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#monster high
Reimagined Monster High Redesigns.
Redesigns coming soon
Catty Noir
Viperine Gorgon
Honey Swamp
Clawdia Wolf
Garrot Duroque
Old redesigns I wanna redo
Clawd Wolf
Ghoulia Yelps
Abbey Bominable
Scarah Screams
Characters that are gonna get redesigned but I'm not sure when. And their reimagined roles.
Luna Mothews. Aspiring Broadway actress.
Mouscedes King. Boo York Street urchin and part time tour guide.
Elle Eedee. Boo York Street performer.
Astranova. Same as original but without the Ever After High connection.
Nefara De Nile. Cleo's disowned sister.
Amanita Nightshade. Cleo's old roommate.
Andy Beast. Wild teen abandoned on an island. Very enthusiastic. No idea how to "properly" interact with civilization.
Ari Hauntington. Ghost singer that refused to stop after her death.
Cy Clops. Iris' older brother.
Dayna Treasura Jones. Pirate and rival to Vandala.
Dee O'Gee. Brutish werewolf that hates vampires.
Elissabat. Lost queen of vampires.
Gilda Goldstag. Yeah I have no ideas for her. She just exists. No personality to work with. I'll figure something out.
Gooliope Jellington. Shape-shifting circus performer.
Gory Fangtell. Scheming vampire that hates werewolves.
Jane Boolittle. Jungle dwelling fea.
Moanica D'Kay. Ghoulia's older sister. She studies abroad. And has no desire to rule the world with an army of "zomboys"
Raythe. Gamer. Needs a last name.
Batsy Claro. Exchange student.
Isi Dawndancer. Exchange student.
Kjersti Trollston. Exchange student. Famous gamer bootuber.
Marisol Coxi. Exchange student.
Lorna McNessie. Exchange student. Photo bomber.
Kala Meri'i. Lagoona's childhood bully.
Peri and Pearl Serpentine. Two heads. Zero brains.
Posea Reef. Goddess in training.
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bobisabisexualskull · an hour ago
If I have the time today I’m going to watch Barbie and the Diamond Castle
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mediadragonness · 7 hours ago
This might be me at 20, but I read the video they showed the Monster High Teens as classic school propaganda to prevent them from going out and prankung the normals or otherwise running amok. Like how some schools have lock-in parties after Graduation to prevent drunk driving.
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ghoulia-yelps · 7 hours ago
Top 5 Best and Worst Monster High dolls of: 2014
Since my post ranking the Abbey Bominable dolls got a little bit of attention, I thought I would do something similar! I plan on ranking more characters but, most of them have many more dolls than Abbey, so that will take a while. In the mean-time though, this! 
As with the previous post, everything below my #1 pick under the cut. :)
#1 Best: Zombie Shake Purrsephone and Meowlody
Honestly, these two just look cool. I find that by 2014 Monster High was already declining in quality and complex designs by quite a bit, so these two are very refreshing to see. The other 2 pack of Venus and Rochelle is also good, but i don’t want this list to become redundant.
Tumblr media
#1 Worst: Save Frankie! Jackson
Those glasses hurt me. Why does he have to look so cheesy here? I really liked his first 2 releases, but after that his dolls kinda just fell off. 
Tumblr media
#2 Best: New Scaremester Catty 
I really do wish they made more of Catty, she’s so pretty! I love basically any cat themed doll, and this is no exception. Pink and black is also a favorite color combo, so im biased.
Tumblr media
#2 Worst: Geek Shriek Howleen
I feel bad putting Howleen in the worst, i really do, but this doll of her is just boring. She doesn’t even look bad per say.... just under-detailed. Also whats up with the random blue in her colors?
Tumblr media
#3 Best: I Love Fashion Cleo
As with most Cleo dolls, she just looks so nice! I love all of her accessories and outfits, which is always a good sign when this dolls whole deal is coming with extra clothes. Also, I happen to like the blue/black hair. 
Tumblr media
#3 Worst: Ghoul’s Alive! Deuce
Okay, let’s be real, the Ghouls Alive line was always... shaky at best. I find that while a lot of the gimmicks are cool, the dolls themselves just end up looking weird and misshapen, as with Deuce here. His hard plastic head just does not look good!!
Tumblr media
#4 Best: Monster Exchange Lagoona
This Lagoona is just so pretty, her hair!! The shoes are also really cute, I can’t think of a single thing to criticize about this one. (I also love the draculaura from this line)
Tumblr media
#4 Worst: Haunted Draculaura
I’m sorry, but they just messed up on this line. The weird eye makeup I have NEVER been a fan of, and the outfit as a whole is quite cheesy. I wish they would have made these a bit differently, tbh.
Tumblr media
#5 Best: Ghoul Chat Rochelle & Catrine
Ahhh these two are so simple but I love them! Just a very cute set, honestly. Their hair and makeup is so pleasing to look at <3 I wish they made more of these characters! (God can you tell i love cats...)
Tumblr media
#5 Worst: Freaky Fusion Hybrids Bonita
This is actually the only one of the three freaky fusion hybrids I don’t have... and for good reason. I think i would like her much more without the yellow-green color. Maybe purple would have worked instead? But anyways, just not really my style.
Tumblr media
And thats it! I really enjoyed writing this list and again I’d love to discuss it if anyone wants to. :)
fun fact: 2014 had the 2nd most doll releases of monster high, behind 2016.
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hextsfromeverafter · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
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cowboytai · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
I must not draw myself as a demon I must not draw myself as a demon I must not draw myself as a demon I must not draw myself as a demon I must not dr-
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a-love-poet-at-heart · 12 hours ago
I went to a doll show today. Im fully vaxed and wore a mask obvs but like pretty weird a lot of everyone wasnt wearing one or were wearing it wrong. Like i get the vax covers you a lot but still
And also let me reiterate Doll Show. Like wtf your sellers and clientele are almost all at risk in the age rage for the virus
Ya know actually i swear all the under 40 year old people were wearing masks (i even saw a little girl wearing one) and all the elderly people were maskless. Even the elderly event organizers who were managing tickets werent wearing masks
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monsterhighpunk · 13 hours ago
Monster high characters pronouns and sexualities (my opinion) part 3
Neighthan: Genderfluid, uses he/she/they/xe pronouns, primarily uses xe/xim. Omni sexual, and tends to have a preference towards men, but in the end cares more about personality than gender.
Howleen: Agender, uses they/them and xe/xim. Polysexual, with a preference for not men.
Twyla: Non-binary, uses they/she pronouns. Demisexual lesbian.
Spelldon: Uses he/they pronouns, bisexual with a preference for men and non-binary monsters.
Valentine: Uses he/him but has experimented with using they/them pronouns. Gay as they come.
Toralei: She/Her, bicurious, most likely a lesbian.
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caleeeee · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jackson icons <3
~jackson’s adorable i can’t~
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crypticcatalys · 14 hours ago
The zombie unicorn guy from Monster High reminds me of Jake and I cant explain why
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sychuha288 · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
I decided to draw a Draculaura, I like it in red colors.I hope you like it too ^ ^
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stretch-time · 16 hours ago
it’s monster high braincell time
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