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Ripley: How do we kill it, Ash? There’s gotta be a way of killing it. How? How do we do it?

Ash: You can’t.

Parker: That’s bullshit.

Ash: You still don’t understand what you’re dealing with, do you? The perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.

Lambert: You admire it.

Ash: I admire its purity—a survivor, unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.


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I dont think they’d do that?

Humans are seen as lesser beings, cattle

When we talk about Yautjas and human s/o’s we’re talking about a rare exception etc etc

Yautjas are mimicking masters but they won’t take a human’s form, that would not only be against the honor code but also seen as cowardice.

Who would want to downgrade like that? They dont need that, be it for combat or romantically. When we talk about Yautjas, believe me, they absolutely believe they’re better than us, there is no reason to do or use something like that

See Ap for example, he came in, eliminated a threat and fucked up many humans with just cloaking, a few bombs, wrist gauntlets and his bare hands (and tusks)

As for the s/o thing, I dont see why a yautja would use that in any way regarding the s/o, if the human wants a human, get a human lmao no point in a whole ass yautja shifting to a human form to do whatever, the fun of having a yautja bf/gf its that, well, they’re Yautja lmao

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Ok, sooo 
¿Se están dando las oportunidades? probablemente. Lanzamos el EP en Acid Factory con la sis y si bien la gente que lo escuchó se cuenta con los dedos de una sola mano, fueron buenas críticas que me llegaron a la soul. Estamos rezando con la Tears de poder empezar a tener nuestra music en Spotify, lo cual nos ayudaría un montonazo. Ojalá podamos lograrlo, tenemos planeado hacerlo antes de que termine el año. 
Ahora, retomé myolympus.rar. Estuve todo el año produciendo mi próximo album y abandoné myolympus porque pues album de verano y QUIEN TRBAJA UNA ESTÉTICA VERANIEGA EN INVIERNO? sooo, decidí que ahora que volvió el calor, luego de Octubre (que tenemos en AF algo muuuy bueno por lanzar) me pondré con todos los videos. Tenía pensado remasterizar algunas pistas o todas, but lo pensaré bien, no quiero dañar mi primer producto pero tampoco creo que me vaya a gustar hacer unos re visuales para semejante poronga bai

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Fun Fact i named my cat Jonesy because whenever id introduce myself to new people and be like Hi I’m Ripley with a out a doubt the first thing they would say would be where’s your ginger cat or where’s Jonesy 

so when a ginger cat chose me at a shelter i was like i can have some fun with this so then on whenever anyone asked where Jonesy was id just whip out my phone show the person and picture and be like this is him but he’s probably at home sleeping right now 

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Sharing some progress on my next spread for my picture book, these are some concepts for silicon based life.  Two of them, the lily-like organism on the bottom left and the chain organism on the middle right, were from my original concept for this spread (pre laptop crash).  The rest are totally new.  I tried to move away from the stereotype of silicon baed life looking live living crystals as it makes as much sense as carbon based life looking like living lumps of coal.  

The world I imagine for these organisms is much like Saturn’s moon Titan but scaled to the size of a planet.  To briefly describe what I have, the two plant-like organisms on the left are actually more akin to fungi.  They feed on liquid nitrogen and organic compounds and release large numbers of spores into the air.  The top right organism is a slow moving animal with a spiderweb-like apparatus for catching spores in the air.  This web also has darkened areas that are sensitive to light thus acting as a makeshift eye.  The middle right organism is actually a chain of four individuals that link together to avoid predation and to exchange genetic material.  They shuffle across the muddy terrain filtering out spores that land on the ground.  Finally, the bottom right organism is a predator that has characteristics of octopi, starfish, and slime molds.

These are all still conceptual and may be subject to change.  I won’t show the final spread but I’ll show the finalized organisms whenever I finish them.

As always comments and critiques are welcome.

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I went back to Alien Isolation tonight and its not getting any easier haha
I think I spent the last 5 minutes saying “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! It’s gonna get me” 
Why am I doing this to myself hahahaha 

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