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Just posting this so you guys can see how the shiny these things are! It doesn’t really show well in photos. These are the Pearlescent Water Colors I got!

#WaterColors #PearlescentWaterColors #Shiny #Glitter #GelPens #Doodles #Art #Sketches #Drawings #SparrowAtHeartArt #SparrowatHeartOc #zetaconstellane #rhystucker⚡️

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GroupChat - Grumpy Artists


I don’t really use this platform to communicate with other people, but, to whoever reads, I just opened a groupchat for artists…

It’s nothing special actually, if anyone wants to talk about their art pieces, or maybe ask for advices, or just share what they do, please feel free to join! I will do my best to keep the chatroom a safe space for everyone.

I’d love to chat with other people struggling with their drawings 💓

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