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#study buddy

It would be great to have a study buddy right now. I have been doing an online class for weeks but just can’t get myself to study. 2 months of the class are left rn. I’m 23. The class has subjects about business analytics. You could be studying any subject though. It would be preferable if I could find a buddy from Asia so we could sync our study times. Or if you’re a night owl from the other side that’s fine too haha. Hit me up if you want to chat, exchange support and motivation.

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Excellent. I’ll see you there. I am usually far to the back, the windowless corner. Usually I would warn you some of my friends may make an appearance, but Rosier lost a bet and will be swimming in the lake tonight. In March, yes. Incredibly stupid. I have no desire to stand outside in the cold and dark to watch. 

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I know it is a little bit late to post this week’s spread buuut here it is! And, btw, I passed Industrial Fermentations 👏🏻

Instagram & Tiktok: whoislales

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问候 (wen4hou4) - greeting 

请 (qing3) - please 

问 (wen4) - as

丽丽 (li4li) - Lily

在 (zai4) - in

家 (jia1)- home

吗 (ma) - question particle 

进 (jin4) - come in 

你 (ni3) - you 

好 (hao3) - good

你好 (ni3hao3) - hello 

杰克 (jie2ke4) - Jack

好久 (hao3jiu3) - long time

不 (bu2) - no not

见 (jian4) - see 

我 (wo3) - I, me 

很 (hen3) - very 

呢 (ne) - question particle for something already mentioned 

也 (ye3) - also


Jack:     请问, 丽丽在家吗?          

    Excuse me, is Lily home? 

Lily:       在, 请进!                         

    yes, Please come in! 

Jack:     你好,丽丽!

     Hello, Lily!

Lily:       你好,杰克!


Jack:      好久不见, 你好吗?

      I haven’t seen you in so long, how are you? 

Lily:         我很好,你呢?

       I’m fine, how about you? 

Jack:       我也很好。

       I’m fine too. 

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Hello everyone.

Only two days left and I’m gonna finish this session here. Because I’m not studying regularly in these days. (Ramadan(Eid) festival and some other causes.)

Anyway, I will share post everyday, but it won’t be like productivity sessions. After two or three weeks, I’m going to be free (finger-cross) and I’ll do some regular activities to do something everyday about English.

Here is the last what I’ve done list for this session. I hope that you’re all save and sound. 

What I’ve Done List:

  • Chemo-synthesis
  • Morbid obesity
  • Register the non-attending classes’ exams
  • read a text
  • Listening practice from course page
  • Listening practice C1 level
  • listening practice C1 level
  • join writing class
  • Join reading class
  • read a text for writing summary
  • listening practice C1 level
  • join summarising class
  • write a summary about today’s topic
  • complete the activity of writing one response and one evaluation

Here is my friends who were joining me for a long time. Thanks for their support and participation to my projects. 

Tagging: @lilgardengremlin, @study-louise, @nkmnv7, @boy-who-studies, @colehika, @commanderbensolo, and other people who wants to join us.

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Hey guys!

I have finally started a Study With Me youtube Channel for anyone who needs some motivation or a study buddy during the quarantine ^^ I will also incorporate “forest” study together sessions once there’s a bit more viewers as ive just started. 

I try to stream live every single day (unless external circumstances prevent it) and if youd like to join me you can use this link:

P.S We can chat during the breaks :) 


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