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By Mike McIntire, Russ Buettner and Susanne Craig

As he raises questions about his opponent’s standing with China, President Trump’s taxes reveal details about his own activities there, including a previously unknown bank account.

Published: October 19, 2020 at 05:00PM

from NYT U.S.
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Estoy harta de toda esta injusticia que siento, harta de sentirme menos, de ser diferente a mis hermanos, de no poder salir sola, de no poder tener amigos…

Estoy harta del MACHISMO.

Siento que estoy a punto de explotar y decir todo lo que me he estado aguantando a decir por miedo a mis padres, a lo que puedan decir o hacer….

Para ellos no soy feminista, soy FEMINAZI.

He pasado mis 17 años regida por una familia machista, hace un par de años conocí el feminismo, en este me refugie, pude tener esperanza, de que algún día, la igualdad ganará, el feminismo ganará.

Mamá, estoy LUCHANDO por ti.



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Brothers. Y’all Were Minding Your God Fearing, Child Rasing, Tax Paying Business & Now This Marxist Liberal Black Feminist Posted This Trash To Add More Fuel To The Flames of Disdain Between The Sexes & Make Black Men The Punching Bag For The Black Community Once Again.

As I’ve Said Many Times Before: “Once People Sell Themselves To Holly-Weird & Become Celebrities They Are Pawns That Are Activated In Critical Times of Social Change To Influence All Levels of Society In Order To Disrupt & Maintain Suppression As The Gatekeepers See Fit.”

Jamel Hill Is Nothing But An Agent of Chaos Used To Influence The Minds of People Who Look Up To Her, So She Can Be Blessed With Riches & Other Career Opportunities At Our Expense.

She & Other Black Celebs Are The Most Insidious Because They Volunteer Themselves To Be Used As Metrics of “Success” That Fuel Their Lifestyles By Syphoning Our Money & Attention & Offer Little In Return But Re-Engineered Motivational Mantras, Useless Consumer Products, Toxic-Materialism, Satanic Hand-Gestures & False Hope At The Fact We Can All One Day Be Like Them.

Don’t Fall For The Trap Black People. We Are A Race That Is Known For Our Ingenuity, Beauty, Intelligence, Regality, Magic & The Ability To Love Our Neighbors.

Love & Show Love.

Live & Let Live.

Peace & Good Fortune

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