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headspace-hotel · a day ago
Sometimes i'm really struck by the tendency of psychology and psychiatry to "other" experiences that aren't part of a strict set of cultural assumptions.
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this is from a book called In This Body by Servando Z. Hinojosa, and it's about Maya spirituality—though my use of the word "spirituality" probably is itself "othering" and reflective of a cultural bias—anyway
i was really hit hard by the tendency of outsiders to shove this condition into either a "physical illness" or "mental illness" box, when it's obviously both. and it's both in a way that I feel should be familiar to anyone diagnosed with depression and/or anxiety.
Like before I was medicated for anxiety, I was sleepy, fatigued, and nauseated basically all the time. And when I've gone through periods of depression, I get COLD. Physically cold, in a way that just doesn't go away. The description of the lump in the stomach also struck me because I recently read a book where veterans with PTSD described a similar feeling of a physical lump or blockage in their abdomens. Like as I was reading this I was like "Yes, I know this."
It's so fucking wild that physical symptoms in response to a "mental" illness are seen as so exotic for people in """western""" frameworks, because we feel these things too, we just learn to think about them differently. In a lot of ways I feel like medicine without the idea of mind-body dualism is the better approach.
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the-irken-pony · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
him.png from the Deltarune website before Deltarune came out. Posting here bc Wayback Machine is only showing the version with the image on the right and I don’t want it also becoming unavailable. I was only able to find the first image from a reddit thread from 3 years ago.
There’s wingdings text in both images, but you have to turn the contrast wayyy up.
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astrologyduck · a day ago
Astro observations
🌼Nemesis in Aquarius, Aquarius degrees (11°, 23°) or 11th house indicate that we may have many enemies on the internet.
🌼People with Chiron in Aquarius and Cancer have something in common, and that is that they often feel that their family has pushed them aside. They feel like the black sheep of the family.
🌼 Retrograde Pallas in water signs makes people confuse their intuition with their insecurities to a greater extent. They can be too hasty to jump to conclusions.
🌼Moon square Venus may have issues or a lot of discussions with their parents, especially their mother.
🌼Uranus at 1st, 6th or 10th houses change their appearance a lot and are the ones with the most marked glow ups.
🌼Nemesis in Cancer, 4th house or in Cancer degrees can indicate being hated or envied by a family member, or feeling that a family member is a threat for you.
🌼Mercury conjunct Juno always think a lot about getting married, and if they are in fixed signs they can talk constantly about it.
🌼Moon-Ascendant or Moon-Jupiter aspects make the native look younger than they really are
🌼 People with Earth Saturn often appear older than they really are.
🌼Vesta in Capricorn, 10th house, Capricorn degrees (10 °, 22 °) are people who do not take breaks, they are usually very productive. They may even feel bad if they are not busy or if they are not doing something.
🌼Aquarius placements either love dark colors or shiny colors.
🌼Juno conjunct / square / opposition to Lilith may indicate that the native may have a problem letting go of their partners. They can also be very jealous.
🌼Pars of Fortune in Scorpio, 8th house or Scorpio degrees (08 °, 20 °) will attract luck once they integrate their shadow self and accept their dark side.
🌼Moon square Ascendant overthink a lot.
🌼Aquarius Moons are the type to say random, hillarious things without laughing.
🌼Fixed Signs ALWAYS know their signs regardless if they are into astrology or not. Scorpios & Leos especially.
🌼Saturn in Earth houses love flowers.
🌼Underdeveloped Scorpio Junos or Juno with Scorpio degrees can become obsessed with the idea of marriage.
🌼North Node aspecting Pallas indicates that the native has to learn to be more rational and practical when solving problems in this life.
🌼When you Venus/Saturn midpoint is conjuncted to your partner’s Venus or Descendant may be a good indicator for marriage.
🌼Moon in the 12th persons tend to have irregular periods of sleep.
🌼People with a lot of Sagittarius (or Jupiter) and Aquarius (or Uranus) energy may love K-pop or anime.
🌼Water signs in the 8th may like to turn on their partners first, they LOVE staring and they are really expressive. May cuddle and have pillow talks at the end.
🌼Air signs in the 8th may like to try new things in sex. They may love to have sex on unususal places. They enjoy dirty talks and whispering.
🌼Aquarius eros/8th house/Uranus at the 8th may have the sexual fantasy to make out on a airplane.
🌼Fire signs in the 8th may scream a lot in sex. They may have a lot of quickies. Also they are the types of having second rounds.
🌼Earth signs in the 8th tend to like slow sex. They really like to turn on their partner and that their partner does the same. They may like to touch a lot.
