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Patton, if you so much as touch Logan, I swear I will hunt you down >:O -🎨

“I won’t hurt him! I would never! I’ll simply.. Give him a stern talking to!” Patton said.

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oh my gosh I just remembered something?? 

so logan obviously likes being called cool and he usually gets all happy about it, but the one time roman called him cool he didn’t even respond bc he was too busy shovelling crofters into his mouth to notice 

idk why but that’s unbelievably funny to me sdkls

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I am planning on making a video involving all of the Sanders Sides. From the two costumes that I have already designed, I realised that I brought some of my own personality into the sides. So, I’m going all the way with the others.

Each of them has their own pair of earings in my costume. So here are the earings that I think work for each side. (They are all stud earings because I don’t wear sleepers or earings that have a ‘hook’ go through the ear) The ones I’m using are in bold. Lighting isn’t the best for the pictures, sorry.

(its a long post because of the pictures, sorry)


Main: lost one, blue, small stud earings, silver base, not too extravagant


Back up: Lighter blue than main, otherwise the same



Main: Light blue, large/ medium stud, no base, still not extravagant (I’m saving my extravagant ones for someone else)


Back up: Gem rather than glass, silver base



Main: Purple, small stud, silver base, not extravagant


Back up: Black, otherwise the same


Back up 2: Silver bats



Main: Green, small stud, gold base


Back up: Dark green, black from some angles, small stud, silver base



Main: Silver snakes (I’ve already posted these)


Back up: No back up


Main: Oh look, the extravagant ones, just look at the picture, I don’t know how to describe them well


Back up: Red crystal, medium stud, no base

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Quite frankly I don’t see how Deceit’s name could come from him. He can’t be the one to tell us. No matter what he says he won’t be believed. Even Remus revealing it or confirming it for us would be more credible than Deceit trying to convince us.

Ideally it would be Patton or Logan who confirms it for us because those two at their core are combatants of dishonesty and after them Virgil and after him Roman or Remus. I can’t speculate on any side(s) that haven’t been revealed yet because quite frankly I haven’t picked up on any obvious foreshadowing yet pertaining to their purpose.

Also Logan’s name was revealed by Patton so if either of them confirmed Deceit’s name that would make a nice parallel opportunity.

Also if you’re the type to name speculate (I’m not) a quick reminder that all names so far have had some connection to Latin or Greek (logos pathos for logan and patton, a Latin author for Virgil, founders of Rome for roman and Remus) so do with that what you will.

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(Do whenever you wanna and can really be any angst) Something with Roman and him in some way hurting Deceit if you're comfortable with it(emotionally, physically, or both, your choice!)

Deceit just wanted a friend. Honestly. He just wanted someone to sympathize, to help him. Really. He felt horrible basically all the time, and he hated so many things about himself. The way he talked (his fucking lisp), the way he was kept out, his disgusting face. His revolting personality.

Roman seemed to agree with him. Roman seemed to be… Safe. He didn’t have a moral stick so far up his ass he spoke like Mother Goose like Patton did, and he didn’t have him and Virgil’s… History. And he was bright and seemed like maybe they had some common ground? Roman acted insecure, and Deceit saw him as an ally, at least partially, after SvS.

He just wanted… He just wanted a friend.

The sound of his knock echoed through the hall, and he wished he had knocked lighter. He wished he was better. He wished a lot of things. Get a hold of yourself, Dee. Roman needs to see the good side of you. He fiddled with his sleeves, waiting anxiously.

Roman opened the door, looking Dee up and down and sighing. “What do you want?”

“Well, uhm. You see…” Deceit wilted under Romans firey gaze. “I came because… I want a friend. Who I can relate to, and talk to and share stuff with and … And u thought that we had the most in common.”

“Are you calling me a fucking snake?” Roman grabs the edge of Deceit’s cape, his brows scrunched down over his eyes.

Deceit stumbled back. “No! No, no…. I was…. You agreed with me… About the callback, and I thought…”

“You thought wrong!” Roman pushed Deceit to the floor. “I’d never want to be friends with a pathetic little liar like you.”

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“Tell us a story Roman!”

“Alright. Which would you like tonight?”

“The story of the two princes!”

“Again? Haven’t you grown tired of it yet?”

“It’s my favorite.”

“… Very well. Once upon a time there were two princes. Brothers. They loved each other very much and ruled their kingdom together. One ruled the sun and the other the moon. They worked in tandem until one fateful night, when it all went horribly wrong.”

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Moving Day (romantic LAMP)

Warnings: none? Human AU. Virgil worries a bit but everything is okay. Something breaks but no one is hurt. Off screen mentions of Thomas, Deceit as “Dee”, Remus, and Emile Picani


     “The truck is here L!” Virgil calls from the main entryway.

