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Godzilla games has a notorious reputation for being just plain awful. But one game could’ve help squash that reputation, but unfortunately it was never released outside of Japan. Here in this video I talk about the wasted opportunity of Godzilla: Kaiju Daikessen.

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In an interview with game’s designer Tokurou Fujiwara, he was asked how the developers began making the game. He responded: “Ive been wanting to make this game for a very long time. Then when the CP System PCBs came out, it felt like the timing was finally right. The CPS boards have a lot of memory, but the plans we drew up for Daimakaimura called for a game even larger than that. There was so much stuff in theretwice as much as whats been added to the game right now. Even when its completed, I think it will only be about half of what we originally planned. And still, compared with the original Makaimura its a massive increase in content.”

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