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yo send logicality, prinxiety or demus request if yall want👀👀

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No ya know what… Anti-hero Patton. Gimme a logicality fanfic where Logan is your average journalist and is given a case because someone died in a multi colored fire (chemical shiz) and he’s like “o ok” and then it turns out this “villain” is really nice and does what he does for a good reason…. Oh shiiii- I might write this 👀

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Patton in overalls 💙




Logan with suspenders 🖤

(an idea thought up by @/shuttupemo and @/PrinceySlays on Twitter)

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just… freaking… logicality… ya know

like… wksmsmfsmfmdmdnfndsmalfk

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<div> Important Message </div>
Yes? *closes book* What is it Patton?
I have something REALLY important to tell you.
Is it that you love me?
.......... . . . . . yes.💙
*sigh* ...I love you too.
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little logicality doodle before i pass out B)

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Finally, Chapter 5 is here! It’s been so long lol. I know I said it would be out last Monday, but finals week and the new semester were crazy and I kept forgetting to queue it up! This chapter does deal with some more serious topics, so please be mindful of that (more info in the warnings down below). Anyway, here it is! I hope you all like it! (Also I think I’ll be posting chapters once every other Monday, so hopefully I’ll remember to stick to that!)

A Sander Sides high school AU

Pairing: Prinxiety and some background Logicality

Summary: Virgil is used to being alone. He only has one friend, Logan. But when Logan makes a new friend, things begin to change as two more join their group. Roman, a boisterous theater kid, seems determined to destroy Virgil’s lonely, average life. How much will Virgil’s life change?

Warnings: Bullying; homophobia and homophobic slurs; description/scene of a panic attack; and swearing. (If there’s anything else, let me know!)

Word Count: 1678 words



Virgil expected it to be a normal day. 

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Patton looked up into his eyes, a slight blush settling on his face as Logan leaned down, their noses an inch away. His breath settled over him and Patton breathed it in gently, melting at the musky scent of freshly carved wood, candle wax, and- citrus. He sighed and let his knees buckle, falling into the logical side as Logans’ lips met his, softly molding to him. 

As their bodies fell into the puzzle once more, he felt warmth and happiness like never before, his hands on his loves’ chest, Logans’ arms wrapped around him, holding him steady. Faces pressed together and lips interlocked. His heart swelled and his mind hummed and fell to a gentle thrull and he felt…


{@subtlereferencetomyinterests @donnieluvsthings @soupforfree- if anyone else would like to be on any taglists, please ask in the form of an ask-}

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TW: Angst, crying, cussing, when someone is talking in their head or  someone is  talking to them it will have this (”) (only in first person),  whenever  Janus speaks in lies it will look like this “Bye”, Janus and Virgil are  brothers Janus is older though, Remus and Roman are still twins

Pairings: Logicality, Prinxiety, Demus, Remile

if you have no read the past chapters i recommend you do so

Chapter 1  Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7

No Ones POV: As Roman woke up he slowly pulled his eyes open a prominent sting in the back of his head forcing him to keep a slow pace as he looks around soon realizing that he is in the commons but he is tied down to the throne like chair that had been mocking the sides for the last week he then becomes familiar with his surroundings and the memories of what had happened the day prior came flooding back to him and along with it the rage and adrenaline that he had the day before.

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I’ll do my best to keep this up to date, but always feel free to reach out via asks or direct messages if you’re ever looking for something you can’t find here! 

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[Previous Chapter]

Chapter 28: Sweet Briers

pairings: logan/patton (logicality), roman/virgil (prinxiety)
words: 5083
warnings: swearing, manipulation/gaslighting, references to toxic relationships (parental, romantic, etc.), implications of self harm, lying, implied drunk driving
summary: logan fray has been running his flower shop, aster’s, for about three years now. he hasn’t run into too much trouble yet—other than the occasional presence of his friend, roman prince, who runs a broadway-themed café across the street—and his life had been relatively quiet for quite some time now. that is, until patton sanders opens up a gift shop next door that prides itself in pun-filled cards. that’s when logan’s life gets a bit…louder.

a/n- hi friends !! hope everyone has had a great start to their year (it’s totally ok if you haven’t though…it’s already shaping to be an interesting one :’)) )

i’ll keep this short and sweet ‘cuz i’m very excited about getting to the nitty gritty of what this chapter implies! i’ve been writing ahead to prepare for this story’s conclusion, so knowing the direction this is all going… *evil– i mean excited writer noises*

thank you once again to solemn-vow for making this chapter the angst fest (and also the cohesive fest lol) that this is! 

