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Magnetic Storm was one of the big surprises of the Flashfire set. This was not the first appearance of the card, but it had only been seen once before. This was back in the Hidden Legends set, where its effect was a bit different. The newer Flashfire version was a Stadium that made sure that each Pokemon in play had no Resistance. The original ignored Resistance when Fighting- or Psychic-type Pokemon attacked, meaning that the new version was a clear upgrade.

Magnetic Storm found itself in an odd spot where almost any deck that might use it tended to have something better. Fighting decks had Fighting Stadium, which overcame Resistances with a damage boost and helped against Pokemon that didn’t Resist Fighting as well. Lightning ran into Resistances at times, but those could use Rough Seas for a bit of healing while Raichu decks liked Sky Field. Psychic tended to favor Dimension Valley for cheaper attacks. BCR-On decks could also use Hypnotoxic Laser with Virbank City Gym for damage boosts as well. These, along with other various Stadiums that worked well with certain decks, crowded Magnetic Storm out of the game. Magnetic Storm itself was a reasonable Stadium for a decent number of decks that was almost never better than running something else.

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  1. Powerful + Charismatic Leader
  2. Talented Singer
  3. Pale as Hail + Cyan eyes
  4. Eyeshadow game strong
  5. Selfless older sibling
  6. Self-esteem issues
  7. Younger sister takes over their positions while they retire to their true passions


… Somebody hold me back please, I’ve gone too far.

On a side note, Happy April Fools’ Day! X’D


Piers © Pokémon Sword & Shield
Elsa © Walt Disney Animation Studios

Fan Art by © Fuyu

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