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Literally all my posts are just your requests not but I’m certainly not complaining. I love it 🥺 You seem to like the League a lot (same tho)

Also, happy pride month everyone 🏳️‍🌈

Warnings: reference to injury

Having a healer in their ranks was incredibly useful for the League. It wasn’t surprising when they came back from missions littered with injuries, and you were always the one cleaning them up. They were used to your scolding when they arrived back hurt, but you were immediately there to help them as their figures appeared in the door frame.

You hadn’t told the League how your quirk worked, so they simply figured it was just a regular healing quirk. What they didn’t know was that each injury you healed was transferred to you. You yourself healed faster from the injuries you took, so you had been able to hide if from them for a long time. 

Unfortunately, that didn’t mean forever, and after one of them came back with their arm hanging limp and broken at their side, you knew your charade would soon be up.

After you healed them you attempted to excuse yourself to you room, telling them that you were tired and needed to sleep. However, when Dabi accidentally brushed too close to your arm, you let out a small whimper of pain, and everyone froze.

“What’s wrong?” Kurogiri asked. “Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine.” You shook your head, faking a smile while attempting to ignore the agony shooting through your body.

“You’re lying.” Dabi narrowed his eyes, his hand shooting out to grip your injured arm as you let out a scream of pain.

He let go almost immediately, but the damage was done. It wasn’t hard for the League to figure out what was wrong. You arm had been perfectly fine before you’d used your quirk, and now you could barely even move it. Suddenly your insistence on being alone after you healed any of their injuries made sense. You didn’t want them to see that you were now the one wounded.

“You don’t just heal, do you?” Shigaraki asked, a single red eye peering out at you from behind the pale hand across his face.

With a sigh you shook your head. There was no point in lying anymore; they wouldn’t believe you anyway.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Toga asked, her face falling as she placed the knife she had previously been playing with on the table in front of her.

“I didn’t want to worry you guys.” You said quietly. 

“Hey, we look after each other here.” Magne said with a smile, placing a hand on your uninjured arm.

“Let them sleep.” Shigaraki interjected, eyes falling back to the glass in his hand. “You’re not healing as much from now on.”

You opened your moth to protest, but you knew there was no point. Not with Shigaraki. You said a quick goodbye to the others, before you made your way upstairs to a spare room, being careful of your arm while laying down. The minute your head hit the pillow, your eyes fell shut.

You were still going to look after them, no matter what Shigaraki said. 

They were your family, after all.

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Yay! More requests! *happy writer noises*

Warnings: does betrayal count as a warning? Shigaraki’s crusty face

You weren’t sure how to react when you found yourself in the clutches of the villains, hands chained together next to Bakugou as Shigaraki requested you join them. I mean, it was a bit sudden of a request. But at the same time, it felt almost… right?

Shigaraki’s words ran through your mind like a broken record. Everyone here has been restricted and suffered because of people, rules, and heroes. You began to realize the supposed villains around you weren’t necessarily bad people. Maybe they could have been great heroes themselves, if the real heroes hadn’t convinced them they weren’t meant for that.

Why shouldn’t you turn on the heroes? What had they really done for you? Nothing but look at you like you were already a villain. If that’s what they thought, maybe you should be. Maybe you were sick of being looked at like a freak, someone who should be watched with careful eyes in case you decide to turn around and stab them in the back. So maybe, just maybe, you should.

You didn’t attack when they freed your bonds, although Bakugou (unsurprisingly) did. As the heroes arrived you faltered, but by the time you saw Kirishima, Iida, and Mydoria call out to you from the sky, you’d made up your mind.

When Bakugou held out a hand to pull you with him and escape, you pushed him away, instead running behind Shigaraki as he leapt towards Bakugou. With no other options, he created a huge explosion to propel himself skyward, and you felt yourself fly back with the sheer power of it, landing in the arms of Toga who looked down at you with a confused, but gleeful expression.

As All For One sent the remaining villains towards two of you Toga tried to stop them, but you fell through the portal nonetheless. On the other side, you were surprised when Shigaraki held out a hand to help you up, pinky finger kept low to avoid decaying you.

The villains were slightly surprised they’d won their case with you. They would have thought Bakugou would have been the easy one to turn away from the light. But they quickly realized how perfect your betrayal to the heroes was.

The heroes would see, if they didn’t change their ways, if they didn’t stop viewing certain quirks, certain people, as villainous before they had a chance to prove themselves, then their fears would become a reality.

And with you, they did.

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Do you remember?

*This drawing has Boku No Hero spoilers (Shigaraki’s past)*

Click the read more for see the complete drawing

I hope you like it!

Keep reading

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Every time I see your name in my ask box my face just lights up 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 I hope you don’t mind that I did this in more of a drabble style as opposed to a fic cause I just thought it would work better? (I say drabble and it’s as long as a fic would be smh)

I upped the age a little bit for the reader to be about 6-ish? (I feel bad bullying a toddler but apparently not a 6 year old… wow). And I kinda had made it so that the reader is reverted back to that age (so they don’t remember later life)

Okay I’ll stop rambling now. Please enjoy

Warnings: bullying (past tense)

You knew it was a bad idea to get involved when you saw a villain in the streets. You weren’t qualified to deal with that yet. Unfortunately there were no heroes around, so you were left with no other choice when you saw the villain aim their quirk towards a small child. On instinct you dove in front of them, pushing them out of the way. Your action placed you directly in the villain’s path, and you were unable to move fast enough as a blinding flash of light engulfed you body.

