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sweetvillcin · 2 days ago
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listen: sow my bones with moss shroom and lily
in a week by hozier / pinterest pics / wuthering heights by emily brontë / remains by bastille / the song of achilles by madeline miller / john berger / pinterest pic / the invisible life of addie larue by ve schwab / the lakes by taylor swift
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sadprosed · 2 days ago
scenarios  inspired  by  various  settings,  encounters  &  magic  tucked  between  pages,  fashioned  by  the  author.
+   feel  free  to  change  pronouns  /  roles  !
‘  let  me  guess,  you  thought  a  true  love’s  kiss  would  help  you.  ’
‘  you  will  always  follow  the  trail  in  the  wood,  and  it  will  guide  you  on  the  same  path,  to  the  same  cottage,  the  same  witch.  it  will  always  be  your  undoing.  ’
‘  i  have  never  seen  a  more  tragic  creature.  how  might  i  help  you  ?  ’
‘  you  must  take  this  knife  and  plunge  it  into  his  /  her  /  their  heart.  ’
‘  forget  yourself.  that  is  how  you  break  your  curse.  ’
‘  remove  this  thorn  from  my  hand,  and  you  will  be  rewarded.  ’
‘  i’m  tired  of  being  a  prince.  i  think  i  would  actually  enjoy  being  a  frog.  ’
‘  tell  me  of  the  beast,  and  i  will  hunt  it  for  you.  ’
‘  mice  are  never  just  mice,  and  pumpkins  are  rarely  just  pumpkins.  ’
‘  i  don’t  think  breaking  a  spell  should  be  this  simple.  ’
‘  i  never  thought  i’d  return  here,  to  the  site  where  it  all  began.  ’
‘  are  you  an  orphan  ?  it’s  just  that  they’re  always  finding  themselves  in  magical  predicaments.  ’
‘  the  mirror  speaks  falsely  in  your  ear.  it  is  your  true  curse.  ’
‘  my  heart  feels  uneasy,  although  i  am  free.  is  it  supposed  to  ?  ’
‘  i’m  sorry,  it’s  just  that  i  thought  this  is  the  part  of  the  quest  where  the  animals  ought  to  start  talking  to  me.  ’
‘  of  course  i  plan  on  going  to  the  ball.  why  wouldn’t  i  ?  ’
‘  jealousy  has  made  more  witches  out  of  women  than  adam’s  rib.  ’
‘  where  has  choosing  goodheartedness  and  having  golden  hair  ever  gotten  you  ?  ’
 ‘  are  you  a  helpful  wizard,  or  the  kind  that  sits  in  a  tower  reading  moldy  books  ?  ’
‘  i’m  dreadfully  bored.  who  knew  waiting  for  a  prince  was  so  strenuous  ?  ’
‘  we  all  have  towers  we  must  leave,  and  magic  that  will  try  to  thwart  us.  ’
‘  i’m  afraid  for  the  clock  to  strike.  the  hour  will  ring  in  the  place  of  my  heartbeat  when  we  must  be  parted.  ’
‘  i  had  no  idea  carpets  could  fly.  or  pigs  for  that  matter.  ’  
‘  what  would  happen  if  the  knight  did  not  arrive  to  the  castle,  and  the  dragon  made  a  den  of  it  and  a  hoard  of  its  people  and  prize  of  its  princess  ?  ’
‘  i  sometimes  think  i  was  switched  out  at  birth,  like  a  lizard  in  a  bird’s  nest.  i  belong  somewhere  else.  ’
‘   in  another  kingdom  exists  a  throne  and  a  crown  that  is  mine  by  right.  ’
‘  if  i  did  not  wake  up  one  day,  i  would  still  be  waiting  on  a spinning  wheel,  dutifully  bored.  ’  
‘  something  in  me  knows  you  are  here  for  my  heart.  ’
‘  in  all  the  myths  i’ve  heard,  it’s  never  been  worthwhile  to  approach  strange  sights.  it’s  best  to  turn  around  and  pretend  you  never  saw  them.  ’
‘  nothing  is  folklore  until  it  exists  longer  than  consciousness  remembers,  and  lives  in  spite  of  it.  ’
‘  i’ve  heard  your  name  before,  in  songs  and  lengthy  ballads.  ’
‘  whatever  has  led  you  here  to  me,  there  is  destiny  in  its  making.  ’
‘  the  beast  returns  every  century  or  so,  and  tries  to  devour  us.  it  will  come  again  before  long.  ’
‘  a  pretty  face  is  not  nothing.  it  earns  you  a  hearth  and  a  kind  hand,  after  all.  ’
‘  their  lips  are  red  as  blood,  and  their  teeth  carve  ruin  into  throats.  ’
‘  aren’t  dragons  supposed  to  breathe  fire  and  make  a  fuss  about  having  their  treasure  found  ?  ’
‘  someday  you  will  become  a  pilgrim,  a  saint,  or  a  favored  story,  while  i  will  be  a  voice  on  the  wind.  ’
