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lowkeyasf · 2 minutes ago
I started attack on titan last night and wow
I’ve been sleeping
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imadetheline · 2 minutes ago
assumption - you're a really calm and artistic person, and you give of vibes of a person who's always there for others
aww that's so sweet and I'm so glad I give off those vibes! I am indeed usually calm and I like to think I'm artistic. and I do try to always be there for people!! thank you so much <3
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Adam Driver needs to host Jeopardy! like legit lmao
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crackinglamb · 5 minutes ago
for imogen: 2, 7, 15, 26, 27, 30
All righty then. Let's get this list going.
2 - If they were to encounter a bear, what would they do?
This one makes me giggle, because I have actually covered it. It's in chapter 15 of the fic. No, I'm not going to spoil it, go read it.
More seriously, she does what anyone from our world would probably do upon hiking innocently through the Hinterlands. She climbs the nearest rock pile while trying not to scream.
7 - Oh no, your oc is hungry and no money, what do they do?
Her lack of courage around bears notwithstanding, Imogen is actually a decent hunter/gatherer. She could find her own dinner just fine. Even before her transplantation to Thedas, she was something of a survivalist. At least in a casual way. Read: she camped a lot in the wilderness.
15 - Have they ever been kicked in the knee caps before?
She thankfully has not. This isn't to say she hasn't endured any number of other terribly inconvenient injuries, just not that one.
26 - If a skeleton talked to them, would they be scared?
Absolutely. Considering that, in essence, certain demons are nothing more than skeletons, and several of them have spoken to her while trying to kill her...yeah, absolutely.
27 - If they entered a restaurant and saw a floating beach ball, what would they do?
That depends on the circumstances. Is it floating in like a fishtank? She'd giggle and move on. Is it in midair? She'd try to figure out the physics involved. Or ask a mage what was going on.
30 - Your oc is scuba diving and comes across a mermaid, what happens next?
At this point in her life, her first action will be to see if they're armed. If not, she would probably nod politely, make way or just watch. She's seen too much weird shit in the last few months to discredit anything as being possible.
Now, if they're armed, well, she'd swim the other was as fast as she could. Probably screaming.
Thanks for the asks. 💕
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hobbitfalls135 · 5 minutes ago
Hey, Rhode Islander here. I just wanna do a quick test: does anyone on here know what a “bubbler” is? Of course I know, just curious if anyone else does.
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shitty-adult-thoughts · 6 minutes ago
Person A : candy cane, ice cream, cotton candy, marshmallow, gummy bea-
Person B : what are you saying there??
Person A : Person C told me to say sweet things to you, is it working?
Person C not too far away : *facepalm* FUCKING DUMBASS
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ns-personalblog · 7 minutes ago
Aight, time to rewatch Digimon Frontier
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powergfs · 10 minutes ago
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀rio nakamura users!! like or rb if use.
Tumblr media
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sharkbaitouhaha · 11 minutes ago
There is someone across the street dressed like every emo kid I have ever known. I am listening to from under the cork tree. What fucking year am I in right now?
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rsary · 14 minutes ago
ill be hopping online in a bit .. maybe. internet is decent right now so im taking advantage of it and leveling on xiv. i havent added them to the list yet, but both iris and ramge from exos heroes will be added. ill just probably give them plenty of crossover verses -- maybe in fgo as masters.
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icetea-0 · 16 minutes ago
The IT orders 200 chicken nuggets from burger king for no reason
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arborant · 17 minutes ago
I'm done with Kronos. I don't own him now, he doesn't belong to me. I'm tired of him. Someone else can have him.
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proudhimbo · 18 minutes ago
Considering there is 3 hours of treehouse to sit through afterwards I’m hoping nintendo does in fact have at least one game to show
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