     “Thank you! Go ahead and start unloading with them. I’ll be out momentarily.” Logan shifts a box to the side.

     Outside, Roman lets Patton use his hand to step out of the passenger side of the moving van. Roman gets Patton to giggle with a line Virgil isn’t close enough to hear.

     “Hello, Pretty in Punk.” Roman flashes that grin Virgil’s way.

     “We saw each other earlier Princey… You’ve been gone for like, 30 minutes.” Virgil falls back on pretending he doesn’t turn into gay jello every time one of his boyfriends flirt with him. Patton giggles and pecks Virgil’s (now blushing) cheek.

     “Here comes Lo! Let’s get the back open!” Patton suggests. The door rolls up and…

     “How much shit did you actually pack Ro?!” Virgil exclaims. Patton hides a smile at Roman’s ‘Offended Princey Noises’ as Virgil dubs them.

     “It was mostly kitchen stuff, the big bed, and thingamabobs left.” Patton explains. “I got the kitchen stuff if you all want to worry about the rest for the moment.” Patton grabs a pair of boxes, both labeled “PAWS OFF” with paw prints drawn in sharpie. Virgil snorts when he notices. Logan playfully narrows his eyes at Patton’s cheeky wink.

     “There are so many Patton Paw boxes! At least let me carry them to the kitchen, mi corazón!” Roman offers.

     Roman then whines at Patton’s determination until Logan asks if Roman and Virgil can move the bed frame and mattress. Roman perks up and starts flexing while Virgil rolls his eyes with a smile.

~time skip~

     “Okay, good, just turn a little to your left Virgil! Yes, great, now Roman take a step back, easy.” Logan hovers a bit trying to coach the duo that’s moving the giant mattress into the master bedroom.

     “We got it L. Can you go make sure the truck is empty and close the back if it is?” Virgil nearly topples himself as he says this.

     “Of course…” Logan eyes them for a second before going to lock up the moving van.

~time skip~

     Roman comes out to the living area. “The bed is done. Virgil wanted to set up the bathroom first so he’s still wrapping that up.”

~time skip~

     “I know Patton is cleaning in the kitchen but did we ever clean this place before moving things in?” Roman frowns.

           “Nah, don’t worry. Thomas and I finished the deep cleaning yesterday.” Roman jumps at Virgil popping up behind his shoulder.

     “That’s so sweet! We’ll have to invite him to dinner as a thank you.” Patton calls from the kitchen.

     “How did you convince Thomas to spend all day cleaning with you?” Roman asks.

    Virgil shrugs, “He owed me.”

     “You two are literally brothers?” Logan squints. Roman and Virgil’s laughter clues Logan in on the joke. “Ah, a sibling thing?”

     “A sibling thing.” Roman confirms while Virgil nods.

     Logan, who grew up an only child, was starting to learn what siblings were like from Virgil and Roman. Virgil has his older brother Dee and younger brother Thomas. Roman has his twin Remus. Patton is an only child technically but grew up with his cousin Emile. Patton always claims Emile as ‘practically a brother.’

~time skip~

     Roman continues to censor his cursing with progressively stranger phrasing while half stuck behind the entertainment center. “For the love of Zeus! Why are you so tiny?!”

     Virgil and Logan look up from organizing their bookcases. “Uh, you good back there Ro?” Virgil asks.

     “I will be after this blasted cord goes in its Disney forsaken place!” Logan and Virgil swap looks before deciding to let Roman be for the moment.

     “Lo, I’m done with the one over here…” Virgil starts tapping his fingers together.

     “Excellent! Would you like to check on the spare bedroom and set up the bed? It doesn’t need to be perfect just enough in case someone needs to ‘crash’, figuratively speaking.” Logan offers.

     Virgil nods and disappears down the hall.

~time skip~

    A crash and a yelp from the kitchen breaks the calm of the house. Logan just manages to duck out of the way as Virgil comes from down the hall and vaults himself over the couch. Roman rushes to follow suit.

     Virgil was commonly underestimated but under the hoodies and hunched posture… At the time of the glass break Virgil was the furthest away in the spare bedroom. Yet he was the quickest to the kitchen. Logan shakes himself from the thought and walks at a more reasonable pace.

     Patton squeaks as Roman lifts him out of the glass shards. Virgil is checking Patton over as Roman shifts to hold him bridal style. Logan enters with a broom.

     “Patton are you unharmed?” Logan asks.

      “I’m fine Lo-Lo, it just startled me.” Patton frowns over at what used to be the glass plate from the microwave. Roman drops a kiss to Patton’s hair and carries him over the couch. Virgil moves to follow but pauses.

