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Quinzième jour de confinement.

Première sortie pour moi depuis neuf jours. Il est 10h30, je ne croise personne dans notre rue - d’ordinaire si populaire.

Paris a été désertée il y a quinze jours déjà, seuls quelques rares impénitents continuent leur jogging le long du canal. Dans une rue avoisinante, un scooter flamboyant semble avoir été abandonné là, dans la précipitation du départ.

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I made a “draw this in your style” to keep you busy during this quarantine! This is Japhet, he is 10 and lives in a world in black and white (around world war 1) until he discovers a portal to a colorful world full of magic. Have fun! Mention me and tag with #drawwithwolfie so I can see your drawing!

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So, Steven Universe is finally over. I wasn’t a long-time fan, since I discover the cartoon short time ago. But it was still great to watch ! Thanks to the creator of the series, they did a great job on this !

So, here’s a Steven in my style.

Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar, Cartoon Network

Sketch made by me.

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Pea Sprout, these little sprouts are so fun to sketch. Honestly, on days where I’m feeling overwhelmed and saddened by the world, sketching something so full of life gives me hope.

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