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wheel-of-fine · a minute ago
people are super mad about that “gen z hospital” SNL skit bc of how cringe it is & while i fully agree it’s cringe af what’s been largely lost in the overarching conversation is that 90% of their appropriated misused slang was actually aave... 😬
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royaltech · 6 minutes ago
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Photos pour Suzuki Jimny Pro 2021 – Explica .co
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transblvd · 19 minutes ago
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We specialize in offering translation services in subjects such as media, marketing, law, medicine, finance, and general documents. We use the most recent translation technologies to keep our translation consistent and professional. To learn more about us, click on the link below -
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transblvd · 20 minutes ago
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Are you a writer? Do you want to publish your book in different languages for the world to read? Contact us now at Phone (443) 574-7703 | Email or Visit today.
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tealingual · 24 minutes ago
Tigrinya Resources
Tumblr media
Goethe Verlang
Tigrinya Online
Tigrinya – English Picture Dictionary (PDF)
Tigrinya Lessons | The Habby (Youtube)
Tigrinya Lessons | Betelihem (Youtube)
Tigrinya for beginners in 100 lessons (Youtube)
The Sound of the Tigrinya language (Youtube)
Afro-Asiatic: Semitic: Tigrinya (MEGA)
Tigrinya Keyboard
Library Genesis
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allsetenglish · 28 minutes ago
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rosemagicked · 48 minutes ago
pov : your muse & haru are on a grand world tour to try all of the best food in every country a la a.nthony b.ourdain and they fall in love maybe ?
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vr-trakowski · 52 minutes ago
For two days my brain has been circling around a word without being able to pin it down.  It describes that taste/mouthfeel that both melon and tomato have but I can’t - quite - REMEMBER - it. 
Words that are close but not quite:
and my brain wants to throw smarmy in there for some reason, which is just bizarre. 
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theeaumiel · 55 minutes ago
Me wanting to read a book in French, having read 4 books in French since December: idk what if I can’t read it
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artsyjoons · an hour ago
Hello ! I wanted to know if you also spoke Italian!
Hiii! No I don’t I’m sorry! :(
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angel-macabre · an hour ago
my voice would be so much sexier in a different language like Russian or Norwegian or something like that not because the language itself is inherently sexy, but because my voice is would be so much better attuned for that specific dialect that it would become far more pleasing to the ears, more so than just "a voice speaking a language". basically my voice would sound better in a different language other than English. i have no real academic knowledge about how linguistics works but my subtextual understanding of it is that every language has a unique mouthfeel which warrants different vocal performances and the vocal performance that English requires to be functioning at its peak is not something my voice can do, i can get close in terms of my knowledge of vocabulary and diction and that helps me a lot at being "good" at the English language (being "good at" it, if you will) but when it gets to the mechanical shaping of the words in the metaphorical womb of my throat, something still comes out wrong. English just doesn't sit right in my mouth even though it's my native tongue, and i think it has entirely to do with the actual way my vocal chords work; i don't think my voice does the English language justice nor does the English language do my voice justice. nationality should be sorted by "which language would your voice sound best at speaking"
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whatevernatureis · an hour ago
I don't speak Korean, but I really appreciate the Korean alphabet. Not a lot of writing systems are both featural phonetic and extremely visually pleasing, which vertical written Korean is (though it still looks all right horizontal).
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esperantoauthor · an hour ago
hmmmm do you speak esperanto??
also like, why is it not offered in schools
did people give up on it??
(i know very little about it but am very interested)
like i guess english has become what esperanto was supposed to be??
like as far as i know, a lot of students in non english speaking countries are taught english in schools
why english??
(i'm sorry, this ask turned into me ranting, feel free to ignore)
Hi Nico, thank you for coming into my ask with linguistics questions because I am *always* excited to talk language stuff! I’m going to answer your questions with some quotes from my favorite book on the topic: In the Land of Invented Languages by Arika Okrent (2010).
Do I speak Esperanto? No. I’m actually awful at learning languages (my Spanish proficiency was hard won) so I have no desire to try to acquire it. 
Why is it not offered in schools? Well, it isn’t in the U.S. but according to Wikipedia it is actually taught in schools in China. For more information, click here.
Did people give up on it? Sort of? It definitely hasn’t become what Zamenhof (it’s inventor) dreamed for it but the movement decidedly lives on. There is an annual World Esperanto Congress which was founded in 1905 and continues on to this day. Esperanto has cultural artifacts like books and music, written in the language.
“Esperanto did not become an auxiliary language for the whole world, but it did become a real, living language, and in the small sphere of people who use it, it does seem to promote a general atmosphere of international understanding and respect.” (255)
“‘Success’ is probably not the first word that comes to mind when you think of Esperanto, but in the small, passionate world of invented languages there has never been a bigger one.” (85)
Finally, Zamenhof himself said his vision might take centuries to achieve, so who knows? 
Has English become what Esperanto was supposed to be? Yes, pretty much.
Why English? Because of British Imperialism 
P.S. Nico, the book I mentioned at the beginning has a whole section about the revival of Hebrew!
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donaidk · an hour ago
Mindenkinek aki jelenleg az egyetemtől kivan 😂 A követőim nagy része nem fogja érteni, de remélem a többiek tudnak egyet nevetni ezen 😂 Hogyan káromkodj a gyönyörű nyelvünkön amikor nem akarsz már káromkodni 😂
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studybubbly · an hour ago
Week 2 in preview (paper AP exams):
May 10, 2021:
French Language and Culture//8 AM
World History: Modern//8 AM
Macroeconomics//12 PM
May 11, 2021:
Seminar//8 AM
Spanish Language and Culture//8 AM
Latin//12 PM
Psychology//12 PM
May 12, 2021
English Language and Composition//8 AM
Microeconomics//12 PM
Music Theory//12 PM
May 13, 2021
May 14, 2021:
Biology//8 AM
Italian Language and Culture//8 AM
Chinese Language and Culture (computer based)//12 PM
Environmental Science//12 PM
May 17, 2021:
Comparative Government and Politics//8 AM
Computer Science Principles//8 AM
Statistics//12 PM
Good luck to everyone taking an exam this week!
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Study Smart. Tutor Together. Excel Exams.
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linktree // discord // website
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              時刻表(じこくひょう) – timetable, schedule
              見方(みかた) – way of understanding, how to look at something
              わかる – to understand, to know
              教える(おしえる) – to teach
の – possessive linking particle (時刻表の味方 – way of reading the schedule)
が – indicates the object of the verb
-んですが – form used to introduce a topic with the intention of a request to follow
Vて-form + いただけませんか – a verb form requesting a favor
“I don’t understand how to read this schedule, would you please show me?”
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