tamtamdi · 2 days ago
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Pokémon Humanization
440. Happiny
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fluffy-rulos · 11 hours ago
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He's thinking!
How many joltik can he fit inside a subway car before Ingo notices-
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froggys-doodley-doodles · 2 days ago
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how dare he start growing on me
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pkmnprideflags · a day ago
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Nobody questions your gender on team skull
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dragonofthedepths · 2 days ago
Ingo is dropped back into his own time and unknowingly wanders into his own funeral. Everyone keeps stopping him and offering their condolences, saying how sorry they are for his loss, and Ingo is getting increasingly confused.
But, well...
While Ingo's been gone Emmet has not been coping well, stress and grief piling up and pulling at the coners of his lips until it is no longer uncommon to see the younger Subway Boss frowning anymore. And Ingo has been practicing volume control while in Hisui, in order to avoid causing avalanches, or alerting wild pokémon… or just plain scaring the living daylights out of his clanmates.
Honestly everyone just assumed Emmet's idea of black formalwear is a black version of his subway uniform…
No one realizes what's going on until Elesa catches Ingo trying to sneak out and drags him back to a quite room to prepare, because she opens the door to find Emmet already inside.
Day (342/100) of my #infinitedaysofwriting @the-wip-project
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waywardstation · 6 hours ago
I am desperate for a pic of Emmet sleeping in the Joltik car
Tumblr media Tumblr media
For being so patient, you get two pics!
Perform your safety checks, and make sure to stay away from the windows when the station goes to sleep, and the Remnant’s appendages start snooping about!
Tumblr media
And now I can’t unsee this haha thank you
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iixy · 2 days ago
Oooo do you think you could do a fall-themed Leafeon? :o
Tumblr media
i wish seasonal leafeons were real 🍁
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captain-calamaria · 2 days ago
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Serious question: is that fanart of Delphox or something I missed??
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magicsewerman · a day ago
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They’ve been ✨Reunited✨
*insert shenanigans*
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sherbertufo · a day ago
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mari8rm · a day ago
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somesaiyan · 2 days ago
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POV: you reunite with your dad that went missing a year ago but you both have amnesia. 
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it-ezz-what-it-ezz · 2 days ago
Hi, I love reading your works, they are honestly the highlight of my day and are so cute!
May I have Ingo, Professor Sycamore, Piers, and Adaman who loves to draw them? But they do it secretly and one day they come across the sketchbook with draws of them and think it’s cute.
Ahhh comments like yours are the highlight of mine!
- he’s probably seen you a couple of times carrying around a sketch book, but never questioned it.
- He is very much a ‘if they wanted to share it, they would’ kind of person. But he thinks your concentrated face is adorable, you look so focused.
- Now Ingo would never snoop a day in his life. Especially with your things, he views that as a huge trust violation.
- He was cleaning up the house a bit. You were at work while he had the day off. And Ingo wouldn’t to clean up, less things to do when you got back.
- Your sketch book was open when he found it, like you had gotten up in a rush and forgot to close it.
- The subway boss stares in awe at your work. It’s a detailed side profile of him making dinner, everything from the lighting, the shading, the colors of his apron, just everything.
- The subway boss is almost in tears he is so flattered and in love with it. He doesn’t flip through it but he does confess to seeing it when cleaning.
- “I’m deeply sorry for seeing it, I didn’t flip through it but the page I shall was beautifully done, you’re very talented! I adored every detail. I understand if you are upset with me.”
- Curious as ever as to what you have in your sketch book but never pries after you say no.
- Though jokingly he will pose stupidly on his desk “draw me like one of your Kalosian girls!” Which does give you a good laugh, but that’s what he was going for.
- He found it in his office and didn’t recognize the cover so he flipped through it.
- His assistants and the receptionist all looked confused when his squeals echo in the building.
- He is blushing and cooing at every last drawing.
- His favorites are ones where you draw him interacting with his Pokémon. The amount of joy and love he feels is unreal.
- So much joy is he hugging you the next time he sees you.
- “I’m sorry for looking, but oh my dear sweet flower those are works of art! Such beauty! And exquisite detail! Oh I could feel the amount of love and hard work you put into each piece!”
- Feel free to whack him for looking, he expects it, but that’s not stopping him from praising you and your work till the end of time.
