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sacerdotessa · 13 hours ago
Beauty in a birth chart:
DISCLAIMER: Many different people made this post, this is MY OWN version based on my observations.
If you’re an IG page and want to repost this, don’t forget to tag the creator: @sacerdotess4 on IG
Don’t plagiarize, you were born original, don’t die a copy.
Tumblr media
Rising signs that suggests classical, regular and harmonious features, they usually don't like to be too extra and with a “look at me” attitude:
Taurus rising
Libra rising
Virgo rising
Rising signs that suggests a sexy, hot, sensual and attractive beauty; even if their features are not so regular, they tend to impress others with their sex appeal, they don't care about being conventional:
Aries rising
Scorpio rising
Capricorn rising*
*Those with a Capricorn rising tend to be attractive thanks to their Scorpio Midheaven. If you notice, these people are never perceived as vulgar or “too excessive” (Ariana Grande, Zac Efron, Meghan Fox, Zooey Deschanel, etc...)
Rising rigns that suggests an unapologetic, stunning, “Hollywood like” beauty:
Cancer rising
Leo rising
Pisces rising
Placements that suggests beauty and attractiveness:
Venus in Taurus, Leo, Libra, Pisces
Mars in Taurus, Leo, Libra
Venus in 1st/2nd/5th house
Mars in Taurus, Leo, Libra in 1st/2nd/5thhouse
Sun, Moon, Neptune. Jupiter in 1st/2nd/5thhouse
Sun, Moon, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter in positive aspects with rising sign or Sun
Placements that suggests being hot and sexy:
Venus in Aries or Scorpio
Mars in Aries or Scorpio
Mars in 1st/2nd house
Venus in 8th house
Mars or Scorpio in positive aspects with the rising sign or Sun
Jupiter in positive aspects with Mars or Scoprio
ko-fi ☕️: sacerdotessa
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theskepticalwitch · 10 hours ago
My dear, listen to me.
Your witchcraft will never be like another witch's craft.
You are a unique being, a unique person with unique life expereinces.
Your path will be different, because you are different, and that is okay.
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newtypehero · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A commission featuring Katya trying out outfits with the commissioner’s OC.
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witchyautumns · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
❤️ lena_fox_art ❤️
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devils-queen · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
✞ 666 ✞
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the-black-rose-witch · 13 hours ago
Looking for active witches!
Please like / reblog if you're still active in the witchblr community and ill give you a follow!
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theskepticalwitch · 14 hours ago
Self Care Challenge
I have a challenge for all of my followers and fellow witches.
Today, I want you to do a self care ritual for yourself. All you need is the intention for cleansing and healing (at least, I believe in intention being very useful).
Some ideas: Self care bath, giving yourself a spa treatment, painting your nails, gardening, going for a walk, taking a nap, enjoying a hobby, taking time off the internet, smoke cleansing, meditation
Then, I want you to share with me and our fellow witches your plan for what you're going to do in reblogs or replies (replies are on for people who have followed me for over a week).
I want to see more self care in Witchblr, because I truly believe self care plays a huge part in spirituality.
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themysticnamedamy · 10 hours ago
What Is Your Soul Family Like ? - PAC
This is a general Pick A Card reading, meaning, you should only take what resonates and leave what doesn´t, not everything will be able to fit you, it´s not a personal reading, so please keep that in mind.
You should never rely on the Tarot to make any life choice for you, nor should you ever take anything too seriously, especially if it doesn´t resonate with you. It can be good advice but it also can be bad advice. Please rely on your intuition and on facts whenever making decisions.
Tarot readings of all kinds which are predicting the future in any way shouldn´t be seen as 100% set. You are the creator of your own fate, you can indeed work on making a tarot reading true but you can also work on the opposite. Your future is formable.
All Pictures used below are NOT owned by me. I downloaded them from a Website called Unsplash, which offers freely usable imagines.
