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#video games
glasgalahad · 2 minutes ago
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I've been replaying Okami HD again, and every single time, I'm reminded of how much I adore this entire world. It'll forever be my favourite game.
Here are some screencaps from my last couple of speedruns~
Bʀᴇᴀᴛʜᴇ / Tʜᴇ Dᴀʏ ᴏғ Dᴀʀᴋɴᴇss / Oɴɪ Bᴀᴛᴛʟᴇɢʀᴏᴜɴᴅs /
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raredrop · 4 minutes ago
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flyingrichardgrayson · 15 minutes ago
fruit and cursed <3
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I am absolutely not okay, thank you for asking <3
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look I'd like to say I'm not messy but...yes I am...
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chubby-emo · 22 minutes ago
i want some fwiends to play games with 🥺✨
My Nintendo 2Ds XL friend code: 0061-6790-7230
Anyone with a 3ds or 2ds pwease add meeeee
We can play animal crossing new leaf and Mario kart 7
(I have other games tooooo)
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hollow-batz · 37 minutes ago
*me looking at a guild to do anything in hollow knight and not feeling guilty about it*
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uminolin · 38 minutes ago
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Me starting the game / Me after dying more than 3 times
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pompompinkdandelions · 39 minutes ago
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Raichu can have a little fluffruit, as a treat
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datealivestuff · 39 minutes ago
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Date a Live: Spirit Pledge
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vagrantblvrd · 47 minutes ago
Look, if the Vex were serious about keeping Guardians out of their business they’d just have all zappy bits all the time.
None of this fighting simulations or whatever, just the zappy bits.
(And, okay, maybe a bit of platformy nonsense to spice things up if the Vex feel like it, I guess.)
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phoenixmaiden-gaming · 49 minutes ago
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Hey look at that. I completed 2 more Photodex pages for Charmander and Areodactyl.
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jutsei · 53 minutes ago
Finished Little NIghtmares 2 (again) and got the Platinum Trophy, thought it was a pretty good game and a nice successor to the first game. Though it kinda felt like there were more frustrating parts than in the first game but.
Either way liked it, not sure what I’m gonna play next, I wanna play 3 other games before I take on Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 cuz I heard 100%ing that game is rough
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clownkiwi · an hour ago
confession ask: you’re super cute and I want to kiss you homosexually
awwwwww, thanks anon!!! <333 ur allowed to kiss me homosexually, but only this anon in particular, and mayb after we go on a date and we cuddle whlie watching a silly cartoon
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autumnantonson · an hour ago
Gaming with Shigaraki
Heyyy! So I know literally nothing about video games except for like, Wizard 101 🥲 I tried my best to write it accurately, but sorry if it ended up like shit. 
Tumblr media
Art creds go to @ludosartstuff. Go check them out, they’re super talented!
You had been part of the League of Villains for exactly six months, and yet you barely knew a single thing about your leader--Tomura Shigaraki. You knew he hated to lose, and that he acted like a child much of the time. You knew he could dissolve people with his bare hands. You knew he hated heroes, especially All Might. But that was just about it. 
It’s not like you were particularly interested. Everyone in the League had their secrets, you included. He wasn’t obligated to share. But it felt strange to you that while you knew Dabi’s favorite food was hot soba, and you knew Toga weirdly liked cat plushies, you didn’t know a single personal thing about Shigaraki. He always opted out of the nights when you would all hang out, watching movies or training, and you had rarely had any conversations one on one. 
Which was why you were so surprised when you quite literally slammed into him at 3 in the morning one night, after you had deliriously stumbled to the bathroom to relieve your poor blatter. 
“O-oh!” You stopped in front of him, shaking the sleep from your eyes as you tried to focus. “Sorry.” 
Shigaraki stood in front of you, dressed in grey sweatpants and a black sweatshirt, his blue hair all messed up. He didn’t look the least bit tired, his red eyes bright with annoyance as he glared down at you. 
“What are you doing?” He hissed, and you held up your hands. 
“Um. Peeing?” 
He snorted, and you noticed a glass of water in his hands, one finger carefully lifted to keep it from dissolving. 
“What are you doing still awake? Don’t we have a big mission tomorrow?” You asked. 
“I mean...shouldn’t you sleep?” 
“I’m fine.” He went to push past you, and you realized that you were right next to his bedroom, the door wide open. 
Being an assassin, it was partially your job to be nosy, which was why you didn’t feel too bad as you blatantly poked your head towards the doorway to peek into his room. To your utter astonishment, there was a large screen set up with an advanced looking console placed in front of it, a familiar video game icon blinking from the center. 
“What the-- You play (whatever video game you want lol)?”
Shigaraki whirled around, furious to see you entering his room uninvited, but he paused as he took in the excitement on your face. 
“ you?” He sounded very skeptical, making you cross your arms. 
“Yes. I haven’t been able to play in ages though.” 
