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melonlearning · 40 minutes ago
not really the right season but i rewatched the first little bit of Приходи на меня посмотреть (which was one of the first few club movies i saw ~half a year ago when i had barely learned the alphabet) with subtitles in russian this time and without intending to pay much attention but nice those are some words i know now
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lily-learns-finnish · 41 minutes ago
Langblr Activation Challenge | Week 1 | Introduce yourself
Hi I'm Lily. I am from Australia, but I live in Finland. My native language is English, and my target language is Finnish.
I've been studying Finnish for about 4 years, but only in a serious sense since I moved to Finland 2 years ago. It's hard for me to access how well I speak Finnish, but I estimate I am conversational/advanced (B2 level) and I hope to still improve from here.
I don't speak or study any other languages, but have a general interest in languages and particularly interesting and note-worthy language and grammar features. This is an interest acquired solely through studying Finnish, which I feel has also been a reasonably big learning experience regarding my native language as well.
Kiitos Essi (@tealingual) haasteesta. Oot oikeassa, että kieleen liittyvä yhteiskunta tumblrissa on ollut aika hiljaista viime aikoina
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malfuria · an hour ago
100 days of productivity, #74
morning run & swim. happiest part of my day. office day at work, bought a colleague good coffee to cheer us up. discussed way of kings with my mum, she is thinking about whether she might want to read the next book (this was unthinkable before we started). did some catalan, and then started a painting study in oils. i am new to oils but i love them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bngrc · an hour ago
Chicken & Regret
我记得清楚上一次我叫外卖的炸鸡。去年十二月搬家以前的天我归理一切行李。当夜我饿和累死了,所以我叫外卖很多菜 。不巧我错失机会吃。送菜人到了以前我入睡。没有退款。太可惜了。
Tumblr media
【照片:陈清零第36集 蓝忘机告诉魏无羡“我有悔”】
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lily-learns-finnish · an hour ago
antaa ruusuja ja risuja - to give roses and sticks
meaning: to praise some (i.e. give roses) and to give back feedback to others (i.e. give sticks)
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lily-learns-finnish · an hour ago
saada kehua pystyyn - to speak highly of
Heidät saa kehua pystyyn. - [I] can't speak more highly of them. / They deserve all the praise.
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semiotics-studies · 2 hours ago
Last day
In six hours, it’ll all be over. All the interviews and thesis writing and classes on pretty much daily basis. It feels surreal. I’m pretty stressed now about the second interview, but I have time to go over all of the materials before it starts.
The thesis is already handed in, I already have my Turnitin report, I vowed to not check the PDF anymore. I’m slowly getting up now to finish this strong. And rest after that.
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Leveled up playing Clozemaster!
I just leveled up playing Clozemaster! Now at level 8 learning Russian from English.
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gladiates · 3 hours ago
Spanish Vocabulary from Aura, Day 5
Lots of words dealing with hell and damnation in today’s reading, so it was interesting! They’re below the cut as usual.
la curiosidad: curiosity
la etiqueta: etiquette; label, tag
impedir: to prevent, block, hinder
asado: roasted, baked
el cubierto: piece of cutlery
desocupado: vacant, empty
desviar: to divert, deflect, avert
para que: so that
la impudicia: shamelessness
hipnótic: hypnotic, mesmerizing
las facciónes: facial features
la mente: mind
la urgencia: emergency, matter of urgency
impostergable: urgent
el paquete: package, parcel, wrapper, wrapping
el llavín: small key, lock
el cajón: drawer; crate, coffin
murmurar: to murmur
el reproche: reproach
colgado: hanging; fixated on; spaced out (colloquial), high on drugs (colloquial)
urgir: to be urgent
el regazo: lap; bosom, breast
dudar: to hesitate, dither, doubt
atribuir: to attribute
el aturdimiento: daze, bewilderment, shock
el mareo: car sickness, dizziness
el respaldo: back (of chair); support
distraer: to distract; to amuse, entertain
batir: to beat, pound
imperceptible: imperceptible
descomponer: to separate, split
el círculo: circle
arrojar: to throw; to produce, generate
el extremo: end, opposite end; extreme, far
la sombra: shadow, shade
la prenda: garment; token
la palma: palm tree, palm of hand
liso: smooth, even
estirar: to stretch
invadir: to invade
experimentar: to experiment, try out
plenamente: thoroughly, fully
liberar: to release, free
advertir: to warn
el nudillo: knuckle
la devoción: devotion
la camisón: nightgown
burdo: crude, makeshift
hundido: sunken
la escultura: sculpture
medieval: medieval
asomar: to put out, stick out; to appear
la hebra: thread, strand
el roce: brush, touch, graze
el aire: air; resemblance; look, demeanor
la fuerza: strength, coercion
librar: to fight, wage
la batalla: battle
el demonio: devil, demon
la iconografía: iconography
la cólera: anger, fury, rage
grabado: engraved
el grabado: engraving
ensartar: to string, to skewer
el tridente: trident
el condenado: convict, prisoner, condemned person, damned soul
hirviente: boiling, scalding
embriagarse: to get drunk
gozar: to enjoy
la lágrima: tear
el gozo: joy, pleasure
la víscera: entrails, guts
balbucear: to babble
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yamoonligh · 4 hours ago
thank god for yt for all the tips people upload on there for language learning HAHHAHA
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silverstarslanguageblr · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Today was Japanese studying night~ <33333 日本語の勉強~
Doin some JapanesePod101 :3333
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koreanstudy99 · 6 hours ago
Episode 1-3 / Grammar / -더니
Tumblr media
-더- is a grammar particle used to indicate that you are remembering something that happened. It can have various other grammatical principles added before or after it which each give a different meaning, but with the same nuance of something being recalled.
