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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Beastars!Risotto, if he didn’t turn himself away from delicious meat because ✨ society~! ✨ Yes, a whole turkey as in an anthro turkey lol.

Bloodborne!Risotto, somehow gets his hands on turkey in Victorian apocalyptic England. Gets enough turkeys to feed him, Pesci, and Prosciutto in one sitting, all raw because it’s not like it’d be flavorful anyway if it were cooked! What spice is there in the Bloodborne universe besides the old blood!?

Dragon!Risotto, raw. He’d hunt the turkey himself, tear off the feathers, and chomp it down whole like a crocodile.

Lycan!Risotto, Prosciutto gives him a fresh young turkey as a treat, only the freshest so Risotto can eat it raw! Prosciutto cooks an actual turkey for him and Pesci, but Risotto much prefers his bird bloody so he gets his own.

Werewolf!Risotto, he can eat a whole turkey even as a human! He buys three turkeys for Thanksgiving (wait, I don’t think they celebrated that in 1800s Europe lol), cooks them up for everyone, and eats a whole one by himself at the table.

Pyramid Head!Risotto. Yea. He doesn’t know how to cook very well, so he’s either gonna eat a raw turkey or a burnt turkey. He needs a lot of protein to keep that body in shape~ The funny thing is a delivery truck keeps coming to Silent Hill grocery store, completely unaware that it’s abandoned and of the monsters unpacking the food.

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