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Painting with Ink

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- Creative routines and self check-ins -

Write or draw: set a timer for 5 mins and do a creative meditation on this sentence

“I am … “

Let your feelings go out of you into the paper without analyzing or over thinking. Use color, words, texture, and even the movement / sound of your hands on the page to let your feelings out

This activity can be added to your midday routine, and can help you transition between morning and afternoon

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Sometimes ideas 💡 come to me just like that but sometimes it can be a lot harder. If you have a mental block then find a tool to let your ideas flow.
Could be as simple as a piece of paper 📝. I personally like mind mapping when a block sets in.
What do you do when a creative block happens ?
Oneideatoday xxx

#creative #art #artist #design #artwork #drawing #illustration #photography #love #instaart #graphicdesign #instagood #painting #creativity #handmade #sketch #artoftheday #beautiful #photooftheday #fashion #inspiration #draw #artistsoninstagram #digitalart #graphic #branding #designer #instagram #artsy

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I made my first ramen. I was very skeptical at first because the recipe is very difficult and it is rather for a skilful cook but it turned out delicious and I was very proud if myself that I learned a new recipe and that I was this good at it.

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I went to London for the weekend and I have decided to do some sightseeing by myself. I visited some parts of the city I have never been to before. I finally got to see the Covent Garden Market that I always wanted to :) great opportunity to learn and see more of the London’s most famous historical place.

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Today I had more free time than I usually do so I read a whole book in just a few hours. I love reading but I struggle to find time for it on the daily basis so I am very glad that I finally got some time and read.

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As I am a big ramen lover I have decided to learn the recipe and cook it myself one day. As ramen is very difficult to make I spent a lot of time today researching and watching cooking videos. I love challenging myself and learning new things :-)

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You know, I don’t know how long Corona is going to be around, but seems like it’s a good time to find something fun to do.

Are you a writer? Artist? Designer? Poet? Singer? A creative? A bored soul in isolation? Weirdo with a camera? Whatever or whoever you are, here is a gentle offering. If you’re looking for something fun to play with, feel free to use any of these prompts or none! Go in order or play it random. Heck, do whatever you want. 

We’re all friends here, so have at it! :)

1. Hands

2. Doubt

3. Window

4. Heart

5. Gratitude

6. Hero

7. Trickster

8. Shower

9. Scream

10. Photograph

11. Music

12. Crystal

13. Luck

14. Delilah 

15. Run

16. Shadow

17. Mask

18. Secret

19. Jump

20. Kitten

21. Ice

22. Magician 

23. Dream 

24. Firework

25. Autumn

26. Fairy

27. Bite

28. Murky 

29. Lilly pad 

30. Little

31. Queen 

32. Melt

33. Trust

34. Circus

35. Frost

36. Medieval 

37. Villain

38. Flirt

39. Peacock

40. Rise

41. Smirk

42. Galileo 

43. Dare

44. Redeem

45. Soul

And there you have it! Some possibilities for anyone looking! 

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The Start of Something New

Big thanks to @princemesscharming for helping me brainstorm!

Summary: Basically Deceit and Roman singing karaoke together on New Year’s Eve.

Word Count: 1724

Warnings: I don’t believe there are any but if you feel like something needs to be tagged just tell me!

Chapter 1: This is the start of something new

Roman was not an introvert, to be honest he was typically quite outgoing. Despite that, parties weren’t particularly his thing. They either involved kids drunk out of their mind, or it was some PTA thing that nobody really wanted to be at.  He’d much rather just have cozy movie night with his friends and not a bunch of strangers. It was no use thinking of that anyways since his parents had just made the ‘genius’ decision to move away from the town where all his family and friends lived to go live somewhere in New Mexico. 

“Roman!” He heard his mom call as she bustled into the room, “Are you still reading? How about you go up to the rooftop where they’re holding a New Years party for teens. Meet someone new!”

“I’m really fi-” Roman began before being interrupted.

