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la--petasse · a day ago
does any other minority woman always get a bad vibe when seeing white cishet women promote a female only gym and just know that's it probably will be even more toxic than anything a man could add to it
like I'm sorry but that man over there lifting weights is only thing preventing you from bullying and judging me publicly and, not to mention, he has given me a really good core and leg workout routine free of charge and helped fix my form on my dead lifts and complimented my shoulder muscles and biceps so like fuck off with that bullshit
the most toxic and vicious people I have ever met were women and let's not pretend that gener non conforming women and trans fem people wouldn't be kicked out the moment they walked in. like come on we all know that's going to happen especially if the women there find out you're gay in some way. like seriously come on
it's not a space space for "women" it's a space space for white cis het women and I swear to God if I see another post about them I'm going to scream.
you think men are bad? just wait till you put some women in a small enclosed space with one of them being a little bit different than the rest.
and I can promise you that any minority woman other than white cis het women knows all of these thing through personal experience and watching their peers go through it as well.
there is no female only "safe space" there never was
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to the person who said she thought “there must be something inherently wrong with men”… (she meant AMAB people, but was a trans-exclusionist so…)
no. nope. not at all.
neuroscience has disproven the idea of “male brain” vs “female brain” time and time again. the only difference is the average size of the AMAB brain, but that is white matter, and doesn’t correlate with brain functioning.
any other differences come about due to socialisation.
AMAB people are more likely to be exposed to toys that help them learn things like spatial awareness and pattern recognition, which then helps them in STEM later down the line.
AFAB people are more likely to be exposed to toys that help them learn things like creativity, caring behaviours, and social bonding, which then helps them in arts, as well as care-based careers later down the line.
AMAB people are encouraged to be loud and discouraged from showing emotion, and AFAB people are taught the opposite.
endocrinologists have proven that there’s very little link between testosterone and bad behaviour. not only that, it’s not uncommon for AFAB folk to have high testosterone levels, and this doesn’t seem to cause aggression in them. similarly, some AMAB folk have low testosterone.
there’s nothing inherently wrong with AMAB people. it’s not biological. it’s not inevitable that a man will be a bad person. the issue is societal ideals that frame masculinity as being violent. society pressures men to be violent and toxic and bad, but individual men can make individual choices.
it’s a slippery slope to say that being AMAB or being masculine automatically leads to violence and hatred of women. because then… then… it would be pointless trying to teach men how to be better. the whole of feminism would be pointless if it was inevitable that men are going to hurt women.
what kind of mental gymnastics are these people doing that they think it’s feminist to say biologists are wrong, men are just made to be evil?
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aristocat98 · 19 hours ago
a few reasons to be pregnancy and motherhood critical
pregnacy and motherhood critical voices in feminism are much needed just like those critical of straight partnership or PIV. reasons?
1. it’s awesome, but not for us
it’s pretty impressive that the female body can create an entire baby from 2 cells! yes, I agree, it’s awesome. unfortunately, it’s not working for our benefit - as sad as it is, the ones benefiting on this impressive ability are males, who carry about 1% of the cost of reproduction with women carrying remaining 99%! yes, biology can be unfair, and yes, in this case the role of males in sexual reproduction is parasitic, which means females are exploited in process. while both parents pass their genes via the offspring, only the woman’s resources are invested in building their body, only she serves as an incubator, and only she suffers the health impact, both normal consequences and complications, including the risk of death. therefore, motherhood (biological) requires agreement to an unfair process in which your male partner benefits at your cost, in order to have a child. the process being unfair is just biology, but agreement to it in patriarchal conditions is a conscious decision.
2. it’s expected, or more than expected
it’s literally the sole purpose of women in the patriarchy. even male sexual pleasure is secondary to producing offspring and then putting upkeeping labour into it. it is, therefore, gender conforming. yes, even if “it’s biology!” or “it’s sex based!”. it’s a choice and an action, of course if you have the ability not to participate in it, and as such it may play into patriarchal expectations. in the patriarchy, gender roles get assigned to bodies and the choices you do or don’t make about your body can be inherently gender conforming (like having straight sex with men) or nonconforming (like not shaving your natural body hair, despite it being a literal nonaction). as an active decision that plays into sex-based expectations, it should be approached critically under radical feminism.
