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Sent by @anwenlsu

I think the surgery Bryce proposed for Kyra failing and Kyra dying (if that is what ends up happening in OH2) could lead to more character development for Bryce and some much-needed time with another LI. After seeing how much Kyra’s death hurts MC, Bryce could go through a period of completely doubting himself. With MC’s help (and some extra scenes if we’re romancing him) he regains his confidence but also comes out of the whole experience with some newly-gained humility.


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Magnus: Oh look there’s no space on this couch.

Simon: Literally the whole cou—

Magnus: Looks like I’ll have to sit on Alec’s lap

Jace: No, there’s still spac—

Magnus [snuggled up on Alec’s lap]: What a shame.

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A minkey friendship moment a day till they’re both back with us, day 442: minkey absolutely refusing to let Jonghyun do literally anything without making fun of him, including making fun of the way he asked them to stop making fun of him.

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