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Thomas: *walks into the kitchen* What are you two doing?

Virgil: *on Roman’s shoulders* Cooking.

Roman: Ratatouille Style. It’s a Tik tok trend.

Thomas: Please, Don’t burn down the house.

Virgil + Roman: We won’t.

- 10 minutes later -




Virgil: YOUR A MOVIE! *takes a bite of the food* this is good tho. Good job.

Roman: We make a pretty good team. *pecks his cheek*

Virgil: Yes, yes we do.

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“I’ve been counting down the hours ‘til I see you, my love.” (x)

Long haired Roman is an obsession of mine and I am content with that. I finally combined my human au design with the 'original’ clothes and I am very very pleased with the result.

//Don’t repost my art// Reblogs are appreciated! 😊 (click for better quality)

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In which Virgil is taller


Remus- Taller than Logan, Roman, Thomas, Virgil

Patton- Taller than Janus, Roman, Logan, Virgil, Thomas

Roman- Taller than Logan, Virgil, Thomas

Virgil- Taller than Logan, Thomas

Janus- Taller than Logan, Thomas

Logan- Taller than Thomas

Thomas- Taller than no


  1. Remus and Patton
  2. Roman
  3. Virgil and Janus
  4. Logan
  5. Thomas

SO THERE Y’ALL HAVE IT! Each and every side plus Thomas ranked in height. For the ties there were no side by sides (pun intended) of them so I guess for now we can assume they are just as tall as each other!

Artists, fanfic writers, members of the jury. I give you the truth.

@knight-shives @handsome-and-or-beautiful @ayyyden-main @thatgaydemigodnerd

Yes I just tagged you all so you can be educated (or you were involved).

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Hi Finn!! So sorry it took this long-



Send me a character and a prompt! No romantic prinxeity, r*mr*m, U!Janus or U!Logan please!!


Warnings: blood, U!Roman, major character death, child abuse (briefly mentioned at the end), gore, blaming someone?, bolded text, ask to tag


Green Eyes


Janus lay crumpled on the ground, blood staining the wooden floorboards as he replayed his attacker’s smile in his mind, a towering figure with a morning star, smirking as he crushed his ribs, whispered threats and insults between ripping out his scales, pinned him to the wall as he cut off his oxygen supply, watching those green eyes suck away his life force for whatever heinous crimes that he deemed death worthy of. He couldn’t understand why. Why him? He knew that this side hated him with a burning passion but resorting to attempted murder….

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(credit to @write-it-motherfuckers for the prompt)

Remus: “….What did you just say?”

Roman: “I said, they’re planning to kill me…. But you already knew that…. didn’t you?”

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I’m the KFC video game, Colonel Sanders has this pose.


A lot like Roman, huh? Almost exactly.

Over and over, it’s reiterated that Colonel has big dreams. He spent years tweaking his recipe.

His last name is sanders.

He wears a red garment over a white, long-sleeved shirt with a high collar

Colonel Sanders = Roman Sanders CONFIRMED

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Superhero AU where Janus hates the rich because his parental figure is secretly rich. That’s why he’s a hero. He’s disgusted by his parent hoarding wealth and just doesn’t let on his families rich but very clearly knows nothing about the lower class.

Virgil: I can’t decide between buying food or paying rent this week…

Janus: What is a rent?

Virgil: Ha ha good one.

Janus: Yeah ha ha……

Janus *internally*: Is rent a lower class thing or am I a dumbass? Both? Maybe both?


Janus: Yeah I’ve only been out of country like… 27 times.

Logan: I’m sorry how many times?

Janus *internally*: Oh fuck wait is that not normal?

Janus: Yeah. 7 times.

Logan: Oh that’s a lot. I’ve only been out of country twice.

Roman: You guys have left your state?

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Teenage Years AU

The Crown Family

Logan and Janus Crown - the parents

Remus and Roman crown - the twins

Bubbles - the dog

The Picani Family

Remy and Emile Picani - the parents

Virgil and Patton Storm - the kids

Connie - the cat

Steven - the dog

NOTE : This is going to be more of series AU. I have a story planned out that I would like to see through, I’m not sure how long it will be however I am sure that there will be multiple parts. I’m going to try to make a master post for the sent you and then I’m going to try my best to link everything connected to it. This is going to be my first time doing something with us so please be patient with me, thank you.

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Of the Devil’s head

Chapter seven - Fluffed-up parrots and thieves of all skills

Sander’s sides fanfiction

Wordcount: 1825

Ship: prinxiety (actually getting somewhere finally, people :D)

TW: mentions of illness, panic attack, some light fun-making of stuck up royalty, the Devil being his ‘evil’ self and making death-jokes - if I missed any tell me please :3

A note for all: Hey, sooo…. This is basically a looong conversation, because I let myself go and enjoyed writing what I like - which is dialogue mostly, so… I hope you don’t mind too much.

