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I’m beyond sick of seeing the word “queer” thrown around so casually in leftist spaces. People act concerned about inclusivity and the impacts of language, but can’t fathom why same sex attracted people (the ones called this slur while being alienated, assaulted and murdered) might not want to be called it without permission. I’m even more disturbed by how eagerly straight people have embraced this term, no questions asked. Heterosexuals don’t have the right to reclaim a slur that doesn’t apply to them, and self-identified “queer” people don’t get to decide for all of us that this word is no longer harmful. The lack of critical thinking and consideration for others is astounding, though perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising.

I only ever heard that word said with hatred while growing up. I don’t want it applied to me by so-called allies who have never had to worry about being called slurs because of their sexuality. It’s not empowering, it’s insensitive and homophobic.

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What if the victim was a man?

Every time there is a case of femicide or male violence, an imbecile comes to say this, and he does it because he is a bad person, because he does not have the least empathy and speaks from the privilege he has.

Because while they use hypothetical cases it happens to us every day, every day, they are not hypothetical cases, they are realities.

You can be sure that he doesn’t care in the least about the men who die, because he only wants to minimize the obvious (macho violence) because he is uncomfortable with the fact that feminists are right.

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Feminism is not a joke

While you say that feminism is bullshit, and you refuse to see the reality of it.

At your side are women seeking to imprison their rapist and mothers demanding justice for their murdered daughters.

A fatima was raped anal and vaginally, her eyes were gouged out while she was alive, all her teeth were knocked out. They broke her wrists, dislocated her shoulder, opened her chest by 30 cm and her crotches by 10 cm each and crushed her skull with three 30 kg stones.

Like Fatima Quintana and her mother, there are many others around the world demanding justice for their daughters as they march in all the feminist protests.

YES, after reading all this you think it’s still a joke. Let me tell you that you are disrespectful.

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“Transmisogyny” isn’t real. Males who pass as women face misdirected misogyny, sure. I can see that

But that’s just misogyny.

Transmisogyny as a concept would make more sense if applied to trans men but the entitled males strike again and want to make our problems about themselves

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People who write, draw, and create porn/smut/other not-work-approved content are higher quality human beings than terfs, radfems, and all their bitter femcel rad-lite parasites who steal their posts and add a caption saying “stole this because op was an icky terf, trans rights uwu men are trash.”

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to give me the courage to speak my truth, to lift Cassandra’s curse from my own tongue.

— Elizabeth Lesser, from Cassandra Speaks: When Women Are the Storytellers, the Human Story Changes; Introduction.

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