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My fellow witches, I am in great need of your advice, wisdom and guidance. I’m having trouble with a person who is constantly lying and denying about anything and everything and tends to look through my stuff (witchy stuff)….This person doesn’t care about witchy stuff…They hate it, don’t believe in it etc.. but yet keeps on trying to see what I read or write…they can be somewhat controlling about it. I spend almost 24/7 with this person who can’ t respect what isn’t theirs or my personal path…I am wondering what is the best thing to do in this type of situation?

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Rabbit hunt, seven cards reading;


Cards should be placed as following:

1   2


4  5



The cards represent:

  1. the rabbit: you, the protagonist, the prey;
  2. the wolf: the hunter, the chaser, your enemy in this game;
  3. a crossroad: where or why rabbit and wolf meet, the look in your eyes as you see the hunter for the first time;
  4. a choice: the path to your left;
  5. a choice: the path to your right;
  6. dead end: what will be of you, if you walk down the wrong path;
  7. curtain call: what will be of you, once the chase ends.

A reading for games, with mischievous or malicious undertones, it is up to you. I made it up myself, and had quite some fun.

Can give clarity regarding the nature of a relationship, or deepen the knowledge one has of oneself. It implies that, given two choices, one is better than the other.

It’s all playpretend, so best start running.

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If anyone is down to chat about witchcraft, Wicca, spirituality, the occult, spells, magic, deities,crystals, tarot/divination, or paganism hmu! I’m looking for more spiritual friends and my mom is getting tired of me coming up to her every day with my epiphanies and new developments lol.

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Ok but like why do witchy shows always make me cry? Give me depictions of badass women calling on the strength of their sisters and mothers and give me matriarchs and strength derived from being a woman not in spite of it and I will just fucking melt. It’s too much. I cant.

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For those of you who went and checked out my first ever song “Curse Mark” and have given me such lovely support and kind words, thank you.
And another big thank you goes to those who have commissioned Dal'urk designs from me, I’m elated to share my runes and work with you.

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It’d be cool to have likeminded friends who are interested in spirituality. If you’re into tarot, astrology, are psychic, empath or witch, or just a beginner and interested you can message me! We can help improve our intuition and skills together 🌼🏵️🌻

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@nightcrawling-666 asked the question “What would be some good things to research to see if signs are coming from a deity?” From this post.

This is a very good question even though it’s a little hard to answer. There are so many deities that you may feel overwhelmed when trying to do research. 

If there is a culture you have already felt a pull towards, that’s where you should begin your search. Let’s say you keep seeing bodies of water at seemingly random times. If you’re connected to the Roman Gods, you might look up Neptune. There’s the Chinese goddess of fishing, T’ien Hou. Or even the Celtic God Manannan Mac Lir. 

It’s a very subjective thing just because you have so many ‘coincidences’ happening during the day. If you think of these things as more than coincidences, you might be able to connect it to a deity. 

Google will be your BEST friend during these times. Search things related to what you’ve seen or felt. For example, ‘which pantheons are related to marriage?’ (if you see interlocking rings). This should pull up some correspondences. You’ll need to be aware of which culture your looking into because it’s likely that the background you already like/believe in will be the background of your pantheon. It might take some time or you might figure it out relatively quickly. Patience is key!

After you think you’ve figured out who your deities are, you can ask for confirmation. I usually do this by saying a prayer to them before sleep to let them come to me in my dreams. If I wake up and remember any symbols related to them, then those are my deities. You can also do this through tarot, meditation, etc. 

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Malediction (Ritual of the Court Trilogy)

A good friend wrote this book and right now she’s going through a tough time during this Corona epidemic, she’s homeless, living in a car with her mother and she’s prone to illnesses like pneumonia, which means covid-19 could be very dangerous for her!

If you want to help, this is the link to her book but she also has a Twitter! Venmo and Cashapp cause PayPal is being dumb and not letting her get her Ko-Fi money!


Venmo: Nikkole-Ray

Cashapp: NikkReyes

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These are divination spreads with a layout of 2 spaces. They can be used with many different forms of divination such as tarot, runes, or oracle cards.

  1. Blockage | Solution
  2. Situation | Challenge
  3. I | You
  4. Aim | Blockage
  5. Ideal | Settling for
  6. Now | Later
  7. Situation | Extra info
  8. Querent | Adversary
  9. Choice A | Choice B
  10. Core Need Person A | Core Need Person B
  11. Empowers | Disempowers
  12. Do | Don’t
  13. Need to change | Need to keep
  14. My strength | My weakness
  15. Growth | Stagnation
  16. Give | Take
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