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|  Phoenix | 1. a mythical bird of great beauty fabled to live 500 or 600 years in the Arabian wilderness, to burn itself on a funeral pyre, and to rise from its ashes in the freshness of youth and live through another cycle of years: often an emblem of immortality or of reborn idealism or hope.
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Joseph Seed 05/???
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gudetama for anon!
X | X | X || X | X | X || X | X | X
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Galadriel: If you get in trouble, I’m gonna be like a lawyer to you. Ok?
Amrod: Okay
Maedhros: Amrod! Sit down on the chair, you’re in trouble
Galadriel, whispering: Deny everything
Amrod, loudly: That isn’t a chair
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Every time Charlie says shut up
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ethereal still-life works of spanish artist rafael català .
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“Trust me.”
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A few of the usual suspects: Felix and Felicia Aldrich, Harlan and Hestia Aldrich, Griffin Goetz and Vlad Straud, Gray and Henry Aldrich, and my newest Aldrich to become a teen, Mia Sigworth
Try it here and show me your sims, please!
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Stede: Someone buy my booty!
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Bowbot, in high voice, holding Barbie: Ken! I was thinking about going back to school and getting a career!
Goo, in low voice, holding Ken: Nonsense, Barbie. You're staying home and having my kids!
Test Tube: What are you two doing?
Bowbot: Playing systematic oppression.
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hello, hope your day is going well, could you do a fic when Lou gets her wisdom teeth out or something; and is like really out of it while the anaesthesia wears off and the crew come to visit her, I just think she would say some really funny stuff, and get all protective if Debbie tried too kiss her or something yelling "I have a wife!" not knowing who Deb is :) Thanks always for your fabulous work xox
Tumblr media
“Did you seriously all have to come?” Debbie asked, closing the magazine on her lap as Constance gave her a sheepish grin, the crew sharing equally awkward smiles and apologetic looks as they clambered in behind her, lingering in the door way.
“I’m sorry,” the receptionist frowned at the group of women, lowering her glasses down the bridge of her nose. “But it’s family only.”
“They’re my children,” Debbie sighed, the sarcasm missed by the receptionist who instead looked completely bewildered and confused.
“Adopted,” Nine winked, snatching a lollipop off the desk before she sank down on the couch next to Debbie. “Hey, mama. How’s pops holding up?”
“Your guess is as good as mine,” the brunette smiled thoughtfully, now grateful for the presence of the team. “She should be out any minute or so. They say it’s worse the older you are having this done.”
“Did you just call your wife old?” Tammy winced. “Ouch.”
“She may think she’s twenty-five,” Debbie rolled her eyes. “But sometimes we all need to embrace the fact that she’s fifty.”
“And fabulous!” Amita offered.
“It’s just teeth, right?” Daphne sighed, running an index finger over the dusty coffee table in the waiting room and frowning. “She’s got like a hundred more.”
“You sure you didn’t get your wisdom teeth removed, Daph?” Nine snorted.
“I just want to see anesthesia dad,” Constance grinned. “I brought my iPad. Can’t wait to get some videos. People say mad weird shit before they come to.”
“Oh she’ll love that,” Tammy sighed, rolling her eyes as she gave Debbie a sympathetic pat. “She’ll be fine, Debs. We know she’s had more than her fair share of worse.”
Neither of the women missed Debbie’s subtle flinch as Tammy’s face soured, both knowing Debbie wasn’t thinking of bike accidents or bar fights, but blaming herself for pain instead, even as she tossed Tammy a smile that said ‘don’t worry about it’ as Tammy rubbed her shoulder.
“Mrs. Miller?”
Debbie looked up, relief flooding her face as she reached for her purse before standing.
“Is she alright?” Debbie asked quietly, standing slowly before pacing forward in her heels, the women watching her closely.
“She’s doing just fine,” the assistant smiled warmly, waving her forward. “You’re free to go back, but I’m afraid the rest of you—“
“Are family,” Debbie smirked, nodding towards the door, the rest of the team standing to gather behind her.
“Right, but they need to be immediate—“
“They are,” Debbie shot back, pushing past the other woman as the rest of the crew followed her down the hall towards the outpatient room.
“Adults are kids too,” Constance declared before maturely sticking her tongue out at the assistant, Tammy smacking her upside the head.
“Hey, baby,” Debbie cooed, stepping into the room as the women followed before staying in the doorway, waiting for their leaders cue before they got any closer.
