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#remus sanders

the sides dress logan!! this was basically an excuse to draw logan 😅 i was gonna include janus and remus but i got tired,,, maybe i’ll include them later

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Janus refuses to tell Thomas the truth about a lot of things (maybe other sides? maybe something happened to another side and Janus refuses to reveal it? maybe Janus is dishonest about his true feelings? maybe all of those things) but expects Thomas to tell him the truth. 

But he doesn’t want the unconditional truth. Janus wants Thomas to tell him the truth about what happened during an event, or what he feels about other people or other sides. But Janus wants Thomas to hide any criticism about Janus. He doesn’t want to take criticism. 

So when Thomas points out a genuine flaw of Janus’s, he fires back with insults, hitting where it hurts the most (like he did with Roman). But when Thomas tells him “ What? I was only being honest with you. That’s what you want, right?“ Janus sinks out and refuses to talk to anyone for days, causing Thomas to apologize out of guilt (and the other sides to apologize for small, random “wrong doings” they thought might have caused Janus to isolate himself)

Thomas doesn’t try and criticize Janus again. 

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ohhhh yes

Janus knows that Patton is quick to trust, so by being kind to all the other sides + thomas whenever he’s around, Janus gains Patton’s love and trust.

But whenever Patton isn’t around? He’s a complete asshole to the other sides, and a huge suck up to Thomas. He pushes the other sides to the side and soon has the biggest sway over Thomas’s decisions and choices. 

Everyone is too afraid to say anything to Patton or Thomas, because Janus threatened to make Thomas forget about them. 

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Roman chewing gum and Remus like “can i have a piece?” and roman’s like “i appear to be out” so remus strides up all casual “thats okay, ill just take that one”

roman “what one the package is empty?” and then remus ravishes romans mouth for the gum hes chewing

roman is so weak kneed and gasping by the end of it that it takes until remus is walking away casually for him to realize his gum has been pilfered

submission from @pumpkinpadparadscha


Roman: Theft! Assault! How dare that scoundrel uses such an underhand tactic to steal my heart. I mean gum. My last, precious, vulnerable uhm gum.

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Remus sleepbakes.

Meaning, when he falls asleep at night, he gets up and bakes something in his sleep.

Every morning cakes, donuts, pastries, tarts, all kinds of baked goods can be found on the kitchen counter, but no one knows who baked it. They taste amazing, though.

One night, Patton gets up to grab a glass of water and walks in on Remus baking something in his sleep. Patton is amazed, and he can’t help but help with the baking. Remus is just too cute when he’s mumbling in his sleep.

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Roman: My good local bitch, have you any good fuck off potions to throw on my brother?

Logan: Can you shut up for like five seconds?

Logan: Also, yes I do. Here’s some water, he hates it. Just dump it on him.

Roman: Thank you! I love you! *kisses him before running off to throw water on Remus*

Logan: Oh? Affection? I love him.

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This story is part 3 of a series. You can find the full series here.

You can also read this story here on ao3.

Summary: Wherein Patton faces racism and microaggressions, and Roman insists on trying to help, as is his nature. But Roman fails to see how his own unchecked racism and white privilege exacerbate the problem overall, and how his white savior complex only produces more microaggressions—and much worse—in the end.

Words: 4824


A/N: TW: Racism, microaggressions (a lot of them), violence, blood, police brutality, guns, white privilege


Patton did not seem himself when he returned home.

He seemed distracted, his mind focused on anywhere but here. He didn’t acknowledge anyone else, even seeming caught off guard when Roman greeted him. Normally, he would excitedly join in on any conversation taking place around him, or start asking the others about their days, or anything of the sort; today, however, he seemed reluctant to initiate or even participate in any conversation, only responding to questions in monosyllables after uncharacteristically long pauses.

Casually discarding his grocery bag on the counter—odd, he was usually so insistent on putting things away as soon as he got home—he sat at one of the chairs and buried his face in his hands. It was noticed that he winced as he sat, a response to an apparent pain in his shoulders and neck.

Roman took a seat beside him. “What’s wrong, Padre? What’s got you all gloomy today?”

Patton only let out a long sigh. “I don’t really want to talk about it, Roman.”

“Are you sure? I care about you, Pat. You know you can talk to me about anything.”

“Please, Roman, I just…” He shook his head within his hands. “It’s fine. It’s not that big a deal. I’ll…I’ll manage it on my own. I just need a minute.”

Roman was insistent. “You don’t have to, though! Tell me what’s going on, maybe I can help you!”

Patton glared at Roman at this, no longer able to hide the tension and irritation in his voice. “Just drop it, Roman. You can’t help me with this, and I don’t want your help. Please just…leave me alone for a bit. I’ll need to get started on dinner for everyone soon, anyways.”

Roman, as per his usual, was utterly taken aback and adopted the pose of one confronted with the gravest insult. He heard Patton mutter something under his breath, but the other’s audacity to refuse his help left him too preoccupied to process or care what it was. (The reader, however, may have the privilege of knowing that this utterance was, “Because of course I always have to take care of everything around here.”)

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High school Roman finds out that Remus’s boyfriend cheated on him and dumped him and said some hateful things to him.

So Roman goes on a mission to single handedly destroy Remus’s ex’s social life and reputation. Spreads some rumors, pulls some receipts, whispers the right thing to the right person.

The fallout is spectacular and Roman is pleased with it.

Non one hurts his younger bro…

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