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Originally posted by harisen-poke

#211 - Qwlifish

Type: Water/Poison

Abilities: Poison Point/Swift Swim/Intimidate

Base stats:

HP - 65

Attack - 95

Defence - 85

Special Attack - 55

Special Defence - 55

Speed - 85

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Yeahhhhh people can be awful right? I had to delete my first two attempts at answering this, it was just too full of bad language haha! Don’t be like me, handle this calmly.

So first off, how he hasn’t been caught by law enforcement yet is beyond me, and now you know he’s doing this, just report the guy. He’s basically messing with the natural environment and putting stress on an ecosystem not built for what he’s throwing at it. Too much of anything, rain or shine, will be damaging to an average location. That he’s an ex champion means he will be slapped with a bigger more official punishment, usually a big hefty fine and a serious black mark on his records, and could even have his Pokemon removed from his custody for putting the local environment in danger because of his selfish actions. There’s some serious laws about using moves like that outside of battles, and doing so to purposefully control and change natural ecosystems will lead him to probably be taken to court for crimes against the environment itself. Police, rangers, gym leaders, professors, all have authority to step in, so contact the nearest ones, and be aware, he sounds awful, tell them he’s outwardly aggressive and they’ll post a strong Pokemon close to your home to keep an eye out for you, just in case he takes this out on you. If you feel you are in danger, go to a friends house and hold out there. I doubt he’d be so stupid but you really can’t judge situations like this.

Secondly, the old fart has to sleep, as does his Pokemon, so using rain dance at night with some buckets put out, or a rain collector installed, will fill up your stores, and even if he brings the sun back in the day, the night has had some cool relief from the heat, AND you end up with some rain water. If his Pokemon wakes up and repeats the attack, again, call authorities, no Pokemon that strong should be allowed to roam outside alone, Dion whatever it wants, especially if the old man is asleep. It’s dangerous to everyone to allow any species to wander around freely, especially those who affect the local environment so heavily.

If I was you I’d stand your ground, he won’t like the rain and move, he’s some ex-champ right? He can shell out money to leave, go live in the desert or something, he should have the cash after all his battle days. Not everyone’s so bold, and if you feel like leaving would suit you better, perhaps it’s time. Regardless, he’s awful, you can totally get him told off, and if his behaviour continues despite warnings and fines, he will be faced with jail time.

As for the burnt bod, don’t worry too much, it’ll repair in time, you may find bits shed and skin flakes to reveal fresh healthy growth, but it’ll take time, and a little patience.

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Custom designs for the gatcha adopts

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Zoe and Kra ‘O

Casual conversations: Overpriced cards

Zoe: I’m going to do it Kra ‘O!

Kra ‘O: Do what?

Zoe: I’m going to buy some pokemon cards!

Kra ‘O: You’re going to… what? Zoe, you what? You’re a fully functioning adult. You’re going to what?

Zoe: Hear me out Kra ‘O.  I’ve been watching a lot of pack openings lately. And for the past two months I’ve been thinking, debating it back and forth in my head. And I keep coming to the conclusion they’re not worth it. But then I keep debating it in my head again, and watching more pack openings. I think I just have to do it. 

Kra ‘O: I mean, okay, do what you want. Hey, how much are they anyway?

Zoe: Welp…

Kra ‘O: That much? For little bits of cardboard with cute pictures you’re only going to look at once, then put away in the corner of your room? 

Zoe: It’s kind of like investing! A lot of these items will appreciate in value with the ever constant passage of time. 

Kra ‘O: Zoe, I know you, you’re never going to sell these! You’ll become too attached. I mean, you’ve kept every single one you’ve ever received. 

Zoe: Yea, you’re right. It’s not like I really need them. Besides, I get all the fun of opening them from listening to other people talk about it, without wasting any money. I mean, they were fun as a kid, but as an adult what am I even going to do with them? Just takes up more space. I just have to keep telling myself they’re overpriced, and not buy any this year.

Kra ‘O: Exactly! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need the computer. I’m going to go order some Valentines day cards!

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i tried  to draw gible  from memory…

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take care of the plants or I’ll destroy you

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“Unlike this other Mewtwo you have met, I don’t hate humans. I only distrust them. I only wish to be left along and not be bothered by anyone. However, I will defend myself if I must and I will not hesitate to take down anyone who dares to harm me.”

((female version of Mewtwo))

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Poll on who would most likely win in a fight based on appearance alone

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emits a powerful aura, respectable 10/10

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and like yeah faba is the branch chief and all but that doesn’t mean anything in the arc. like not to bring up warrior cats of all things but even before becoming tigerstar, tigerclaw was well-respected enough within the clan that he was able to become deputy and even after he got exiled he was able to get people on his side.

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( Based off of actual events from my Pixelmon stream yesterday )

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I have been informed that i can recycle all of my hq as things my friends have said posts with other fandoms for clout. My friends are very big brain 

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Been a while since I last had a commission! While I don’t really advertise it, commissions are usually open! 

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