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Yesterday was the 25th Anniversary of the launch of Pokémon in Japan! Since I’ve been playing the game since its North American release in 1998 (I vividly remember the renaming of Topeka, Kansas to Topikachu, Kansas), I thought I would draw my favorite partner pokémon from every generation! You can see some of these specific pokemon like Tendo and McLeach in my Pokémon tag!

Thank you, Pokémon, you’re a fun game and I love you.

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Sudden Hugs!

I do wonder if Samurott is the type to enjoy hugs..? Well either way, Vaporeon sure seems eager to give him one.~

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Happy Pokémon Day!

Pokémon means so much to me - this series has been a part of my life since I first played Blue Version, back when I was 9, and I think it will always be part of my life! Since that time - 22 years ago, wow! - it’s been a huge inspiration to me, especially when it comes to art. After all this time, they are still my go to when I need a creative spark, so I just had to draw something to celebrate! I couldn’t decide which of my faves to draw… so I drew them all! Who are your favourite Pokemon?

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My grandma, confused but still supportive: “oh yeah, Pokemon and what is this? Belt?”

Me: *laughs then explains that the yellow part of the white sugar cookie is pikachu and the red sugar cookies are the Pokeballs that they throw to catch the pokemon, and then the Pokemon become their friends*

Her: “aww they catch them to get a little friend?”

Me: “mmhmm”

Her: “I love that, I bet you’d catch one too”

Me: *wishes Pokemon were real so I could have a Vaporeon* “I bet I would”

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It’s Pokémon’s 25th anniversary and there’s a trend going around to show off a Character you voiced and a Pokémon you think they’d have… I shared this in Twitter but I figured I’d share it here too!

I’ve thought about this FOREVER… I definitely think May Marigold would have a Vaporeon!


And my character Damion, from Witches X Warlocks, would totally have a Sinistea! (Damion uses They/Them pronouns, btw!)

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Pokemon a day for Pokemon Week, celebrating 25 years of pokemon!!

I grew up with Pokemon, starting with Yellow and it’s been apart of my life ever since.

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Happy Pokemon Day everyone.

Just out of curiosity, what was everyone’s first game and their team?

Mine was Pokemon Yellow with Pikachu, Pidgeot, Nidoking, Charizard, Vaporeon and Scyther.

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Yo I made some art!

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Took a risk and evolved one of my few shiny Eevees into this beauty. So happy.

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Day 53 Did you know my favorite pokemon ever is vaporeon? :o

Name: Fracshun
Game: Pokemon Soulsilver
Species: Vaporeon (water)
Trainer: Cleo Bakehoshi
Met at: Route 30 (Johto) (Born at Sinnoh)
Nature: Quirky
Ability: Water absorb
The team’s strategist and possibly smartest member, Fracshun fills the role of the brains for all of his teammates’ brawns. He has a way with words and often manages to persuade and convince others to do his bidding, being quite manipulative, even so he keeps a rather carefree and cheerful attitude, playing innocent and feigning confusion when confronted. Precise, controlled and acrobatic he’s really skilled in battle and definitely not above using “tricks” such as trapping their foes with ice or disappearing underwater. Was attached to Kyle and encourages Arrow’s impulses.

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