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#ash williams
idkanymoreaboutlife · 2 days ago
Headcanon: Ash with a horror enthusiast s/o
Tumblr media
     Younger Ash:
Ash definitely wouldn’t mind if you watched horror movies all the time. Just as long you save the particular gory ones for yourself
It’s not he hates the gore, but it reminds him of the cabin and he would rather not watch a movie that would trigger those memories
 Although at some point in the relationship he would make it a point to switch off and on who chooses the movies
 If you two are at your apartment, you get to choose the movies. And vice versa when you two are in Ash’s trailer
 There’s a few movies where Ash has definitely watched by himself after you introduced it to him, to name a few; The Thing, Killer Klowns From Outer Space (although you wish you never showed him that movie, all he does it quote it), and The Return of The Living Dead
 If you were also really big into Halloween, then Ash wouldn’t mind doing couple costumes with you
As long as he gets a say in it
 The first year you guys started dating, you two did matching costumes and he has no idea what it was. Long story short you picked out Child’s Play ones, and he was not happy being stuck as a freaky doll.
     “Come on babe, really?” Ash held up the costume, eyeing it with disdain before looking over at you. “You’re making me go as the goddamn doll?”      “Oh come on, you’d look cute in it.” Smiling as you hung up the costume you got for yourself.              “I’m not wearing it, I’m gonna look ridiculous.” You have a roll of your eyes as you turned to face him.                                                                 “How about this, if you wear your costume for the entirety of the party, I’ll keep my outfit on for the rest of the night.” His gaze flicked over to your outfit; the short skirt and leather jacket. He have a nod and smirked.                    “Oh it’s a deal then.”
 He definitely didn’t mind matching costumes after that
 If you collected horror memorabilia he would be okay with it. For the most part
 If it was a few knickknacks, like some movie posters, masks from the more infamous killers and signed photos. That would be fine with him
 He would be a bit freaked out if you had a whole room dedicated to the stuff. But he would come around to it and start to poke fun at you for it
 Ash would 100% call you a nerd, but in a loving way
 All in all, he would be chill with it. But please don’t show this boy a movie like Cannibal Holocaust or Maniac  
Tumblr media
                                                                     Older Ash:
 Now older Ash is a slightly different story
 He still wouldn’t mind, but with all the new media around horror he would definitely take some caution watching a movie with you, just in case
 There are a lot of movies he would definitely find enjoyable, seeing as most horror movies are just remakes after remakes and he can tell when the scares are coming
 There’s certain movies he won’t watch, even if you have already seen them, he possibly wouldn’t be able to stomach it (in specific, it’s I Spit on Your Grave and really any trope like that)
 He would definitely love the apocalyptic horror movies, like Cloverfield and Dawn of the Dead. He would always say how he would easily survive it, having experience from killing deadites for years
 If you were into Halloween he would have a blast wearing costumes with you
 Although Ash would really only go as something simple like Jason or Freddy. But there was one year where you convinced him to go as Gomez from the Addams family (he really only said yes because he got to see you in Morticas outfit)
 Overall he wouldn’t really mind that much, but keep the more gory and disturbing movies to yourself ( you both watched A Serbian Film without knowing what it was, he didn’t trust you to pick a movie after that for a few weeks)
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americanhellkmart · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
15min kofi commission for @darbycicci 🩸🔪
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takeacleenbreak · 3 months ago
this is arguably one of the best kills in the evil dead franchise
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davidmills · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m fine.
Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN (1987) dir. Sam Raimi
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