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#league of villains

Day 3 (01/04): party - split - tainted


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Winner, hands down [a lazy day]

I’ll admit I used these prompts very loosely today but I had this kinda dumb kinda cute idea and just couldn’t help myself

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Okay so after I’m done with Tomura’s birthday thing, I’m planning on finishing one of my requests, and then starting the story @wolftoast was talking about the other day. Just like. Chill wholesomeness. So if anybody has any ideas for thattttt 👀

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I seriously can’t wait for the PLF arc. Will we get more LoV merch?? Cuz right now we have a lot of Tomura, Dabi, and Toga. Twice and Spinner have big parts of the arc though, so will they get rights? Will we have Spinner merch? Will the fanbase grow at all? Or will Spinner/Twice stans still be denied our rights?

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I like to think that even before Shigaraki and Natsuo were a thing, Shigaraki would obviously favourities Natsuo all the time.

  • He hates being touched by snyone with out consent. He will threaten to disinigrate them if they touch him and even if he allowes someone to touch him, its always minimal
  • One day, in the middle of a PLF meeting, Natsuo walks in and goes straight to Shigaraki and clings to him. Everyone thinks he’ll get angry and snap, but he doesn’t
  • Instead, he changes his sitting position to make it more comftrable for Natsuo and starts petting his hair. Then he just continues the meeting like nothing happened
  • Shigaraki will let Natsuo cling and cuddle him whenever wherever
  • Oh, hes playing a videogame and Natsuo wants cuddles? Games can wait, cuddling is now
  • He never gets angry at Natsuo for winning in a game
  • He’ll congratualat Natsuo, while he will threaten to kill any other person if they win
  • Shigaraki will 99.9% of the time side with Natsuo in an argument, even if hes in the wrong
  • Natsuo knows this, and takes full advantage of it
  • Shigaraki is really patient with Natsuo
  • He will listen to him rant for hours about ’how much he hates his dad’ or ’how bad this school work was’ like its the most intresting and important thing in the world
  • Shigaraki will litraly threaten god if he finds one bruise on Natsuo
  • Shigaraki has also moved Endevor to the top of his ’heroes to kill’ list
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au where both Kurogiri and Eraserhead turned to black cats, so shigaraki grabs the golden eyed cat and flees while the cat with a grey ruff around it's neck is taken back to class a dorms. ...Except the grey ruff is not a capture weapon but kurogiri's neck brace, and the gold eyes shigaraki thought were kurogiri's are actually the color of eraserhead's goggles. Shenanigans ensue.


Purrogiri refuses to talk to Koda, and the class writes it off as Koda’s abilities not working on “Aizawa” for some technicality in quirks. While he loathes being surrounded by annoying and loud hero hopefuls, he does quite enjoy their affection. And can’t help but care about them too.

Catzawa finds himself in a very precarious situation surrounded by villains, but at least their own mistake is keeping him alive. He tries to keep up what dynamics he believes the league to follow, but of course has a few missteps here and there. It doesn’t seem to matter too much though, the league is mostly interested in (save for Toga taking care of him whenever she can) tracking down who did this.

In the end, they both become as affectionate as how they’d treat their families to their enemies.

How does it end?

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