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36 - Audre Lorde

36 – Audre Lorde

This brief tribute to poet and activist Audre Lord was originally published on Medium.

Lorde’s essays and non-fiction


Audre Lorde blazed into my consciousness, a star whose light reached my world after she was dead. Only, she’s not dead. Lorde lives in her resounding words; lives in her multiple consciousnesses as a “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet”; lives as an embodiment of…


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<div> —  Millie Bobby Brown </div><span>The world decided to say that girls should have long hair and boys should have short hair. But I cut my hair the way I want, you can’t tell me how to be a girl.</span>
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“BuT iF fEMinSm suPpORts aLL GEndERs wHy noT HaVe a gENdEr nEuTRal tERm?”

I’m sorry sir, I didn’t know you’d be so offended with a word that starts with a female identity. But let’s look at the word female, shall we? The word itself has the word ‘male’ when it’s not even used for men. But as usual, women were expected to be okay about it, because it’s just a word right? And then the same with the word woman because come on, you can’t possibly be offended by something so small.

“I swear man women are so extra af.”

“They get upset with such small things.”

But anyway, let not forget about the word human. A term that is completely gender neutral has the word 'man’ in it (this is so ironic I can’t stop laughing). A word that is supposed to represent all genders has the word 'man’ in it. Now, I know this sounds like a petty argument but remember, who started it? Hmm? Exactly, so shut up and listen!

In fact, let’s go back to our childhood when they’d talk about the stone age man in the history books. Why stone age man? Why not stone age people? Did other gender not exist back then?!?! (The people who learned about the stone age people instead of the stone age man; I have great respect for your books. Unfortunately, I had to learn about stone age man.)

Whoever came up with these words in the older times clearly believed in male dominance, and if your argument to this is “it’s probably a coincidence and anyway this is all very old, we can’t change it” then I’m sorry, sir, that’s very uncreative, even for you.

So, my only request is that, provide me with a gender neutral word for 'human’, feminine words for 'female’ and 'woman’ and then we’ll come up with an gender neutral term for 'feminism’, alright? (and who knows how many more words are out there that are actually supposed to be gender neutral yet are a little male dominated?)

But what’s funny though is that how much these people got so offended with one word that started with a female identity when there are so many other words that start with male identities. Isn’t that a little hypocritical? Imagine if any other words started with female identities, can’t even imagine the chaos that would’ve erupted lol.

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I can’t believe this is a real article.

You want to know what the real crisis is? It’s the fact that younger generations are so weighed down with student debt, lack of health insurance etc. that having a child or family of their own is almost impossible.

The older generation needs to realize we are not living in the 70’s when rent was a mere $200 and groceries were almost six times less expensive then they are now.

Maybe y’all should focus on improving the quality of living for the people that are already here before bitching about the lack of embryos they are conceiving.

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Feminists are like: Transwomen have demonstrated a lot of violence towards us and made a lot of threats towards us pertaining to sexual violence, mutilation, and murder. We aren’t comfortable being in close proximity while naked.


Feminists: So… we’re right to not want to be around you.

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Book Recommendations for Women’s History Month- a fairly eclectic list


1. Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is a classic- terrifying, timely, and deeply feminist.

2. Beloved by Toni Morrison. So many of her books are good, but this was my (haunting) introduction to her. This story is tragic and beautiful and just….so much.

3. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen may feel like kind of an odd pick, but despite its reputation, this book is deeply funny and quite tongue in cheek with its observation of gender dynamics. It’s also just fun.

4. The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is such a beautiful book. All of her work is, but this was my introduction to her, so it holds a special place in my heart.

5. The Warrior Woman by Maxine Hong Kingston is possibly my favorite autobiography of all time. It’s very very cool.

6. Freedom is a Constant Struggle by Angela Davis is the only essay collection I put here. Not my normal go to, but this is deeply thought provoking and perhaps more relevant than ever.

Add more in the reblogs!

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About Tina Fey and Chloe Grace-Moretz harassing me, it really is bull-shit. On one level it’s homophobic because they stole my identity to humiliate and misgender me and harass my family. On another level it’s racist because they keep using marginalized people as an excuse to harass me. There’s nothing wrong with me, being a victim of child abuse and rape is a thankless job. You have no reason to be jealous of me. I’m really hoping Chloe will have her movie recalled and she will apologize to me. This is not a test of how gay I am. And a piece of advice; if you want someone to associate sexual harassment with their identity that IS discrimination and sexual violence. Do not act like you know who I am unless you’re NOT joking AND you’re someone I trust or else you are just triggering my PTSD. I will call the cops on you, I will harass you until you die. I won’t let people get away with violating me or my family and friends. Be honest - you regret it. And don’t make me responsible for you and your work. Not only is that abusive to me, it’s insulting to your audience and it means your art completely lacks integrity. That sounds like something I can’t explain. I don’t want to know. I don’t think a film is transcendent enough to compensate for violence and you should really reconsider your publications and think before you speak or accept a job. I’m trying my best to hold onto the people and ideas that are personal to me and you’re making it really hard because I feel like a cow getting it’s tit sucked. I get that you want to be a part of something or a part of my life but you don’t get to have extra leverage over me. I’m helpless and we all just want to feel safe and sane. Let me represent myself and let me decide what I’m comfortable with. You are setting a terrible example and it’s really aggressive and annoying. I don’t want to give you permission to fail. I never did and it’s not like I knew what was happening. You’re being so unfair to me that in a moment of vulnerability I feel like I could be anyone, and that’s like basically illegal and narcissistic for you to make me feel like I need to depend on you after reclaiming my identity after all of this unnecessary struggle, which you still know nothing about. For all intents and purposes you aren’t supposed to have my personal information and you should have questions for me or some way of explaining yourself or we can’t be friends. It’s impossible for me to take care of myself if I’m taking care of someone who hates me. That’s a parasitic relationship. I’m not a joke. You have no right to be embarrassed of me. It’s not like I said you could spy on me? You don’t know anything about me. If you’re not empathizing with me and using your best judgement AND setting a good example you shouldn’t be referencing me. You can’t call me out, I didn’t do anything wrong - nothing awful enough for indelible shame and judgement. I didn’t ask for your help. What happened when I was a minor was out of my control and everybody knows that. I can fight my own battles. You know? I didn’t have a choice so why are you being so exploitative? It’s mean. 

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