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First light on an August morning.
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comment your favorite august lyric if you think august 13 should be an international holiday 馃槍
馃摲: Beth Garrabrant
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- August 13, 1913
- The diaries of Franz Kafka, 1910-1913
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饾櫚饾殲饾殣饾殲饾殰饾殱 饾煼饾熀, 饾煼饾熆饾煼饾煿 饾殐饾殤饾殠 饾櫝饾殥饾殜饾殯饾殥饾殠饾殰 饾櫨饾殢 饾櫟饾殯饾殜饾殫饾殻 饾櫤饾殜饾殢饾殧饾殜, 饾煼饾熆饾煼饾煻 -饾煼饾熆饾煼饾煿
[ID:聽but the love lies buried to the point of suffocation under fear and self-reproaches. END ID]
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whatcha got there, tartaglia
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Roses with freckles 馃尮鉁
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Hi babes! Currently obsessed w your writing! I wanted to make a Bradley x reader imagine where the reader is new in town and starts working w penny at the bar, and the reader is super shy and innocent and then she meets Bradley since him and the pilots frequently go there. The problem is that Bradley has a girlfriend and the reader notices ( she can also be a made up character who鈥檚 also a pilot for the sake of the imagine) but she gets sent to a mission or to another city and Bradley takes advantage of the vulnerability of the situation to get closer to the reader and have a summer fling w her, yet once the girlfriend is back he goes back to her like nothing and leaves the reader heartbroken. This is literally based on the Taylor swift love triangle; august James and Betty! And how the reader is august and her pov reflects how she lost someone that she never had. I love this imagine so much it鈥檚 my first time requesting a rooster imagine 馃ズ I absolutely love Taylor and august is my birth month and my birthday is approaching it would mean the world to me if you could make this happen 馃槍馃槍馃挄
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word count: 837
warnings; cheating, implies sex but nothing explicit, literally rooster being a bit of an asshat
鈥淗ey,鈥 was the start of this all. This whole debacle started because he said hey. You should have known; you saw her.聽
It did start innocently enough, he was a regular and you worked there. A new job and a new town. Penny was courteous enough to help you at the bar, but he always waited to order for the rare moments when she was busy, or running to grab more rum.聽聽
鈥淗ey sugar, two more beers please.鈥澛
鈥淐oming right up,鈥澛
You didn鈥檛 need anything more than that. Sure, you wanted it, but his arm was always around her.聽 All the pilots are sitting at the pool table, and for the whole month you鈥檝e worked at the Hard Deck, they鈥檝e been there every saturday. Without fail.聽
You鈥檙e racing around, but every time you stop and breathe in the moment, your eyes are drawn towards him.聽
August 1st. That was the day he showed up, alone. No other pilots in sight. She wasn鈥檛 there.聽
鈥淗ey,鈥 He says.
鈥淩ooster, what can I get for ya?鈥 You sound excited to see him, even though you鈥檙e almost certain that he鈥檒l ask for a beer.
鈥淵our number?鈥 You鈥檙e shocked. He鈥檚 laying it on thick, for the first time that he鈥檚 appeared without her anyways. 鈥淥rder a round and I鈥檒l tell you,鈥 You say, a little shocked at your forwardness. 鈥淚鈥檒l take a beer, then.鈥澛
Sure enough, your number is lying at the bottom of his receipt.聽
You鈥檇 be lying if you had said that you weren鈥檛 excited for him to call. When he finally did, you cancelled all your plans. That friend you had made? Hanging out with her didn鈥檛 matter right now.聽
Soon enough though, it wasn鈥檛 just canceling when he called. It was in advance. Everyone got a 鈥淪orry, I can't do anything. I have work stuff.鈥 or sometimes a 鈥淐an鈥檛. Families in town.鈥
It was worth it, right?聽
August 10th. You鈥檝e met up with him a few times, and you鈥檙e falling hard. He鈥檚 perfect, but if you had thought longer you would have found his fatal flaw.聽
鈥淗i baby,鈥 He said over the phone. You鈥檙e sitting at your apartment counter.
鈥淵ou wanna do somethin鈥 tonight?鈥
鈥淵eah, what?鈥澛
鈥淚鈥檒l pick you up behind the mall?鈥澛
鈥淪ounds good, Roo.鈥澛
He pulls up in that stupidly charming Bronco, and you hop in without a second thought. You wake up next to him, again.聽
August 14th. He鈥檚 being weird. He鈥檒l call you, and talk to you at the bar, but ushers you away from his friends. Like he鈥檚 ashamed. You should have pieced it together, you think. From what you knew, his 鈥榚x鈥 (who you鈥檝e never really talked about) is also a pilot. Now, however, you know that she was on the other side of the country.
