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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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aah the happy ending where you make up with dr. habit and become friends is the sweetest thing omg!  the first time i played i did the neutral ending because i didn’t find out how to grow the lily but i went back for the good one and i’m so glad i did 

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so I just finished life is strange 2 and I have so many thoughts. It truly was equal if not better to the first one? I love how these games start off artistic and peaceful and then they dive into this incredible and complicated story with really interesting characters and like real world issues. I cannot express how much I love both 1 & 2 as two unique stories and I hope with all my heart they continue

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What character throughout fiction across movies, shows, video games, books, etc do you find to be the incarnation of badass. Reblog your picks, I’m curious!!

For me it would be Doom’s Doom Guy/Doom Slayer. The fact that HELL ITSELF fears him he as he terrorized them for centuries on end tells you he’s not someone to mess with.

Also he’s best friends with Isabelle so 👀👀

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Originally posted by giantmonster

Hello everyone!

Yes! I’m back after such a LONG time. A lot of things have changed/came out since I’ve been gone. First, I want to apologize for the long leave of absence: however, I’m back! This mean MORE reports, MORE reviews, MORE opinions, and MORE posts. I’m excited to report again (I need that to be clear). So without further-a-do. Here’s a happy hello!

This is Cat and this is my coming-back announcement! Are you excited? Do you even care? Let me know! Thank you for reading! - Peace!

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In the early stages of development, Pulseman was originally meant to play similarly to Magical Taluluto (based on the Shonen Jump manga of the same name), the first game directed by Ken Sugimori who was also the director for Pulseman. For example, he originally had the ability to turn into a fighter jet and fly by pressing the jump button twice, but this was scrapped, as it didnt fit his character.

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