     “You want me to clean that up?” Virgil worries his lip.

     “I have it managed. You can go sit with them.” Logan assures.

      “Be careful with all the pieces… I put a first aid kit in the bathroom. Do you want me to get it?”

     “No, thank you. It was a good idea to place it in the bathroom. I’m glad you thought to bring one.” Logan reassures. Virgil, appeased, nods and joins Roman and Patton on the couch.

    Once the mess is cleared and the area double checked Logan walks out to join his boyfriends. Patton is halfway in Roman’s lap with his legs thrown to the side and over Virgil’s. Logan smiles fondly at them.

     “Thanks Lo-Lo.” Patton beams back.

     “You are welcome, my dear. I’ll add finding a new microwave plate to tomorrow’s list.” Logan blinks as a growl comes from the couch. Virgil ducks into Roman’s side in embarrassment.

     “That was his tummy.” Patton giggles.

     “I think it’s a good enough time for a break. What do you think, starlight?” Roman looks to Logan.

     “Yes, we do need to eat something.” Logan agrees.

    “Ooo, what about that wrap place by Emile’s office?” Patton suggests and receives a round of agreement.

     Virgil and Roman head out after noting everyone’s orders and bring the food back.

~time skip~

    Roman gets up and stretches after finishing first. “Where are the trash bags? Did we start one?” He asks.

     Patton looks up, “The big trash can is set up in the kitchen and I think the trash bags themselves ended up somewhere else?”

     “The box of ‘em ended up in the bathroom.” Virgil chimes in.

     “I’ll go use the kitchen one then.” Roman moves to do so.

     Patton’s eyes widen a bit, “I’m not done in there so don’t mess with anything please!”

     “Yes, Chef!” Roman teases.

~time skip~

     Virgil drops down onto the floor by Logan’s legs. Patton sits next to Logan on the couch with Roman quickly claiming Patton’s other side. Everyone is worn out but pleasantly tired. Virgil leans his head into Logan’s knee and lets out a hum when someone runs their fingers through his hair. Patton gives a soft giggle and there’s the smack of a quick kiss. Virgil opens his eyes.

     “Holy shit we did it…” Virgil turns to face his three boyfriends. The three that he finally gets to live with for the first time. No more leaving late Sunday night to go home to his lonely apartment. Virgil’s laugh is a bit breathless with amazement.

     Patton wiggles and starts squealing in joy. Careful of Virgil sitting on the floor, Patton kicks his legs around and pulls everyone in the best he can. Roman lets out a loud happy laugh and holds on tight. Logan smiles and is more than willing to be pulled into the hug turned cuddle pile. Patton tugs Virgil up to the couch and lets out more happy noises.

~time skip~

     Eventually the impromptu cuddle pile becomes uncomfortable due to the limited space offered by the couch. “Perhaps we should retire to the bedroom?” Logan suggests as he untangles himself. Roman gives him a saucy wink which Logan smiles at.

     “Move over Casanova.” Virgil’s teasing comes out muffled by Patton’s shoulder.

     “I think a bit of rest is in order first.” Logan clarifies. His boyfriends agree and slowly move to separate. Little pecks are traded on the way to the bedroom.

     Once everyone is changed, washed up, and ready, they all crawl into bed. It’s only a few minutes in before Virgil is tense and trying his best not to move. The last thing he wants is to ruin everyone’s happy first night with his racing thoughts. Patton notices how stiff Virgil is as he goes to cuddle into his back.

     “Virge?” Patton asks softly.

     “Yeah?” Virgil sighs.

     “You wanna talk?” Patton’s gentle questions get the attention of Logan who nudges Roman behind him. Virgil rolls over and hides his face in Patton’s shoulder while whispering about all the stuff that still needs done.

     Patton croons softly and pulls Virgil closer. Logan reaches over Patton and holds onto one of Virgil’s hands. Logan begins assuring that the remaining tasks can wait for them to rest first. Roman at the other end, behind Logan, can’t reach Virgil without strain. So instead Roman squeezes in tighter and starts humming until he drifts off to sleep.

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Remus: How do vampires shave when they can't see themselves in the mirror?
Deceit to Roman: You take this one. I spent an hour last night on 'what happens when zombies can't find any flesh to eat? they can't starve to death they're already dead'
Virgil: Well groomed vampires meet up in pairs and shave each other, case closed.
Logan, popping up: ACTUALLY, back when vampires were popular, silver was considered a "holy" metal, and demons/unholy things couldn't interact with it. Back then, mirrors were backed with silver, but now they are backed with other things, ergo, a vampire can see their reflection. Any questions?
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