‘  the  stories  say  brides  don’t  live  to  the  light  before  demons  devour  them.  why  should  i  become  one  ?  ’
‘  there  was  another  girl  like  you  once,  in  a  small  town  like  this  one.  i  can’t  remember  if  she  became  the  monster  or  died  trying  to  escape  it.  ’
‘  remember  to  festoon  the  hearth  with  garlic,  or  rosemary,  or  one  of  those  mundane  herbs  that  keep  evil  out.  ’
‘  that  sounds  like  nothing  but  a  tall  tale,  but  i’m  certain  smaller  minds  would  eat  it  up.  ’
‘  to  cross  this  bridge,  you’ll  have  to  pay  a  heavy  toll.  ’
‘  don’t  stray  too  far  from  the  path  set  before  you,  or  something  interesting  might  happen.  ’
‘  i’ve  passed  that  yard  of  crops  a  million  times,  but  the  crow  never  moved  from  its  post  until  this  morning.  ’
‘   it  is  as  though  ancient  fears  are  still  in  us  like  scars  or  stitches.  ’
‘  graveyards  aren’t  where  you  find  ghosts.  look  for  them  in  places  that  feel  like  memories  you  shouldn’t  have.  ’
‘  stories  reap  princes  from  peasants  as  if  their  skins  were  crops  in  the  ground.  ’
‘  what  form  does  your  fear  take  ?  surely  not  that  of  a  bear  or  a  lion.  such  things  are  too  assuring.  ’
‘  i  found  myself  where  everything  was  too  familiar  to  be  real.  ’
‘  in  safe  beds  on  cold  dark  nights,  we  learn  to  face  the  monsters  in  our  own  minds.  ’
‘  you’re  not  to  partake  in  a  fairy  feast.  don’t  you  know  it’s  the  food  that  will  devour  you  ?  ’
‘  i’m  sorry  you  did  not  read  the  eyes  of  the  trees  before  finding  yourself  here.  ’
‘  i  wish  to  go  back.  i  want  to  forget  everything.  ’
‘  you  think  that  believing  in  us  is  enough  to  protect  you  ?  that  it  will  kill  us  if  you  forget,  and  we  prey  upon  your  unknowing  ?  ’
‘  step  around  the  ring  three  times,  like  a  backwards  clock.  that’s  how  you  get  to  fairyland.  ’  
‘  i’ve  never  heard  such  sweet  music  before.  ’
‘  where  the  trees  begin  to  twist  and  groan  in  their  roots,  remember  you  must  not  make  a  right  turn.  ’
‘  i  didn’t  feel  like  i’d  stepped  into  another  world,  but  like  it  stepped  into  me.  i  knew  i  was  there  and  forgot  i’d  left  anything  behind.  ’
‘  how  amusing.  a  human  !  ’
‘  would  you  be  my  bride  if  i  were  to  take  you  into  the  ground  ?  ’
‘  i  know  of  tunnels  you  might  take,  the  burrows  of  trolls  and  rabbits.  ’
‘  don’t  take  anything  from  this  realm,  none  of  it  is  worth  the  price  of  keeping.  ’
‘  there  are  courts  by  many  titles  in  the  lands  beyond  the  veil,  all  of  them  other.  ’
‘  names  are  not  like  currency  here;  they  are  more  precious  than  diamonds  and  legacies.  ’
‘  did  you  think  all  of  us  looked  like  goblins  ?  ’
‘  getting  here  is  easy,  but  getting  home  is  quite  the  trick.  ’
‘  i  shall  give  you  a  riddle,  and  it  will  puzzle  you  until  you  know  the  answer  but  forget  your  own  soul.  ’
‘  a  bloodline  is  nothing  when  you’ve  outlived  civilizations.  ’
‘  refusing  my  hospitality  is  like  human  sin,  and  it  will  bring  worse  upon  you.  ’
‘  everything  here  is  and  isn’t,  and  things  are  and  aren’t.  ’
‘  on  lonely  nights  i  stare  into  the  trees,  and  a  strange  face  leers  back.  ’
‘  the  thrones  here  are  made  of  bones  and  blood,  and  built  upon  decay.  ’
‘  a  third  time  is  not  a  charm,  but  a  bargain.  it  says  that  you  want  something  enough  to  wager  your  sense.  ’
‘  it  is  dangerous  to  think  that  magical  beings  do  not  have  human  intensities.  ’
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marvelous-tunes · 2 days ago
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mikeybooch · a day ago
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Today marks the last day of Virgo season as well as the autumnal equinox. Did you know that in western astrology the twelve zodiac signs are based on figures from classical mythology? Virgo is represented by the goddess Astraea. Astraea is the daughter of Eos and Astraeus. She is best known for being the last of the gods to live among the mortals. To honor her dedication to mankind, Zeus set her image amongst the stars so that she may always watch over them.