You looked at him sidelong, and Shigaraki glared. “No way. You’re not touching my stuff.” 
“Come on! Just one round.” 
“Weren’t you the one who said we had a big mission tomorrow?” 
“Yeah but…” You pursed your lips, staring at the screen longingly.
Shigaraki looked like he was moments away from murdering you, but for some reason you knew he wasn’t going to turn you to dust. For one thing, you were useful to the team, and for another, you didn’t think he was really that mad. 
“Let me finish this round,” he snapped, and you grinned, seating yourself on the rugged floor next to him. Now that you were fully inside, you could see that the rest of his room was a complete mess, stacked with wrappers and dirty clothes. 
“Ugh, you should clean in here,” you murmured, and Shigaraki glared. 
“You invited yourself to my room, and now you’re telling me to clean it? I should kill you right now.” 
You held up your hands again, fighting a smile. “Sorry, sorry. Didn’t realize it was such a sensitive topic. 
You lapsed into silence as he picked up the controller, and you noticed that he wore a pair of gloves that left his thumbs open so he wouldn’t dissolve the console. 
As he clicked resume on the screen, he wiggled the controller expertly in his hands, making his avatar within the screen jump off a large building and shoot someone in the air. 
You watched in wide eyed admiration as he destroyed the game,  mouth falling open during a particularly tense moment when three different gunmen came at him at once. You gasped out loud as you watched his avatar duck and roll, shooting them one after the other in quick succession before sprinting towards the nearest building to get out of view of any snipers. 
You had played this game a while ago, but you had never even been close to this level of good. He must have been playing for years. 
Shigaraki ended up winning with almost three thousand points, which made your jaw drop when you realized the average score. 
“Ok, give it to me,” you said, suddenly impatient, and he handed over the controller a bit reluctantly. 
He showed you what each of the buttons meant, since you had always used a keyboard rather than a console, but as the game started, you continuously slammed into a wall, unable to get your avatar to move around it. 
“What the fuck!!! No no, AHHH--” A shooter came up from behind you and shot you in the head. 
Game Over: 0 points. 
“WHAT,” You practically yelled, outraged. Shigaraki was gaping at you, and you glared back at him. “It was my first try, ok? I haven’t played in a while.” 
You ended up playing three more rounds, all of them ending in under five minutes. The most points you got was 120, but you still bragged about it endlessly, dancing around the room in excitement. 
“A literal child could have done better than you,” Shigaraki snapped, but his lips were twitching. 
“No one asked your opinion.” You stuck out your tongue. 
“Do you want me to show you how it’s done?” He stuck out his hand for the controller, and you took the perfect opportunity. 
“Yes actually,” You smirked, marching over and plopping yourself directly in his lap. I heard him make a noise of horror and shock, and you looked over your shoulder up at him. “Can you show me how?”
You grinned in satisfaction as you saw his face flushed red, his eyes wide, but after a long moment, he relaxed as his long arms slid around your waist. His hands (which were still in the gloves) were gigantic compared to yours, and easily enveloped your fingers as he held the controller with you. You leaned back against his chest, and you felt him shudder slightly. 
“Um. You just--” he cleared his throat, and you tried not to laugh. 
You ended up winning with significantly less points than his first round, but it was still ten times the amount you had gotten on your own. 
“I think I’m getting the hang of it,” You grinned, leaning your face back to find him only an inch away. 
“Yeah you—you’re improving.” His eyes flickered to your lips, and you felt your heart stutter.
Before you could catch your breath, he jabbed you in the side, making you shriek and fall off his lap. 
“You can’t just tickle a person like that!” You gasped, rubbing where he had poked you, and Shigaraki rolled his eyes. 
“Only weak people are ticklish.” 
“WOAH THERE, you’re talking about like...the whole population.” 
“Not me.” 
“Well, we all knew you were weird.” 
You argued the whole night, passing the controller back and forth between rounds until you fell asleep sitting up, still smiling. 
In the morning, you found yourself slumped on the floor, curled in one of Shigaraki’s blankets. The League of Villains leader himself was also asleep, controller still in his hands. 
“Shigaraki,” you whispered, and he jolted. 
“Huh?” He looked around blearily before his eyes came to rest on you again. “What the fuck are you still doing here?” 
You shrugged. “Who cares. Don’t we have a mission?” 
“Shit.” He scrambled to his feet, and you followed him out his door into the hall...where Toga, Dabi, and Mr. Compress were standing as if about to knock. 
“Uh--” Mr. Compress blinked, while Dabi’s eyes moved between you and Shigaraki slowly. Toga just burst into manic laughter. 
“Damn. Didn’t realize you two were fucking.” Dabi’s voice was slow, and you flushed bright red. 
“W-what? That’s not--”
Shigaraki was already heading away, not even bothering to explain, and you rolled your eyes. 
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