- A lover of expressive art forms! He loves seeing your art, he straight up forcibly paid you for a drawing of his Obstagoon.
- A reverse robbery if you will.
- A little bummed you don’t show him much else, cause he sees you sketching all the time and he’d love to just sit down behind you and watch. But you’re so secretive.
- His Skuntank brought the book to him. The rockstar recognized it immediately.
- “Don’t ya know it’s rude to touch other peoples stuff, bud?”
- Well….maybe on peek at your latest project wouldn’t hurt.
- Completely caught off guard and flushed at the sight of all your doodles of him. All the love being poured into each sketch.
- And like that he’s falling in love all over again.
- You actually found Piers sitting on the couch, gazing oh so lovingly at the pictures in your sketch book.
- “Love I..this all so wonderful, I’m at a lost for word, you really think of me as your muse? I’m honored.”
- He is as bashful as the day he asked you out. He does apologize for looking though, he won’t do it again.
- Nosey nosey man.
- You’re being constantly asked “what are you drawing? Can I see?” You’ll likely only show him the sketches that aren’t of him to try and get him off your back. It only fuels him to ask more.
- Of course he saw your sketch book unattended, he tried being strong, he wanted YOU to show him, not see for himself.
- And it’s an invasion of privacy! You’d be so mad if he snooped through your things. That and he wanted you to show him, it would be like you fully trusting him.
- The clan leader takes this seriously.
- Fifteen minutes past before he caved.
- Just one little peek, then he’ll act like nothing happened.
- Instantly flipping through and ‘ooo’ing and ‘aawww’ing at everything.
- You find him on his bed with your sketch book fighting tears. He is extremely honored, so touched, he feels so loved.
- “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, I didn’t…well I did, and I’m sorry I did, but these are amazing! You view me like this? I’m so honored! I adore this so much, I can’t begin to describe how happy this makes me, you find inspiration in me? That means the world to me.”
- Adaman gives you the go ahead to hit him for his snooping, but he gushed about your own work to you.
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rainbow600-art · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
So the way I draw Gengars doesn’t line up with how George looks. I’m still trying to figure out how to draw George, but I’m thinking I’m getting the hang of it! Though I wouldn’t be surprised if I changed how I draw him later lol.
George belongs to @devilsroost
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froggys-doodley-doodles · 10 hours ago
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sorry y'all guess this is a submas blog now /hj
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waywardstation · a day ago
been thinking lately, on a happier note, about the train station cat Taka and the possibility of the twins having an adjacent mascot for the battle subway. perhaps matching Sneasel, or maybe Zorua? or perhaps Chandelure and Eelektross / Litwick and Tynamo become mascots for the subway? this is more drabble than prompt but I just wanted to see where you'd take it! please take your time with your work and don't stress yourself out too much, i hope you're having a good day!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I LOVE this ask, thank you so much!! I saved this ask for when I could draw for it, apologies for taking so long!
If I could pick any Pokémon…wow! Lots of power!
I spent some time looking through BW2’s pokedex, and after some time I decided I would pick a Lairon!
First, it’s design. It reminds me sort of like a traincar in a way! And the holes on its body? I imagine it could make train sounds blowing air through them!
And then it’s pokedex entries:
Tumblr media
I imagine Lairon could wander near Gear Station and become a pest of sorts for this reason, and one could have found itself cornered by Ingo and Emmet after munching on a railway.
But instead of getting into trouble, the subway bosses take care of her; she’s just doing what she would naturally do as a metal-eating pokemon! She didn’t know better!
So now, she is Gear Station’s mascot! She runs around dressed up as a little subway car, making train noises. And she gets all of the metal she could want, eating up debris from traincars where Pokémon battles got a little too intense!!
Thank you again for the ask, I had a lot of fun with this!! :)
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iixy · 17 hours ago
How about espurr or shiny sneasle?
Tumblr media
espurr but they're on all 4s like a real cat
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faerieguts · a day ago
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mimikyu ☺️
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seven-oh-four · 6 days ago
due to that other post i was also thinking about what social media would be like in the pokemon universe
Tumblr media
i think people would be a little stupid
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tamtamdi · 4 hours ago
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Pokémon Humanization
442. Spiritomb
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