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Must’ve forgotten to read the @constitution before they impeached the now gone from @office president 😜

Bringing charges again for the same so-called crime is ignorance on the part of congressional members! Actually, it’s just another measure to make you forget just how much money they’ve made off @COVID and what’s not going to be sent for another 9 months!

Mark my @words .. they’re just giving @fashion shows for y’all

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I was tagged by @foxmagpie @mego42 and @lucia-lu87 to post my top 9 movies! This was extremely hard to whittle down and I could probably add another 20 to this list easily, but I think these are pretty consistently movies I think about when I think about my faves, haha, so I’ll leave it there! 

I tag: @nakedmonkey @missmaxime @nottonyharrison @delicatelingon @sothischickshe @free-young-beautiful :-)

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Sometimes I think about how Moses’ growth in The Prince of Egypt is literally the most perfect character arc I’ve come across

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I will never get tired of movies making middle aged men play teenage girls

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[MOVIES] ぼんち (1960) (WEBDL)

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出演 : 市川雷蔵, 若尾文子, 中村玉緒, 草笛光子, 越路吹雪


DOWNLOAD From : Rapidgator, Uploaded, Katfile, Mexashare, …

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i hate school i hate school i hate school i hate school i hate school

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Hughes or Spielberg? Tell us in the comments below. Read both sides of the story and vote on 4b.

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“Why are there so many movies and/or TV shows set in New York?”

New York has a giant population of aspiring actors and filmmakers. Many, many famous actors, screenwriters, filmmakers, and producers live in New York so sometimes they like to film something that’s close to home. A lot of movie and TV studios have locations set in New York. There’s also apparently some tax code thingies that makes it affordable to film in New York but I don’t know the first thing about economics so don’t ask me about that.

THAT is why there are so many movies set in New York. What doesn’t make sense is why there are a fair amount of animated movies set in New York or movies set in New York that are filmed in Vancouver. If you have no incentive to actually film in New York and make use of all the creatives living there, why bother even setting it in the first place?

“Why do they make movies about the making of movies?”

Why not? Let people tell stories about whatever they want to tell it about, at least within reason. If people want to make movies about people making a movie and it’s well written, well acted, looks great, etc., then have at it I say! Plus there are many fascinating behind the scenes stories about movie making, if anything Hollywood has only scraped the surface there.

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