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a relative clauses which identifies a noun - which tells us which person or things is being talked about.


➡️ there’s the woman who tried to steal your dog.



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“I am powerless toward your tenderness.”

Latin: Sum sine potentia ad tuum mollitudinem.

Greek: εἰμί ἄνευ τῆς δυνάμεως πρός τὴν σέ ἁπαλότην.

Emily Dickinson, Letter To Mrs. Samuel Bowles (April, 1880)

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 After a bad experience with Melville in high school (”Billy Budd”), I have been avoiding his work. Then this simplified adaptation en français came into my hands, so I decided to give it a go. Best case scenario, it inspires me to give Melville another shot. Worst case scenario, I’ll learn lots of French nautical vocabulary. Here’s what I’ve looked up so far:

Vocabulary words from French ‘Moby Dick’:

le séant:                         posterior (butt) 

ahuri:                              stunned

baragouiner:                  to speak a language brokenly

de bon gré:                     willingly

gambader:                      to gambol (to skip about playfully)

piètre:                             poor, pathetic

le charabia:                   gibberish

le varech:                       kelp

le pont:                          deck (of a ship)

apostropher:                 to shout out to someone

le gandin:                      dandy

touer:                            to tow (a boat)

une écoute:                  sheet (for a jib)

une bôme:                    boom (nautical)

faucher:                        to cut/flatten/steal

écarquillé:                    wide-open

amarrer:                        to moor/tie down

un cabillot:                    belaying pin

une goélette:                schooner

appareiller:                   to cast off (weigh anchor)

intraitable:                    inflexible

la lisse:                         handrail

la trêve:                        break/rest

la houle:                       swell (of a wave)

un filin:                         rope

un toron:                      a strand (of strings)

un dadais:                    oaf

le blanc-bec:               greenhorn (a noob)

choir:                            to drop/fall 

par-dessus bord:        overboard

en un tournemain:      in a flash

un ban:                        a round of applause

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shoe-in- du tout cuit, dans la poche

down pat- maîtrisé.e

eleventh hour- à la dernière minute

in the nick of time- juste à temps

like herding cats- incontrôlable, chaos (comme rassembler les chats au troupeau)

thick as thieves- comme larrons en foire

like two peas in a pod- comme le deux doigts de la main (comme deux pois dans une cosse)

to get on like a house on fire- devenir amis rapidement, mais explosivement (s’entendre comme une maison en feu)

to come in clutch- se présenter en temps despérée pour améliorer les chose (argot américain).

to drop trou- baisser le pantalon

to tamp down- supprimer

the pot calling the kettle black- c’est la poêle qui se moque du chaudron (le chaudron qui traite la bouilloire de noire)

don’t throw stones in glass houses- on doit balayer devant sa porte avant de critiquer (on ne doit pas jeter les pierres dans des maisons de verre).

To get out of someone’s hair- lâcher les baskets (sortir des cheveux de qn)

for crying out loud- une interjection exprimant la frustration

for pete’s sake- une interjection exprimant la frustration (à l’égard de saint pierre)

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2021-01-16 - Welsh Word a Day

Llythyr: Letter

[ID: Deep green-black background on which gold and light green leaves are painted. An ivory letter envelope is in the center with US postage and Air Mail stamps. “Llythyr” and “Letter” are written in olive green and navy blue respectively in the middle. In the upper right “Welsh Word A Day” is written in navy blue with a globe and wing stamp superimposed over it. END ID]

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Spanish Vocab from Pride & Prejudice


Originally posted by thorinsons

Note: This list includes advanced Spanish vocabulary that I’ve found during my read of Pride & Prejudice (Orgullo y Prejucio) by Jane Austen. Please do tell me if you’d be interested in more vocab lists like this one :)

I´ve included the words’ meaning in Spanish, synonyms in Spanish as well as an English translation of the word.

