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Patton, if you so much as touch Logan, I swear I will hunt you down >:O -🎨

“I won’t hurt him! I would never! I’ll simply.. Give him a stern talking to!” Patton said.

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I am planning on making a video involving all of the Sanders Sides. From the two costumes that I have already designed, I realised that I brought some of my own personality into the sides. So, I’m going all the way with the others.

Each of them has their own pair of earings in my costume. So here are the earings that I think work for each side. (They are all stud earings because I don’t wear sleepers or earings that have a ‘hook’ go through the ear) The ones I’m using are in bold. Lighting isn’t the best for the pictures, sorry.

(its a long post because of the pictures, sorry)


Main: lost one, blue, small stud earings, silver base, not too extravagant


Back up: Lighter blue than main, otherwise the same



Main: Light blue, large/ medium stud, no base, still not extravagant (I’m saving my extravagant ones for someone else)


Back up: Gem rather than glass, silver base



Main: Purple, small stud, silver base, not extravagant


Back up: Black, otherwise the same


Back up 2: Silver bats



Main: Green, small stud, gold base


Back up: Dark green, black from some angles, small stud, silver base



Main: Silver snakes (I’ve already posted these)


Back up: No back up


Main: Oh look, the extravagant ones, just look at the picture, I don’t know how to describe them well


Back up: Red crystal, medium stud, no base

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“Tell us a story Roman!”

“Alright. Which would you like tonight?”

“The story of the two princes!”

“Again? Haven’t you grown tired of it yet?”

“It’s my favorite.”

“… Very well. Once upon a time there were two princes. Brothers. They loved each other very much and ruled their kingdom together. One ruled the sun and the other the moon. They worked in tandem until one fateful night, when it all went horribly wrong.”

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Alright buckle up

I’m going to have a slight pity party and a ramble because frick. I need to talk about anything right now and this is a good topic.

Flashback to when the Sanders sides scarves went on sale. It was the middle of the night when I found out and I immediately bought a Remus scarf. Why Remus you ask? I’ll explain in a moment. Now this was before the first restock so I was confident in getting it. But then I didn’t. And then they sold out again. And then the email went out saying that any orders placed before such and such date would be shipped before such date. But mine wasn’t. And I waited. And waited. Christmas came and went. And I hit a breaking point in my life. My home was toxic. Ruining my life toxic. My friends were concerned about my well being toxic. So I made the very sad decision to cancel the order so I could have some extra money to move out. I cried for a bit (and I did not yell at the poor lady who helped me. I could tell she was dealing with a lot through the email and it’s no one’s fault that my order got put back so far)

So why am I talking about now? I’ve moved out. I go by a different name and talking about doesn’t make me as sad as it did 2 months ago. What I do want to talk about is Remus though. As someone who has had intrusive thoughts since middle school and only recently (in the last 2 years) learned how to handle them I love his character. He’s that beautiful maniac that I love to write about now. Life isn’t unicorns and rainbows all the time. There are dark ideas that creep into your head and can stay there until you can express it or deal with it. Personally I like expressing it. Not literally of course, usually it’s channeled into an idea. A new city, a new story, a new life. Remus is a side of imagination/creativity that I love. I can express it without feeling like it’s wrong anymore. I know I’m late to the party about him, but I’m terrible at expressing my feelings. Even now it doesn’t cover how much I enjoy him. But it’s a start. And I hope I can learn how to

Thanks for reading! I know it’s long and random but I appreciate that you took the time to listen 💚💚💚

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Remus: How do vampires shave when they can't see themselves in the mirror?
Deceit to Roman: You take this one. I spent an hour last night on 'what happens when zombies can't find any flesh to eat? they can't starve to death they're already dead'
Virgil: Well groomed vampires meet up in pairs and shave each other, case closed.
Logan, popping up: ACTUALLY, back when vampires were popular, silver was considered a "holy" metal, and demons/unholy things couldn't interact with it. Back then, mirrors were backed with silver, but now they are backed with other things, ergo, a vampire can see their reflection. Any questions?
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Virgil, do you know any languages besides English (excluding sarcasm)

“Sarcasm is a dialect,” Virgil huffs and stomps out his cigarette while Remus happily leans against his side like a little cuddly bug.

“C'mon! It’s a harmless question!”

“It’s not an easy question,” Virgil retorts, “Can I get a little time to think?”

“The longer you take, the more time I can plan on stealing your organs!”

“Okay since by now you’ve figured out how to steal my kidney like Charlie the Unicorn, it’s like this, the past lives know the languages they learned back in the day and they tend to keep using those languages. That’s why Pat sometimes speaks Irish. It’s like the first sign when someone is regressing.”

“But it’s not always that easy, like with Ro-hoe and Liz. Liz’s mom is Brazilian and she speaks Portuguese. So does her past life, Dimas. The dialects are different but the hell if we know! And Mamma lived in Spain for a while so Ro and I get caught up using a jumble of dialects thanks to Papi and Lita, so it’s hard to tell if it’s him or Rafael.”

“So to answer your question, I only know German other than English. Virgilius knows Latin, and a little bit of Gothic.”

“If you ask anyone on the street, they’ll tell you Virgil breathes gothic!” Remus adds

“Yeah—is there a reason you’re leaning on my like you’re going to fall over?”

“You’re warm! I’m cold!” Remus giggles, sopping up his body heat like a sponge with no boundaries. Virgil blushes and scowls.

“Then zip up the hoodie, dumbass!!” he growls. Remus giggles and sticks his tongue out.

“Make me!”

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