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wandasmaximofffs · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
and it's hard to be at a party when I feel like an open wound This is Me Trying | Taylor Swift
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pharmaswift · a day ago
when taylor wrote “clowns to the west” in peace (2020) she was specifically referring to me
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swiftful-thinking13 · 2 days ago
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invisible string
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The dragon in the stairs of the cathedral of Tarragona (Catalonia) as young people dance in front of it during Tarragona’s festa major (local patron saint festivity) of Santa Tecla.
Every town and city of the Southern half of Catalonia has a figure of a dragon (or sometimes another monster from Catalan legends) that it takes out on the streets during the local festivities. Just like with giants, the dragons are hollow inside, so people get under them to lift them and make them spin to the sound of drums, with firecrackers in its mouth and tail.
Photo by livetgn
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gravity-rainbow · 20 hours ago
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Theologian Eckhart said that symbols are vital seeds of potential; images that serve as thresholds that once crossed lead to a realm of new meaning. “When the soul wants to experience something, she throws out an image in front of her and then she steps into it”.
Art by Kat Philbin
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nowthisisdark · 20 hours ago
I just read a post saying something- I'm not an early bird or a night owl, I'm just some permanently exhausted pigeon. Harsh but yes.
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forfeda-project · 2 days ago
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CÓNOCHT AN FÓMHAIR / AUTUMN EQUINOX - While it's unlikely that the Equinoxes were observed in the ancient Gaelic nations, the Catholic festival of St. Michael's Day was held on September 29th, close to the traditional date of the Autumn Equinox, and the day's festivities came to reflect elements of the changing seasons. Common to the day was the baking of bread - struan in Scotland and bannock in Ireland - and the harvesting of carrots, which were given as gifts. Horse races were also featured, along with a cavalcade around the area in a deiseal (sunwise) direction, possibly for good luck or protection for the coming months. St. Michael's Day also marked the goose harvest in Ireland, called the Fomhar na nGéan, and goose was a traditional food eaten on this day, along with lamb for those who could afford it, and cockles, which were in abundance this time of year, particularly around the Isle of Skye. St. Michael's day in Ireland also marked the end of different seasons in different parts of the country, such as the apple season, the fishing season, and the tourist season - the lattermost leading to an amusing tradition in County Waterford where seaweed dollies would be made and then thrown into the sea to protest the loss of this lucrative source of income. It was also the last day that blackberries could be picked in Ireland, as it was said that the Púca, a shape-shifting spirit, would fly through the land and defile them after that day, making them unfit to eat - a tradition that also exists around Hallowe'en in many parts of the country. This design incorporates carrots, blackberries, bread, and apples to reflect the fruits of the land this time of year, as well as cockles and seaweed for the fruits of the sea, goose feathers for the Fomhar na nGéan, and horses to represent the sunwise procession that would take place on Michaelmas morning.
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comparativetarot · 8 hours ago
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The Fool. Art by Emma Jane.
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swiftful-thinking13 · a day ago
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the lakes
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fearlesslymarta · a day ago
the lakes and right where you left me are the supreme bonus tracks and that's just a fact
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