Tumblr media
We looked at the grammar principle -(으)니까 a little while ago, which had the meaning ‘because of’. Since we’ve already gone through this principle, the particle -니 is very easy to understand, since it’s just a shortened version of -(으)니까.
Tumblr media
Here, we come to the main grammar principle that we’ll be learning today. -더니 itself is quite easy to understand, since it’s a combination of the two particles above, creating the meaning ‘because of (something I am recalling).
The difficult part of learning how to use -더니 is figuring out the nuances of its use. Howtostudykorean has a very useful way of working through it, where they split it’s two main usages: talking about what you experienced, and talking about what you saw someone else experience. 
When talking about what you experience, the first clause that -더니 is attached to must be in past tense. In the example below, the first sentence is natural, but the second one is unnatural. This is because the result of the action can’t happen if the action hasn’t taken place yet.
My legs hurt because I walked all day 하루 종일 걸었더니다리가 아파요.    
하루 종일 걸더니다리가 아파요.     
When using -더니 to talk about something you saw someone else experience or a general statement, either the past or present tense can be used, but they have different nuances, so be careful to use them correctly otherwise your sentences may not make sense. 
Yesterday it rained but today it’s sunny. 어제 비가 오더니오늘 하늘이 맑아요 
어제 비가 왔더니 오늘 하늘이 맑아요 
Both of these sentences make sense, and both are used to indicate that something has happened, however, using the past tense indicates that the action has stopped, whereas with the standard form of the verb, it is assumed that the action is still continuing. In the first sentence, you saw it raining. In the second sentence, the rain had stopped but you still knew that it had rained because of the rain on the ground. This nuance can be very important, as with the following sentences:
The witness saw you kill him; it shows that you’re guilty. 목격자는 당신이 그를 죽이더니 유죄임을 나타내요. 목격자는 당신이 그를 죽였더니 유죄임을 나타내요. In the first sentence the witness saw the accused actually kill the person. In the second, they saw what happened afterwards - maybe the person standing nearby or running away. If it were the first example, the accused would be more likely to be deemed guilty, since they were seen committing the crime. 
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concerningduolingo · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Bea: "Come with me, we are going to skate with this kid that called you 'ma'am'."
Some time later, Lin and Bea are at the hospital...
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lovelybluepanda · 7 hours ago
Korean and Japanese life lessons
I watch and read a lot of Asian content. Specifically Korean (after all, that's what i studied) and Japanese. After some years of watching videos, anime, cooking recipes and reading books i got to some very interesting conclusions tonight. By accident mostly
This is what my Eastern European mind sees differently:
Both Japanese and Korean people own cute tools for eating. It's not cute in the sense of "floral patterns" or "animations' necessarily. It's cute in the sense of 'i can see the person loves that plate/bowl etc'. Because of this, the food seems more enjoyable.
Talking about food, they focus on the aesthetic and variety in moderation. That's why they can end up with 3-4 side dishes.
These 2 aspects make the whole eating experience fulfilling? It's treated like something special and i like this.
They always seem to live in the moment. Always enjoying that particular moment and that is very joyful.
Another habit is looking for the bright side. Even if i made mistakes, my teachers complimented what i did right and then asked me to try again to fix the typos.
Dressing to feel good, not look good. I've seen this with several YouTubers. They'll change clothes and say that they didn't feel good in the shirt, skirt etc. Your feelings are more important than the aesthetic.
Being mindful. I've noticed how they'd rather give away stuff instead of keeping because "what if I'll use them".
Not having a problem accepting things or services. I feel so uncomfortable if someone offers to give me something but I've seen how Koreans tend to accept full packages of food from friends with no problem. That's amazing.
Finding beauty around you. This is from some Japanese YouTubers I've seen. They stop in the middle of the street to record how pretty leaves, river, hills etc are. I wouldn't think twice to stop and look at a hill yet here they are, appreciating leaves in the wind. I love it.
I really like these things. It feels so calm and enchanting to watch these people. They can eat or walk on the street and I'd be like "whaaaa amazing" but i can also do these things? For them they seem magical and i think the reasons i stated above are the cause for all this feeling they give off.
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langblr-xx · 7 hours ago
Now is the time to pick up that language that has been interesting you for months.
You have the time and the interest. Why not start today? Heck, why not start right now?
This is a sign.
Best of luck with your language journeys 🐤🌤
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scorchedpages · 9 hours ago
An incomplete list of lanuages I want to learn
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