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This took me back to my 2012/3 Nightcore phase, where I had little knowledge of music.

There are no happy endings on this blog, Anon. Especially with Akechi.

- Nexus.

Meet Me On The Battlefield

Trigger Warning:

Blood ; Violence ; Injuries ; Death ; Gore ; Swearing




A battle with Goro Akechi goes horribly wrong. Perhaps becoming his significant other was not the best idea…

When the news had reported the suicide of Akira Kurusu, the Phantom Thieves thought they had won. The plan was coming to fruition & even Akechi had fallen for their trap. No one could prevent them from reforming society, or so they had so foolishly thought. Shido’s Palace was a long haul but they were progressing steadily. Obtaining the Letters of Introduction was exhausting & yet there was something not quite right. It was almost as though they could feel someone watching them. Perhaps it was merely the presence of Shadows that brought them onto high alert but a gut feeling kept telling them that it was incorrect.

Dispatching of the supposed cleaner, Fox handed over the Letter to Joker. He seemed confident throughout this exploration but his smile was too tight & his hand slightly shaky. They had noticed but not brought a point to bring it up, as it would merely cause more stress for their leader. Everyone else seemed more intent on serving justice. So when Joker told them that they would be staying on the back lines for the rest of the Palace & to provide guidance alongside Oracle, it was surely a shock. Most of their skills were not in the healing department but they decided it best not to argue. Getting out alive was the priority.

The boiler room was sweltering. Steam rose from the engines & a poignant scent eminated from nearby vents, leaving a bad taste in their mouth. Unpleasantness soon turned to horror as someone dropped from a higher level. Goro Akechi, who was previously their significant other, stood in their way, an indignant sneer as he lectured the others about justice & revenge. Chronostasis seemed to occur as they took a moment to process.

Gone were the features of the detective they had fallen in love with. Insanity danced within his pupils & although they knew he had been the perpetrator of the mental shutdowns beforehand, nothing could prevent the raw emotions as everything began to settle in. Perhaps because they had not seen him directly meant that they had repressed these feelings. Everything they knew was crumbling but one coherent thought was what they managed to cobble together: Joker had known that they would have to fight & that was why he put them on the back lines.

Their internal monologue was interrupted when the battle began & the Shadows began to turn psychotic. Mystified by the appearance of a second Persona, albeit brief, there was much to contemplate. Zoning back into the fight, they improved the defenses of those on the front lines with an item before laying down suppressing fire in order to prevent Mona & Queen from becoming overwhelmed with healing responsibilities. Akechi soon stepped into the fight & they hesitated. They never wanted to cause him harm so they made a conscious decision to focus on keeping the others alive.

His first defeat came all too quickly. The group overwhelmed him with elemental attacks & Joker bolstered their offensive power with Physical moves. Collapsing onto the ground, Akechi had apparently lost. the Phantom Thieves withdrew as they attempted a persuasive route, all for nought. They knew he would not accept, no matter what everyone said to convince him. After all, despite his 180 in personality, he was still unwavering. A true battle began once Loki was summoned & it seemed to not be in their favour.

Everyone was already exhausted from the previous battle & though their attempts to fight & keep each other alive could be considered heroic, the fall of Joker said it all. Though the others had attempted to interpose themselves between the attack, the light eventually left the eyes of the rebel formerly known as their leader.

They did not know what was worse: The fact that Akechi had left them until last or their refusal to harm him. Bodies lay around them & what was once the scent of steam was muddied by the metallic bite of blood. Masks were discarded next to them & most of the others had sustained serious stab wounds that led to pools of blood. Even Oracle had been downed by a stray gunshot, both her outfit & Persona unsuitable for defense. Knelt over the body of Skull, one of the first members to welcome them was where they were positioned as their former teammate approached.

A gun pressed into the back of their head & he laughed, seemingly amused by the turn of events. They simply stared into his reddish-brown eyes apathetically in response.

“ If you’re going to kill me, just do it now. I can’t bare the sight of you, especially after you stole my heart & killed everyone I cared about, ” was all they demanded.

“ It’s your fault for falling for it in the first place, you know. Here I thought you were different from the others… Then you sided with these pieces of shit & their self-righteous sense of justice. Oh well. None of that matters now. ”

Opening their mouth to retort was interrupted by the pull of a trigger. There was no scream of pain, no exhausting fight put up. This was the mercy he spared for his significant other. It was an instant kill & there was no torture, unlike the others who were left to bleed out.

Word Count: 870

Publish Date: 28.10.20

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My door… :(

Thank you for the request though!! I like writing Joker fluff. Very good song choice as well, though it took me a while to find!

Post Writing Note: I know this is shorter than I promised but I honestly really love the way this turned out!! Felt as though adding anything would’ve ruined it. This is probably my favourite piece I’ve written so far.

