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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.

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teenagers are exploring themselves during this years of their lives. that includes sexually– with things like kinks and sexual intercourse. don’t discourage them. it’s completely normal. also, this isn’t an excuse to sexual with them. by a lot of the laws in the world, they still can’t make those decisions on their own. they can’t legally consent. they may be sixteen or seventeen but you can still get charged with statutory rape and child pornography. don’t ruin this for them.

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Blinking bewilderedly, you could only stare up in silence as you tried to process what you were seeing before you, and how the hell you had ended up in this situation, though your mind continued to come up blank.

You were pretty damn sure there hadn’t been a fucking lion in your room when you had gone to sleep.

As the strangely awkward silence dragged on however, you started to pick up on little things you hadn’t noticed at first glance, things that pointed towards this very much not, being a lion. Although, considering the fact its face was inches from your own as it stood over your previously sleeping form, you figured you could probably be forgiven for the brief misconception.

At least it didn’t seem to be aggressive.

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Feeling a bit of writers block at the moment. So end up rewatching Nomis. Now I’m feeling frustrated…. by frustrated, I mean horny. 😅 cuz Henry looking worst for wear all bundled up in a jacket with that beard and long hair UNF! I have like 5 one shots and 1 series that are going nowhere. Ok, enough rant. Gonna go for a jog! Or get some relief by reading some pure smut! 🤔

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I’m gonna learn how to swim either on Friday Saturday or Sunday and I’m very afraid of water I don’t how to swim WHAT IF I DROWN OH NO NO ;^;

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Today I decided to try to unscrew this particularly interested part of my wall (I know it’s weird that it’s unscrewable, my entire wall isn’t like that), so I asked my dad if we had a screwdriver, and he didn’t question it, he just showed me where they were, and asked me if I needed a crossed or flat tipped screwdriver, and I said “hold on let me check.”

I came back: “cross tipped”. He still didn’t question it.

I took the screwdriver, and unscrewed two of the three screws surprisingly easily.

I pulled the flimsy piece of wood away, expecting to see the entrance to Narnia or something.

But no. Old pipes. I could have completely wrecked my entire family’s water system in frustration, but then I realized that would effect me too.

So I didn’t. I didn’t reseal it either though. Just in case the pipes decide they want to become Narnia.

My dad must have been very confident about the safety of this house, because if I’d found a crawlspace, a room, or a tunnel, I would have gone in there without hesitation.

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