When you eventually woke you were confused. Were you moving? You weren’t walking. With a start you realized someone was carrying you, and you screamed, flinging your arms and legs wildly out in hope they would let go. Surprisingly they did, dropping you to the ground with a sharp intake of breath as your elbow connected with their face.

You calm down when you see their face, for some reason recognizing it even though you have no idea why. 

On the other hand, the person who had previously been holding you (a very beautiful confused dual haired boy) stares at you as you begin crying, entirely dumbfounded with the sight of you in tears.

Y/n? Crying? Todoroki’s monotone expression was usually met with the same lack of ferocity by you. He’d never seen you display so many… emotions. Especially not those causing the waterfalls of tears currently streaming down your face. 

After a difficult attempt to get you to calm down, he began asking you questions. Apparently you had no idea who he was, or any of the classmates he named. He explained to you that he saw you hit with a quirk, and that he was trying to help by taking you somewhere safer while the heroes dealt with the villain.

Even though you had no reason to, you trusted him, and allowed him to take your hand as he led you to a set of buildings looming high in the sky. Inside them a flurry of confused faces met with yours, and you immediately ran back outside to hide from the onslaught of attention.

Eventually a few of them came out to talk to you, and with a lot of convincing (and a lot food) you came back inside with them.

A short, older lady stopped to see you, and you heard her explaining to the tall dark haired man that the quirk on you would fade in a few days. You didn’t think much of it though, not with the freshly baked cookies placed on the table in front of you, so you were left to be kindly interrogated by the other students as the night slowly fell.

The group began to notice the way you flinched when someone (probably Bakugou) raised their voice, and the way you turned away when one of them tried to ask you a question. 

In the morning you sat with them at the table, and slowly you eased up, but here was still that thought in the back of your mind. 

They’re not my friends. They’re just pretending.

Finally you let something slip, albeit not on purpose, and everything suddenly clicked. 

They immediately felt terrible, but also confused as to why you didn’t tell them. You always seemed to collected, so unfazed by everything around you. How could they have realized that you were hiding so much beneath?

It’s lucky you don’t give them any names, because otherwise those bullies would have the whole of class 1A outside their house at night, iron pitchforks shining and torches blazing. 

Unfortunately, by not giving names they also can’t really figure out what to do. You won’t speak to them enough for them to be able to help, so they’re stuck wondering what to do, deciding to try and keep your mind occupied with more of Sato’s baking and Mina’s dances. 

When you finally change back (albeit awkwardly in the middle of the common room in front of all the other students) they rush forward to wrap you in a hug. For a moment you’re surprised, until you remember what happened.

Maybe you could trust people again.

Maybe you didn’t have to hide yourself anymore.

Safe to say, they were never letting you feel that way again.

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Originally posted by stardustshinning

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Edited: 5-31-20


The loud sounds of people walking around and screaming on rides could be heard as Mirio and Nejire dragged you and Tamaki through the golden entrance of the new amusement park that had recently opened up in Hosu.

“I thought you said we were going to the library.”

“We lied to get you both out of your dorms.”

“I don’t like amusement parks.”

You crossed your arms over your chest, determined to make Nejire, your best friend, let you return to your dorm room.

“No, you just don’t like socializing. You and Tamaki locking yourselves in your dorm room all the time isn’t healthy.”

“Just stay for two hours, please?”

“Two hours, but then you take me home.”

While what Mirio said about being introverted was true, he and Nejire had an ulterior motive with your social outing.

Mirio and Nejire walked further into the amusement park and walked around with you and Tamaki quietly following from behind.

“Let’s go to the haunted house.”

“Yeah! Tamaki buddy, you okay with the haunted house?”

“If [Y/N] is okay with it, then I’m okay.”

Nejire knew you got scared easily, but you weren’t about to be the coward of your group and chicken out. You were a hero in training, it would be embarrassing if you said no.


You nervously hugged yourself as you walked up to the entrance with your friends where you were greeted by the worker with a polite and warm smile.

“Two people per entry.”

“I and Mirio can wait. You and Tamaki go ahead!”

Before you can even object Mirio and Nejire have pushed you and Tamaki through the entrance with dubious smiles on their faces.

The first room your in is dark. It’s pitch black and you can’t see. Without thinking your hand reaches out and grabs onto Tamaki’s before you quickly pulled away with a blush on your face.


“You’re trembling, are you okay?”

“I- I just get scared easily, but I didn’t wanna look like a coward by not going. I’m a pretty pathetic hero, aren’t I?”

“Don’t be ashamed because you get scared. I get scared a lot too… Having emotion doesn’t make you a bad hero.”

Tamaki loops his arm with yours and grabs hold of your hand. Your breaths were so out of order and labored that even in the dark he could sense your anxiety and fear.

“I’ll help guide you through it. We’ll do it together.”

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