Lou looked up at the brunette with groggy eyes, her face falling into a smile as best it could with gauze propped up between her teeth and the corners of her mouth.
“I don’t think you should flirt with patients like that,” Lou spoke, attempting to smirk.
“Lou?” Debbie laughed, frowning down at her as the blonde swatted her away. “It’s Debbie. You okay, baby?”
“My wife’s name is Debbie,” Lou mumbled, looking down at her lap, playing with the paper napkin on her chest. “Do you know where she is?”
“Oh, this is gonna be good,” Constance grinned, dipping into the room as she propped her iPad up, Debbie kicking at her.
“That is Debbie, Lou,” Tammy smiled, coming around to stand beside the brunette. “How you feeling, sweetie?”
“You look like this friend Debbie has,” Lou thought aloud. “Abby? Jenny?”
“Tammy,” Tammy hissed. “Come on, it’s anesthesia not coming out of a coma twenty years later.”
“Jesus, give her a second, Tam,” Debbie grumbled, elbowing her friend.
“Baby, the nurse said you’re free to go as soon as you feel okay to stand up,” Debbie whispered, touching Lou’s thigh gently as she smiled at her. “I can help you to the car, alright? And then we’ll get you home so you can get some sleep.”
“No, no,” Lou shook her head. “I can’t go with you. My wife’s picking me up. Debbie. Debbie Ocean? Well, now it’s Miller. She insisted. I always thought she’d keep her name, you know? She’s a badass. Independent. But I guess deep down, at the end of the day, she wants a family just like anyone else. She’s my family. My wife. I’m waiting for her.”
“God, even when they don’t know who the other one is, they’re disgustingly sappy,” Daphne sighed.
“Gentle, love,” Rose shushed her. “Er, Deborah. Perhaps we should leave and give her a moment?”
Lou let out a snort. “No need to wait. She’s always on time. Early even. Early is on time and on time is late. Don’t con a con. A good con is an easy con. A—“
“Lou, honey,” Debbie murmured, gently brushing her index finger under the blonde’s chin. “Shhhh. Let’s keep quiet while we’re out at the doctor okay. Let’s get you home so you can get some sleep.”
“Next thing you know she’s going to tell the hygienist that we robbed the—“
“Mita!” Debbie snapped, whipping her head around. “Lou is the only one around here with an excuse for loose lips, alright? Come on. Help me ease her up, guys. We need to get her back to the loft. Get her settled and comfy. Hopefully with some rest, she’ll come to.
“Look, you seem very nice, and you’re really pretty, but my wife—“
“Yes, Lou,” Debbie sighed, smiling at her as she shook her head. “I’m your wife, baby. I’m Debbie. See?”
She flashed her wedding band and engagement set at the blonde as Lou took her hand, studying it.
“That’s gorgeous,” Lou breathed.
“It is,” Debbie agreed, chuckling as she layered the blonde’s hand on top of her own. “And it matches yours. They’re engraved too. I’d rather our children not know every intimate detail of our lives, but you’re free to check the inscriptions themselves. We designed them for each other. You know, before we exchanged vows.”
“Debbie,” the blonde breathed.
“Yes?” Debbie asked, her eyes hopeful.
“Debbie, where did we park the purple dinosaur? Because I don’t want to go home in the red one, honey. And I really need a milkshake. You said I could have milkshakes, right?”
“God, it’s going to be a long night,” Tammy exhaled.
“Well, chop, chop, Deb,” Constance grinned. “Where did you park that dinosaur? Cause it’s not gonna drive itself.”
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“Remember, we are just guests here,” Villain whispered to Sidekick as Hero led them through the foyer and deeper into Base.
“And what exactly is that supposed to mean?” Sidekick whispered back. 
“It means Villain doesn’t want the two of you to get comfy on the off chance I change my mind and throw you out.” Hero turned around with a sad smile. 
“It would put us at the mercy of Supervillain.” Villain replied flatly. They were not trusting of Hero. Not yet. 
“You two saved my life. I’m not repaying that kindness by letting you get killed.” Hero gestured around Base. “This is my refuge. And it’s yours now, too.”
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Celegorm: Are you an ‘arr’ pirate or a ‘yo ho ho’ pirate?
Curufin: I’m a ‘I’m not paying $600 for Photoshop’ pirate
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On this blog we appreciate Yan Xu
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kim kassas couture “siren call” bridal collection .
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