Please consider leaving a comment and reblogging this Pick A Card reading if you liked it and/or it resonated with you, thank you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. Pile - Red Flower
Your soul family are people who are very perceptive. They know what they want and they most certainly are capable of getting it no matter what. I do not want to call them manipulative but they are very good with words, they are very convincing to say so.
They are capable of manifesting everything they want and generally have a strong personalities. Your people have sharp sight and are able to analyze others quite easily. They might be very interested in psychology and how the human mind works.
2. Pile - Notebook
Your soul family are very easy people, in terms of "You don´t need much to be happy". They are actually the pile with the fewest cards, despite I tried to give everyone the same amount of cards this pile simply refused. "We have enough" is what I got while laying cards for them. They don´t need much to be happy.
They might be very emotional people. They are very supportive and know how to see the light in the dark. There is something dark to them, they are simply not afraid to feel and live through negative emotions as they know it makes them stronger.
3. Pile - Yellow Flowers
Your soul family are very intellectual people. They always seek new stimulations for their mind. Some might even describe them as witty. They also are very creative, some of them might do arts or even write things. At least some type of creative outlet is being found by them.
They are excellent listeners, though they also love talking about themselves. They love to see and feel the world around them, though they also really value the word and its meaning.
4. Pile - City
Your soul family are very independent people. They need no one to thrive, they are fine on their own and maybe this is what you need. Maybe you are like them or you will feel even more honoured when they will show interest in you. They know what they do and rarely act without thinking twice about it.
They are introverts but when they spend time with you or others, oh boy, it´s going to be an experience you will never forget. They can be very intense, very impressive. Your body and soul will feel their influence on your life.
5. Pile - Skull
Your soul family are very soft and caring people. They are like the human embodiment of a warm hug and a soft voice, telling you everything will be alright. They are very encouraging and will always be ready to help their loved ones. Your people will be very balanced, in terms of masculine and feminine energy.
They might be very connected to nature, maybe many of them will own a pet or love watching animals. They also seem to feel very connected with the seasons and the weather.
6. Pile - Ocean
Your soul family is writers, they create their own life and never give up. They take it slow though. Some might even call them "late-bloomers" but let me tell you when they chose to do something, they do it intensely. They are like an ocean full of waves, so deep their minds go.
They are very skilled with their words, they are very wise, certainly beyond their age. They are very positive or at least are capable of going through life with a genuine smile despite their scars.
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motherland · 3 hours ago
Our Witches are being watched. #SneakPeek
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call-me-ala · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Friday witch: lil helpers.
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servantofthefates · 9 hours ago
How the Old Gods Avenge Their Children
The old ones may be immortal, but in how they feel, they are very human. Our divine parents delight in our stories, and can feel hatred towards the enemies of their favorites.
Apollo, Lord of Light
He does not take away. Rather, he bestows. Instead of ruining your enemy’s life, he will simply give you more victories, ever widening the gap between you and your rival.
Diana, Lady of the Hunt
Patroness of children, she is a fiercely protective mother. A huntress, she inflicts physical pain on your enemies. They will run into accidents involving knives and sharp objects.
Mercury, Lord of the Mind
For those whose sins are not great, he simply messes with their words, creating harmful misunderstandings for them. But in severe cases, he will take away their sanity through illness.
Venus, Lady of Love
She likes to create permanent damage to the physical vessel of her children’s enemies. Burned faces… deep scars… hair that stops growing… nails that keep falling off.
Mars, Lord of the Battlefield
Rash and impulsive, his vengeance is always instant, painful and swift. Car crashes… falling objects… anything that results in wounds, bleeding and bruises.
Jupiter, Lord of Abundance
Innately fatherly and therefore has a strong sense of fairness, he takes away your enemy’s abundance and transfers ownership to you, until the scales are once again balanced.
Saturn, Lord of Earth
Subtly, and yet incredibly strictly, he closes your enemy’s future opportunities. The vengeance is therefore not instant. It could take years or decades, but it will be agonizing.
