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“hey don’ look at me, i didn’t teach kitten that.” 

“..Sorry..” you mumbled to the brothers before another pause took place as the voice on the other side of the line huffed. “No, not to you. You definitely deserved to be called a dumb bitch right now.”

The three of you were enjoying the morning together with Sans and you in the breakfast nook and Papyrus still in the kitchen flipping pancakes when you received a surprise call from your sibling. Now, normally they didn’t call out of the blue like this, especially this early in the morning, which quickly made you very worried…

…..But after hearing their long winded rant about an argument they had with a friend.. well..

“You better apologize for what you said to her.”


“…You can’t be serious.. right..?”


“…Because you’re completely in the wrong here you absolute fucking walnut!”

“This is exactly why I called you a dumb fucking bitch you dumb fucking bitch…”

You could hear both of the brothers snickering now as your argument with your sibling persisted, your expression falling to complete annoyance at them for being so…. dumb! How in the hell were you two related again?

“tell ‘em we’re sorry to hear about their terrible, crippling dumb bitch disease.” 


“It’s terminal I’m afraid, there is no recovery…. Hey you shut up it is not hereditary! There is only one dumb bitch is this family and that’s you, you egg!”

That earned another laugh from the two of them.

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This lion has seen some shit ajskdjdkdk

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Haha my therapist prescribed me with “needing control” rather than “yeah a persecutor tried to harm and scare the shit out of me” she also decided my parents are fine. I kept wanting to make the joke of “Ha well at least they wait until Im out of the room to talk shit about me”

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I know it’s a minor thing. I know it hurts no one. I know it’s petty as fuck. But do you know what I can not stand???
It’s not multis, it’s not suggestion forums assholes, it’s not people who beg for shit constantly.
It’s people who post comments in the skin submissions thread.
Every time I see a fucking comment or a fucking reserve post or a fucking WIP or worst of all some fucking idiot giving UNNECESSARY CRITIQUE in the SUBMISSIONS thread I fucking lose my mind.
I will end you.
I will call the fucking shade down on you I was half a second from clicking report on someone the other day I will invert every organ in your body
Why are you doing this????? It’s so simple not to???? Can you not fucking read??? I’d assume so and yet somehow you’re posting commentary????? No. your reading comprehension is simply shit You’re the people that make English teachers have to sit down and fucking explain that Poe’s Raven is a goddam metaphor and yet somehow through all those years of basic English you can’t comprehend the words SUBMISSIONS ONLY
If I see ONE more fucking non submission getting in the way of my side hobby of judging people’s artistic talent I will fucking snap. I will not be the bigger man and scroll past your MASSIVE QUOTE CONTAINING SOMEONE ELSES SUBMISSIONS THAT TAKES UP HALF TGE FUCKING PAGE
I will simply replace all your pillows with bags of human teeth

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Please for the love of all things it takes like five seconds to scroll down and look in a dragon’s bio to see if there’s any mention of pronouns. A lot of people just straight up put pronoun tags at the top of a bio! Putting in that little extra effort Will Not Kill You.

Even worse is when it happens in Discord servers when someone shares a dragon and literally right there says “I love her she’s amazing” but just because the dragon has a male pose some absolute fucking wrinkly walnut comes along with “Oh HE is so great I’d kneel in HIS presence.”

Shut the fuck up and READ.

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This is SUCH minor drama but

I’m pissed off that the new trend for specifically earth dom shops is a ‘fee’ to order. what the fuck, go away with that shit! I don’t want to bitch at Earth but man, they already have a stranglehold on dom, are mandatory tips going to be a thing now?

Something about this just makes me mad, dammit. There’s so few earth dom shops and they always dom and now they charge more. It’s stupid and bad and I don’t like it.

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okay so on the wayward guide ep 2 post by @noobsomeexagerjunk there was a comment by @greyjedijaneite on the tarot cards that intrigued me, and i decided screw it, i’m gonna do some research on this because this it just begging to be analyzed and i’m on a theory roll right now, so

please note that, from what i’ve observed, tarot is very flexible and symbolisms can vary from person to person. some of these details i could find only on one website, and i did stick to the first page of the results. also i’m not all that experienced with tarot, so if anyone who knows more about it wants to correct me on something please do so, i have no idea what i’m doing lmao

also this got very long oops

paul’s card

  • there is one card of apollo i could find on the net, though it may be a custom one as it’s present on only one website.
  • this apollo card supposedly encourages one to focus on their strengths and cultivate them, to make positive affirmations about themself. very uplifting all around, which matches paul’s attitude
  • apollo in general is associated heavily with the sun and the chariot
  • the sun, according to, draws heavily from the symbolism of two children and their close bond forged by love.
  • the sun also symbolizes exchanging energy, the power of Nature and life, as well as friendship
  • also has something to do with the two sons of the magician or something
  • no one told me the tarot characters had lore. who’s the mom?
  • also, it has something to do with bringing out our inner wild child and guiding it towards happiness, which again, is quite on-brand for paul
  • in a nutshell, it’s about close relationships built on love, especially friendships and “brotherhood” (though maybe in this case it’s siblinghood), positivity and good fortune
  • the chariot, on the other hand, represents willpower, victory, ambition, all that jazz
  • as established, in wayward guide paul’s card appears to be upside down.
  • from what i’ve gathered, there can be several ways to interpret a reversed card, but the main ones boil down to “there will be a slight delay before you feel the effects”, “the effects will be reversed” or “the effects won’t be as forthcoming”.
  • the rest is “just look at it and go from there” or “don’t mind it”
  • if we’re going with the most popular interpretation, “the opposite effects”, the sun would be “depression and negativity”, apollo is “narcissism” or maybe “self-deprecation”, and the chariot is “lack of control”
  • considering how paul fit the descriptions of the actual cards before they were reversed, that seems a little weird, doesn’t it? the reversed cards don’t seem to line up with him at all
  • unless… his card wasn’t actually reversed?
  • or maybe we shouldn’t be reading into the reversal
  • anyways moving on

