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Moltres, the Flame Pokémon.

This legendary bird POKéMON is said to bring early spring to the wintry lands it visits. 

Diamond Gemspark - Unpainted, Deep Orange, Shadow
Sandstone Brick - Deep Orange

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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 19 Team Asteroid Returns!

Aichi’s current team

Level 38 Ahmes (Gallade) psychic/fighting


Close combat

Solar blade

Swords dance

Future Sight

Level 36 Wingal (Lycanroc (dusk)) rock


Crush Claw


Stone edge

Play rough

Level 35 Llew (Golisopod) water/bug


Sucker punch


Close combat

First impression

Level 35 Gancelot (Lucario) fighting/steel


Close combat

Stone edge

Aura sphere

Quick attack

Level 1 Soul Saver (Axew) dragon





Level 100 Alfred (Aegislash) ghost/steel


Sacred sword

King’s shield

Iron head

Shadow claw

They went back over to the area by the castle. His Pokémon all seemed separated in their training. Aichi was near where Soul Saver was who was fighting against little Honedges. It seemed to struggle a bit which was expected of a newborn, however every time it fell down it got back up fighting seeming to get a bit better. Aichi turned his attention to Alfred beside him.

“So, what do you want me to do?”, Aichi asked.

“As I said I am going to train you to have everything a king needs. As I mentioned before it’s important for a king to be able to protect his kingdom and subjects. As the trainer in a real battle you’ll be a big target for the opponent to eliminate.”, Alfred explained.

Aichi thought back to his fight with Kyou. He only won so easily because Kyou was quickly taken out.

“You have a point.”, Aichi replied.

“I am going to teach you Galar royal swordplay. You will wield my as a sword till you and your Pokémon are strong enough to have me in battle. I won’t use any moves as your sword I’ll simply be a blade. After all, you won’t grow if I simply defeat your opponents for you.”, Alfred replied.

“Yeah, I remember him going straight through Ahmes and Soul Saver’s combined attack like it was nothing. Not to mention, while Soul Saver did catch him off guard and hit him he didn’t have a scratch on him. He was merely surprised.”, Aichi thought.

“Alright, I’ll train myself to be worthy of using you in battle.”, Aichi replied, as Alfred placed himself in his hand wrapping his cloth arms around his arm.

“Have you ever wielded a sword before?”, Alfred asked.

“No, I’ve only seen them used in tv and movies.”, Aichi admitted, sheepishly.

“I see. First, off your stance is wrong. You should stand feet and shoulder width apart. Put your foot forward on the same side you’re wielding me with. This will keep your center of gravity low and central making it easy to keep even in heavy armor.”, Alfred replied.

Aichi corrected his stance and put his right foot forward like the one he held Alfred in.

“Second, loosen your grip on my hilt. It will waste too much energy and tire you out. Focus your grip on your first two fingers and thumb and have the rest wrapped loosely around my hilt.”, Alfred continued as Aichi nodded, doing as Alfred said.

“Third, hold me slightly out, relax your wrist and put it in line with your forearm. Adjust your arm and joints until you can feel my weight being taken by your shoulder. That’s the basic stance, make sure to memorize all of this we will go over this and the rest of the basics I will tell you every day.”, Alfred finished as Aichi did as he said.

“When you cut you should only use a small movement with your elbow or shoulder rather than moving my whole blade. You can use a small movement with your elbow or shoulder to just before the blade meets the hilt. That will make your cut straight. Try cutting as I told you.”, Alfred explained.

Aichi did as Alfred said though it took him a few attempts to get it right.

“Next, to brake, stop your blade and snap your fourth and fifth fingers into the grip. Your elbow will lock when you do this making your break very effective. Now, try to brake.”, Alfred said.

Aichi did as Alfred said, struggling a bit though Alfred seemed rather patient with him correcting his errors. Aichi smiles when he finally got the brake perfectly.

“Woah, your right! You know I thought I’d be more tired by now, but I don’t.”, Aichi said, amazed.

“Of course, a sword is first a foremost a weapon. It wouldn’t be so widely used if it wasn’t practical for battle. All of those myths that they’re heavy and impractical aren’t true. Those have been spread by those not properly trained to use them or those who think decorative swords are meant to be used in combat, their not their just a decoration for a reason. I should know I have used them since I was a young like you. Swords were made to be easy to use, they were in my time what handguns are to your time. Swords are specifically made to minimize the amount of weight. All of the weight is focused in the blade which is important for power, but even the blades are rather thin. Speed, power, and energy conservation are key.”, Alfred explained.

“That makes sense.”, Aichi replied.

“Though, you still have to put on a little weight though to increase the power. So, you’re going to have to work out. We will do that after we go over the rest.”, Alfred replied.


At the end of the day Aichi collapsed to the ground completely worn out. He took off his jacket to make it less hot. Soul Saver laid on his jacket using it as a makeshift bed beside him. He put the sides of the jacket over Soul Saver to keep it warm. After all, unlike him Soul Saver has cold blood so it didn’t produce its own heat needing an external heat from the sun or something else. Soul Saver cuddled into the jacket falling asleep fast. His other Pokémon came back very worn out as well. They went back into the castle for the night eating a meal prepared by the Honedges and Doublades. Aichi felt his mouth watering looking over the feast prepared, never feeling so hungry in his life. Llew and Soul Saver dug in without hesitation making a bit of a mess.

