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Xiran Jay Zhao’s input about the Disney animated movie Mulan is so good. I laughed that she said the main bad guy’s name is Yams. It explains so much. Also nice to hear confirmation how gay the movie actually is (Hua Ping does mean gay, the lions protecting the imperial palace are lesbians and so on).

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my druid is now level 2!

circle of the moon was tempting because BEASTS, but i went with circle of the shepherd because it fits her better (and is also pretty badass). she can still turn into a dinosaur, so i’m happy!

now i need to expand her spell list, which will take a while and make my hand hurt because i’m doing my character sheet the good ol’ pencil-and-paper way

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Does anyone else think that one of Akaashi’s most prized possessions would be his Fukurodani jersey because it’ll always be evidence of the fact that he went to the same school and played with professional volleyball player Bokuto Koutarou? (Side note, Bokuto’s favourite setter will always be Akaashi and it’s common knowledge and every other setter who’s ever set for him has already accepted the fact that they’ll never be better in Bokuto’s eyes compared to this mysterious Akaashi. And Bokuto constantly talks about Akaashi even in interviews and everyone keeps on wondering who is this Akaashi and where is he on the volleyball scene if he’s as good as Bokuto constantly makes him out to be)

… I got a bit carried away

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