and thank you for reading! i hope you enjoy <3

tag list ✨ — @virgiltheanxious,  @a-pale-pink-dot@toomuchstuffnotenoughcreativity@the-anti-virgil, @too-precious-to-process, @freepaperie081, @whatwashernameagain, @adoratato, @ultimate-queen-of-fandoms2, @softprxnce, @migraine-marathon, @alana-of-the-cartwrights, @emo-sanders-sides-loving-unicorn@thepusheenqueen, @at-least-seven-pretty-potatoes, @hanramz-the-fander , @atomicengineerdetective, @anony-phangirl , @potatogirl309, @wentzdayz, @paradoxicalpatton, @poisonedapples :) , @broadwaytheanimatedseries , @alyssadashrub@michealawithana , @pasteliosis, @microsoft-nerd, @blinded-by-nobody-blog, @axyzel, @grey-lysander, @russian-radiation-station, @razberrypuck, @leafyhill910, @a-lexicon-of-words, @uh-r00d, @definenormalifyoucan@misslilidelaney, @corruptedicon, @patton-loves-coloring,  @froggyfun27, @penguins-in-turquoise-scarves, @insanityandimperfection, @spacenerrrd, @hissesssss, @squishynonbinarytwink, @quietwords-loudthoughts, @your-username-is-unavailable, @midknight-mania, @hi-disappointed-im-daughter,@applecannibal, @illiani, @koalaaquabear, @aceofhearts567, @el-elephant, @superwholocked-for-life, @secretlyawyvern,  @mrtacothethird, @davidthetraveler, @nafsbluebery, @slutforketchup, @are-you-even-real

read on AO3 if you’d like ^-^

“sweet briers = ‘i wound to heal.’ “


‘You are currently on fire.’

It was admittedly an odd thought, odd enough that Logan could deem it as irrational to a certain extent. Yet it was still steeped in a vague sense of truth, this imaginary fire crawling along his arms and burning his skin as he struggled to pull out of the hug. 

“Oh, don’t struggle, sweetie. I haven’t seen you in forever!” He was still unable to process her voice being in his shop, or being here. Her tone sounded sharp in his ears. “You make me worried about you and yet you refuse me?” 

Logan gritted his teeth, his skin crawling. You have to leave, you have to escape, you can’t be here– go, go, g–’

“Logan, dear.” His mother outstretched her hand to tap his cheek. He tensed at how strange it felt. “Relax your jaw. What did your dentist say about grinding your teeth? You’re an adult, I would have assumed you knew better by now.” 

Better. The word echoed in his head. You need to get out of here, you–’

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Changing lives (reprise)

Summery: Roman and Remus get the rest of the reviews and it was horrible that it closed their show. They soon meet one of their old friends and Remus’s husband meets them and soon they find something on Twitter to change their lives

Ships: Logicality, Prinxiety, demus/dukeceit

When their singing






“The rest of the reviews are in! New York post, associated press, New York times” exclaimed Joan with ther phone in the air everyone started to get excited and looked on their phones as Roman and Remus are about to listen to how great their musical is……..or so they thought.

Everyone’s faces changed to a sad and disappointed look and started leaving

“What? What’s happening?” said Roman as he watch everyone look at him and his brother in sadness.

“This is not a review anyone wants when you have crappy advance sales. This is gonna close us” said Joan

Roman gasp and Remus was shocked “What didn’t they like was it the hip hop?”

“Yeah but not that”

“For gods sake sakes Joan read it.” The twins sat down as Joan read the horrible reviews.

“Ok here’s the highlights, “Remus Allen’s FDR might just be the most insulting misguided, offensive, and laughable performance that this reviewer has ever had the squirming misfortune to endure. Emphasis on the insulting because he try to make him self look like that he was trying to give me intrusive thoughts about FDR.”

“That’s how I normally look what the hell?!?!”

“I mean it’s not so bad” said Roman as he played with his dress

“DO HIM ALREADY!!” “What I’m just saying.”

“Watching Romans Eleanor Roosevelt, corking out a heavy-handed message of activism, is like paying an aging drag queen to shove a syurp-soaked American flag down my throat. And also Eleanor should have been played by a women”

Roman was on the verge of tears “Thats not criticism that’s a personal attack.” His voice cracked and Remus hugged him as he shed a tear

“If your considering buying a ticket to the show do yourself a favor. By a few feet of good heavy rope instead and then go hang yourself”

“Holy fuck, oh god, poopy. Was the show that bad?”

“It’s not the show it’s you two. Your just not likeable.”