Word; meaning in Spanish; synonyms; translation in English

Encomiable: digno de alabanza; elogiable, plausible; praiseworthy, commendable

Escrúpulo: duda o recelo hacia algo desde el punto de vista moral; aprensión, recelo; scruple, doubt

Prescindir: omitir, privarse; excluir, eliminar; do without

Circunstancial: que depende de una circunstancia o situación; ocasional, accidental; circumstantial

Consternación: pena que sufre una persona; aflicción, pesar; dismay

Infame: que carece de honra, sin honor ni crédito; innoble, indigno, perverso; vile, despicable

Parlotear: hablar mucho por diversión o sin sentido; chacharear, parlar, charlar; ramble

Argucia: argumento falso; falsedad, engaño, artimaña; scheme

Dubitativo: que implica duda; dudoso, titubeante; dubious

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1. I cleaned the whole house, wrote a book, learned Latin and found a cure for cancer and it’s still 11 am time is an illusion and life is a lie 

2. I woke up and now it’s 4 pm and I did absolutely nothing time is an illusion and life is a lie 

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Anyway i got my crappy french speaking grade today. No it wasn’t different from last year 💀

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J’ai acheté une nouvelle voiture aujourd’hui 🥰🥰

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Spanish Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal numbers in Spanish something we should know about but for the most part, they aren’t used commonly in everyday communication. It’s important to note that the ordinal numbers for 1-10 are commonly used, but 11-1,000+ are really only used in legal and official writings.


  • 1st - primero (*primer* when in front of a singular masculine noun
  • 2nd - segundo
  • 3rd - tercero (*tercer* when in front a singular masculine noun
  • 4th - cuarto
  • 5th - quinto
  • 6th - sexto
  • 7th - séptimo
  • 8th - octavo
  • 9th - noveno
  • 10th - décimo


  • 11th - decimoprimero/undécimo
  • 12th - decimosegundo/duodécimo
  • 13th - decimotercero
  • 14th - decimocuarto
  • 15th - decimoquinto
  • 16th - decimosexto
  • 17th - decimoseptimo
  • 18th - decimoctavo 
  • 19th - decimonoveno

20th-90th: intervals of 10

  • 20th - vigésimo
  • 30th - trigésimo
  • 40th - cuadragésimo
  • 50th - quincuagésimo
  • 60th - sexagésimo
  • 70th - septuagésimo
  • 80th - octogésimo
  • 90th - nonagésimo

100-1,000: intervals of 100

  • 100th - centésimo
  • 200th - ducentésimo
  • 300th - tricentésimo
  • 400th - cuadringentésimo
  • 500th - quingentésimo
  • 600th - sexcentésimo
  • 700th - septingentésimo
  • 800th - octingentésimo
  • 900th - noningentésimo
  • 1,000th - milésimo

*NOTE* ANY number ending in primero/tercer will decline to primer/tercer at the end if folowed by a masculine noun

Example: 501st day = quingentésimo primer día

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Today we’re going to learn about personal pronouns.

The ones mentioned in this post work as the subject of the sentence most of the time, though they can also be used in different and more complex sentence structures. We will learn about that in the future.

As you can see in the picture, the Spanish personal pronouns are:

Yo (I)Tú (You, singular)Él (He)Ella…


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13/100. Wednesday, 1.13.2021 — Français 

Had to work late, so I didn’t spend much time on this section of my Advanced French text. Focusing on examples of à or de followed by an infinitive verb.

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Drinks (bebidas)

Water (agua)

Agua mineral - mineral water

Agua con gas - sparkling water

Coffee (café)

Café solo - black coffee

Café con leche - coffee with milk

Café americano - Americano

Café helado - iced coffee

Café instantáneo - instant coffee

Cortado - coffee with a little milk

Others (otros)

El té - tea

El zumo - juice

La limonada - lemonade

El cóctel - cocktail

La cocoa - cocoa

Los refrescos - sodas/soft drinks

Alcoholic beverages (bebidas alcohólicas)

La cerveza - beer

El whisky - whiskey

La vodka - vodka

El ron - rum

El tequila - tequila

La champaña - champagne

La sidra - cider

El vino - wine

Wine (vino)

Vino tinto - red wine

Vino blanco - white wine

Vino rosado - rosé wine

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