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anyway here’s my terrible mostly-80s playlist <3

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Just finished this, so it needs some kinks worked out. I wrote this about tone and how, even when you’re right, the way you communicate something can cause damage. Honestly, I don’t necessarily agree with or like this idea 100% because I think it gets into victim-blaming territory. I’ve found that, a lot of the times, people won’t care to listen to some people (especially marginalized people) unless their tone is a little more direct or harsh. And even then, that tone is used to discredit them. But there’s always a balance to strike, or else the intended result becomes coercion...I guess?


‘Cause I meant it, but it made me mean

And my intent was merely instinct

Know you hate how, how I handled things

And yet, you say I was right (and you)

Gotta hand it to me

Though you wish I’d been sweet

Gotta hand it to me

‘Shamed but ‘least I can sleep

And, oh, I know my tone

Is why I just might die alone

Never what, just how, I say what I do

I hope this line I toe

Is worth the shin splints, and the bullshit, and the distance ‘cause I don’t

But I’ll move at a graceful, pleasant pace for you

Though I can’t, know I’ll lose

At this pace, oh so smooth

God knows my cannon’s loose

Oh, times I’ve said it cordially

Did you see them ignoring me?

Only way to get shit done’s to hit where it hurts!

But the more I change forcibly

The less my right seems morally

Ethical, and gridlocked, or credible

Vertigo on my soapboxed pedestal

So, I’ll try and be kinder, more careful

With my caring, with my effort

Say, oh, I’ll try to speak gentle

And, right or right, I’ll be better

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Personally…I believe that many individuals live a restrained life, a chained one. And it roots deeply into the soul which by its very nature yearns to be free, but is consistently taught it is not. And the longer it is restrained, the more it writhes until it becomes like a force, intangible, wounded, torn.

And when one becomes so used to this feeling, you seldom realize when it overtakes you. That at times of lowliness, when the frailty of humanity is at its weakest, and when those chains grow most thin, that force breaks free and swallows us angrily…sadly…

..And it all begins when we believe we are alone with our endeavors. When our voices are silenced, our feelings unreciprocated, and our love hidden away as a shameful secret.

So many of us have sat with these feelings for so long…we don’t even know what it feels like to feel the sun of somebody else. That we’ll always be this way…alone.

But you should know that you are not alone in this right now. That no matter where either of us exist,   We’ll always be together someway, somehow.

May my words be the light to ease your darkness.

Inspired by Pogo’s “ Give to you ” which can be found here

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Apple Music or Spotify?

I need help!! I’ve had Apple Music membership for years now and I’m thinking to switch to Spotify. I’m in need of advise.

And here’s another thing, In my apple account I have songs from yt and I found a way to bring them on Spotify, also I can connect my Apple Music with my car but every time I tried to do the same with Spotify, it wouldn’t connect.

Can anyone help me choose?🙏🏼

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Wednesday Vibes….
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