artemis’ card

  • again, artemis does have her own card, though whether or not it’s an official one is debatable
  • the card represents spreading “love and light” and having faith that you and your loved ones are protected and safe. basically being at ease and knowing that you are in no danger, letting peace flow through you and stuff like that
  • (hm, with werewolves wandering around that may be a problem)
  • artemis the goddess is also associated with the woods and wildlife, so. there’s that.
  • artemis in general is associated with the cards of the high priestess and the moon
  • the high priestess kind of just represents all badass warrior goddesses, really
  • she normally has two pillars next to her representing the duality of man nature: masc and femme, good and evil, etc etc
  • according to, “it is her responsibility to serve as a mediator between the depths of the reality”. she sees both sides as equal and listens to them both
  • she’s also related to the moon
  • also she supposedly believes in magic
  • related to inner knowledge, and encourages one to drop intellect in favor of intuition if the situation calls for it
  • again, accurate, considering that werewolves aren’t the most logical creatures to exist.
  • also two sides – like miner mole and those against it? werewolves vs humans?
  • the moon, on the other hand…
  • okay so i’m actually a little excited by this card
  • the moon upright means that not everything is as it seems. it symbolizes anxiety, illusion, deceit, and intuition
  • the last one does sort of line up with the high priestess
  • and that’s a theme that would make sense in a place like connor creek
  • there are also wolves on the card, so :eyes:
  • now, if we’re going off the idea that paul’s card is actually upright and the rest are reversed, then what does that mean?
  • well, for artemis, i guess that means that you are in danger and no one is safe, which, yeah fair
  • the high priestess becomes “repressed feelings” and “confusion, lack of inner voice” and the reversed moon also has “repressed feelings” as well as “subsiding anxiety and illusion”
  • so artemis’ card seems a lot more relevant to the plot lmao. it appears to point at how things will be made clear eventually, though there is a lot of lies and deception going on right now.
  • though this time, the upright cards seem to be as accurate as the reversed ones

astraea’s card

  • astraea, of course, isn’t a character, but she still has relevance to this
  • astraea also originates from greek mythology – according to wikipedia, she was around during the Golden Age, back when Cronus was still being an asshole up in olympus
  • she’s the virgin deity of justice, purity and innocence
  • this is so funny to me – apparently, according to ovid, during the iron age, because humans were starting to become assholes, astraea just went “fuck this” and became the constellation virgo. idk why that’s funny to me it just is
  • libra is nearby and apparently shows astraea’s relationship to the goddess Dike (as her daughter) and also relates her to the 8th tarot card, justice
  • upside down, she is obviously dishonesty and the like
  • again with the “everyone is sus and no one can be trusted” symbolism

so. yeah. that’s really really long lol but this is so fun to research honestly. if yall wanna add something on please do i wanna hear your thoughts

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hi i’m going to overanalyze the witch in the web summary

(this is really just a rambling of thoughts, so don’t expect anything too profound)

so this is the only summary that actually has “nightmare time” in it. that’s probably just a little throwaway reference because it’s the last episode or something but what if it isn’t? what if it’s hinting at something more?

(i mean, it’s probably not, but still.)


part 2 proved that episodes can be connected to each other. what if the witch in the web connects to all of the episodes? what if it’s the culmination? what if we see all the events and timelines in the series come together – like a web. what if the web is the interconnecting timelines? will this episode answer many of our questions about the hatchetfield universe?

what if chumby just barrels in at the last moment and beats the shit out of the witch-

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Its fucking wild how H is not banned yet for multiaccounting its so blatant and in your face just looking at their posts and claims about oh i’ve only played fr for like 5 months but i’ve got the equivalent of 1 million gems in pure, items and dragons but i promise im new to this game i just sold a bunch of DV stuff and offsite traded even though those claims are shit (((:

Yes i am salty but like can the staff do something for once??? Like the account funneling is so obvious theres no way its just offsite trading.

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Social worker dude (I see him every 2 weeks) was as fucking useless as a pile of shit today. I felt/feel very negative. Nothing in my life is worth anything, nothing to be proud of, I fail at everything.

He stayed quiet and then suggested “maybe this is enough for today”. I snorted and said “Sure, I’ll just leave” and when he stayed quiet, I left. He was late too, so I think we spoke for a whopping 15 minutes today (out of the 30 I should get). 

I’m fucking done. Fucking useless piece of shit.

Then again, can’t blame him for not having anything to say. He can’t counter my thoughts because there’s nothing to counter it with. Everything’s worthless, I’m worthless. I’m a fucking pathetic piece of failure, nothing to be done about that.

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