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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Just finished binging all three seasons of Dark on Netflix. 

My main reaction:


I’m glad it’s finally done because my brain was starting to hurt trying to keep track of all the characters, timelines, and how incestuous their relationships were. Like, seriously!

But it was so freaking good! Not even being on vacation with the family could make me stop watching!

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My parents an I were hanging out in the porch (is that how it’s called?) and I went inside the house for something. When I came back they were in a very serious (and random) game of rock-sissors-paper. After my mom won I discovered they were playing for the most comfortable place in the couch (their ac broke and we live in hell). The end.

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It actually is so frustrating how toxic the internet is nowadays. Everyone gets annoyed at the slightest things like come on guys. I wish I could go back to when everything was better.

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“These are some dang good edits. What do you use for editing?”

I use a mix of things, I get the image (the duck in this case) go to 3D paint, use magic crop tool, and get the outline i want, then i go to public domain image websites ( i like pixel) and pick one i like, then put it underneath the character outline, then i add a filter. either manually or i go to sites like photofunia and things like that, or a mix of both manual or site, filters. 

this is a longer way of doing it, but i do it that way cause i enjoy it, 

but there are quicker/ more professional programs that are free, listed in this post thread:



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Rules: Bold what applies to you and let others get to know you!

I am over 5’5 // I wear glasses/contacts // I have blonde hair // I prefer loose clothing over tight clothing // I have one or more piercings // I have at least one tattoo // I have blue eyes // I have dyed or highlighted my hair // I have gotten plastic surgery // I have or had braces // I sunburn easily // I have freckles // I paint my nails // I typically wear makeup // I don’t often smile // I am pleased with how I look  // I prefer Nike to Adidas // I wear baseball caps backwards

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july 6, 2020 (188/366)

-happy monday

-made myself an avocado bacon & poached egg toast again

-kinda moody today bc of these damn hormones

-watched running man

-did my laundry & folded

-cut my nails

-rlly need more money but not feeling this whole world thing especially w cases rising & especially w them rising at my store

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