🌼North Node in the 7th/Libra need to learn to work with others and they may have to learn that asking for help sometimes is not bad.
🌼Also, I have seen a lot of singers with this aspect.
🌼Mutual receptions can happen even with the traditional rulership of planets.
🌼Of every Sagittarius placements, Sagittarius Moon and Mercury are the ones that laugh the most, even of themselves.
🌼Lilith in the 5th/7th may flirt without noticing it.
🌼Uranus at the 9th may either drop college or study something that goes against what their parents want.
🌼Ruler of the 6th in the 1st may love having an established routine. They may love their works or at least they are really devoted towards it. They care a lot about their health and wellness. They tend to get stressed easily.
🌼I have notice that name asteroids are really useful. As a personal example, one of my childhood friends is named Alex, and asteroid Alex falls in my 4th house.
🌼Saturn and/or Pluto over the 8th house tend to distrust others and they may be perceived as closed-off.
🌼Ruler of the 7th in the 2nd if well aspected, may indicate a spouse that has a stable work and a lot of money, there is love in marriage. But, if it is bad aspected, it may indicate marrying because of the money of the spouse.
Tumblr media
🌼Pluto square Nodes may indicate that you may be really afraid of been seen as weak or manipulable.
🌼Saturn and Moon in mutual reception gives the native an ability to have the control of their emotional way. People with this may be really loyal.
🌼The ruler of the 4th in the 8th makes persons really reserved with their feelings and private life. They may have childhood issues and they may either dislike the idea of having a family, or love the idea of having one.
🌼Asteroids for romantic writing or poetry are: Erato (62), Calliope (22), Poesia (946), and Sappho (80).
🌼In synastry, Mars square Uranus indicate that this couple may fight a lot and may get mad with each other spontaneously.
🌼If your Moon/Venus midpoint conjuncts a personal planet of someone, you may be really caring, loving and tender with that person.
🌼The ruler of the 1st in the 8th/12th are usually placements for detectives or criminalists.
🌼Many Capricorns have an amazing sense of fashion, and I have seen a lot of them becoming fashion designers, the biggest example is Carolina Herrera.
🌼Asteroids that show talent for singing are: Singer (10698), Cantor (16246), Harmonia (40).
🌼Ruler of the 7th in the 9th may marry someone from a different country or someone with a cultural or religious difference.
🌼South Node conjunct Venus in synastry, may indicate that both of you were a couple in a past life.
🌼While Moon conjunct South Node refers that probably you were family in a past life.
🌼Venus and Jupiter in mutual reception make that the individual become attracted to foreign people. Also, this makes natives really likeable.
🌼Pluto in the 12th may have constant nightmares, a bad sleeping schedule or they may deal with insomnia/intrusive thoughts.
🌼Virgo with a mix of Libra have really cute appearance. They may seem to be gorgeous and elegant without even trying.
🌼Mutable stelliums tend to bite their nails a lot.
🌼Ruler of the 4th in the 1st may indicate that one of the parents plays an important role on the natives path towards developing their criteria and personality.
🌼 Earth Risings are good at making handmade gifts.
🌼 Ruler of the 2nd house in hard aspect to Saturn may lead the individual to have self-esteem issues.
🌼 Vesta in Cancer can feel attached of their family, also, they may feel that their family depends a lot of them.
🌼 Pisces Moon get lost in their partners, they are always talking about them and they can also get sad (or even depressed) if they don’t see them frequently.
🌼 People with Chiron in the angles they are the kind of people to whom others always tell their problems, there is a friendly and trustworthy essence in them.
🌼 Venus aspecting Neptune may feel a need to heal their partners.
🌼 Scorpio Junos are really jealous with their partners.
🌼Venus Quintile or BiQuintile Jupiter may be talented in different artistic fields.
🌼 Mercury Quintile Moon or Neptune makes the person highly creative and they can be really good at writing fantasy.
🌼 Air signs in the 4th house are always looking for a new way of changing or remodeling their room.
🌼 Leo Moons love to be babied by their partners.
Tumblr media
🌼 Earth sign in the 5th house rather a meeting with close ones than going to parties or nightclubs.
🌼 Eros in the 10th house are always loved by people, especially if it is in a water or fire sign.
🌼 Mars or Mercury conjunct Uranus have trouble getting to sleep, they are prone to insomnia, and their ideas keep them awake during hours.
🌼 Moon conjunct Chiron may have a mother that has been through a lot of hurtful situations.