To put his odd behavior out of your mind, you switch sides with Penny. You鈥檙e facing away from the pool table because, out of sight, out of mind. You wish it were that easy now.聽
鈥淗i, hun.鈥 He greets you when you step out of the bar. Your coworker agreed to take your shift a little earlier than required, and you鈥檙e going to take advantage of it.聽
鈥淢y place or yours?鈥澛
August 16th. Doubts are settling into your mind. The weird behavior doesn鈥檛 change. You haven鈥檛 even really met his friends, and everything you know is from him telling you, or you watching from behind the bar. He keeps shoving you away when he鈥檚 near them, and it鈥檚 weird.聽
鈥淩ooster, why haven鈥檛 I met your friends?鈥澛
He looks like a deer in headlights. You鈥檙e lying next to him in bed, cuddled up. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 know you鈥檇 want to meet them?鈥 He chokes out, and you nod, accepting his answer.聽
If you鈥檇 pushed a little harder, maybe it wouldn鈥檛 have hurt so much.
August 20th. This time, it was you initiating something. 鈥淕et in the car!鈥 You had said, somewhat jokingly, but he did. So, you drove to the beach. The air was salty, and so was the water sliding between your toes, but you couldn鈥檛 have asked for anything better. Running across the beach with Rooster. You never needed anything more, just being with him was enough.
August 23rd. He鈥檚 dancing with you in your kitchen, pancakes on the stove inevitably burning. It鈥檚 the first night he鈥檚 slept over, and he tried to surprise you.聽
鈥淔lip the pancakes!鈥 You laugh when the charred smell finally reaches you. He鈥檚 swatting smoke away and you鈥檙e opening windows, trying to guide the smoke out. You鈥檙e almost choking when he comes over to kiss you.聽
August 28th. It鈥檚 the last real day of it all. He drives to your house to pick you up, and you go to the movie theater. He smiles at you, but it doesn鈥檛 feel right. It didn鈥檛 feel right. It wasn鈥檛 right.聽
August 31st. He walks into the Hard Deck, 8:15 P.M, and your day instantly brightens. 鈥淭wo beers, please.鈥 He says to Penny.聽
His arm is back to being around her.
It was all a lie.
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My favorite meadow two years ago.
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Tall bean and little bean 馃惗.
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- August 12, 1914
- The diaries of Franz Kafka, 1914-1923
[ID: August 12. Didn't sleep at all. Lay three hours in the afternoon on the sofa, sleepless and apathetic; the same at night. But it mustn't thwart me. End ID]
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饾櫚饾殲饾殣饾殲饾殰饾殱 饾煼饾熀, 饾煼饾熆饾煼饾煿 饾殐饾殤饾殠 饾櫝饾殥饾殜饾殯饾殥饾殠饾殰 饾櫨饾殢 饾櫟饾殯饾殜饾殫饾殻 饾櫤饾殜饾殢饾殧饾殜, 饾煼饾熆饾煼饾煻 -饾煼饾熆饾煼饾煿
[ID: August 14. The opposite has happened. There were three letters. The last letter I could not resist. I love her as far as I am capable of it, but the love lies buried to the point of suffocation under fear and self-reproaches. END ID]
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August Pt. 1 | 2022
While this heatwave has been utterly draining, I've been thriving like the cactus! Getting back to making moves in my academic career! Additionally, putting myself out there for fun experiences with friends (and finally saw a meteor shower!)
What I'm currently listening to - August : Taylor Swift
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馃August/Leo season馃
鉂わ笍鈥嶐煍enus entered Leo- It鈥檚 time pursue our heart鈥檚 desires! When Venus transits Leo, we will feel like romance is grand, powerful and profound. There will be much more fun, joy, love affairs, dating, creativity. We will feed on attention, but be just as happy to shower those who we admire in generous bouts of devotion, loyalty, gifts and affection.Look where you have Leo and which house you have Venus transit. For ex: Venus in 9th house- you will be excited about new things, travel, research and you will have more luck.
