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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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Adam: Are you wouldn’t want to go to Jamaica?
Barba: No way this going to be great.
Adam: Look out for that…!
Barb: What a why to start a vacation.
Adam: It will get better when we dry off.
Barba: We didn’t leave that fire going when we le

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Adam and Isaac in their usual back-and-forth! Once again with props to @leecheedoodles‘ ship dynamics meme!

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-*tastes buttermilk* ‘euGH- I don’t know who drinks this but just know you’re a hazard to society’

-’I got so much butter, check it out I can make it rain butter’

-‘Ground ginger….. do I even own ground ginger–’

-*sarcasm* ’I love… how smart I am it’s just honestly insane’

-’My kitchen looks like a warzone right now’

-’Is this how the rat in ratatouille felt’

-’I’m actually kind of a slut for some sour cream but.. not at the moment, not right now’

-’Mm! Smells like spice.. and pain and suffering..’

-’If I drop this I’m jumping off a cliff-’

-*mixer turns on by itself* ‘We got spirits on this boat it’s cool though’

-’I’m really talking like I know what I’m doing- I’m not honestly’

-’Why is this packaging to hard to open? I’m struggling with my words as it is and you think I could open a cream cheese packaging-’

-’It’s not that I’m an arsonist I just like fire-’

-’I know my hands look like they’re covered in blood but it’s just red food colouring’

-’This is my beautiful creation. She was born out of pain and sacrifice.’

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5 Things to Know About Hannah Brown’s Rumored Boyfriend Adam Woolard

5 Things to Know About Hannah Brown’s Rumored Boyfriend Adam Woolard

No longer a Bachelorette? Hannah Brown has Bachelor Nation fans convinced that she is dating model Adam Woolard.
In photos obtained by the Daily Mail in January 2021, the pair were photographed walking through downtown Los Angeles while holding hands. Mere days before their PDA-filled sighting, a fan account shared pics of the twosome grabbing a bite in Nashville.
In December 2020, Brown teased a…


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Descendants!Adam: Who are you?

Regular!Adam: Im you but not a little bitch.

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I wish Jake Abel would kiss a mirror and take a photo just so I can pretend is Michael and Adam

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Characters to choose instead of Adam when needing to project or relate to:

Fear of Abandonment: Gwen Cooper [ her best friend looked her in the eye and told her she wasn’t worth staying on Earth for after already having left once without saying goodbye ]

Fear of Being Forgotten: Ianto Jones [ his last words were literally “in a thousand years time, you won’t remember me” and he does not let himself die until Jack promises “yes I will.” ]

I feel like I’ve seen quite a few times since I’ve been part of the tumblr fandom that he’s a character quite a few people, actually, seem to relate to. Which I do get that there are aspects to him that can be relatable, but!! There are definitely other characters who aren’t as objectively Not Good that these can be found in!

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Adam (Not Adam and Charlie) | Only Lovers Left Alive

*Few Words Adam needs you. All of you.

Jonathan Pine | The Night Manager

*I Like It Neat | A FrostHiddles Collab |  You never expected to get this entrenched in Roper’s entourage, but here you were. Better yet, you caught the eye of Richard Roper’s right-hand man, Jonathan Pine. You weren’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing, but you were sure of this: Pine likes his suits and whisky, neat and his martinis and sex, dirty.

*Rule Number One |  You forget the first rule of the Pine household: no panties for kitten. (Dom!Pine)

Magnus Martinsson | Wallander (UK)

*Orgasm Denial |  Magnus failed to follow the rules, so now he needs to be punished. (sub!Magnus)

*Tied Up |  Magnus has big plans for your anniversary, only to be thwarted by his lack of planning. (sub!Magnus)

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Originally posted by damnyouhiddles

Pairing: Adam x Reader

Summary:  Adam needs you. All of you.

Warnings: Smut ,Vaginal Sex, Vampires, Couch Sex, Biting, Cursing

taglists are open! Let me know if you want to be added!  Thank you for reading!


“Baby?” Adam called out from the sofa to the study down the hall where you were working. His tone soft and unassuming. You knew what that meant.

“Just one a moment darling and I’ll be there.” you responded, picking up your pace. Adam wouldn’t stop badgering you until you came in there. You found it in your own best interests to get things done quickly.

Another five minutes passed, and another call from Adam. You sighed as you shut your laptop and switched off the light. It was dark in the living room. Adam sprawled his long body between the sofa and the coffee table. You stepped over the crumpled up pieces of paper and stand on the other side of the table, hands on hips.

“What is going on, Adam?” Your shoulders slumped, seeing his sad eyes staring at you. “What’s wrong?”

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thinkin abt the fact adam quietly turned 18 at 300 fox way why did nobody wish him a happy birthday

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Keeping the Garden!

Keeping the Garden!
“Because of laziness, the building decays, And through idleness of hands the house leaks.” Ecclesiastes 10:18
Have you ever left your residence for a long time? Or probably you went on vacation for days and left your house locked up without anyone to keep or mend it daily. Have you ever observed that no matter how the windows and doors are closed and locked, once you open them…


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Mind of the Prophet - Entry #109

Mind of the Prophet – Entry #109

If you apply the phrase, “shedding Light,” literally, you’d reconsider your daily interactions with your fellow man.

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Adam: “Hey, can I have a sip of that water?”

Celandine: “It’s not water.”

Adam: “Vodka! I like your style-”

Celandine: “It’s vinegar.”


Adam “…what?”

Celandine: “It’s vinegar, pussy.”

(incorrect quotes; source: vine)

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Xanathar: “You’re too late, super dorks! You’ll never stop me now!”

Celandine: “That’s where you’re wrong, evil-doer! We will stop you with the powers of-”

Asyna: “Friendship!”

Theo: “Harmony!”

Aerana, holding a bloody knife: “Incredible violence.”

Adam: “Aaaaaand love!”

(incorrect quotes; source: shencomix)

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