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#remus sanders

Ooo I like both of those. I mean, despite my own headcanons, I LOVE Remus with the love language of physical affection.

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It’s nice to be wanted, you know?
Not by the law!
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As someone that also really love jewelry this is real and also FUCK that’s adorable. He love to jingleeee

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Look, by almost all accounts Rociet and Dukeceit shippers should be mortal enemies but instead i feel a weird kinship with y'all….we should band together and take over this whole damn site…

(If You say polyamory IN THIS INSTANCE I will set your hair on fire and watch you burn down like a match)

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Oooo I like that. Either something like that or like,, literally just his birthday suit lmao

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Davy Jones calling Remus a slut asmr. I do love the thought of him liking POTC (I really need to watch them lmao I never got to) mostly just because I think he’d take a lot of notes from Jack Sparrow lmao.

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Remus with sunglasses, holding a cocktail glass: What y'all know about cocktails and sunsets with yo best bitch

Roman, also with sunglasses and a cocktail glasses: Hehe

Remus: Not no man, not no women, with yo best bitch.

*clinks glasses*

Roman: Periodt.

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Doodles cuz i need practice with poses 😅😅


Just sayin i aint gotta clue wat im doin lmao

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I just want Remus to be the only person that Janus allows to cuddle him on movie nights

I just want the other sides flabbergasted at the fact that Remus and Janus can be soft please if someone writes a fic please tag me in it

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Remus: Eh It’s not as bad as I thought

Patton: I get to spend a lot of time with Remus!!!

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I don’t really know what this is, I’m just glad I was finally able to finish a sanders sides’ fanfic for the first time. 

This fanfic was born from the last video, obviously, and the realization that the creativity twins canonically feel physical pain when their ideas are desregard or their function is “offended” let’s say, which I had to exagerate and turn int angst, of course, so enjoy!

Summary: Remus get sick so frequently that those nights have became his idea of a sleepover. 

Ship: platonic dukeceit. Or romantic. You can interpret it however you want

Characters: Remus Sanders, Virgil Sanders and Janus Sanders 

Warnings: swearing, kinda grapphic descriptions of pain and sickness, mentions to vomit. Also maybe some umsympathetic Virgil? I don’t see it like that, but I guess it depends on how you interpret it. 

Word Count: 1729

Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my first language


If Remus was real, he would be dead. 

And if snakes could demonstrate worry, they would make exactly the same expression that Janus had after looking at the thermometer. 

“How do you manage to get so bad so quickly?" 

"What can I say, being bad is the only thing I’m good at” Remus joked, the words scratching his throat as an unwanted cough came with them. Janus rolled his eyes, trying to seem calm. And falling. 

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Headcanon that Remus and Virgil not only listen to emo music together but also horror game fan songs

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Remus: Nah, it’s too small

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If Virgil is Hot Topic then Remus is Spencer’s, Patton is a pet store, Logan is a book store or FYE, Roman is the Disney store and Janus is a costume store

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