“What?” They said simultaneously

“Nobody likes a narcissist.” They sat in silence over what they just heard. “Leave it to me I’ll go and try to change the narrative once again” Joan then left the twins alone in the bullding

“I hate this world” “this just hurts my heart, Where did everybody go?”

They talked over each other as the walk to the bar to find a man in a pink suit. “What can I get ya?” said the man “Yola mezcal blackberry smash” said the twins at the same time. “My condolences Roman. But remember you do have friends” said the man making their drinks.”

“Thank you. Who are you?”

“Thomas Sanders…….we’ve done five shows together.”

“Ugh Thomas went to Juilliard and won’t shut up about.” Whispered Remus as he told Roman “Oh right Thomas. Thomas haha……. why are you dressed like waiter?” I’m in between gigs at the moment. Honestly Roman I feel adrift as u did in my days before Juilliard” Remus proceed to chug a drink that was on the table as Thomas continued to talk about Juilliard and the two were just over it.

“Still I have played hamlet and I’m still known as that guy from the beloved early aughts sitcom “Talk to the hand” I question everything about my existence” As he continues to rant about the past what they didn’t notice as a man in a golden sequiny dress with a black hat and a yellow ribbon tied on it with long golden brown hair walking their way

“Hey guys!”

Roman and Remus turned around to see Janus Allen, Remus’s husband

“Jannie!!!” Remus picked up Janus and spun him around and soon dipped him into a kiss which turn into a make out session. “Ahem I know you two lovebirds haven’t seen each other all day but can it wait we’re still here ya know.” They both looked at Roman and giggle a little from embarrassment “Sorry your show closed on opening night again. Welcome to the world of the unemployed,hit me up next.”

“I thought you were in Chicago?” asked Remus “I totally didn’t quit just now 20 years in the chorus and still wouldn’t let me play Roxie Hart and now their letting Tina Louise play her” “That bitch is still alive” said Remus as he chugs another drink

“We’re wasting our lives.” Said Roman as they are all slightly drunk “Ok I refuse to give up we’re still celebrities we still have power.” “Yeah well The Times casted you out” said Thomas as he poured another drink “Yep they wrote you off as aging narcissist and I’m only allowed to call Remus that.” “I still don’t understand what’s wrong with that.” Said Roman as he drinks even more. “You know what we will become celebrity arsonist.” “Babe it’s call celebrity activist we are not burning down another building like last time.” “Ok everyone think of causes.”


“World hunger”

“Too big we need something we can handle”

“Let’s see whats trending” said Janus “Trump, trump, trump, ooo how about this boy he’s all over Twitter. His names Patton Heart. He’s from edgewater, Indiana. He’s gay. He wanted to take his boyfriend to the highschool prom and the pta went apeshit and canceled it.”

We are now in Edgewater, Indiana and Patton Nolan is watching the head of the pta, Mrs Green being interviewed. “We have very strict rules for prom. Young ladies must wear non-revealing dresses. Young men must wear suits or tuxes. And if a student chooses to bring a date it must be of the opposite sex” “Can’t you just ban this student?” “Well we’ve been advised that there may be some legal repercussions if we prevent this boy from attending so although it breaks my heart we have no choice to cancel prom.” We move to Mr Virgil Hawkins the principal “The first thing I’m going to do is contact the state attourney this is not about school rules this is a civil right case.” “Wait seriously?” Said Patton. “Yes and if word gets out people will get mad and next thing you know some modern day Eleanor Roosevelt is gonna come and hell’s gonna break loose.”

We move back to New York “We got to go down their and raise holy hell” exclaimed Roman “We’ll be the biggest thing to happen to Indiana since……..whatever’s happen in Indiana are you with me!?!” Said Remus as he and Roman start stand on top of a table they all cheered “We’ll get Joan to tag along to find us a venue” “I just book us a non-union tour of Godspell and I goes through Indiana we can ride on the bus.” Said Thomas “Can we do this guys” Said Janus “You bet your sweet MILF ass we can jannie”

🎶 We are gonna prove that in this day and age being gay isn’t a crime. This is out moment to change the world one homo 🎶


🎶Homo 🎶


🎶At a time🎶

🎶 we’re gonna help that little homo, whether he likes it or not, when your a legendary thespian 🎶

🎶First you help the distressed 🎶

🎶Then you help the distraught🎶

🎶We’re gonna go to where the necks are red and lack of dentistry thrives, Why sing and dance when you can take a stance🎶

🎶And know your truly changing lives. We’re gonna March until that town looks like the end of act one in les mis. You don’t gotta have a Ph.D in psych to know that people kowtow to the folks in the biz🎶