3. negativity?
when I wrote posts similar to this one, I was told that celebrating pregnancy is in fact celebrating the female body and natural female states, which is - on the surface - true. however, the whole “miracle of life” propaganda is present in the conservative narrative since ever to encourage women to fulfill what is seen as their “purpose” and gaslight them into thinking that participating in this process, both unfair to and expected of them, is actually a privilege. and that’s where my problem is with the “gift of creating life!” narratives. yeah, we have this cool ability that males don’t, pretty awesome of us, but we’ve also been reduced to this very ability for centuries and... speaking of... 
4. as a tool of oppression 
pregnancy - often along with rape - has been used to subjugate women historically, both in form of unwanted pregnancy as a tool of dominance and a fear tactic, and in form of men “trapping” women with pregnancy and keeping them pregnant, which effectively prevented them from being able to get busy with seeking liberation. of course, we have contraception now, a great invention truly, and women can be pregnant by choice, but all the same it can’t be forgotten what the patriarchy has made of this ability, as well as the fact that vulnerability related to women putting 99% of the total effort into the reproduction is the very power imbalance that males probably exploited to gain control of reproduction via oppressing women. none of it is the fault of women or female bodies and our bodies shouldn’t be demonized or blamed for it, but it adds to motherhood as a choice being a gender conforming choice. 
antinatalist myself for the most part, I understand the desire to have a biological child, and I don’t think mothers are being immoral or can’t be feminists or even radfems, and I do support fighting for mothers’ rights to avoid discrimination that makes it more of a struggle. I am however saying I dislike hearing the libfem chant of “BUT IT MAKES SOME WOMEN HAPPY! DON’T GENERALIZE” in response to criticizm of motherhood, because under radical feminism, choices should be appraoched critically and even tho nobody is 100% ideologically pure, hiding the real nature of things isn’t helping anyone, and never did. so that’s just another thing we should be more critical of.
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radicallyaligned · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Taylor Swift - my tears ricochet / Beyonce - Lemonade music video / Promising Young Woman / Gunpowder & Lead - Miranda Lambert / Ready or Not / "Judith Slaying Holofernes" by Artemisia Gentileschi / The Other Lamb / Goodbye Earl - The Chicks / “Medusa” by Luciano Garbati
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fleurdulys · 23 hours ago
i am done arguing with pro forced birthers whether a fetus is a person or not. i just ask them if they agree with being forced to donate blood in order to save lives and then watch them either deflect or just stop the conversation entirely
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susansontag · a day ago
the people who say “banning ‘sex work’/employing the Nordic Model is wrong as it makes sex work more dangerous” would be making a salient point if they then went on to say that other measures need to be implemented in order to prevent typically poor women from becoming economically reliant on prostitution, but I think the majority of people say this so they can… justify the argument that prostitution should be legal? or else that buying sex shouldn’t be criminalised?
it’s just as insane an argument as saying child labour being banned shouldn’t be a goal because simply banning it will financially harm the families who are forced to send their kids to work to make ends meet. the answer to this isn’t that we should accept exploitation as a necessary evil, but that we should identify and aim to eliminate the conditions under which people become reliant on exploitative industries and work practices. it’s absolutely necessary to recognise the root of this reliance. but how self-defeating and, in my experience of witnessing this argument irt the sex industry, acting in bad faith do you have to be to say uhm well this is why we should just accept men’s ability to rent women’s bodies actually… no. work harder
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the concept of empowerment being the goal of any kind of movement is honestly ridiculous and anyone who thinks that it’s a good goal needs to go talk to more people.
also it’s kind of sus that “this empowers me as an individual” is used so often as a way of shutting down legitimate concerns.
you feeling empowered by something that fundamentally harms an oppressed group is not a reason to keep on doing that thing.
also a systemic critique is not a personal critique, so the empowerment argument being used when people are talking about system deep problems doesn’t make the slightest bit sense.
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crazycatsiren · a day ago
So "feminism" is what they call excusing rich and privileged white women's racism and defending their disrespect for women of color these days, huh? 🙄
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aristocat98 · a day ago
hetfems are all for being critical of choices, makeup, transition, shaving and all that, but the moment someone wants to be critical of hetero partnership and motherhood, it's suddenly WELL SOME WOMEN LIKE IT AND IT MAKES THEM HAPPY :// DON'T GENERALIZE :/
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vulva-lacking-losers · 2 days ago
hey libfems! daily reminder that most currently existing women are TERFs for your standards! if your feminism demands violence and abuse against an overwhelming majority of women then your "feminism" is no different than plain old misogyny dressed in progressivism! have a delightful day!
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Tumblr media
Also: Home is the most dangerous place for a woman.
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