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vile-lithium3 · 2 days ago
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niiv · 2 days ago
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From “Witches at Their Incantations”
by Salvator Rosa
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nerviovago · 2 days ago
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Bill Sienkiewicz
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hallow-witxh · 2 days ago
How to use lemons in witchcraft (Pt. 2)
Part two: Lemon flesh and juice
Basics of lemons:
Zodiac: Cancer and Pisces Planet: The Moon Element: Water Energy: Feminine
Lemon flesh/juice in witchcraft
The best lemonade you'll ever have is also a potent spiritual protection spell/potion! Cut off the peel of 2 large lemons, and slice the flesh into bits. Remove seeds. Add bits to a pot with a sprig of fresh basil, 2 cups of water, and 1 cup of sugar(or to taste, I personally only use 1/2 a cup). Simmer for 10 minutes and stir occasionally while mashing the lemon bits with a spoon. Remove from heat, cool to room temperature, and strain over 2 cups of ice water in a pitcher. This should give you about 4 or 5 cups of lemonade depending on your sugar taste. You can also add water, use more lemon - whatever calls to you.
Lemon juice is just full of cleansing energy and potent negative energy absorption. Add a bit to your water in the mornings to help absorb negativity all day! Easy, fast, delightful in sparkling water (but I am secretly a 65-year-old grandparent in a 22-year-old body so I like sparkling water)
Lemon juice is also very protective outside your body. You can dab it onto your clothes, add a tablespoon to your washing machine or dishwasher, or even just sprinkle a tiny bit into your mop bucket (And I mean TINY: a tablespoon to a gallon ratio, or even less). All of that with infuse you and your home with a clean, fresh energy.
Of course, these are just a few easy broom-closet-friendly ideas, so if you aren't worried about keeping your practice hidden, feel free to add on your ideas and tricks! My blog is geared mostly towards beginners or people living in unfriendly environments, so a lot of my lists, tricks, and tips are for them. As always, remember to do your research and always practice in a cleansed environment! Blessed be!
Tips and Commissions for a struggling witch: Ko-Fi
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mydearbasil · 2 days ago
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My spin on Toulmouche's Reluctant Birde Painting :) Featuring Roo, Rabbit, Muhkta & Lilia
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sapphic-nature-witch · 2 days ago
Aloe is just always good to have on hand 🪴🌕
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mothmaam · 2 days ago
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Pre-Yule / December New Moon Simmer Pot
Several Orange slices
A few Green Apple slices
Several Pine Branches
3 tblsp of Whole Cloves
3 Cinnamon Sticks
1/3 tblsp of Cinnamon Powder
Handful of Bay Leaves
Gonna do another one on Yule but with cranberries and star anise. This one is for the new moon tonight!
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Witch books are a pain in the ass when you're not a beginner!
When you're a beginner it's so easy, you just look up witchcraft books and you have hundreds to choose from all with the same information. It's so difficult to look for books about witchcraft that aren't for beginners or filled with misinformation, or are actually just mislabelled wicca.
So I've given up on searching for "witchcraft" books and gone into looking at specific research books instead. It can get pretty tedious when the books you want to read aren't easy guides with pretty covers but they're practical, go into a lot more depth and are WAYYY more credible.
I would totally recommend doing this if you've been stuck like I have. Don't worry about your topics being too niche or specific, I guarantee there's a PhD student somewhere who's written about it.
Here are some topics that you could start searching for:
magic in your cultural heritage
magic in a history/culture of interest (with respect to their boundaries)
historical development of a specific deity
religious archaeology
pop culture interpretations
biblical/Christian interpretations (King James I)
demons/the devil
performance and story telling
feminism (some books in this topic will be terfy in which case check the bibliography and reviews)
When you're looking at books check the bibliography! A credible source of information will have referenced numerous different sources from several different medias and viewpoints. If you're looking at a bibliography and it's all books about the same exact topic by similar people that's proof that the book is just a parody of a parody and there is nothing to gain.
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themysticnamedamy · 2 days ago
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A Small Glimpse Of The New Year 2022
Pile 1 - Flames
There will be a material blessing reaching you in 2022. This could be an (expensive) gift, a raise in salary or the use of money (like a holiday trip) which will help you a lot and give you a sense of security.
I sense a lot of feminine energy, implying the year will more require you to react than to act, this can be a welcome change, especially if the last year(s) forced you to do many things you usually don´t like.
It will be quite a calm year for you, which might make you worry a little if this is the calm before the storm but it isn't! You will have a stable, lovely year full of serenity, do not worry about it!
Pile 2 - Forest
I have the feeling the last year(s) made you feel stuck in one place, this energy might reach over the next year but please do not worry, this will only be like this at the beginning of the year, then things will change.
I see a strong change actually, maybe you will move, maybe you will get in a relationship or you will find a new job or maybe all of this! You will definitely break out of the old routine of the last year(s).
It might be difficult at first to get used to it but in the end, you will love it, I promise. You will feel a complete change in your life and your own way of perception.
