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FanArt - Classic Miles “Tails” Prower

Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog) © SEGA

Sonic’s trusty sidekick, best friend, adopted brother and equal. Classic Tails, may you never be patronised for your age, you genius!  


This image was drawn in HB pencil and painted in watercolour paints on the 23rd November 2020. It was digitally enhanced in GIMP Image Editor on the 23rd November 2020. Paper type = 130 gsm


Please do not repost, modify or sell this image.

(Reblogging is fine, though!)

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I’ve Missed You

This painting has taken a little bit of time thanks to work exhausting me every single day, but it’s finally done and i’m pretty pleased with how it turned out! It’s really nice to get back into painting and take some time to create some that’s polished and complete. 

It’s also nice to try out and brave things that I normally would avoid like horses, hats, people’s backs, backgrounds etc. I think it’s very easy to gate yourself into only drawing what you’re comfortable and confident in, but then you’ll never learn!

Anyway this is Elizabeth and Arthur again, if you want to read how they meet then you can go to my ao3 Writings_of_a_Hufflepuff and read ‘First Meetings’ which described it!

This is available on my Redbubble Shop as prints, pins, stickers and more! 

(Watermark won’t show on actual products, it’s just there to discourage art theft)

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(Catherine Howard, ref from the sole confirmed portrait. BTW isn’t Tudor fashion just GORGEOUS?)


(old OC drawings with terrible coloring and accidental pencil smudging from some time ago)


(me trying to use watercolors and half-succeeding. Those orchids tho-)

yee my art style flip-flops from realistic to cartoony by the minute so if this blog ever takes off it’ll be wildly inconsistent. 

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I’m hooooome!!! And perfectly in time for #smallbusinesssaturday Shop is open again! Thanks for patiently waiting.
Start tuned for the release of two new sets later!
#kourtneypaints #mcclosker #watercolors #watercoulors #watercolor #paint #etsy #handmade #handmadepaint #handmadewatercolor #handmulled #aquerelle #video

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I used to love the spider-gwen comics when they were released! and of course I was ecstatic when I watched into the spiderverse and saw her with this updated ballerina vibe!!!

so can you imagine how much I SCREAMED when I discovered there were a bunch of other comics of her that I hadnt read????

so yeah I’m very deep into my spider comics now and the only think that will take me out of it is probably the dw trailer tomorrow ksdfkjdfkjdf so have this artwork I made of our lovely gwen of earth-65!

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