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flipyeahjemaineandbret · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
For those watching the opening ceremony and like me couldn't place some of the tunes.
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alpha-beta-gamer · 8 hours ago
Sector A23 is a weird and wonderfully disorientating procedurally generated spelunking game where the entire world transforms when you turn around!
Read More & Play The Prototype, Free (Windows & Mac)
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paulthebukkit · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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doberart · 8 hours ago
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So, @inkspottie suggested I draw this meme with Henry and…he’s a meme now, I guess. XD
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we-love-gaming · 13 hours ago
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Those ads are getting annoying, it feels like they're begging you to play
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alpha-beta-gamer · 5 hours ago
The Plane Effect is a beautiful & cinematic dark Sci-Fi adventure where a cosmic anomaly shatters a family man's reality!
Read More & Play The Beta Demo, Free (Steam)
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zweedsanimatiepoppetje1 · 16 hours ago
Does anyone know any anime or Japanese video game music, cameos or references in this opening? List below or reblog and put in the tags
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never-obsolete · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker ▸ Link's House
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quite-likely-valentine · an hour ago
I now present this: Imagine if you could tell the companions you love them once you have maxed their affinity.
I don't just mean companions you've romanced, I mean for ALL companions, platonic or otherwise. Just put it in the Talk menu, but you can only use it every so often for consistency sake.
But literally, please, imagine everyone's reactions. It would be so wholesome and sometimes funny because you KNOW a lot of them would be flustered to death.
---- ----
If a second gen synth could blush, he would. Instead, he beams at you after a moment of surprise passes. You see the leather-like skin around his eyes crinkle up as he chuckles and touches your arm with his good hand. "You're a good kid, and a hell of a friend. I..." he trails off but smiles again, meeting your eyes, "Feeling's mutual, partner."
---- ----
General Atomics didn't install tear-ducts on their Mister Handy model, but if they had, Codsworth would be a blubbering, sobbing mess. He still gets extremely choked up. "Oh, Sir/Mum, you have no idea how much it means to hear you say that! I always saw you, the misses/the hubby, and young Shaun as my family, and I... I know I'm just a robot butler made to serve, but I really do think that I feel the same for you..!"
---- ----
Deacon is NOT good at emotions, so when you say those three loaded words to him, you can practically see his mind do a Windows reboot. He gets VERY flustered. "Oh, I uh—well, I mean, of course you do! Who wouldn't love this face? I mean, I had it especially made for that reason! Uh..." He scratches his head and looks away awkwardly. "'re pretty great yourself, [insert Railroad codename]. Your sentiment is shared!" Fingerguns.
---- ----
I could make a "Strong Disliked That" joke, but I won't, even though he probably would. He's more confused than anything! "Human what? Strong don't understand. You good leader! Make Strong proud."
---- ----
He... has absolutely no idea how to respond. So he sort of acts like he misheard you, but he definitely heard and even if he doesn't want to admit it, something about that makes his chest feel warm. "You are a respectable leader, Sir/Ma'am. There is no one I would rather defend. It pleases me that you welcome my company."
---- ----
Dogmeat doesn't really understand you, but he seems to get the idea! You get a happy bark from him as he attempts to jump up and lick your face. He clearly feels the same!
---- ----
If he's romanced, you'll get a happy smile from him as he wraps an arm around your shoulders. "Don't I know it... I love you too, Sunshine."
If just platonic, however, he'll be taken aback for a moment. Such blunt affection among friends is far too uncommon in the Commonwealth. However, his expression soon shifts to a crooked grin, but it has a softness to it that reveals how genuine it truly is. "I wouldn't expect any less, but it sure as hell does feel good to hear you say it, pal. Feeling's mutual."
---- ----
If romanced, Piper will give you a sly smile and interlace her fingers with your own. "How could you not?" She says cheekily, but plants a kiss on your lips and says back, "I love you, too, Blue."
If platonic, on the other hand, she'll be surprised and flustered, but not displeased by any means. She'll stutter for a second, then manage to choke out, "Thaaaat's very straight forward of you, Blue. I... can't say I don't appreciate that, though." She smiles, genuinely. "Love ya too, Blue."
---- ----
When romanced, this boy's smile could light up the commonwealth. He just hugs you. "I love you, too. So much."
If platonic, he's a bit less physically affectionate, but you can see that he clearly feels the same. He goes from mildly surprised, to a somewhat unsure smile as he takes his hat off and scratches the back of his head. "So soft," he chuckles, almost quietly. "You're soft, Boss," he repeats in a normal voice and looks up at you, "But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I care about you just the same, my friend."
---- ----
Even if she's romanced, you can tell those words have a heavy impact on her. Still, she grins at you over the sincerity in her eyes. "Course ya do, silly!" She kisses you. "I love you too, Darlin'. I mean it."
If platonic, she's a bit more bashful, but she hides it well by chuckling as soon as the surprise wears off and crossing her arms. "Well of course ya do!" She grins. "Such a softie, aren'tcha? I feel the exact same, though, that's for sure. I'm glad'ta have ya as my friend!"
---- ----
No matter how much you've tried to convince Danse that you care for him, those words seem to hit him as if it's the first time he's ever heard them. When romanced, he just looks at you so fondly, so softly. He pulls you into an embrace. "I love you, too," is all he can manage, but you can tell that he means it.
When platonic, he's a bit less choked up, but you can still see the impact. He clears his throat, looks away and scratches the back of his head. "I still don't know why you choose to trust me after... you know. But..." He looks back at you and smiles softly. "...but I appreciate your trust, and I care for you, too. A lot."
---- ----
When romanced, Curie immediately wraps her arms around you with such joy. She says, "You have taught me what love is, and I feel it so strongly for you, as well. Thank you, my love!"
When platonic, she looks incredibly touched as well, and holds her hands over her heart. "You have been such a good friend, and you have allowed me to experience many wonderful things. It makes my chest feel so warm to know you value my company, Monsieur/Madame. I value your company greatly, as well!"
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hdynastid · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Click on the image for full resolution!!
First drawing done with Procreate
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aroaceconfessions · 8 hours ago
I was playing a game earlier and I walked into a store in the game, and when I looked around, my heart stopped. There was a wall with pride pins including ace and aro ones. They surprised me so much, but I pretended to not know what they were. My brother asked (we were playing together) and I said ‘You know how there’s gay people? And how our cousin wants to be a guy? Yeah, these are for people like them’ and I felt bad because I was explaining horribly, but as best as I could since he doesn’t really understand things, and I was really scared he would point out the aro and ace ones. (I’m not out yet) I wanted to cry. He didn’t point them out, just virtually walked away.
I feel bad for being ashamed.
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Tumblr media
Today is Creator Day on! All creators get 100% of their revenue today.
If you've been thinking of buying something on itch, now's the perfect day!
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