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bi/pan + name association Olivia

requested by anon

bi: attraction to two or more genders; attraction to same and different genders

pan: attraction to all genders; attraction regardless of gender

name association: red and pink, ballet, small luxuries, confidence

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@thecircusfreaks replied to your post: “Saoran was really happy to see you and you were…

“I wish you could stay a bit but you have a baby with you. I don’t want to keep the boy away from his father too long. If you want to stop by some other time, that’s fine. Saoran had a blast spending time with you. I want that more for him.” Feilong smiled as he leaned forward, placing a quick kiss to her cheek. “Be careful, okay?”

She was glad to know he did want her to stay, but he was also right in that she should get Carlos back home to Kaspar. She smiled at the kiss to her cheek, taking a moment to gaze up at the man. “Yeah. I’ll do that,” she said softly, reaching  her free hand to gently caress his cheek before stepping back to head for the door.

“We need to do this again very soon. I’d like Carlos to grow up knowing his big brother…~”

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"Saoran was really happy to see you and you were right, he seems to love being a big brother." now that Carlos was sleeping, Saoran was doing his own thing to relax as well. Feilong would look at Olivia, taking a deep breath. "So, you're going home, right? Be careful on your way."

“I mean… I should be heading back, but… I can stay a bit longer. If you want, ‘course.” Her tone was soft and expression somewhat hopeful, as though wanting Feilong to suggest she stay longer. Olivia wanted to try harder to remember their relationship; what had made them get married to begin with, and… even what drove her to cheat on him with another man and have a child with him, too.

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Unfinished and quick picture of my Sole Survivor, Olivia, giving Preston a much-deserved forehead smooch. 

This is mostly just a little bit of practice to get myself comfortable drawing these characters.  I’m hoping to do more for them at some point in the future and maybe get a little more polish in there, but for now I’m happy with this!

(Also, Olivia technically has glasses, but I did not want to worry over those right now, so I drew her without them.  Because I’m lazy like that. xD I just imagine they’re sitting in Preston’s hat, wherever it went.)

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