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#linked universe
karoviesart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I streamed a doodle the other day and it kind of escalated. suddenly I ended up with this. No permanent mcd intended here. But near? very. I named it Legend’s misfortune :) 
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captain-mozzarella · a day ago
Tumblr media
October 23
i was going to make this super detailed and stuff but then I got bored
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Wind: We found Time! So, you know what I'm getting tonight
Wind: Yelled at, i'm getting yelled at
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aureateart · a day ago
To be a simp, I love Twilight Linked Universe. He's perfect, he's tall, he's handsome, he's strong and his aesthetic is like a Sad Boy except he's not an Edgy Piece of Shit because he's loyal and caring and most importantly of all, a Sweet Country Man, because he's a man, and a good one. All the children of his village see him as a Big Brother, he loves animals and animals love him, the Otherworldly Lesbian Goth Girl even opened up her heart to him after seeing how silly and cute he was, how can you not love him? I just know that if I could fall in love I would fall in love with him because he's excellent. He deserves to be celebrated.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I adore that people sometimes write Warriors as an older brother figure to Time due to his involvement in the war, but I also think we're missing the funnier younger older brother brother situation: if Wind considered himself to be Time's older brother.
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catboy-vhylet · a day ago
Anyways Legend absolutely has better eyeliner game than Warriors. He just never uses his skills.
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claybrownie7566 · 2 days ago
Linked Universe: Why it's amazing
Some of my favorite panels:
- Wild showing Time Mipha
- Legend smiling, looking at Wind and the seagull on his head
- Time staring Majora's Mask in the eyes, saying he'd be afraid of what destroyed the demon, with his Fierce Deity side on full display in the firelight
- There's a random panel of Wind where he is just stood there with his sword that I enjoy for some reason
- Four and Wild losing it over Legend's jabs at Twilight when he figures out the Wolfie thing
- My favorite panel of the whole series is Legend smiling down at the master sword after changing back and it's just.....we don't get to see him smiling very much do we? It's just so nice and its such a lovely picture <3
- The way Wind is tucked under Warriors scarf in the scars bit is so sweet
- The entire Wild nightmare sequence where Wolfie helps him
- Hyrule and Warriors making a great duo during the fight in Divine Dark Refelctions
- All the Sheikah slate pictures
- The Malink Past side bit
- Ravio
Now, here's why I bring this up.
I am a "little things" person. And one of the things I adore about these comics is that it is built around little things.
Wind hiding under Warriors scarf is a tiny detail, but to us fans, it's what made us go: "wow, Warriors must really love this kid. Let's explore their relationship."
And then we did.
Time looking at Majora means nothing unless you know his story. And if you do know the story, that singular comic panel sends shivers up your spine and makes you giddy as the song of healing is brought to memory from all those years ago.
You know?
Legend smiling at the sword.....revealing that, like Sky, he sees it as a magnificent thing. A weapon, yes, but perhaps a friend too. Something familiar. Something that despite his fearsome past with it, holds an unexplainable excitement and giddiness for him.
That same feeling we have when we play the games. The feeling you get when the title theme plays and you draw the sword from the pedestal.
That's what this comic series is.
It's a love letter to the video games so many people love, and it's an ode to these characters that, until now, we didn't know much about.
We cheer when they win, we cry when they're down, and we feel this call to adventure just like the Link's do.
It's awesome, and I thought I'd share. I am beyond grateful my best friend brought me here because this fan series has become part of me.
So thank you Jojo. For....all of this.
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leeniidraw · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Sky with that hair color ✨✨👌✨
Divine Twili beast Sky by @ryssbelle
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also Legend and Twilight hair styles, I really wanted to draw them 💙
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The Links all assume because of Sky’s love of birds, he doesn’t eat poultry. Then they go to a festival of some sort with the loz-equivalent of fried chicken and Sky just wolfs it down, fully aware of what it is
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bokettochild · 3 days ago
Hey! You seem to know the LU fandom well, could you recommend me some good writers I can follow? I've found some, but quality is hard to come by,haha. Thanks>!>
Of course dear!!!!
@claybrownie7566 is really good, and they come up with amazing ideas all the time!
@thesacredtwink is the same way, and if you haven't already I would definitely suggest checking out their Gerudo Twilight AU!!!!
@heroineoftwilight is also really good! Lots of Father Time content over there, and plenty of Twilight content, of course!!!!
It's not writing exactly but @ask-lu-wild has a great story going that I recommend to anyone who likes Wild as a character!!!
There's also our local Angst Queen, @secretlysheikah, who just... If you read their stuff be prepared to have your heart ripped out and stitched up lovingly, only to have it ripped up again :')
@lulalottee is also one of my favorites! And (provided I tagged the right person) they have a great post BotW2 story that I was following! It hasn't updated in a bit, but it's freaking awesome!!!
@kenna-writes-n-stuff also does some great stuff, most of what I've seen from them is Wild focused of course, but he's a fan favorite, so lots of people (myself included) love it :)
@catboy-vhylet also does a lot of Legend content, if you're interested in more stuff with him (if you're on my blog at all I have to assume you at least like him) and I think they also do Four stuff!!!
@i-am-1142 is also recently dabbling in Linked Universe Fanfiction, and I'd check out there stuff! I don't know if they've established a character brand but they have a cool story currently going about Four!
I know that there are a TON of other great writers out there, and I've only touched on a few, so if anyone else has suggestions for my lovely anon here, please share them!!!!
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transzeldas · 2 days ago
Wild after a full mental break down: wow that was bad
Wild: *dissociates completely*
Wild: all better now
Twilight: Wild what the fuck-
Four (Green): oh big mood
Wild: really???
Four (Green): yeah. Anytime I feel too sad my brain literally sends me away
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Twilight: So, what would you say is your biggest weekness?
Legend: Probably just like... who I am as a person
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telemna-hyelle · 4 hours ago
So we have long hair in a braid (possibly canon?) Time
Tumblr media
We have long hair in a braid Twilight (courtesy of the amazing @ryssbelle​ )
Tumblr media
What I want to know is, where is long hair in a braid Wars? Or long hair in a braid Sky? 
please i need it for simping purposes
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