Pile 3 - Moon
At the beginning of the year, it almost seems like someone is betraying you or trying to do something behind your back, so you better watch out for that. It might break your trust in this person.
This might cause you to leave this person, this environment you´ve been living in for now. For some of you, this also indicated a move to another city. It could also indicate you leaving a certain group of your family or friends behind.
At the end of the year, you might still be looking back and wondering if you´ve done the right decision but you did, do not worry and then you will be happily moving toward.
Pile 4 - Candle
You will be making a decision in the next year which will very much influence your life and maybe even those around you. You will be the judge of something and people will follow your lead but do not worry, you will know what you´re doing.
This decision will turn your life upside down but in a very good way. It will be the change you needed all those years but maybe did not even notice.
In the end, you will be ruling your life in a way you never experienced before. You might also be leading some other people, which might indicate work as a teacher or something in that direction.
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charliedzilla · 9 hours ago
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My witchsona. On te last picture together with my dear Errem who is a teeth witch! I vibe with chickens, they are super neat! <3
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alder-bos · a day ago
Deity Work Guides: Brigid, Thor and Cernunnos
Tumblr media
Culture: Celtic
Goddess of: Spring, Fertility, Family, The Hearth, Childbirth, Fire, Blacksmiths, Scholars, Physicians, Prophets, Healing, Poetry, Occult knowledge, and Justice
Symbols: Brigid’s Cross, Candles, Triquetra, Faeries, Four leaf clovers, Cauldron, Chalice, Corn Dolly, Anvil, Hammer, Poetry, Forges, Hearths, Wells and Rock Formations
Colours: Green, Red, White, Gold and Blue
Animals: Snakes, Ewes, Sheep, Cows, Bees, Oxen, Owls and Hibernating animals
Plants: Cinnamon, Chamomile, Blackberry, Hawthorn, Basil, Mugwort, Apple, Heather, Dandelion, Snowdrop, Willow, Oak, Shamrock, Crocus, Trillium, Corn, Lavender and Sage
Incense: Myrrh, Wisteria, Frankincense, Cinnamon
Other Associations: Water and Fire,
Offerings: Blackberries, Milk, Bread, Herbal Teas, Heather, Brigid’s Cross, Beer
Devotional Acts:
Dedicate some Art to her
Meditate with fire
Learn blacksmithing
Watch the sunrise
Say hello to Cows and Sheep
Hang a Brigid’s Cross above your doorway for blessings and protection
Study healing magic
Plant a bee garden
Tumblr media
Culture: Norse
God of: Thunder, Lightning, Strength, Protection, Fertility, Masculinity, Protector of Humanity
Symbols: Mjolnir, Thurisaz Rune
Colours: Red, Gold, Blue and White
Animals: Goats, Bulls
Plants: Oak, Garlic, Onion, Gorse, Thistle, Hawthorn, Leeks, Houseleek, Mountain Ash, Hazel, Pine, Acorns, Oak Moss
Incense: Oak, Dragon’s Blood, Juniper, Pine, Rain and Amber
Other Associations: Strength, The Chariot, Thursday, Jupiter
Offerings: Hearty Foods with lots of meat or onions, Mead, Beer, Flattery, Oak, Whiskey, Coffee, Honey
Devotional Acts:
Be gentle and compliment others
Work out and be strong
Protect the vulnerable
Talk to him a lot. He flirts a lot too
Be out in the rain and safely admire a thunderstorm
Learn to craft with wood, especially oak
Watch Action Movies with him, like Lord of the Rings
Wear a Mjolnir necklace
Practice using weapons safely
Tumblr media
Culture: Celtic
God of: Forests, Wild Animals, Finances, The Underworld, Death, Hunting, Balance, Grounding and Healing, Transitioning into the Afterlife and Fertility
Symbols: Horns, The Torc, Gold Coins, Serpents
Colours: Yellow, Gold, Forest Greens, Silver, Black
Animals: Stags, Elk, Goats, Deer, Bulls, Horses, Ram Horned Snakes, Snakes, Boars, Owls, Hawks, Ravens
Plants: Ash, Bayberry, Chamomile, Cedar, Cinnamon, Heliotrope, Holly, Ivy, Lavender, Juniper, Myrrh, Nettle, Oak, Patchouli, Pine, Sandalwood, Sunflower, Vine, Yarrow
Incense: Musk, Benzoin, Frankincense, Patchouli, Pine
Other Associations: Earth and Air, Sunday,
Offerings: Venison, Cooked Meats (ethically sourced), Roses, Sunflowers, Lavender, Wildflowers, Juniper Bark and Berries, Oak wood carvings, Green or Gold Candles, Cinnamon, Cloves, Pine scents, Pelts (ethically sourced), Feathers, Bones, Forest Moss, Antlers, Horns, Pine Cones, Gold Coins, Daggers, Poetry art, Celtic Music
Devotional Acts:
Hiking and Hunting
Connecting with nature
Meditation and Grounding, especially Outside
Listening to Irish/Celtic Music
Cooking with his favorite foods
Talking with him
Singing in Irish
Wearing a pendant for him
Taking care of your body, especially if you're chronically ill
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