🌼 Cancer Mars men that I have met LOVE the idea of becoming a dad.
🌼 North Node in Gemini/3rd house or aspecting Mercury may be good at different fields.
🌼 Pisces Ascendant/ Neptune in the 1st house or aspecting the Ascendant, gets lost in the night sky, as if they had seen it for the first time.
🌼 Saturn in Aries in the 4th house feel that they can’t be themselves with their family.
🌼 Ceres in the 12th may feel that their parents did not take care of them.
🌼 Many Aries Moon guys that I have met look for a woman that is like a mother for them, I see this more often that when men have a Cancer Moon.
🌼 In a Composite Chart, Mars, Saturn or Pluto in the 9th house may lead to discussions with the in-laws.
🌼 SOME Mars in Aries, Capricorn or Aquarius tend to forget about taking care of their friendships or any type of bonds when they are really into some goal or activity.
🌼 Lilith conjunct Saturn or in the 12th house tend to repress their darkside.
🌼 Sagittarius Mercury always use an excessive amount of emojis, they love them.
🌼 Neptune in the 7th or 11th are most likely to have double-faced friends.
🌼 Saturn in the 8th house can be really good at psychology.
🌼 Capricorn Suns with Aries Ascendants have an excellent physical condition.
🌼 Retrograde Pallas are the type of person to speak before thinking.
🌼 Jupiter in the 11th house may study something related to science, mathematics or doing researches.
🌼 Moon in the 9th are really espiritual, they have a constant need to keep developing in a deep/soul level.
🌼 Pluto in hard aspect with Moon may have a tense relationship with female family members. They may also think that their mothers do not trust them or their potential.
🌼 Eros in Taurus/2nd house loves sexy voices and they are a huge turn on for them.
🌼 A mix between a Cardinal Mars and Cardinal Vesta makes the person totally hate the idea of obeying orders.
🌼 Lilith in Virgo/6th people used to be taken advantage because of their helpful attitude, many used to manipulate them in an emotional way.
🌼 Sun aspecting Pluto detect easily toxic people since they hate being dominated or controlled by others.
🌼 Capricorn/Saturn in the 6th are prone to have depression.
🌼 Asteroid Hobby in Sagittarius/9th house/Sagittarius degree love practicing a sport in particular.
🌼 North Node in Scorpio need to learn to not to be materialistic and to leave their comfy zone.
🌼 Uranus square Saturn may fight a lot with their dads.
🌼 The house where Virgo is indicates in what field you are most likely to work or how is going to be your working place. Ex. in the 9th house indicates working as a teacher or a funny, positive and cheerful place. In the 4th house indicates working in a comfy, stable and secure place, you may work as a chef, at home por you could work in a similar field as your parents.
🌼Valentine aspecting hard Pluto may lead to be attracted to “bad-boys/bad-girls”.
🌼 Venus square Mars guys tend to be seen as effeminate, while women tend to be seem as tomboy.
🌼 Pallas in aspect with Mercury are really eloquent and may be always surrounded of people that do as them say.
🌼 Mars in the 1st house have a bad time doing meditation, they get impatient easily and they just want to start moving.
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alt1tud3s · a day ago
:: random bios ♡ ;
ういて ⌓ 🜉  •̍̍̍—>⠀ ARCHIVE ❔❔❔ ˢ⁻ʰᵉʳ
NO!#!? ☆ 💬 prns ナンデ❓ © name . .
•﹏•) zZz 🗯 !! 🌼★ .. name # » prns  ᘝ
♡゛www.FUCK>?! ◌☠ ૮₍⇀‸↼‶₎ა name~ ◠◠.
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chaemingly · a day ago
headers by me . . . ♡︎ (like or reblog, pls)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ ▒̫ ⌗ 박제 쿠키 ꒱ (っˆ ³(ˊ ᵕ ˋก ) 🍪 . . .
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injuries-in-dust · 2 days ago
Me: I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon.
Brain: Wake up at 6am for appointment!
Me: No! Normal time! The appointment isn't until the afternoon.
Brain: Wake up at 5am for appointment!
Me: NO!
Brain: No sleep! Don't want to miss appointment!
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love-me-a-good-prompt · 19 hours ago
I challenge you to use one, some, or all of these words in your next piece of writing:
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heatherchasesyou · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
o no jamie is angy look at him hitting da monsters so pissed
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radracer · a day ago
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amourx · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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⠀Thought I almost died in my dream again ˖ ་ꕀ
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s-eokie · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
por vcs eu bebo o mar d canudinho pprt 😿
a segunda header não é minha, ctto.
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