🎶We’re gonna teach’em to be more PC the minute or group arrives🎶

🎶That’s right🎶

🎶Those fist-pumping🎶








🎶Losers and their inbred wives. They’ll learn compassion🎶

🎶And better fashion🎶

🎶Once we at last start changing lives!!!!🎶

🎶Now let’s go help that dyke🎶

People to tag/ @artissijules

This took a long time to write

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Are we doing anything today?
Spending time together as a family.
I meant anything that matters.
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Well, it’s been a month of rest and it’s time to resume the main storyline of the blog. In the last episode, we had just left Thomas and Nico meeting and starting a relationship and now we start seeing him involved in Thomas’ daily life. I hope you enjoy this new episode and I leave you with the story. Until next time.

SYNOPSIS: Thomas is about to have his first date with Nico, both of them alone, but he doesn’t feel truly alone if his Sides are around him all the time, so he asks them to enter autopilot and not disturbing him until the date is over. But something’s gonna go wrong in the Mind Palace and Patton is going to put himself in danger…

WARNINGS: Some moments of implied innuendo, romantic dukeceit and logicality. A scene of intense danger where some Sides’ lives are in mortal danger.


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Patton: So basically my plan for dealing with pretty much anything this month is just no sleep, drink lots of coffee and hope that the power of love can get me through it all.

Logan: Do you take constructive criticism?

Patton: Not without crying.

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Changing lives

Logicality The Prom au

Summery: Roman Allen and Remus Allen the Broadway twins just finished the opening night of “Eleanor! The Eleanor Roosevelt musical” and they are celebrating.

Ships: Logicality, Prinxiety, demus/dukeceit

When their singing





Roman and Remus are at the opening night party for their brand new musical “Eleanor! The Eleanor Roosevelt musical” Roman was Eleanor and Remus was FDR and they were getting interviewed for the press.

“It’s Olivia Keating of Broadway mania and We’re here for the opening night of “Eleanor! The Eleanor Roosevelt musical” starring the incomparable Roman Allen and his brother Remus Allen, Roman you’re a Broadway Star.”

Roman turns around and he’s in a red dress talking to the news reporter “Yes I am”

“You’ve had your choice of roles what drew you to Eleanor?”

“Well Eleanor was a brave, powerful, charismatic women that no one knew and her story needs to be told and to know that it’s possible to change the world whether your a homely middle age First Lady or a Broadway Star like me. And of course my brother was good too.”

We go to the next reporter interviewing Remus Allen

“Remus Allen you were brilliant as FDR.”

Remus is in a tux with a hint of green in it as he starts talking “Well from the moment I step into Fdrs shoes (and by shoes I mean wheelchair) I had an epiphany. I realized that their is no difference between the president if the United States and a celebrity. We both have the power to change the world.”

“Now let’s talk process”

🎶 when I’m in character, I go insane, I stagger, I stammer, I sob. I make the audiences feel my pain and if they don’t leave depressed then I’ve not done my job 🎶

🎶 Each time I find a role like Eleanor the artist inside of me thrives. I put on my wig, and those prosthetic teeth and know I’m changing lives. By the time I get tuberculosis in act 2 🎶

🎶 Even the people who are dead inside 🎶

🎶 Will shout BRAVO! on que 🎶

Then Joan came into the room bursting with news “The first review is in! The New Jersey Star-Leadger.”

“No don’t tell me,unless it’s a rave or a mix positive…………..What does it say?”

Remus grabbed the phone “ITS SAYS WE’RE A HIT HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!”

Remus grabbed the champagne and started pouring glasses to the others

🎶 We’re a hit and I think we deserve it 🎶

🎶 That’s for sure 🎶

🎶 Also it means that this tour de force will not be forced to tour 🎶

Roman lifted his glass “To Eleanor May she run for eternity!”


🎶Here’s to a show that’s so inspiring it’s almost to much to sit through. And if we’ve won that might mean one more thing 🎶

🎶 That in ten years or so well to Eleanor 2🎶

🎶 I can predict what the reviews will say, before the next note has arrived its ground breaking🎶

🎶 Earth shaking 🎶

🎶 Live affirming 🎶

🎶Breath taking 🎶

🎶Gut renching🎶

🎶Heart aching🎶

🎶In two words its history making 🎶

🎶Thats why every actor thrives for congratulations and compensation that comes from nightly changing lives!!!!!🎶

🎶It’s just what we do🎶

People to tag/ @artissijules

That was the opening number next part will be changing lives (reprise) that’s when the story will start

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That’s it I’m gonna start writing the Logicality The Prom au

I just have so many musical numbers in my head

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