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#incorrect sanders sides

Patton: *steals Janus’ hat off his head*

Patton: Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime snake!

Janus: … I see you’re embracing the fact that you are a Loony Toon…

Patton: c|:D

Janus: you are the least precious ray of sunshine I know

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Roman, to himself: Ya I’m cool 😎

Virgil: You know what Roman? You’re so cool

Roman, in all seriousness: I’m COOL????!!!!??? No way, you’re kidding right!? I’m actually cool?!?!?!??!!!??

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Virgil: You’re pretty cool, Pat

Patton: The cooliest?

Virgil: … don’t push it

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Roman: Whenever Virgil’s mad at me, I go and tighten the lids on all of our jars so he has to get help from me.

*Sound of glass breaking in the background*

Roman: It hasn’t worked yet, but it will.

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This is the best knock knock joke. I would be begging Patton to marry me if I were in Janus’ shoes

Do I have permission to tag these under my “why moceit divorced” tag?

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Don’t be silly, Janus! I talk to inanimate objects all the time! Patton is clearly doing what’s best!

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Logan: While I’m gone, Patton, you’re in charge.

Patton: Yes!

Logan, whispering to Virgil: You’re secretly in charge.

Virgil: Obviously.

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Patton sings the Campfire Song Song Every. Single. Day.

Him correcting Janus on the name of the song was the final nail in the coffin of their current marriage.

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You know what? You're exiled. You're not a part of the dark sides any more.
Wait un-exile me, I have to tell you something.
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Why don’t you go start a ruiners club? oh wait, you’d probably just ruin it.
??? Well then I’d be doing a good job because it’s a ruiners club.
You ruined my analogy!
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Patton in the background giving Remus a hug while the camera zooms in on Virgil having a minor crisis about his place in Patton’s life.

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Hey, Jan, what's your worst fear?
I don't know, probably missing opportunities or something.
Virgil, opening a box
Think again, bitch!
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Remus, looking at a map: It’s a barren, featureless wasteland out there, isn’t it?

Virgil: Remus…check on the other side.

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*prinxiety wedding*

Logan: I now pronounce you husband and husband

Roman: *crying*

Virgil: aw princey you’re such a sap

Roman: *stops crying* wait Logan isn’t Virgil technically a prince now too

Logan: I mean I guess

Roman: *looks at Virgil* hi princey

Virgil: I want a divorce

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