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#league of villains
Twice: Welcome to Applebee's. Would you like apples or bees?
Overhaul: Bees?
Toga: [walks in shaking large jar of bees]
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death-of-the-self · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thingsoverheardatua · a day ago
Twice: Who thinks they can fight me and win?
Dabi: Everyone.
Twice: They'd be right. I'm sensitive.
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mha-quotes-and-such · a day ago
Toga, trying on a knew outfit: How do I look?
Shigaraki: With your eyes
Toga: No silly. I mean beautiful, adorable, et cetera
Shigaraki: Et cetera
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Shigaraki: When I was a kid, someone told me that the paper strip that’s in the chocolate kisses were edible and I ate them with the chocolate for a year.
Twice: They are!
Shigaraki: Really??
Twice: No! Why did you fall for it again?
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moodyvoid · 2 days ago
Do you guys think Tomura ever asked Twice to make a copy of Kurogiri just so he could talk to him for a bit 🥺
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adorable-deku · a day ago
y'know it wouldn't surprise me if all for one came up w the name 'league of villains' himself. dude named himself after his quirk, his naming sense is clearly not the best
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tomuraxashes · 2 days ago
Star n Stripe: It’s all set up! I said your name, now you gonna die!
Star n Stripe, after some minutes: Ehm.. you should be dead now..
Tomura: I’m having an identity crisis right now
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hitoshishinzou · 18 hours ago
i think that any good villain au involves tomura shigaraki, mess of a twenty-year-old who can barely make himself breakfast, taking in a class full of strays that he doesn't know how to handle.
it starts with the stupid todoroki kid. tomura has no damn clue why dabi was so insistent that they reach out to the todoroki boy, but they did at dabi's request, and oh, now they have a sixteen-year old living with them. well, two, but he considers himiko more like family than the new addition.
after the todoroki boy comes the green-haired one, because midoriya needed to save todoroki no matter the cost. the problem is that it's midoriya that changes his tune.
with midoriya follows bakugou, because their supposed hatred and clear rivalry mean they obviously have to follow each other everywhere. it takes a hell of a lot more to sway him to their side, but it's when he sees the commission's corruption of even the best heroes that gets him going.
after the two of them, they all trickle in. kaminari and kirishima - iida and uraraka. sero and ashido. momo and jirou.
"hey, kurogiri, i think we're gonna need a new base..."
"we're a villain organization, not a boarding school!"
he doesn't want this many kids to get attached to. and honestly, he doesn't want kids involved in his mission at all. all for one keeps saying it's a good thing, but... the more time tomura spends with these teenagers that aren't that much younger than him... he wonders.
is using them as a means to an end, like he'd intended, like he'd intended for even dabi and spinner and compress and magne and toga, is it really what he wants to do?
it gets him thinking, and these problem child will be damned if they aren't in his face all day.
they're so opinionated, and they refuse to be left out of the discussion. if they're not involved in a mission, they better know about the mission itself. they come up with things that dabi and tomura hadn't thought of on their own.
and it doesn't hurt that todoroki and yaoyorozu still have access to their trust funds... their parents can't close the accounts without questions being asked. oops.
kurogiri helps, but really, it's clear from the beginning that, just like with the league, they're willing to follow tomura. not all for one. not the plan tomura is told, but the plan that tomura comes up with.
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Spinner: One day, I’m going to get my life together.
Spinner: But not today, because today I’m driving a stolen cop car.
Shigaraki, in the passenger seat: How do you turn on the lights?
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Just thinking of giving Tomura love, you know, displays of affection.
Kisses him on the cheek all the time, hugging him at every opportunity. He could just be sitting at the bar doing anything and you would wrap your arms around him and give him a quick but loving kiss, there is no particular reason, it is just that you cannot help showing your affection. When you see his tired eyes, the only thing you want is to comfort him and assure him that it is the most important thing for you.
Since you met him, all you wanted to do is fill him with affection, sit him on your lap, whisper soft words to him making sure he knows that he is the most wonderful boy there is.
Then you give it your full attention. Throwing sweet smiles at him when you find him staring at you for a long time, making him lean his head on you when they're sitting nearby, there are also times when you like to show off in front of everyone that he's yours so you walk into the room yelling "where is my favorite boy? ~~" He's still shy so pretend he doesn't even listen you and the Toga's teasing, but those words sound great coming from you, so he suppresses his smile as best he can and just waits for you to approach him.
He gets used to it too quickly and being honest he LOVES IT. He loves how warm you make him feel, he loves laying with you and he loves how attentive you are to him. He was so thirsty for love for a long time so once you start he can't stop craving your constant displays of affection
Now he longs for that affection so if you ever forget to give it to him he will make sure you notice it and look at you with those puppy eyes that he only uses for you, he is a needy boy I just want to give him love all the time :( ♡
I'm not good at writing I just wanted to get that thought out of my head TT
[My english is not very good sorry]
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mha-quotes-and-such · 21 hours ago
Toga: *crying on the floor*
Shigaraki, crouching next to her: Hey, itll be ok. Why dont you just do this somewhere far, far away from me
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Shigaraki: The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it’s unfamiliar territory.
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swlwtcreature · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Lil doodle inspired by an @incorrect-league-of-villains post!
(remember English is not my 1st language, so sorry for possible mistakes :) )
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pinkydee10 · 2 days ago
Toga: Since I’m underage I don’t drink, but asking everyone else questions while they’re drunk is one of my favorite activities.
Toga: Hey my ex just texted me, you think I should text him?
Shigaraki: NO
Compress: NO NO NO NO NO
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