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Fun Fact

The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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“Four Rock Sun”

Some more of my orginal work.

This one came to me after listening two of my favorite bands,  Bad Brains and Fishbone. I wanted to go for a more 80’s style appearance for the band, since both Bad Brains and Fishbone released their first albums in the early 80’s.

This was a mixture of pen, white fine liner, and various colored pencils.

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Half Price sale on my nuMONDAY

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! This photo will be updated later on due to poor quality, I will update this as soon as I get a new device !

Happy Pride Month everyone! It’s finally here and my Pride Month Project can begin!

If you haven’t read the project scripture please do! I’ve planned to draw my heart out this year, I will say that love doesn’t always envolve sex. Love is a huge sign of compassion and understanding with your significant other, so before you say “This ship is disgusting!” or “they’re fucking ugly together!” please remember,

Love is love, it’s compassion, understanding, and kindness towards someone you truly care about and love. Some ships are weird yes, but this is a month where we as a community and as a family to celebrate our differences! So please spread love and understanding, not hate and crude biase.

❤Happy Pride Month❤

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