Uranus, Lord of Chaos
Like Mercury, he will drive your enemies insane. But not through a stroke, a disease or a medical condition, but by giving them loud, endless and senseless visions.
Neptune, Lord of Mysticism
His vengeance is always death or near-death by drowning. Expert swimmers suddenly forget how to paddle… or a high tide comes in hours before it is expected to.
Pluto, Lord of Death
Instead of giving your enemies his gift of death, he makes them live as painfully as possible. But if death is required, he bestows it on your enemy’s loved ones, so their agony continues.
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akeito-art · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
icy ancestorix 💙
a collaboration with wonderful @riji-chn
lineart: @riji-chn
colour: me
ancestorix story: (3/3)
In exchange of taken away half of their lives a witch gets a transformation and an ability to leave their physical bodies and move around in the form of spirit. They also recieve an ability to transport part of their negative energy into a fairy or other living creatures, weakening them, if touch them with a glove. However there is a risk. If during that period of time a witch is out of their body in the spirit form, and someone will injure their physical body, returning back into it will be inpossible and a witch will forever stay in the form of a spirit/ghost, just like the Three Ancestor Witches.
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motherland · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tonight, we wake the dead. 
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auguryandalchemy · 15 hours ago
Corvid Tarot Tricks: Finding Your Birth Card or Soul Card
I know in my previous post, I mentioned finding your birth card. But what IS your birth card exactly? It’s the card in the Major Arcana that represents you as a person in tarot. In this post, I’ll teach you how to calculate that quickly by using your birthday!
1. Take your birthday and write it out as follows (for this, I’m using a random date) mm-dd-yyyy: 06 - 22 - 20 02
2. Add the numbers together as such:    06    22    20 + 02  -----   48
3. If you get a double digit number HIGHER than 22 (the number of major arcana in most standard decks), add the numbers separately again until you get a number lower than 22.     4 + 8  ----  12 So, the example here has a Birth Card of 12 which is the Hanged Man, which is the 12th card of the Major Arcana! *Note: There are some cards that correlate to zodiac signs, elements, etc. I just gave the easiest example relating to numerology.
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little-witchys-garden · 19 hours ago
What is babacore?
So I made babacore so let's talk about babacore!
I've made some fixes to it over my time of having it so here is the meaning
babacore is based after the mythology of baba yaga and the faery amadon dubh along with any folklore + mythology in general that you can think of so it's multi cultural friendly UuU
I wanted a old folklore/mythology/legands, witchy, dark, old faery/wild folk vibe that isn't soft but instead more down to earth and wild.
A love for the dark and unknown maybe toss some cosmic horror in there ⭐u⭐
It's more of a dark old witch aesthetic for those who are more wild, natural, unisex vibes. Those who wanna be alone and go talk with their knowing pets in the dark twisted forest where crypids live sorta vibes.
I also wanted a safe place for magick users to show their craft no matter how long they've been in their craft or how " messy " it is.
A safe place for both cis and trans so they can show themselves without feeling they need to follow a specific gender coding that some cores have.
Some replies I've seen by those who don't like babacore and will address now are:
" It just feels like grandmacore!! The nonbinaries didn't need to make their own!!"
Well as I've said it takes a lot of inspiration from baba yaya and amadan dubh aka a witch and a faery that had very wild yet comfortable aesthetics.
If you have issue with it being made by a nonbinary person or dislike the fact it's a safe place for cis and trans people to share then you're transphobic.
Not exactly her names meaning changes in mutiple places, cultures and belief systems.
For this core I take the meaning of her name from Poland and Romania which means old wise one as inspiration for this core.
I've noticed a lot of what I feel are TERFS have a issue with this core seemingly because it was made by a nonbinary person for trans spec and cis people to SHARE without any gender stereotypes connected just a completely unisex/gender neutral safe place for all.
If you don't like my core then don't use my tag UuU
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nooramia · 20 hours ago
POV: you're a young girl watching tv and something about these characters hits different
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my cartoon version
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