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2 questions for everyone:

have y’all noticed your sleep getting worse the more you use technology?

also, if you’re prone to headaches/migraines, has your head hurt non-stop since like the second week of classes?

i’ve been on my computer or phone so much because of online schooling, meetings, and the work i have to do for them. and usually, i am notoriously good at falling asleep, but every night this week it’s gotten harder and harder to fall asleep and i’m just e x h a u s t e d and my head hurts constantly (which hasn’t happened in a while).

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I’ve managed to memorize the stroke order for hiragana for all of the vowels and ,,,, the K series 

It’s definitely been daunting trying to even attempt a language with an unfamiliar script, so while I wish I was learning a bit faster, I will take my successes as they come and I’m quite proud of what I’ve managed so far nonetheless. 

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my fave picture i took of the leaning tower of pisa on my trip to italy last year!!! also an old picture of mine, since i haven’t started my semester yet, but i wanted to start the studyblr community challenge😊

the studyblr community challenge- day 1: Introduce yourself and tell us what you study!

hi!!! my name is jovana (i put it as jojo here, cause it’s easiler lol ) and i’m studying spanish and spanish literature!!! i’m also exploring different languages so you’ll probably see them as well on my page ☺️

Idk anybody that well yet so i’m just gonna tag some people who’s post i really like 🥰 @captainofstudies @cherish-bujo @academiques

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These are just some old Korean notes of mine.

Day 1 of@myhoneststudyblr ’s studyblr challenge!

Introduce yourself and tell us what you study!

I’m 16 yo Honey, a high school senior. (I’ll turn 17 next month, haha.)
I study math, political science, psychology, economics, physical education.
Also, I love learning languages so currently I’m learning Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

Happy Chuseok, everyone!! (I know I’m late but still. ❤️)

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Happy October ! Today was a pretty productive day I got more homework done and I finally had sometime to do some Chinese. I did the workbook lessons for lesson three in HSK standard course, played some Chinese games on lingodeer plus , watched a video of Kun on qq music (he’s from nine percent a cpop group I used to love but isn’t together anymore), and I also reviewed on hello Chinese app but forgot to take a picture. I tried to check my weibo account but I’m officially locked out and had to make a new one. My goals for Chinese this month is 30 minutes a day. Whether it’s reviewing vocab or doing a lesson in Chinese zero to hero, or practicing writing characters. I just want to make the habit of being consistent. Chinese is just a hobby for me so I don’t want to make this learning journey have any stress or pressure like I have for Korean. Do you guys have any October goals or plans ?

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| 10月1日 | 32/100 Days of Productivity | 🍂

中秋节快乐!Today we reunite with our family, eat moon cake, look upon the moon and wish for a long life.

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节🎑 I hope everyone who celebrates are able to celebrate with their families 🤎

At 中秋节 Chinese people eat moon cakes 月饼, which traditionally are round 圆 like the moon, a symbol of reunion 团圆 and never seperating 分开. It resembles always being together with your family 🥮

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social standing (often used scornfully)


じょしこうせい の ぶんざい で ふりん の こい なんて…

To think that you, with your social standing as a high school girl, are having an illicit affair…

(Note: Excerpt from the manga NANA by Yazawa Ai)

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☆Studyblr community challenge, Day 1☆


》 Hello, everybody! My name is Jolie, and I’m a high school freshman.

If I’m being honest, I’ve never studied for school before. I only ever study things that I’m interested in, but who knows, maybe this year I will need to study for school for once :)

I study Italian, and even though I’m still an A1 level, I love it so much that I’m planning to major in the Italian language when I get to college. I’m currently struggling to find ways to learn the language that works for me and that I can stick with, but I’m determined to become fluent, enough to have no trouble talking to natives, or writing essays about topics I’m interested in.

Actually, I was supposed to be taking Italian in school this year but they messed up my schedule… but I guess that’s fine, because I get a head start before next year (they promised that they’ll try to get me in Italian next year, but I bet they’ll forget. Oh well, if they do they do, I only need 2 years of credits for a language for school to graduate)

Not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with the challenge, but I’ll try. See you soon! 《

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안녕하세요 여러분👋..

I’m here to set my language goals for this month Oct. Not only goals i Just want add my hobbies too.. these days I gonna Busy with uni studies now here I’m..

Ok here we go.. I’m learning Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Hindi for this up coming month. My main target language is Arabic and Korean. I’m planning to learn hiragana katakana this month. And I want to improve my hindi as well..

Arabic- want to complete the book

Korean- want to learn atleast 10+ grammer points..

Japanese- listening practices

Hindi- listening and speaking practices

I love you all..💖 Have a great day..🌠 Take care guys..✨

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