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At twenty-five, all hope has died
And the glass of my intentions turns to sand
And shatters in my hand ♫

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Since when were rainbows a thing??

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Satoko wants for both of them to stay at Hinamizawa, Rika wants both of them to leave Hinamizawa and now both of them are butthurt

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heey! thank you so much anon! 💕

wish what i had to say would match the loving energy…

so, i answered this question a while ago, and although it can be a heavy subject, when it comes to pregnancy and someone who i believe won’t change their mind about it, i feel like lucas wouldn’t be present as a dad.

financially? absolutely. but i don’t think he would become a dad, and be there as one would. i said in a previous answer that it’s better for someone like that to stay away, and i say it based off my experience… 

tmi here, but i was raised by someone who didn’t want to have kids, so trust me! it’s much better if he stays away.

here’s the ask an anon sent a while ago, and what i said about it, and one about unexpected pregnancy.

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YES and YES and YES. jonny and their baby have their own secret language right from the start, and sometimes at night he whispers to the baby that its dad is the dumbest man on the face of the planet who doesn’t realized how loved he is, so jonny and the baby have to be patient with him and love him even harder. and maybe he even thanks the baby for existing, and for bringing its dumbass parents together. and then he definitely tells it about how it has to root for team canada at the olympics (or play for canada, if it decides to play hockey) even though it’s mostly going to grow up in chicago. and meanwhile patrick’s just lazily drowsing and combing his fingers through jonny’s hair and wondering what the hell jonny’s saying but then he realizes he probably has a pretty good handle on it, even if he doesn’t understand french.

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dans votre cœur - Love_Me_Dead - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
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A Light in the Black, or just a Fear of the Dark?
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Glenna: “I see… I see a face… it’s a woman! The spirit haunting this house is a woman!”

The lights cease their flickering, and the ghostly glow subsides.

Fenton: “Wow… you did it. You actually did it.”

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