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Hello! It’s Friday, Halloween Eve! Are you saving up for the November updates? Please do!


Originally posted by imevaria

Save, save, SAVE up those Primogems and Wishes, ESPECIALLY if you’re a low-budget or F2P player! I know it’s hard-I’m skipping Diluc and Bennett just for a CHANCE at Zhongli.

But hang in there! If you need reminders of why it’s important to save for the beauties you want, please find gameplay videos of them on Youtube!

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I feel like there shouldn’t have been a new trilogy of halo games. It should’ve ended with Halo Reach or they should have just made another ODST game. Even this tagline some fans had years ago before Halo 4 came out was, “Start a new fight.” Why? Humanity barely got by in the last fight with the Covenant. It should focus on rebuilding not picking a new fight with the Covenant. Seeing what the new Halo games, and lore has become is sad. It should have just ended with a bang and be well remembered. Instead it was milked to death like all video game franchises.

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Please remember to enjoy your experience.

So I’ve begun my two hours of playing before bedtime (resin? what’s that?) and I just wanted to share some things with you.

first off, kaeya is beautiful and glows at night.


Second: when you’re playing Genshin Impact, please stand still for just a minute and enjoy the music. The scenery. The character design. Take a moment and just focus on how gorgeous everything is, instead of rushing to max out your favorite waifu or husbando’s stats.

Focusing on the cinematic soundtrack, how beautiful Kaeya is or how immense the world is may distract you from pulling ESPECIALLY if you’re SAVING UP FOR ZHONGLI. In the meantime, focus on one of the free beauties we were blessed with and lose yourself in the game’s world.

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