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I dont know if ben would be that mean to throw that out to keep callum, I dont think that’s on his nature. but right now ben isnt the marrying type, hell callum isnt even the marrying type right now not after whitney. maybe way down the road

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oooh that’s nice, thank you my dude for letting me know! and i’m sorry for being such a dick about this false news

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I CANNOT WAIT I WANT TO SEE EVERY VIDEO OF HER EVER JSAHDFKDFG oh my god. now i understand why Rui is always LITERALLY GAY SCREAMING  in the starira videos…. wow

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i’m not asking taylor to go out and protest (because it’s a risk to her mom) but she’s definitely not doing the most she could be. other than posting one tweet and an instagram story, there has been no advocacy on taylor’s side. she could have uplifted black voices during this time and told her followers where to donate from home quite easily, but she didn’t.

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I’ve been keeping that stuff mostly to my facebook because I want to keep my tumblr and twitter as places where people can escape all the shit going on right now and just get away from it all for a second. 

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🐷 - what’s your favorite pet name?

“I don’t know… People don’t usually have pet names for me. Isak calls me sis and Fane calls me kid, but that’s about it. I guess I don’t really seem like anyone’s baby or babe or whatever.”

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Yeah anon, it’s not the right time at all. But we haven’t seen the two of them together for months. This is why it didn’t surprise me tbh, but really, his team could do better like leaving him going alone for once ffs. Also I don’t think it would be weird if she wasn’t there bc nobody cares about her you know. But like i said, I’m not surprised, just tired.

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Leopard Geckos are desert animals and get most of their water from their food, but they have an emergency water store in their tails that acts like the hump of a camel to get them through dry times! (you should still give your Leopard Gecko water, though.)

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Thank you, happy pride! Black lives matter! Butchstudsubmit is currently drafting a statement of solidarity with the movement 4 black lives, so stay tuned and support black-led funds and orgs!

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Dig in their personal histories?
I saw it happen once they got together.
I found it suspicious as soon it started I didn’t do any digging if I saw it happen on social media from the very start.
The rest isn’t even my digging..

If anons come to me with videos then why do you suddenly blame me for digging around?

Like?? I don’t expect Signe to speak up at all??
I don’t want her to speak up she moved on and she’s thriving without Sean so why would I want to drag her back into stuff that’s gonna only bring her bad memories she doesn’t even fuckin deserve since Signe didn’t do anything wrong at all.

Again. Stop blaming me for shit anons do.
Go bother them or something if they are your problem.

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