“Roman, please.” His mom said. Roman caught on that his mom had not really been asking him to go to the party but rather telling him to. Reluctantly, roman dog-eared the page and carried it with him to the door.

“Do you really need to bring the book? Shouldn’t you be, I don’t know, socializing?” His mother asked. Roman knew she only wanted the best for him, but at a point it got annoying.

“Books can bring people closer, Mom. There’s this article about a kid who-” Roman began to ramble. 

“Okay, Roman.” She said fondly. “Remember to at least try and enjoy yourself.” Roman’s mom couldn’t say that she really understood what Roman rants about all the time, but she wasn’t going to say anything that could potentially dim the way his eyes sparkled when he spoke about something he learned about.

The previous cheer that was present in his voice was almost gone as he said “Okay, Mom. I’ll try my best.” Within seconds he was lost in the crowd.

Roman’s mom shook her head as she headed down the hall to meet her friends in their much larger hotel room. Roman’s family wasn’t necessarily poor, but they were lucky to have family friends that were willing to take them out to places like this once in a while.


Damien Ethan Charles Earnest Ian Thompson, or as his friends liked to call him, D.E.C.E.I.T, was perfectly content staying in the hotel gym playing basketball. As a matter of fact, his father was perfectly content in letting Deceit play basketball for the whole night. Of course, things were never quite that easy.

“Damien! Do you plan on just playing ball all night or are you just going to attend the teens party in that sweaty mess you’re wearing?” His mother’s sharp voice cracked through the room like a whip disturbing the silence.

“Aw, Brenda,” His dad began with a pout on his face, “He was just going to attend fashionably late!” He joked.

Dee’s mom scoffed. “Fashionably late in that?” She said pointing to Damiens worn out tank top and athletic shorts.

Putting his hands up in surrender knowing that Brenda wouldn’t take any more delay. “Alright, Deceit, go change into something nice.” His father agreed, faking upset before saying “After you get by me!” and throwing a ball at Dee’s chest.

“Boys.” Damien’s mom said firmly. They both paused and looked over before they finally looked down and went off to their rooms to get changed.

On their way to the room, Deceit’s father stopped him. “I’m really looking forward to the season this year! And you’ve been improving so fast this summer that without a doubt I know you’ll be able to be this year’s MVP.” He gushed. Deceit twitched his lips up into a partial smile in response.

“I hope.”

It wasn’t long until he was dressed in a black dress shirt and black pants. Typically he’d wear the shirt with yellow gloves, a hat, and a long jacket but his parents had persuaded him against it saying that it would take up too much luggage space and asking if he really needed all that. The truth was, yes. He most definitely needed all of that as some sort of shield to ward off overly talkative people who’d try to make friends with him. Not that he was trying to be rude or anything, he just really wasn’t a people person.

As soon as the elevator opened, he was enveloped in the strong stench of the combination of sweat and cologne and perfume, and the bass line of whatever music was playing practically shook Deceit. 

Deceit thought he saw his mom mouth something he assumed to be “Have fun, sweetie!” but over the loud music he really couldn’t tell. She could’ve said “Moon cheese, baby!” and he wouldn’t have known the difference.

It wasn’t long until the warm bodies dancing around him began to overwhelm him and he decided to look for someplace not so crowded. Despite being a basketball player, Deceit was most definitely not tall. Not necessarily short, but below average. He tried to weave in and out between the masses dancing about, but it felt that everywhere he turned he was stepped on or bumped or there was a back in his face or it was just too much, but Deceit wasn’t a quitter, or at least he hadn’t gotten completely fed up to the point that he’d let the mass of bodies take him into the flow. Yet. It felt like the longer Deceit was stuck in between people on all sides the harder it became to breathe. He continued to push. 

Finally, the crowd thinned and he reached a small two feet tall stage. Surrounding the stage there was a large gap between where the stage ended and the crowds began. By this point Deceit was not in the mood to try and make it through the crowd again to find someplace else to relax, so he simply stood there.