For Rising Signs :
馃Capricorn- Very good for investments, money, gambling, good luck. In terms of romance and relationships, you would experience a fantastic time. Long-standing troubles in your marital life will get settled, making you experience more comfort and happiness in your relationship.
馃挜Leo - Glow up& and investing more in beauty and care. Those in the artistic fields of design, music, styling, media, writing, theater, and crafts shall have a good time as well. Hence, your job life will be wonderful, and innovative efforts would be admired
鈿★笍Aries-It would be an ideal time for lovers as your bond will strengthen, and you would have a greater understanding of each other. In terms of health, the period will be beneficial to you. To remain fit and well, it is still recommendable to eat a balanced diet and work out regularly.
馃尫Taurus-You will be monetarily stable and would get the chance to spend your earnings on leisure activities, new clothing, perfumes, and other similar products. This transit would also be advantageous for the Taurus natives looking for a fresh career, or some fantastic job chances may find themselves owning a skillful and appreciative job.
馃Gemini-In life, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Health-wise, you would be focused on building yourself a good diet plan and performing yoga and exercising to keep your health in check.
馃尭Cancer- You will enjoy seeing new individuals and interacting with them. Your relationships will get better, and you should be more willing to spend relevant time with them.
馃尵Virgo- It means that you will succeed in whatever new project you embark on during this time frame. you must avoid making any investments, whether professional or personal, at this time. It is because you may lose a lot of money, your resources might be in poor shape, and you might just have to incur some pointless expenses.
馃Libra- Your romantic connection can progress to the next stage, leading to engagement or marriage with your partner. There will be plenty of leisure possibilities throughout this time, and you shall meet new individuals and increase your professional horizons.
馃Scorpio- You shall feel fulfilled, pleased, and blissful, with a spring in your approach as a result of depths of affection for those around you. Your renewed confidence and contentment will have a good impact on your lifestyle.
馃崜Sagittarius- Personal interactions with pals are expected to improve, and you will also be inclined to throw reunions or modest gatherings to hang out with them and make them feel cherished.
馃キAquarius- At work, you would receive admiration and acknowledgment from your superiors. Smoothly you will become the centerpiece of importance and have a major role in building some good assets for your company. Long-duration investments will yield excellent returns, making you grow intensely in terms of finances and riches.
馃悮Pisces- You might be bothered by indigestion and stomach troubles. So eat basic foods and stay away from oily or greasy dishes. Married couples would have fantastic evenings with their spouse. Your passion for research, occultism, and metaphysics will grow, and you will prosper in such domains.
馃寱August 11th/12th: Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn. What limits you from sharing your true self with the world? A great time to let go of toxic relationships. When the moon is in Aquarius, we can feel somewhat detached from emotions and have a desire to retreat from them.
馃寷Avgust 14th Moon conjunct Saturn transit adds seriousness to your emotions and can lead to distance in your intimate relationships. Exposing emotional vulnerabilities and opening up to loved ones will enable the nurturing and bonding required to overcome the problem. Also it is Saturn day.
馃寵August 19th: Last Quarter Moon in Taurus. Releasing what keeps you in your comfort zone. Venus day! August 19th is a date of talents, dreams, and all those unseen things that one must chase for in order to feel alive.
鈾婏笍Avgust 20th -Mars (the planet of drive and ambition) will be entering Gemini. There will be much more happening, the energy will be playful, not planned, and there will be much more communication. Things are about to get more interesting. Gemini is a changeable but聽flirtatious and mostly light-hearted聽zodiac sign. When this fiery planet transits Gemini, our urge to communicate can come across quite abruptly. There鈥檚 not a lot of tact here and we definitely tend to聽speak out of turn聽during Mars in Gemini. This is an extra long Mars transit as it will turn retrograde in Gemini on October 30th, 2022 until January 12th, 2023.
鈾嶏笍Avgust 22nd Sun enters Virgo arrives鈥攁nd with it, a growing need to find a mind, body, and spirit connection. As a practical earth sign, Virgo is all about fine-tuning our routines so we can find balance and get our lives working as best as possible. August 24th: Uranus Retrograde-Inner freedom.
馃寫New moon is in Virgo on Saturday, August 27, which means it is time to start thinking about what new rutine and things you would like in your life. Also start to thinking about eating, planting, harvesting 鈥 or maybe it means you should start making goals for organizing and decluttering your space. It is the ideal time to begin new and better life habits.
馃If you want to find out more about your transits you sign up for a transit chart reading馃
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