Summary of the whole story:  They say, the one that wears the crown rules all - the living, the dead, the walking, the crawling, the rooted, the sane and the mad. They say, once you own the crown, you become the  most powerful being on Earth and beyond. Roman’s stolen bigger things - a measly little crown won’t present a problem, even if he has to steel it straight off of the devils head!

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Roman wants to write with a quill for the aesthetic™ but it’s annoying having to re-dip it so he uses those biro feather pens instead.

5 notes

i like to think he writes with a quill pen kdsjfhsdj

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I’ve seen a bunch of others make their own human/highschool au’s for sanders sides so I figured I would give it a shot! 

Stuff I wanna make note of: Janus and Roman both having a scar I like to think of as being connected, Logan and Patton are each others doppelganger’s, Logan and Janus have an unspoken freckle competition, Virgil takes the ripped-up cloth from clothes to Frankenstein a new hoodie but no one knows why, & I’m surprised no one had thought up of making Remus have Vitiligo considering how often people give that to Janus.

(PS, I am hecka jelly of the artists in this fan base that can seemingly give these guys so many different outfits and make it work for the character. Like, what evil force do i gotta get into contact with in order to pull this stuff off?)

(click for better resolution!)

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Roman: if beauty is pain then I am beautiful~



Roman: …your point?

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Logan: Roman, give me the kazoo.

Roman: Aw, why?

Logan: It’s two in the morning, and you’ve been playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on it for five hours straight. Come on, give it.

Roman: *hands over the kazoo*

Logan: Thank you. *leaves*


Roman: *pulls out another kazoo*

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Janus: Hey Roman, did you ever notice that there’s a ‘U’ in 'stupid’?

Roman: Well, there’s also an 'I’ in it too

Roman: …

Roman: Wait.

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Patton: How does it feel knowing that people think you’re smart?

Logan: It’s pretty fun sometimes. People just assume that everything I say is correct.

Patton: How do you mean?

Logan: Hey Roman! Did you know that I’m 5'11 but 6'5 in dog years.

Roman: Woah… I wonder how tall I am in dog years…

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A gift for @anxious-enby-fan

Hey there! I’m your backup santa for this little gift exchange, so I tried to get your gift out to you as quickly as possible! You didn’t really have any preferences for anything specific, so I figured a group pic of all the sides was a safe bet

I hope you like the final result! This was really fun to do!


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Roman died in war or a battle and has a statue because of his bravery

Remus is his only surviving kin though also he had not been close, the two having had separated

There are rumors Roman lived

Maybe Remus recruited for something because of Roman

Maybe Roman is still alive

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Ship: prinxiety
Setting: Something like a warrior au?
Description:  Face covered in ash, Virgil saw him, grinning as he held his sword high.  Anger bubbling, he couldn’t help but storm over.
Tw: mention of death, blood and danger, kissing

It was over.  Virgil couldn’t help but smile.  They had won.  They could finally go back to peace.  But the gratitude was soon replaced by worry.  Looking around, Virgil couldn’t see any of his teammates.  Beginning to panic, the anxious man looked around, peering into alleyways and searching behind buildings.  After 10 minutes of looking, he finally saw them.  The group was grinning and hugging, feeling the same serotonin he had experienced.  But Virgil couldn’t help but focus on one of his friends in particular.

Roman had charged straight into battle, putting himself in incredible danger.  And Virgil knew that it was just who Roman was; the hero, but he couldn’t help but think how reckless and stupid he’d been. Even so, Virgil couldn’t help but think about what had happened just before the battle.  Just as he was about to run off with his brother, he turned around and kissed Virgil, leaving a dumbstruck look on the anxious man’s face.  Then, without saying a word, he turned and ran straight towards the enemy.  Virgil would have killed him, if that was the last time he saw him. A mix of anger and something else bubbling in his chest, Virgil stormed towards the group.

As he noticed the purple-haired man, Roman smiled sheepishly and stepped forward.

“Look Virgil… I- I’m sorry just-”

Virgil cut him off by kissing him.  But almost as quickly as he had, he pulled away.

“Don’t you dare do that again! You hear me?” Virgil shouted. “You could have died out there, charging straight into battle like that! I would never have forgiven myself if I wasn’t able to tell you how much I like you!”

Roman paused, smiling softly. “You like me?”

Cheeks flushing, Virgil looked away. “Uh- yeah?… Yeah… yeah I do like you.”

“Can I kiss you, Virgil?”

Turning to look into Roman’s sparkling green eyes, Virgil nodded.  Leaning forward, they met each other halfway.  Wrapped in each other’s arms, they felt everything around them disappearing.  And even though their friends whistled and cheered in the background, they couldn’t feel anything but each other.

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