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Hi guys, I’ve never really posted art on here before but I really love doing perler beads and it translates really well into making clothes in Animal Crossing. Here’s some cosplays I’ve made! I made them to match my characters skin tone, but if someone wanted a different one, I wouldn’t mind changing it. Check em out!

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A female gijinka of one of my favourite Pokémon in my current play-through of Y with my best mate.

Name: Posie
Species: Empoleon
Nature: Modest
Characteristic: Mischievous
Current level: 38
Current move-set: Metal Claw, Peck, Yawn, Brine

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I can't say I have, no. Contests are usually for more graceful and elegant people, and I'm...well, me. .... I assure you that you are perfect !! ^^👍

Oh, uh, thank you! I appreciate the sentiment, but nobody’s perfect. When I said ‘I’m me’ I meant I’m somebody who isn’t cut out for contests. Battles, however, are much more my style, and I’m pretty good at those. I didn’t mean for it to come off as self deprecating, so apologies.

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