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I did a fusion of two of my favourite pokemon!

Also please excuse the horrible colouring, either my pencils are crap af or my colouring skills are crap af or both.🙃 I usually use markers which is nicer, but some ran out 😓 anyway the drawing ain’t a masterpiece, but I did have fun making it 😁

I also like the contrast of a dark, scary plush toy and an adorable little squishy fetus 😂

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Clones as Pokemon Trainers Vol. 1

I was thinking about this post and then I decided to think about what pokemon some of the clones would have. As of now I have come to this conclusion:

Bly: Raichu 

Rex:  Gyarados

Cody:  Lucario

Tup: Umbreon

Wolffe:  Zoroark, Lycanroc

Fox:  Ninetales, Litten

Hit me with additions/ corrections if you want to.

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H: What is something your muse is really good at? (Something like that, I forgot to copy and paste since I’m on mobile-)

A lot of people are unaware of Deidra’s skill for cooking! In most cases, the Deoxys would like to cook sweets, such as cookies, candies, muffins, and cakes. This is because her eldest son Ernesto has the biggest sugar high anyone has ever seen, and the moment he takes a piece of sugar it’s like activating a young child pumped with 20 cups of decaf. Only with the speed of a Deoxys. It amuses not only her but the rest of the family as well.

Regardless, her cooking is exceptional. If one was to ask for something sweet to eat, she would happily oblige!

Deidra is also really good at making funny jokes. Try to catch her in a good mood and crack a joke or two, you won’t be disappointed!

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