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No wonder Dazzle thinks so much of herself. Her parents named her after the sort of glow and glamor, the indefinable quality all Royalty and to a lesser extent Nobility have which makes “lesser beings” in awe of them. “Dazzle” is just the approximation of the main general term they use in their language and it’s really inadequate to show all its connotations which are embedded in the culture and have been for millennia.

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These are just some old Korean notes of mine.

Day 1 of@myhoneststudyblr ’s studyblr challenge!

Introduce yourself and tell us what you study!

I’m 16 yo Honey, a high school senior. (I’ll turn 17 next month, haha.)
I study math, political science, psychology, economics, physical education.
Also, I love learning languages so currently I’m learning Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

Happy Chuseok, everyone!! (I know I’m late but still. ❤️)

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Just got done with my Anishinaabemowin class! Here’s what we reviewed from last year :)

Awenen nitam? / Whose turn is it?

Niinitam / My turn

Niin / Me

Giinitam / Your turn

Giinitamawaa / You all’s turn

Giin / You

Wiinitam / Her turn

Wiinitamawaa / Her/his/their turn

Wiin / Her/him/them

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TIL that in English the expression “speak of the devil” is completed by “and he doth appear” which is so boring and flat. In Italian it’s “parli del diavolo, spuntano le corna” which means “speak of the devil, the horns pop up” which is objectively a way superior expression

In fact reblog this with how you say the thing in your language/dialect!!

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1: I’m not conservative.

2: I don’t apply any stereotypes to myself or anyone which is why I actually struggle a lot when asked if I’m more feminine or masculine, because I don’t limit myself, I don’t label my interests based on gender stereotypes, and I have a wide variety of interests and likes/dislikes in those respects anyways so it’s not exactly simplifying to add a label to them.

3: There’s nothing wrong with having labels to describe yourself if you want one. I have a label for my sexual orientation, I have labels for my hobbies, I have labels for my favorite aesthetics, and all of these labels that I choose help tell other people a little bit about me. In the case of gender, my label helps tell other people how I like to be referred to (words such as boy, man, son, brother, guy, etc.)

4: All language is made up and completely subjective, including gender which in reality does not exist but we use these words anyway because a lot of our language revolves around it, and unless we suddenly eliminate every gendered word in the English language and start using strictly gender neutral words, it will be understandable for people to label themselves so that others know which words to use.

5: If I was basing my personal gender identity on which stereotypes apply to me, I’d be nonbinary instead of a guy. (people usually ask if I’m nonbinary, tell me I seem more androgynous, and tell me that me and my interests are too feminine to be a guy, etc.) My gender identity is not based on stereotypes. My gender identity is strictly based on which words I’m comfortable having applied to me.

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I just started self-studying Hebrew (literally two days ago), mostly relying on online resources, but I’ve had no luck in finding resources in English about spelling rules or guidelines for Hebrew. Specifically, I was hoping to learn how to distinguish between identical-sounding consonants (like ט/ת) and vowel markings (like patach and kamatz). How do you decide which letters to use in these situations? Thank you!

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Petition to bring back the Regency phrase “not feeling the thing” for those days when you’re not exactly sick or depressed or in pain but you’re just… not feeling the thing.

“Actually, my dear, I think I won’t join you for that turn around the park after all.”

“Oh, are you not feeling quite the thing, darling?”

“Indeed, I shall perhaps retire to bed for the afternoon and have Jenkins bring me some of those delightful little cakes that Cook does so well.”

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y’know, sometimes in french i have to say stuff like ‘i am late’ and i used to get really uncomfortable because if i wanted to say ‘i am late’ in french, i would have to say ‘je suis en retard’. and, in english, thats a slur that i can not use.

however, eventually i realised that this is another language. i’m not using it as a slur, im not using it to attack others, and, most importantly, it’s not a slur in french (unless you add an e/ée to the end of it). 

i dunno, i just see people get mad at people for saying some basic phrase in another language that happens to sound like a slur in their native language, y’know?

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okay i knOWNSJkdjjs i know i’m only friggen 15 and i suck at doing my work for school and i’m dummy stressed BUT but,,, but what if i studied Korean, Japanese chINESE AND Spanish at the same time out of school 👀👀👀 good idea? probably not. am i going to anyway? yes.

i’m saving up money for books to help learn each one ahfjsjjfg i already have a crap ton for korean since i’ve already been learning it for a while but i’d like to get books for the other ones. Probably only Japanese and Chinese, since (imo) Spanish is way easier to learn.

later in life i want to learn the German, French, Italian and Swedish ahaha

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This is a very random Italian idiomatic form


Originally posted by showcaseshirley17

“Via dalle palle” or “Fuori dalle palle” or even “Levati dalle palle”

Lit. “Away from (my) balls” or “Out of (my) balls” “Get out of (my) balls” (where balls is intended as testicles of course)

It basically means “Get out of my (fucking) way”

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