m talking anymore) i do believe the bet is a step forward, rather clumsily and silly but still a step forward and maybe the last one until they’re ready to finally face their feelings.
while in the second moment he probably took it off so it wouldn’t get wet akdkksks but also, in the act of putting it away to Protect it from the water (feelings) could also represent him still hiding his feelings?
same with the first and fourth moments. he keeps automatically covering the watch with his hand, afraid to show too much heart 😭😭😭😭😭
anyways! i’m always happy to read your thoughts! thank you so much!!!
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dreamyygeorgenap · 6 hours ago
look what george liked 😭
"I can be your pet" but make it literal
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