- Nexus.

In The End

Trigger Warnings:





A late night date with Akira. Though he is often busy, moments like these are a reminder that love is not fading.

Even as the sun began to set, there was life & activity within LeBlanc. Tuscany illuminated the windows ever so slightly & the natural light refracted from the glasses Akira was cleaning, specs of rainbow light flickering whenever he moved. It was entirely peaceful as closing hours drew near, less than half an hour left. So when his silence was interrupted by the swing of the door alongside a chiming bell to welcome the guest in, he smiled at the figure. There they were, a little early but at least they could make conversation.

Coffee wafted through the air as Akira made their usual order autonomously, a scent which they were used to. Despite his best attempts to disassociate himself with it, the smell clung to his clothing. Watching the way they blew on their drink was soothing & he took a moment to relish in the finer details of his significant other. It was a Sunday, which meant their usual uniform was swapped for casual attire. Sunlight was fast fading so the coat they had on was more than appropriate for their outing.

“ So… Where is it that you want to take me? ” was all they asked as they took a sip of the hot beverage, careful as to ensure they would not burn themselves. Akira had claimed that they had a special surprise this evening & to come to the café. Although they were patient enough to wait, their curiosity was peaked.

“ You’ll see soon. Futaba is looking after Mona, so it’ll be just the two of us, ” he smugly replied.

The conversation soon turned to their day as they finished their drink & Akira closed up shop. Ann had been raving about some of the local crepes so they had taken the opportunity to try them out on this particular day off. Surprisingly, she always hit the nail when it came to good recommendations & they were rather delectable. He listened with a soft smile on his face, happy to just be able to talk to someone about having a normal life.

Hand in hand, the two walked into the train station. Tokyo was busy even during the evening hours but it was more bearable than a commute to school in the rush hours. Inokashira Park came up & Akira swiftly pulled them off the train line.

During nighttime, the park was breath-taking. Not in the way that the sight was fantastical but it was clear that the moonlight’s sheen touched the area tenderly. Streetlights were present but casted very little light in comparison to its usual sunny disposition. The trees lolled half-heartedly in the cool breeze & they could see the foggy white cloud that was their breath. It was cold but not bitter.

Very casually, Akira retrieved a blanket from a bag that they had yet to notice & gestured for them to sit. Obliging, they did so. What came next was an assortment of foods that had clearly been handmade, as they were placed in containers they could have sworn they saw in LeBlanc. As they ate their first bite, he silently watched.

“ This is… Really good! Did you make it yourself? ”

“ Yeah. I’m just glad you like it, ” Akira replied, pulling out some of his own food before speaking once again, “ There’s something else I want to show you after we’ve eaten. ”

The meal was some of the best food they had eaten. Perhaps because he was such a good chef or maybe it was the idea that someone cooked specifically for them. After cleaning up together, Akira took their hand & began to lead them down a path that they had walked before but it seemed all that more mystical in the dark. With no summer heat to beat down on the two of them, it was soothing to be surrounded by nature.

So when the path led upwards into a tiny little alcove, they audibly gasped. There were the stars & the moon, in perfect view. The architecture was out of the way, dismissed as a second thought as they stared into the endless abyss of the sky. Not even the planetarium could compare. Sombre hues of a galaxy intertwined with specs of stardust which illumined the midnight violets; the periwinkle blue and the carnation pink.

Akira jumped them out of their stupor as he wrapped his arms around them, basking in the beauty of both the sky & his significant other. There was nothing for him to do but smile as a singular thought crossed his mind: In the end, they were everything.

Word Count: 700

Publish Date: 28.10.20

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So, persona 5 community, how much longer are we gonna sit around and pretend Maruki is a good character. Like, not morals wise. He’s an inherently poorly written character. Kasumi is even worse but please don’t get me started on her.

I dunno it’s 9/10 and homeboy walked into the cafe and now I’m heated.

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“What if…”

When I first played through P5R, I really thought I would find Akechi in the Velvet Room. After I found and talked to all my other friends, I spent way too long running around and looking at every nook and cranny. I’ve played through the game twice now and the idea is still in my head. So I made this. 

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Yeah of course! This is gonna be part one because this is kinda long sorry

Mukuro was raised by her father Taro Nakamura and her mother Haruhi Takahashi. She was born not long after her father split with his ex wife Yuri Takemi. After Yuri and Taro split Taro moves away from Shibuya and ends up getting heavily involved in crime and joins the Takahashi crime gang thats how he met Haruhi whos father used to be part of the gang. Around the time when Mukuro is 16 Taro and Haruhi move back to Shibuya for totally not crime related reasons and Taro decides to enroll Mukuro into Shujin Academy to give her some sort of chance at a normal life. She is enrolled at the same time as Ren/Akira. Taro eventually realises he isn’t fit to raise Mukuro and she shouldn’t be growing up in such a dangerous environment so he asks Yuri to take care of her which she does.