Had he decided to try again to find someplace else to sit, the whole course of his senior year would’ve been a completely different story.

Deceit walked towards a pillar on the other side of the stage where there seemed to be nobody else nearby except for a tall boy who was probably too engrossed in his book to even notice him. As he walked he pulled his phone out to check what Remus or Virgil had decided was such an urgent matter they had to irritate him with over 300 messages. 

If only he’d waited to check his messages he might’ve noticed that the person on stage (who might’ve been the dj, but clearly wasn’t a very good one.) calling out for karaoke volunteers.

If only he’d just decided to stay where he was earlier he might not have wandered into the dj’s view.

It was too late for ‘if only’s when Deceit was suddenly blinded by a spotlight pointing right at his face. Suddenly hands, too many hands, were pushing him up towards the stage.

Oh fuck no, there’s no way they’re getting me to sing alone up there. Deceit thought as he pushed back against the hands. He’d found that he’d been doing a lot of pushing tonight. Unluckily, he found that he could not, in fact, overpower five determined teens.

When he was pulled up onto stage he noticed that the other boy who he had been walking towards was awkwardly standing in front of a microphone next to him. It was clear by the way the grip around his book had turned white that he did not want to be up there anymore than Deceit.

The dj leaned over and whispered to him “You’ll thank me later.” And winked before walking off stage. Deceit was planning on just straight up (well not straight) not singing and just standing there. 

He glanced over at the boy next to him who flashed him a nervous smile before the music started playing. Deceit was about to smile back until the other boy erupted into hesitant song. 

“Living in my own world

Didn’t understand

That anything can happen

When you take a chance” 

Later, Deceit would 100% blame this mysterious kid with a voice of gold for enchanting and coercing him to sing along. Anyways, what was the chance that he’d see anybody in this room ever again after tonight?

What’s the worst that could happen?

Deceit surprised himself when the voice that came out of his mouth didn’t sound like an eldritch beast. Slowly, as the song progressed, he found himself feeling more comfortable singing along with who he dubbed the angel boy. It felt as if the audience around them had evaporated. He looked towards the angel boy and caught him looking straight back at Deceit. If Deceit hadn’t already fallen in love with angel boy’s voice, then he could’ve fallen in love with him all over again just by looking into his eyes.

Perhaps, Deceit thought, I’m not so unlucky to have been caught by the spotlight tonight.

“Now who’d have ever thought that

We’d both be here tonight

And the world looks so much brighter

With you by my side

I know that something has changed

Never felt this way

I know it for real

This could be the start of something new”


Before he could even comprehend what was happening, Deceit had been dragged off the stage by the boy he had previously been singing with to the balcony outside the hotel.

The boy laughed brightly, in a tone just as melodious as his voice. Breathlessly, he said “I’m Roman.”

“Oh,” was all Deceit could manage to say.

 Around them, the people grew louder as it came closer to the countdown to new years.

“Well?” The boy asked, “What’s your name?”


“Deceit. My name’s Deceit.”


“Deceit?” He asked curiously.


“It’s an acronym.” Deceit explained.


“That really doesn’t explain anything.” The boy Roman said.


“My name’s Damien Ethan Charles Earnest Ian Thompson, or Deceit. For short.” Again, Roman laughed causing Deceit to smile along. “I know, it’s kinda ridicul-”


“No!” Roman said before softening his voice, “I think it’s beautiful.”


“Oh.” Deceit said.


 They stood there watching the crowd around them in a comfortable silence.


“Thanks.” Deceit finally said.


The world around them finally exploded into colorful streamers and the loud honking of party horns.

A/N: I’ve got most of this planned out and I’ll do my best to stay on some sort of schedule for posting updates but no promises! I’m still a fairly new writer and I’m open to criticism as long as it’s constructive because I’m always looking to improve! 

 Please remember that if you enjoyed leave a like or possibly, reblog! Thanks!

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