“Gallade! Gallade! Gallade! Gallade! (Llew! Less messy please! We’re guests here!)”, Ahmes scolded.

Llew flinched, slowing down and Aichi grabbed a napkin wiping up Soul Saver’s face. Gancelot and Wingal sweated nervously, eating slowly and mannerly as Ahmes did.

“Hehe. You have a good knight there.”, Alfred commented.

He sat with them though he didn’t really need to or well could eat since he was a ghost. The only reason the Honedeges and Doublades knew how to cook was to feed the ’knights’.

“Eat a bit more slowly like this. You’ll choke if you eat too fast.”, Aichi told Soul Saver showing him the right way.

Aichi inwardly gasped when tasting the food. It was really good he never knew chicken could taste so good. Soul Saver watched as Aichi did, mimicking him to the best of its ability.

“I hope you are enjoying our hospitality.”, Alfred said.

“Yeah, this is great Alfred. I didn’t expect for guys to feed us and give us a place to sleep.”, Aichi replied, nodding.

“Of course, proper nutrition and sleep are very important for everyone.”, Alfred replied.

They eventually finished and Aichi couldn’t help, but sweat drop seeing Wingal lick the plate clean.

“Lycanroc. Lycanroc. Lycanroc. (Maybe these ghost guys aren’t so bad.)”, Wingal said as Gancelot raised his eyebrow.

“Lucario? Lucario? Lucario ? Lucario? Lucario (Weren’t you the one who was the most suspicious of them?)”, Gancelot replied.

“Lycanroc. Lycanroc. Lycanroc. Lycanroc. (That was so long ago water under the bridge.)”, Wingal replied.

“Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. (Uh huh. That was like a hour ago.)”, Gancelot replied.

Soul Saver yawned, feeling sleepy again. Aichi picked it up to take him to the sleeping quarters. The others minus Alfred followed after. Aichi put Soul Saver to sleep, wrapping him up in its blanket. Aichi went over to his bed falling asleep instantly as he laid down.

In Oracle town…

An army of people with black uniforms and red As came in as everyone went for cover. Misaki and Shin came out seeing this preparing to throw out their Pokémon. Shin suddenly froze as if something was stopping him. They soon found out the source as Asuka walked out with a Malamar beside her. The Malamar’s eyes were glowing and it was surrounded by a psychic aura.

“Not so funny when it happens to you huh? We know all about you Shinemon Nitta. How you almost won the Pokémon world championships we won’t let you stand in our way.”, Asuka said.

They both gasped when Ren and Tetsu walked in besides her. Ren had a playful smile on his face. Tetsu has his hands behind his back with a serious expression.

“We’re back Misa-Q!”, Ren said playfully.

“Don’t call me that you jerk! How did you get out?”, Misaki asked.

“Don’t be so disrespectful to master Ren!”, Asuka replied, angrily.

“Oh, well it was simple. I just asked the nice officers to let us go and they did.”, Ren explained.

“What do you want? Why didn’t you stop me with that Malamar’s powers to?”, Misaki asked.

“Because you’re not a threat to us. Besides I always love giving our enemies a fighting chance. It always makes crushing them all the more satisfying.”, Ren explained with a sinister grin.

“You! I won’t let you win! Go, Assisa Eevee! Amaterasu! Tom! Guardian! Sakuya! Coco!”, Misaki called out throwing out Espeon, Delphox, Alakazam, Metagross, Gardevior, and Hatterene.

“You’ll have to face me before you can even think of facing master Ren! I hope you enjoy my performance master Ren. Go Cerberus! Silver Thorn! Alice! Ringmaster! Dark lord!”, Asuka called out, throwing out a Houndoom, Weavile, Banette, Sableye and Spiritomb.

“Be careful Misaki!”, Shin warned, sweating nervously knowing Asuka had the advantage with her mostly dark and ghost Pokémon.

“Looks like I’m a bad match for you little miss gym leader. I am the dark type admin of Team Asteroid and the dark type master of the elite four Asuka Narumi.”, Asuka taunted as Misaki sweated nervously.

“As if I’ll let that stop me! Assista Eevee use dazzling gleam! Amaterasu use dazzling gleam! Tom use dazzling gleam! Guardian use body press! Sakuya use moonblast! Coco use play rough!”, Misaki ordered.

“Time for the first act! Cerberus use fireblast! Silver Thorn use foul play! Alice use phantom force! Ringmaster use foul play! Dark Lord use phantom force!”, Asuka ordered.

Misaki gasped when the pink fairy light emitted by her Pokémon was dispelled by the fire blasts. Alice’s phantom force hit Coco and Dark Lord’s hit Sakuya, knocking them out cold. Guardian pressed against Silver Thorn preventing their attacks from hitting the others doing a bit of damage. However, Guardian was hit by their attacks instead fainting. Just like that she was down to Assista Eevee, Amaterasu, and Tom half her Pokémon.

