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For Context, here is the video ! 

Or Have Implant’s, Either Way thay Logged you. 

But !!! When There Finished, YOU’ll WILL BE FAIRY KIN !!! 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♂️ 

You’ll Be Buggy as fuck !!! Embrace Holy Sacred Entomanity !!! 

Keep in Mind that Might be Next Life time ! 

if your Confused … the Hybrid agenda. 

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the vote.


Kushi adjusts the radio through all the frequencies, but she can’t pick up on anything other than static, and the faint sounds of soldiers on patrol.  She stifles a curse and glances warily at the other rooms.  They’re still dark, still silent.

Her family doesn’t quite understand why she’s so angry.  The Sanctuary is a place of hope, of safety, and two hundred new people pose a threat.  As it always does, as humans always react when faced with outsiders.

Kushi sighs and adjusts it to the frequency that their broadcast is on, even though she can’t hear anything.  “Anyone there?” she asks into the radio, waiting a beat.  “Anyone?”  Silence.

She sets her jaw.  “If anyone out there can hear me, I am Dr. Rao, a member of the Sanctuary Council.  To anyone who is planning to come to the Sanctuary - if you have an alien parasite, you will not be allowed inside.  The only treatment is experimental invasive surgery.  If this parasite is found to have reached your brain, you will be killed if you don’t consent to this surgery.  Please, turn back now.  There is nothing I can do to help you once you arrive.”

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