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You understood it perfectly, kalzky12 !!

This song was… Suprising to listen to? I really liked it but I thought that it was gonna be a bit sweeter. Guess it fits Haru quite well!!

{ I really wanted to write Black Mask! Haru but I realised it wouldn’t be very fluffy. :( }

- Nexus.

Appetite For Destruction

Trigger Warning:

Blood ; Violence ; Injuries ; Implict Mentions of Death.


Fluff ; Hurt/Comfort?


Haru can be impulsive when it comes to the Metaverse. She slaughters without mercy & often finds herself injured. It is a good thing that she has a significant other to take care of her.

Despite the other Phantom Thieves warning, Noir was yet again venting her frustration onto the Shadows of Mementos. Viscous liquid covered an axe that was clenched in one hand & some form of grimy ichor coated her mask, staining darker blotches into the material. Training was supposed to be safe as they ventured into areas they knew they could handle but there was an insistence on going deeper, despite Joker’s warning that things would eventually become more dangerous. Everyone was cocky, driven by the exhilaration of a fight.

When the ambush came, the group was hardly prepared. Stood on the front lines was Joker, Panther, Noir & her significant other. Though they had access to elemental attacks, most of their role in the front line was dedicated to support skills, as the rest of the party had the offensive line covered. Much of the team was healthy so they opted for their gun, laying down sporadic gunfire to cause a distraction. Noir charged them with her axe brandished, bloodlust in every one of her reckless steps. She swung with difficulty, only to feel it slide off the enemy as the damage reflected back into her. To add insult to injury, her power had already been boosted earlier as a result of a spell.

A grunt of pain came from Noir as she stumbled, avoiding the bite of a Shadow entirely by accident. They were quick to summon their Persona in response, the healing light of their spell knitting the most major of the damage back together. Though she seemed to be fine physically, she seemed to be less confident with her moves as she took more care to not injure herself. Joker soon knocked down the rest of the enemies & the group at synchronised an All-Out Attack, which not many could stand the power of. Taking into account those that were injured, a mutal agreement was made to head backwards & take some sort of rest.

The light in her eyes danced like fairies in the moonlight as she watched her significant other patch up any of her remaining wounds in this strange area that was known as a Safe Room. As Haru observed, she noticed a few of the smaller details. It was all a calculated advancement, wrapping the wound up & disinfecting it as to ensure that it could not cause further damage. Never did their hand waver or shake: Everything they did was swift & effective. Trains were whizzing by as quiet chatter spread among the other Thieves, a rare moment in which the group was without conflict.

“ Noir, you should be more careful with yourself. Although it’s easy to take care of some Shadows, Oracle said that they were more powerful than us & they had the advantage. If you got hurt & I couldn’t fix you up, well… ” they trailed off to focus on tightening a bandage but it was clear what they meant. Though they were concerned, it was spoken in hush as to not alert the others to the conversation.

“ I… I sincerely apologise. Sometimes the thrill of dealing with Shadows overcomes me & I often find myself unable to think about anything else, “ was all she said in response. Once they were finished with the medical supplies Haru gently took their hand & squeezed it, a sign that she was willing to be more careful.

“ No need to be so formal. Besides, you’re gonna get hurt doing this job. Good thing that I’m here to fix everyone up, else Queen would be overwhelmed having to babysit everyone & I don’t think she can even cope with Skull’s antics, ” they laughed. Overhearing the utterance of his name, the previously mentioned teen yelled out some kind of protest before Queen told him to stop fidgeting so much, else she would be unable to finish up on his wounds.

After this particular break, Noir took back her position in the front lines with her significant other. Together they quietly chatted about any topic that came to mind, careful not to disturb those on the front lines from their training. However, something was off… The way she handled her axe with hesitation whilst cleaning off the shrapnel of Shadows was a trait they had never seen & even as she placed her hands over her gun to ensure that it was loaded, there was a certain shakiness. Normally she was ready to shred the enemy apart but now Noir seemed content to attack with Psi attacks. Perhaps they were exaggerating but it seemed very uncharacteristic. Once they brought it up, she merely sighed in frustration.

“ I keep trying to be more careful with my weapons as you told me but it’s quite difficult… ” was all she could seem to muster as an explanation.

“ You know, it’s not a bad thing to be ready for battle at any time. The way you move on the battlefield is really impressive & you’re really strong! But your style of fighting is unique to yourself. There’s a difference between restraint & not being you. Besides, your excitement is contagious. ”

After everything, she looked at her fighting in a new light. Though it helped her to vent out some of the frustrations she could not speak about in reality, Noir seemed to better understand when to be careful. All because she had a significant other that wanted to look after her.

Word Count: 870

Publish Date: 27.10.20

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