“You think I wouldn’t have a plan to deal with fairy type? My beloved beast Cerberus protects its fellow performers. How sad your already down to half your Pokémon I wanted to put on a splendid show for master Ren however your far too weak.”, Asuka taunted.

“Don’t count me out yet! I won’t…I absolutely won’t let you monsters take over this town!”, Misaki declared, balling up her hand in a fist.

Some of the people looked up from the cover wearily, praying for Misaki to win. She held a small boy in her hand which she held tightly to her chest.

“P-please don’t let them take this place over.”, Mikuru prayed, holding a little boy close from behind her cover.

The boy who had red hair with a pink swirl and green eyes took a glance out being pulled back in by Mikuru. Misaki sweated nervously looking defiantly at Asuka.

“Assista Eevee use protect! Amaterasu use mystic fire! Tom use shadow ball!”, Misaki ordered.

“It’s useless! This is your curtain call ms. gym leader! Go Cerberus!”, Asuka replied as Cerberus charged.

Cerberus jumped over the barrier made by the protect as Misaki paled.

“Use dark pulse!”, Asuka ordered, smiling menacingly.

“That’s it that’s the despair.”, Ren said, with sinister smirk clapping.

In Grandblue city …

“You know everything is really coming together here.”, Hiroshi said, looking around.

Grandblue city had lots of citizens and help from outside helping to fix everything. The effort was really uniting everyone, even the troublemakers. Kamui smiles seeing this he was beside Gouki, Nagisa, and Kaoru.

“I think you should catch up with Misaki and that Aichi kid. We’ve got everything handled here.”, Gouki said.

“I think I’ll do that…but first I should probably get something to battle against her besides Kaiser. Her Pokémon are super effective against a majority of my team.”, Kamui replied, sweat dropping.

“I’m sure you can take her Kamui!”, Nagisa replied.

“I’ll probably just stop back by Kagero town besides Gold Maine is on the way and I can get a lot of good training in there.”, Kamui said.

In Alfred’s castle near Kagero town…

It was the next day, Aichi and his Pokémon were up bright and early training.

Alfred watched as Aichi continued to struggle a bit.

“Is something bother you?”, Alfred asked.

“…I don’t even know where to begin…”, Aichi replied.

They sat down taking a break for a moment and Aichi told Alfred everything that happened before they came to his castle.

“I see. I’m glad I decided to do this. It seems you really have the weight of the world on your shoulders Aichi.”, Alfred said.

“It’s all a bit overwhelming. I can’t help, but think about it constantly. I feel like I’m a threat to everyone around me.”, Aichi replied.

“It might seem hard now, but it will get easier. Through mental training I’m sure you can keep control over yourself. I will be with you to help and your friends are with you as well. Now, shall we can continue?”, Alfred replied.

“Yeah. Thank you Alfred.”, Aichi replied, getting up.

“That explains why your strength seems to be growing faster than a normal human would. What you told me also explains the deal with that Axew. It may have not actually hurt me, but to think it could send me flying…it also seems to be learning and growing quickly as well.”, Alfred replied as he went into Aichi’s hand.

“Yeah, your right Soul Saver is really getting experience really fast. I wouldn’t be surprised if it evolved fully in a few weeks.”, Aichi replied.

Aichi did the morning routine again perfectly and Alfred would have smiled if he had a mouth. They continued like this training for a whole week unaware of what was happening in the outside world.

To be continued…

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hi!! and ty ;w; I’ll do both

Vikavolt: Most Vikavolt that carry Charjabug around randomly found one to use as a battery. In very rare cases though, those two Pokémon are actually related! It’s more common for them to be siblings, but every so often, a parent and child fighting pair will also be observed.

Boltund: Though these dogs are incredibly speedy, they will often slow down so their trainer (or a little Yamper!) can keep up with them. The reason why is something all scientists agree on. They are good dogs.

(Send me a Pokémon and I’ll tell you a HC I have for them!)

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It’s unknown why Skitty require a Moon Stone to evolve still, but myths abound that explain it. One of the most popular ones is that Cresselia created them to serve as their companions. Whenever it is brought up that Cresselia’s most common depiction is that of a bird, the people who believe in the myth become rather defensive.

(Send me a Pokémon and I’ll tell you a HC I have for them!)

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I don’t mind doing both!

Mareep: Mareep wool has a reputation for its ability to retain static electricity. While they’re comfortable, labels warn about this property. What labels don’t usually warn people about is that Mareep often mistake wearers of Mareep wool for being their evolved forms. They will try to nuzzle, and you will definitely get a shock.

Snivy: Because of their snobby natures, Snivy were debated as a suitable Unovan starter. However, since Unovans start on their journeys much later as opposed to other regions on average, it was assumed that the teens receiving one would be more equipped to handle their attitudes than a 10 year old. This assumption has held true for the most part.

(Send me a Pokémon and I’ll tell you a HC I have for them!)

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